Friday, March 20, 2009

Long Delayed Update

Well sorry for the delayed update but not much drama and high speed action to report. (Stay tuned… lots of juicy news and announcements soon!) Since arriving home last Thursday I’ve mostly been going a bit fuzzy in front of a computer screen as well as catching up with everyone back here. I’ve been discovering that sailing around the world is all about planning and organizing. So while we have a break in all that action I thought I’d take the time to answer a few of the questions that I’ve been asked recently.

When did I decide to sail around the world?
I first dreamt of sailing around the world after reading about others who has done it and hearing the stories of other adventures from sailors. That was when I was 11 years old and over the last few years have really started making it happen.

What’s so interesting on the water??!
I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be, I love the challenge of making my own decisions and overcoming all the problems thrown at you, I love sailing and everything gets real simple.

Explain the goal?
The ultimate goal is to become the youngest person to sail solo, non stop and unassisted around the world but if needed I’ll put in a stop or take assistance, safety first. There are plenty of other records and every achievement and forward step is a good one.
I’ll be departing from Brisbane on the 7th November later this year, before then I’ve also got a lot of sea-trials and solo sea time on my yacht to do.

What will it be like?
I find the first few days at sea the hardest, getting over seasickness and settling in. Sometimes I’ll be very busy sailing the boat and for when I’m not, there’s plenty of school work, I’m doing correspondence school.

Future plans?
I would love to end up skippering boats/ships but I also have a lot of other sailing goals. Might be sick of sailing by then!?

Other than the record?
I’d like to show other young people and everyone that anything really is possible; it doesn’t have to be sailing round the world…

Why the S&S 34?
The S&S 34 was the obvious choice as it’s so completely proven (it was used by the two previous record holders, Jesse Martin, David Dicks and on numerous other circumnavigations), it's within the right size range (I’m not very big!) and within the budget. And it’s a really cute boat!!

Being a young girl?
Yes, there is a difference between me and a man but it’s not all physical also they have a lifetime of personal experience. I’ll be using my own experience but also the advice and experience of some really great sailors.

Biggest fear?
My biggest concern would have to be something on the boat breaking and not being able to repair it. But I definitely feel confident about it and wouldn’t be leaving without everything being 100% ready, it’s all about taking little jumps, feeling confident at every step and preparation with a capital ‘P’!

What do I think of Mike Perham and Zac Sunderland’s voyages?
I think that they are both amazing voyages and were definitely one of the things that made me get off my back-side and make this happen! I can’t wait to add a girls name to the list.

Solo sailing experience?
Because of age/legal restrictions I’ve not been able to sail a passage properly solo but I have completed a mock solo passage across the Tasman, January 2009 and have been collecting offshore miles for almost two years.

The Route?
I’ll be departing from Brisbane on the 7th November later this year, my route will take me across the Tasman, under New Zealand across to Cape Horn up to the doldrums and back home via The Cape of Good Hope and the Indian Ocean.

Jessica -out-


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. I've been checking daily from the US to watch your progress. Very excited for you and praying for your success.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Good to get your update. Good answers! - and reasuring to know that you are so capable and sensible as well as determined! My hotline upstairs remains open and active! Love Gran W

spirit said...

Jess, I just learned of your voyage in a sailing magazine last week. All I can say is wow! Be assured that people will be supporting you and praying for you all the way through. I do plan to follow your adventures. What ever happens, the experience will no doubt be valuable all through your life. I am happy for you and wish you all the best!