Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A day of flights and New Zealand

At Bluff with Evohe in the background

From tying up in Hobart on Monday afternoon it was go go go, meeting Don McIntyre, packing my bag, a little sleep, then up at 0315 to say good bye to Big Waver Rider and catch my first flight. During the day my patchy land navigation skills were put to test finding my way through three different airports before arriving at Queenstown, in the middle New Zealand's South Island. I stayed with Auntie Wendy, caught up with Grandma and Grandad and talked to cousin Megan's year seven class at the local school before heading down to the very bottom of New Zealand, Bluff, to join Evohe see We will be heading off this afternoon into 30-40knots of cold wind to take a Met service team down to the Auckland Islands to do maintenance work. While I'm away Mum will be posting short updates and if I'm able I'll post when I can, before I hand over to Mum have a look at the following link to a local news story.


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