Monday, February 16, 2009

Across Bass Strait into Hobart and flying out

Position; S43, 00.0 E147, 33.5 Frederick Henry Bay 16nm from Hobart

Dinner, a 45cm flying fish arrived on the deck with a thud!

Passing through Denison Canal and the Swing Bridge, north of Hobart, a tight fit!

The crossing started off slow on Saturday with an afternoon of motoring into almost no wind but it picked up soon enough and we surfed most of the way across at over 10knots under a clear sky with very little sea. Sunday night was a little cool with the temperature down to 14c and squalls and rain. We passed five boats heading north and sighted land, northeast Tasmania just before it got dark. Monday morning started with an interview on Sunshine Coasts ABC radio and Bacon and eggs to celebrate reaching Tasmania.
In Hobart I hope to catch up with Don and Margie Macintyre, who have been amazing with support and advice before flying out to New Zealand for the next leg.

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