Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home to Australia

Skipper Jim and I with MagicRoundabout awaiting customs in New Zealand.
The sunset the night before we arrived in NZ.

Absolutely nothing out here and becalmed in the middle of the Tasman.

No hands, the windvain did a great job of getting us across the Tasman.

After a night on watch, my reply to Ricky's cheery 'Smile' my not have been all that cheery!

Finally behind the wheel and on to New Zealand!

I arrived home Monday morning to find that my bedroom was undergoing improvements meaning that there’s not much more than a dusty hole left and was put to work moving dirt and rocks! Great for building up the arms.
My weekend spent in New Zealand was really worthwhile and lots of fun, I was very impressed with the support and interest from over there. Thanks everyone!
There’s plenty going on other than moving rocks but more on that later for now here are a few more pictures Ricky and I took during the voyage.

Also I’m very happy and proud to say that the website has received 36012 hits this month so far! Most of the hits were from Kiwi's, come on Aussies!
Fair sailing and all the best,


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