Saturday, June 7, 2008

7/6/08 Vanuatu at last

After hundreds of all the usual delays that come with boats we left Opua New Zealand last week. Felt great to finally do some sailing! Trip was another of those perfect ones, mostly sunny, good wind behind us and we made good time, 7 days! A few days out we got lucky with the fishing and pulled in a Mahi-mahi and 2 tuna. James showed me how to fillet them and they tasted great! We got into Port Villa yesterday and since then I`v been discovering how nice it is to live on a boat that is`nt jumping all over the place. Maybe all my aches and pains will heal?! Would have been nice to spend a few days over here but instead of flying home in few days I`ll be sailing with a couple Ann and Lew on their boat. Will be off again tomorrow, Hardly found my land legs!

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Pamela said...

So glad that you had an awesome trip. Also glad that you're on your way home!!! Haven't talked to you in ages and can't wait to see you some time soon!!!! Enjoy the trip back!!!!
Love Pamela