Wednesday, June 18, 2008

15/06/08 Home

We sailed down the bay and into Brisbane on Saturday but it wasn't till Monday morning when our passports were stamped that we officially entered Australia! I spent Sunday pacing up and down the quarantine dock and shaking the bars of the menacing fence that kept us from going ashore!! We were later told that customs were open over the weekend. I wasn't all too happy about that as I could have been home!

We got lucky again with the weather and sailed the 1107nm in 7days, 8hours. The last 24 hours were a little uncomfortable as were beating into 3meters of steep swell but nothing to complain about. About halfway to aus the spinnaker came out of the bag and pulled us along nicely till a cloud showed up and threatened to get it wet. I worked hard and did a few days of school work in between watches.

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