Thursday, January 7, 2010

Closing on the Cape

Thanks for being patient waiting for the next blog. My great shore team will always post an update when I don't have the time to.

The wind hit 40 knots again on Tuesday which kept life interesting and a little bouncy. Since then it's steadily dropped off to my current 8 knots today, which is really only just enough to keep us moving, slowly!

In typical Southern Ocean style, the visibility hasn't been great with almost constant light, misty drizzle and not the slightest hint of a clear sky. But no complaints from me. Like I've said before, in its own way it's just as pretty as sunshine and blue water. Looking at it another way, you could always say that at least the low visibility means that you can see very little of the bad weather!

The good news is that I was able to fix the little problem with the mainsheet block easily. But the bad news is that despite spending yesterday morning trying to fix the heater, it still won't play nice! Oh well, on the scale of things the heater not working really isn't much of a problem, just one of those optional extras.

I'm really starting to get pretty excited about Cape Horn as we're getting so close now, with just over 500nm to go!

That's going to have to be it from me today as my fingers as are pretty keen to slip back into some nice warm gloves!



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Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

January 7th, 07:00 hours

Hi, Jessica!

I’m just checking in to let you know that we’re still thinking of you, and are anxious to know what’s going on. Appreciate the update letting us know that you had reached the 9,000 nm mark . . . but, haven’t heard if you have been able to work on either your diesel heater, or EPL’s mainsail block. Glad to hear that the winds, and the seas, have abated somewhat.

You know, Jess, I was just thinking about your dolphin friend (“Grey Fin , someone referred to him as, and it wouldn’t be a bad name for him). Actually, I had a “vision” of your encounter, but from the dolphin’s point of view . . . . Can’t you just hear him when he swam back to his pod . . . telling all the other dolphins that he had “sighted a USO (Unidentified Sailing Object) . . . and, believe it or not, it was bright Pink . . and, there was life on board!! “

In my vision, he went on to tell them “I swam closer, just to investigate, and I saw the most beautiful young creature through a glass. She looked kind of like our mermaid friends, but, alas, she had no tail, however, she did have two lovely legs, right where her tail would have been. And, when she looked back at me through the glass in her sailing ship, she had the most beautiful eyes and such a warm and inviting smile. She spoke something to me but I was unable to hear or understand what she was saying. I know that she was friendly, and that she meant me no harm, because she waved to me, and just seemed to be enjoying having company . . . so, I hung around for a long time . . . six hours or so, I think.

I’m going to keep my eye on her to make sure she gets through this rough stretch of sea. I may stay farther away, so no huge wave will cause us to collide or crash into each other. And, if you promise to keep your distance too, you can come back with me to help me escort her through the passage as she rounds The Horn.”

“Maybe, once she’s gotten ‘round, we’ll give her a real show, to celebrate, . . . diving deep and then bursting up out of the waves and way up into the air . . . just giving her a gentle shower. And, we’ll be sure to smile back at her, before wishing her ‘Bon Voyage’ when it’s finally time for us to leave, and turn around and swim back to our own, deep blue, watery playground. “

And, he went on to say to his playmates, “Isn’t it wonderful to have a visitor once in a while? I know we’ve had others, but this one, for the first time, was a . . .G I R L . . . a very beautiful, very young, G I R L . . . and, she’s all by herself . . . an AMAZING voyage for one so young! And so, dear friends, we must take especially good care of this one, and see that she gets safely on her way!!”

Well, as you could tell, Jess, that was just a little bit of me letting my imagination create a little fantasy. But, I have no doubt that someday there will be a children’s book, about your trip, with wonderful illustrations of the dolphins and the albatross, and your crew, for the little one’s enjoyment . . . maybe even one with a pop-up pink sailboat, with you waving from the deck. Of course, this would only be in addition to your very own book, documenting your incredible adventure, and, hopefully loaded with your own great photographs!!! It’s sure to be a best seller, and I hope you know, without a doubt, that all of your “blog family” around the world will want to buy a copy for ourselves . . . and extra copies for friends. And then, there’s always . . . the inevitable Movie!!!! I hope that they let you play yourself, since no one else could do you justice. Actually, we have a lot to look forward to, don’t we?!!

I’m giving your hand a special squeeze of love, and encouragement, as you continue making forward progress toward your goal . . . and making fantastic memories!!!

Many Hugs, and Even Many More Prayers!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,
It might be a bit premature, but welcome to my longitude W75 deg!

Sorry about the heater :-( Thrilled about the block!!!

Stay dry, be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

John said...


I am sorry your heater isn't working, but it sounds like you are keeping your spirits up. I guess that on every trip or adventure there is at least one glitch, and hopefully this one is one that affects your comfort, but hopefully not your safety. I am sure you are doing all the things you need to stay safe and we are praying that things are go well for you.

John - from San Francisco

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
GREAT JOB, you are the best!
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing young girl. I love reading your blog and really start to worry when there isn't one. Just my motherly instincts I guess:) Keep on, keeping on. Best wishes to you.

Jan - NC, USA

Anonymous said...

Love you Jess x

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Quick note as I am hurrying out to an appointment.

Good news on the block problem. Bummer on the heater. Shore crew should contact the maker for assistance.

Safe sailing and Godspeed

Georgia Guy

margaret said...

Fantastic that you have got your main sail glitch sorted,and needless to say it would be so good if the heater decided to miraculously correct itself so you could enjoy the comfort of your cabin much more.You are one amazing young lady and are such a beautiful inspiration and role model to young and old alike. Woohoo 500 NM to go til the Cape... go you little dynamo!! Happy and safe travels.

Macca said...

get those gloves on it sure would help. how long do you have to go (roughly) untill you get to sydney. Have you started to count down yet?????


p.s jess is cute

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

Great to hear from you again and glad to know that the mainsail was a QED. Heater, bleater ! As I said, you are a toughie and its just a matter of a couple of weeks after you round the cape for the temp to start climbing again so you might wind up chucking it into the bin in any case.

I'm trying to imagine a 40kt wind while operating a machine in the elements ! A few months ago, on final approach in a 20kt crosswind, I literally got blown off track and wound up on the grass runway parallel to the bitumen I was originally going to land on. I wound up going around for another approach. You are doing amazingly well !

Your following is increasing exponentially with each passing day and its very good to see quite a few people from your age group sending some very nice messages and sharing interesting anecdotes.

This community has no barriers in terms of age and where we all come from. Personally, I am fascinated by the sheer variety of thoughts and feelings expressed within this group. The one thing that binds us together is our dedication to following your incredible journey and caring for your well being and safety.

Hope you are catching up on some sleep !


PWB said...

Sing Baby Sing........



Sail Baby Sail...........

From an old man in the Bush

Peter Bush

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Hi Jessica
So glad to hear you are well and were able to fix one of your problems. You sound so upbeat. We have had another round of snow over here and it is COLD. Guess many of us over in this part of the world are experiencing colder weather at the moment. Layers...
Take care
Gillian, France

Jonathan Castelino said...

PS - I also want to thank your great support and onshore team for keeping us posted on your progress and most importantly telling us how well you are doing.


Unknown said...

WTG Jesse. Not much to say except stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Gr8 to hear from you Jess! Have been checking every hour today to see if you had commented. It does sound exciting as you are getting closer to the cape. Lets hope the weather is kind to you. will you be getting close to the land that you can see it, or will you be trying to stay well clear?
well good luck with the next 500nm and beyond!!! will be thinking of you.
Deb (Syd)

bengt said...

Finally Jessica you wrote the blog! I must have got addicted, because it was painful to wait, partly because this is a critical part of the voyage. I want to calculate the ETA at Cape Horn, but must wait for the voyage tracker. Until then I assume it is 11 January.

I now understand it must be painful to write long blogs, since gloves can't be used at the keyboard and with 4-7°C gloves are nice to have. You have my understanding!

I recently found a fifth nonstop solo sailor, Jeanne Socrates ( See my January 6, 2010 5:54 AM comment about the other four out there. Jeanne planned to go nonstop solo from Lanzarote, Spain, departing October 10th. But she had to stop at Cape Town, for several problems, her rod-kicker, the first reef line and her engine not working.

I surely hope that Ella's Pink Lady does not let you down, Jessica.

Soon a sixth round-the-world solo sailor will depart, Abby Sunderland, making it three women and three men. Which gender is tougher than the other? Answer: none!

/Bengt Larsson, Sweden

Charles Dodgson said...

Jess, apart from being in awe of what you are doing I reckon most of us readers are full of envy for your adventure. I know I am. I would give anything to see those seas and feel that cold.
Just to say something though, when I was a teenager - admittedly a couple years older than you - I tried to walk across the Himalaya by myself. I did not complete the whole journey but I saw Everest. You are seeing your Everest now - goodonya.

Anonymous said...

Jessica its great to know you are closing on the Cape.Keep yourself warm girl.Dont worry about the heater.Do you happen to have backup Heater.As there is a saying"As the going gets Tough the Tough get going" Go jessica.

its good to see you are in good spirit.keep it up.

Jessica you are in our prayers.

Jessica have you been able to get in touch with Commander Dhonde.

Wishin you both my Good Wishes


Joslin said...

I love following you as you sail around the world. I hope you are able to get your heater working soon. Safe sailing!


samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
You have such a beautiful way of seeing things through different perspectives in order to appreciate every moment you're experiencing out there. I take my hat off to you Jess, you are doing so well. I'm so pleased that you managed to fix the block but sorry to hear your heater in not being very co-operative. I hope you're managing to keep yourself nice and warm with your layers and, I dare say, pink uggies? :-)) It won'te be long now before we see "Land Ho" on your blog. I'm so excited for you I can hardly contain myself. Good luck with any of the weather everyone's been talking about, including Passage Weather. But like Dilip says, out there often these things can be taken with a pinch of salt. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you'll get enough of a challenge without (haha, I was just about to say, going overboard) getting carried away. Oops, that's just as bad but you know what I mean. stay safe hun and don't forget to keep up the D+F's...Sam

Kissyfrott said...

Superb entry, Captain Jesse, high spirited as ever... Happy with mist as with sun, positive thinking.
Thank you, we all feel better reading you, even if we were not stressed... The truth is that we miss you!

Still progressing, no big issues. That heater makes us feel chilly more than yourself... Vicarious dangers! But of course, you are moving all the time, as a solo sailor has to, while we are glued on our armchairs, mainly wearing out our eyes trying to see a pink spot on the maps.

Passageweather announces storms around the Falklands for Tuesday and Wednesday, bad timing indeed; but from now to then, they have time to change their minds and get off your way. Don is probably tracking them with a cyber eraser.

It is quite strange to see that, while your daily life obviously changed a bit since you departed from Sydney, all your adopted relatives' daily lives have also changed... Though we stayed comfortably in our personal harbours (houses, apartments, boats or else), our days are following a new rhythm, that of your blog. Checking, reading, thinking, writing, checking again, reading again, etc etc. And we are thousands and thousands like that!!! What's good is that we have not heard yet of one of us getting sea sick. Though my daughter, after haing watched some of your videos, told me: "But Jessica's boat is moving!". LOL. She is not a sailor, I bet you got it!

Take care and enjoy... We are immensely proud of you (Thank you for sharing a little piece of your treasure with us, Aussie fellows), and every day our admiration still grows... Glad we are not on a little boat, as we couldn't be able to find room to shove it.

Oh BTW, for Bernie777
Neptune is after "Calm before the storm, page 2, Jan. 4, 5:50 am, in two parts.

Feli said...

Hi Jessica
All the best to you and keep strong!!!
Pity that you are so cold down there near the Cape Horn 'cause I live in Chile but in Valparaíso and we are actually in summer with very nice weather

Felipe from Valparaiso, Chile

Gary in NY said...

Congrats on closing in on The Horn. While in the US Navy, i made the trip around 3 times each was exicting, WX was not bad (nor great) but just the idea to know you are where so many in history have been all the great navigators of the world have been where you are at that moment in time. Enjoy. Gary in NY.

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Just me, again, Jessica!

I see now, that you have, indeed, been able to fix the problem with the block. Good work! You are quite a capable young woman!

Thanks for this newest post on you blog, You're a sweetheart for being so good to us. I'm not sure if we thought about you, in that cold cabin, having to take off your warm mittens or gloves to send us an update! But your updates are oh so wonderful to get! Gives us some assurance that you haven't been washed overboard or something in the "bouncy" seas you've been experiencing. It helps too, to know when the winds have subsided some!


Carol Florida U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your message and also thanks for the update yesterday from your shore team.

Keep safe and warm and we are all here thinking of you.

Hope that you can fix the heater.

God Bless,

best wishes always


Armidale NSW

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, its good to hear from you again. Not long now to the cape... I can't wait for your description of that!!! I'm so very excited for you and your trusty crew of course!! I'm sorry the heater wont work for you Jesse but stay rugged up with gloves your gloves on and you will be fine. I'm sure you are eating lots of yummy food and keeping up the hot drinks...Wishing you warm days and sunshine as you round the horn..
Take care 'til next time.

Unknown said...

Jessica I love the way you put a positive light on everything you encounter. I am getting excited about you rounding the horn too. Just hope you can keep warm.
Just finished Lionheart and all the knock downs Jesse endured. Hope you fair better in that regard.
Thanks again for your wonderful narration of your voyage. Love following you around the world. Keep warm, duane

Anonymous said...

Could you tell us the model of the heater etc, maybe post some pics of the device and describe its layout, and what problems it has, and what you have done to try and fix it. One of your fans out here is bound to have some ideas. So long as there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Its what mates are for.

Anyway, glad to hear from you and know all is well. Hope the crew havent tried to mutiny on you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
I’ve just read your report for Thursday – ‘Closing on the Cape’. Its now midnight in Melbourne and I’m still awake watching the tennis from the QLD Tennis Centre – preparations for the Melbourne Open later in the month.

It’s good too that you have fixed the mainsheet problem, but a bit sad that the heater is refusing to co-operate. I’m glad to hear you have stopped bouncing, but sorry to hear the wind has died. Still that may allow the wave action to settle before the next windshift.

Perhaps you could lasso a friendly dolphin and get a tow towards the Cape. Try singing again, and you never know, one might offer to help. The sight of You and ELP being towed by a dolphin would make great cartoon. Its caption could be “Jessica hitches a lift to The Cape”.

Make the most of the calm before the next storm – relax when you can, but only when all your house-keeping jobs are completed and everything is ready for the next challenge. You know what I mean. I hope the wind picks up a bit – do a wind-dance for Huey. Tell him you are excited about getting to the Cape and you need a steady 20knots.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

You are an inspiration for all who follow you including this old arm chair sailor and my daughter who is your age.

Stay warm and well fed. Keep the crew dry. You are making nice progress and the forecast looks reasonable for your passage. You’ll be round in no time and believe it or not the sun is out in the forties”.

Ask your shore team to update your position more often. After all they don’t have to take their gloves off to type.

Wishing you fair winds and Godspeed. Stay clipped young lady.

Capt Dale
New England USA

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,
Great to read your blog every day, it's sort of like being there on the boat with you on this amazing journey.
You have lots of support here back in Sydney and all round the world.
Enjoy the journey and stay safe, we are all thinking of you.


Berowra NSW

tassie devil one said...

hi Jessica, I just came back in case you had left a message and there you know I could be your grandmother and in all my life I dont think I have met a young lady with so much common sense and courage with an unflappable attitude. You say it isnt a real big problem that the heater has given up the ghost, well, if I was approaching Cape Horn and my heater didnt work it would be an everest size problem !!
I look forward each night to seeing your latest message and if there isnt one I know you are having a busy, possibly tough time, but you being you are not going to say .........." hello guys , I have had a terrible day I am freezing and just want to cuddle a nice hot water bottle and go to sleep " you will still be cheerful and optimistic as usual, of course I suppose that is why you can do this trip where others cant. Keep warm and full of hot food.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey there Jesse Girl...
So happy to hear from you, those weather patterns out there are so weird...

Not many Nic's as in Klic's to go, we've got a bottle of Yellowglen "PINK" to crack open when you finally round the Cape!

I hope you go close enough to capture it on film.

That bloody heater, it'll be interesting to know what the problem is...

See ya Jess, keep those little fingers of yours warm...

Clint - Melbourne Townshipy

Jim said...

Hi Jessica – So only 500nm to go to Cape Horn getting closer by the day and around 9,200nm on the clock, and I make it day 81, so relieved you were able to fix the block with the mainsail, as for the heater, oh well, never mind, if you can’t fix it well then I guess the Universe is ordaining it not meant to be fixed.
Looks like you are relishing the prospect of reaching Cape Horn, I hope you are being challenged with some big swells, as long as they are not too big, although I pray for all to be well on ELP and for your safe victorious return to Sydney every day. What fun would it be it was calm, plain sailing all the way? Successfully overcoming challenges and the inevitable hitches is what an epic adventure like this is all about. I read there is a guy you know from Queensland who is a family friend and teaches sailing who plans to be in the vicinity of Cape Horn when you are there to offer moral encouragement, maybe get a visual sighting and he is fully aware not to do anything jeopardise your journey being unassisted.

To SUSAN OF OREGON Thanks so much for the link to the video of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and his crew journey through Cape Horn, It brought home to me this really is the pinnacle of adventures for any ocean sailor, and to achieving this is much more than great sailing skill, it puts you in the elite class of sailors video here: for those interested, really gives you an idea of the conditions at Cape Horn and shows some beautiful scenery.

CAROL from FLORIDA - I absolutely loved your dolphin story, however I would like to think it is factual and not your imagination getting away.

Jessica, When you sail into Sydney harbour it will be absolutely packed with boats to welcome and escort you in, reckon your mum will need plenty of hankies, sure this will covered live on channel ten, wondering how the authorities will deal with it, Australia’s and the world’s super hero Jessica Watson.
Western Australia

T-Rev said...

Glad I waited up late enough to read your update....stay warm (as best you can) bring on the horn...;-)

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to see you managed to fix a few of our problems out there. I just posted a comment on your last blog so am going to cheat and post it here as well.

Hello Jessica,
Mate can i just say you have me hooked. I am totally addicted to your website, your blogs, everyone else's blogs and your pictures.
The less I here from you, the more I want to know.
What am i going to do when holidays are over next week?
Ah well, we will tackle that challenge when it happens.
Keep having fun Jess your smile is infectious and it's spreading around the world.
Take care
Tim and Rosie

DreamsFloat Joe said...

Jessica, hope this warms up your funny bone, maybe ...

A couple lived near the ocean and used to walk the beach a lot. One summer they noticed a girl who was at the beach pretty much every day. She wasn't unusual, nor was the travel bag she carried, except for one thing; she would approach people who were sitting on the beach, glance around furtively, then speak to them.

Generally the people would respond negatively and she would wander off, but occasionally someone would nod and there would be a quick exchange of money and something she carried in her bag. The couple assumed she was selling drugs, and debated calling the cops, but since they didn't know
for sure they just continued to watch her.

After a couple of weeks the wife said, "Honey, have you ever noticed that she only goes up to people with boom boxes and other electronic devices?"

He hadn't and said so. Then she said, "Tomorrow I want you to get a towel and our big radio and go lie out on the beach. Then we can find out what she's really doing."

Well, the plan went off without a hitch and the wife was almost hopping up and down with anticipation when she saw the girl talk to her husband and then leave. The man walked up the beach and met his wife at the road.
"Well, Is she selling drugs?" she asked excitedly.

"No, she's not," he said, enjoying this probably more than he should have.

"Well, What is it, then? What does she do?" his wife fairly shrieked.

The man grinned and said, "She's a battery salesperson."

Batteries?" cried the wife.

"Yes," he replied. She sells C cells by the sea shore.

Molly said...

What are we having for the "Rounding The Cape" party?
South American food?
I hope you get to a warmer climate soon.
Sending out prayers to Saint Fix-It about the heater.

Maryland USA

Sol-Britt said...

Hi Jessica,
greetings from the North again (-24 degrees Celcius). I am glad to hear that everything is well down there on the opposite side of the globe. Not so that I should be worried that you wouldn't manage. I am just keen on hearing exciting stories about Cape Horn.
Keep the gloves on!

Richard Lathrop said...

Dear Jesse,

You are not only the youngest, fastest, most feminine, funniest, warmest, most clever, person to have rounded The Horn, solo, but you also will hold the gold medal for "looking on the bright side" of any situation. That comment on the advantages of low visibility almost had me falling out of my armchair. It's certainly an endearing quality.

Bloggers, about an hour ago I commented on the previous blog: "Cold" welcoming Jesse to Latitude 072. I'm not going to repeat that all here, but this is probably where it belongs. If you live anywhere near that meridian (072degrees West) please go back and read my comment: [Richard Lathrop] and follow suit.

If you live at some other longitude, why not give Jesse a shout if/when she crosses south of you. I've included a way of acknowledging the variety of languages which could be represented by our blog family.

Happy New Year. I love you all.

Richard Lathrop
PS see samples of such responses as Feli's from Chile and Mike D's from Philadelphia in these comments. thank you.

Søren Bogø said...

Dear Jessica,
Thanks for yet another brilliant update.
Annoying with the heater performing its stubborn act as if in summer-setting. It seems not yet to qualify for its own name on board. You may roll your eyes over it - just turn the other way first.
Probably an electrical problem though, which is good:
"Electrical problems are easy - its either a short or a break"

If it is an Eberspächer Airtronic D2 or D4 (or another make) it may be difficult to even hear if the diesel pump is running or trying to start. I´m pretty sure you will solve that whether it is
/poor grounding- connection,
/its own fuse - it may have its own close to the box,
/air inlet blocked by stashes lollies or in a non-ventilated chest,
/corroded multi-connector - even if claimed to be moisture proof,
/bad connections to the regulator panel etc.

Running the Yanmar IMHO is a no-no: nobody wants a dry-running impeller unless you are pretty sure heeling will not cause suction of air. Other than that it will not help anything near like getting the heater fired up: imagine filling the whole cabin with nice warm dry air in 5-10 minutes - and think of all the dry clothes.

One member of the crew seems not to have been featured very much yet: the Rutland windcharger. Does it even have a name? But even with the apparent lack of sunshine does the longer days compensate so the solar panels still carry their load moving electrons?

Hope you stay warm and alert soon to have covered half your life mileage on this trip alone. I was always pretty sure you would complete this journey and also others similar in the future.


Anonymous said...

Exodus 14:14
The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Good morning, Jesse! I am just amazed at your report, and your good fortune to have come through such high winds and swells just fine, and that you are -- so "still" about it all! As all are saying, you are remarkable.

I so wish you had been able to fix that heater with all the good guidance and suggestions you are no doubt getting from your shore crew who have no doubt been in touch with the manufacturer and experts. We may not know what it is, but there's a reason why that thing just won't work -- and I don't mean only a technical reason! You are being strengthened and challenged by that for good purposes, I believe. Easy for me to say as I sit next to my heater....

I am grateful for the good care your shore crew used in preparing you and your wardrobe. Today I am continuing to pray for you and your strength and warmth, for complete rest for you as you find short times to sleep. I am praying for EPL's good equipment, and your family at home. And I am praying for your safety on the water as you approach the Horn. What a milestone!

Thank you for your post, Jessica.

Dave in Canada said...

I'm glad you posted again, we were getting a bit worried about you way down there. Its good to hear you so upbeat as well. Lousy weather can get anyone down. On the other hand, you don't have to get up early to go to work (or school), you don't have to think about the lousy driving conditions, and there is no place for you to shop, so no hassles there either! They say the worst day of sailing is better than the best day of work. Are you catching my drift yet? I think you've got the best job in the world!

Anyway, I can't stop thinking about you, and talking about your trip with my friends. I keep thinking about Joshua Slocum's trip (although he went the other way). You are becoming part of history! There's another book, "My old man and the sea" about a modern passage of cape horn in a small boat. You have made all these characters come back to life for me, although none of them had sattelite phones, GPS, or the internet. However I think Joshua Slocum did have a working heater...LOL.

So till next time, keep the sticky side up.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
It's to great hear from you Jesse, had a good idea that the weather wasn't being kind.
Glad you fixed the main sheet block, but to bad about the heater. If you put in your next blog what the problem is someone in your in your extended family may have an idea how to fix it, I'm sure your shore team has gone through with you how fix the heater, but you never know. It would be a pain to carry it all around the world and not use the silly thing.
I bet you will be looking forward to getting around the corner for a little calmer water and a bit of a rest.
So keep having fun and keep SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love From Exmouth WA Australia

Big Al said...

Jesse, thanks for the updates! I check them everyday. Always interesting. I was wondering why the voyage tracking does not seem to be updated each day? I just checked and it is still showing a spot from SUNDAY! Even if I don't get a blog entry seeing updated map locations is cool! So, what's been in the latest food bag? Any surprises? Oh, BTW, why the long trip at these longitudes? I'd have thought you'd have gone east earlier where it was warmer and maybe more calm than cut south for a shorter time at the roaring 40's and 50's? All the best to you!

Susan said...

Brilliant Jess, you are a little ripper and your steadfast courage and optimism is inspiring beyond words.I hope in some small way you can feel the collective love and prayers that surround you. Your blog is the highlight of my day!
Be safe and Godspeed.

Susan in Melbourne

Number 7 said...

Nice work there Jesse love reading your blog just hard to imagine as i drive to work that your out there bobing away in the southern ocean..just sounds amazing thanks again

Love your work

parkerbob said...

Great to hear from you! Keep up the good work and be safe.

It would be nice of your shore team to post an update in the "News" section, any day you are too busy working to post a Blog. At least until you get around the Cape and into some better (warmer) weather. There are a lot of people pulling for you and worrying about you!

Bob from Florida, USA

Herb said...

Watching your website everyday! You are truly an inspiration! Everyone here in New Jersey is pulling for you. Keep it up think warm thoughts. In an age where most kids are in front of their tv playing video games you are showing them what its all about. Hard work and making your dreams come true. Thanks Jessica!

samurai said...

To DreamsFloatJoe
January 7, 2010 11:54 PM


Good one, thanks! That certainly warmed up my funny bone. No doubt about it, there's never a dull moment here, is there? :-)) Cheers!

Mike_trrac said...

Hi Jess

Great to hear from you again and a relief to know you are still travelling well.

Fixing the block is really good news and much more important than the heater though I hate to think of you coping with the cold.

I can't compete with Carol's (Florida)imagination and can't wait for you to round Cape Horn.

Fair weather and good sailing.

Take care!



bernie777 said...

Wow Jessica I knew you were ok because I read the news blog...and the team told us you were ok...but sailing like too right u gotta keep your priorities straight...sail first an look after no .....1...and forget about the pschfantic blog sight you gotta be more antidisiplinarian to get to the point,,,ok so I thew in a big word to go with the big waves..and I bin prayin to the God of Atheists that there really is a God to see you throught to the udder side,,,so break on smooth sailing...Bernie777...

Kaye Stapleton said...

Hi Jessie,
How wonderful to hear your ok and so glad you could fix the block, such a shame about your heater I hope it starts working for you soon.
Please stay safe little one and may god be with you all the way back home to us.
Stay clipped on always take care until next time.
Kaye Brisbane Australia xxoo

Anonymous said...

-23c with wind chill -30c here today but things will improve until it is about +12 on Saturday. Very changeable weather. I hope you get some decent sunshine down there and that conditions around the cape are reasonably good without too many big swells.Looking at the weather reports for the cape it changes quite rapidly, both winds and sea. Sorry about the heater, perhaps later on you can take another look at it. I am sure some of your admirers know something about diesel heaters, especially the sailors among us.
Keep safe and good sailing and hopefully good conditions around the cape. Best wishes as always...Russ/Calgary

BIKA, Norway said...

Dear Jesse,
thumbs up from fellow sailors in Norway!
You're quite an impressive person. It's great that you're able to blog so often.
Stay warm and safe.
Fair winds, Nina and Henrik

triumph said...

I don't know why, but my attempts to leave you a message never make it to your blog.

You have been a pilar to me and my daughter. My wife just can't believe that a 16 year old girl would do what your doing. (She doesn't like it when we lose site of land!)

Your equipment seems to have done you well. With few major issues and only the current heater problem, you seem to be in great shape. Thanks to your crew and everyone that got Pink Lady ready for your trip. You still have cooler weather coming. It's time to play with that heater again, just be careful.

God Bless, keep the chin up, and show the world.

Capt Jim
New Jersey USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

As you close in, chopping through the foam and spume, here's another great word verification for today:


Very appropriate! Who makes these up I wonder?

Upward, eastward and onward!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to read your news, but sorry that the heater dont' want to cooperate with you. It doesn't like the cold I guess.
I like Carol's tale about the dolphin Fin, it must cheer you up.
I always read the latest news in your profile, while I wait for your news to come in.
It is very cold in many places round the globe. When you have rounded the Horn for how long will the weather continue to be cold?
Keep warm, gloves on and sail safe brave girl.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Andy Sanford said...

You are doing a fine job. Sailing is so much fun, so freeing. Rough seas can be a real frustrating though. My brother and I were ferrying a 50 foot cabin cruiser in America's Great Lakes about 3 years ago and we had about 3 hours of rough seas going into Alpena, Michigan USA. I know that what we experienced was nothing compared to what you are going through but your boat is probably a lot more capable than the one we had. Anyway I just want you to know we are all cheering for you. And wishing you all the best.

-Andy Sanford, Sailor from Michigan USA

My 8 yr old daughter Autumn whose birthday is the same as yours says HI and wishes you well.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,
Great job with everything! Your skill at writing a creative and upbeat blog is amazing. You show skill and bravery, keep it up. Lisa, Costa Mesa, CA

hezakiah299 said...

01-07-10 @ 09:52
Hi Jessica,
Well, you sound pretty chipper, so everything must be going reasonably good. Sorry about the heater, but like you say you can work around that,
but it’s good that you got the mainsheet block fixed.
I have to give you credit Jessica, a lesser person would be singing the blues after what you’ve been through, with no clear sky’s in the area, just a light, misty drizzle, but you only see the beauty of nature. That’s great.
Yowza, great to hear from you again, missed you. Two (2) days seemed like an eternity, remember I have more of an imagination than some of you younger people, and it was really working overtime. LOL………
That was good news about the block, and I thought that would be a big job.
WorkerBev: Some one just had a bad day. But thanks, I appreciate.
Awful, it’s downright horrible!!!!!!!
Amazedbyou: The plates just drew a better picture for me, I need pictures. LOL……Thanks again.

For Abby: Young lady, I thought that was a very nice gesture on your part. Yes, Jessica and her parents are very brave people, and you are a very thoughtful girl. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to gain what you really want. Keep posting.

For berni 777: “The Legend of Jessica”
January 4, 2010 5:51 AM
January 4, 2010 5:50 AM

You mean, you’re really getting excited now, we’ve been excited for the past 9000 nm’s,….. just teasing you a little bit. I can just imagine how excited you are, another major point. LOL……..(that’s probably why you don’t feel the cold so much, I think). Keep the adrenalin flowing.
I hope you have smooth sailing for the next 500nm’s and well beyond.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

bernie777 said...

hi Jesse..a note to Mr, Paris aka Ritchie...thank you I read your passage on Neptune and you have really got some talent there...The Legend of Jessica Watson..illustrated with King Neptune,,,go 4 it Ritchie...u r half way there...and so too is Jessica you are a global sensation...not just an aussie makes us bloggers realise what a small global village we really lets all end war have world peace no more hunger no more killing of innocent whales to make Japanese big whale macs...and lets see about the super nova ,,,in todays paper thats going to wipe us all out....2012 ring any Mayan calendar bells.....and smooth sailing...cyber space is only a button away...u really click my mouse Bernie 777

Anonymous said...

You are doing great Jess,hope you keeping warm ,we excited about you nearing the Cape .,Stay well and WARM ,Terry & Patricia Melb

el grande said...

Great news on the block! I can only imagine how tough that was since you were no doubt working without gloves the entire time!

Lacking that heater is a bummer for sure, but just start imagining how warm it will get after you round the Cape!!

Keep at it. You're doing an amazing job!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
tried to post the first message to your new blog... Only just made it into the fourth position. D... !
Ok, I'll keep trying to get the pole position on your next blogs!
Who is going to post a nice albertos story?
Have you seen any biggy mammals yet? Whales, Sharks, Admirals, ...?
Any new pictures and videos for us to share? Still want to see them 10 meter waves!
Yes, you can, girl!
Hope there is going to be a big party upon your return, I want to reserve my ticket already!
Keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

Skip,Ohoy Captain Jessica.What the hell was I so worried about,you doing so fine Hero girl,soon you be around that Cape Horn and into warmer water.Steady going.Say hello to the Albatrosses from me.All the best.From:Herman.NH.USA.

Anonymous said...

("Yes," he replied. She sells C cells by the sea shore.) Oh shut up Joe, lol.

Hey I've noticed the google earth way points of Jessica's journey haven't been updated for a few days, come on shore crew, show us where she is, I enjoy checking into the maps as well as this blog, I'm sure others do as well.

Keep warm Jessica, you're doing good, looks like you may beat Dilip around the cape.

Kevmeister from Perth

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to hear from you again and hope all is well with you and EPL.

Are you planning to round the Horn during daylight hours and close enough to take a picture or two?

Hopefully conditions will be such that your rounding will be an enjoyable experience and then you'll encounter warmer and more pleasant sailing conditions when you pop up into the Atlantic on the other side of the Cape.

It must be frustrating not being able to activate your Heater. Is the diesoline you are trying to fire up nice and clean? I'm wondering if you have a product with a relatively high pour point or cloud point which is creating problems at the low ambient temperatures you are experiencing?
Contamination with water in your fuel tank could be another problem.
I'm certain your shore team have been working hard on this one as well as yourself and it does seem a great pity that you are unable to warm yourself because a piece of equipment is not functioning as it should!

Glad you got the mainsheet block fixed O.K. You'll certainly appreciate being able to use the mainsail again in the lighter conditions that present themselves occasionally in the deep southern ocean!

Keep up the incredible work and stay safe and as warm as possible!

Kindest Regards,Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

The Unlikely Boatbuilder said...

Jessica, I'm in the middle of preparing for a sail from the west coast of Florida, up to New York... Reading your blog helps keep thing in perspective! Good luck with the Cape.

Mary said...

Wahoo, Jess!!

Thanks for letting your fingers dance across the keyboard to us!

So glad you're weathering conditions with your optimum attitude as usual.

My instinct for the heater is to stay away from it for now. A light bulb might go off in your head and the right time will make itself known as to when to try to fix it again. I liked a blogger's idea to warm the fuel line but it just sounds precariously risky at the mo...(that's me and my fear of fire speaking. I know you'll use your best judgement).

Carol Florida, USA, what a super story from Jess's dolphin friend's pov...

DreamsFloat Joe....great funny one...

Group Hug to you Jess!! You are absolutely adored.

May the winds blow manageably for you and EPL. Soon, soon, you will have sun.

Mary, Maine, USA

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, I am so relieved
that you were able to fix the main sheet block. Excellant work! To bad about the heater not working. It will probably fire up on your way to Cape Hope. Anyway, I've been
watching amazing videos of what the wind and ocean storms produce
where you are now and where your
headed. My fellow bloggers need to see the conditions that you are dealing with to appreciate the high
skill level you have to keep EPL on
course while keeping yourself safe.
Please remember to please "Keep Holding ON" Singer/Song Writer
Avril Lavigne. Captain and fellow
bloggers listen to this song. Jesse,
Be Safe! Be Happy! Sing Louder! Hold on to the rollercoaster!

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hello from Room 401!

You have recently passed our longitude, so we thought this would be a good time to jump on your wait a minute..."boat"tails.

I am a third grade teacher and have been watching what was going on "down under" since day one. I recently read an article about "Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants" (If you google it, it's an interesting read.) After reading it, I wanted to provide some other opportunities for the students in my class to read. They are eight and nine years old. With laptops in hand, they are eager to follow your adventures around the world.

When reading your update you stated, "Looking at it another way, you could always say that at least the low visibility means that you can see very little of the bad weather!" Reminds me of my six day hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro. The first two days we couldn't see the top of the mountain. It was the second night when we reached "camp" above the clouds before I could see what was still ahead of us. When the weather lifts, I'm sure your view will be spectacular. Wishing you a clear view of Cape Horn.

Thanks for the update, the laptops will be out again during reading time.

Best wishes Room 401!

Unknown said...

Jessica, you truly are an inspiration to the rest of us. I particularly love your business-like approach to the task of keeping Ella sailing well, combined with your cheery no-nonsense attitude to being out there by yourself.

I hope that all experiences you encounter add to your enjoyment of such an epic voyage.

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

it's great to hear you're keeping up your spirit while encountering all those problems, most of them probably difficult to rank for a non-sailor like me!

As to the heater, just the same idea as Georgia Guy's crossed my mind (i.e. to contact some electrician familiar with the device), and I hope you'll get this thing fixed! After all that famous alternative to warm yourself up a little bit, which is mentioned in each and every sailor's story I've read, isn't advisable to you ... a glass of rum ;)

Frankfurt, Germany

Joe L said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the update and glad to hear you are safe and somewhat warm (at least bundled up in all those clothes). Wow, it's getting exciting, only 500nm to the Cape! Oh how life is so different here, care to trade spots? Ha, take care and stay safe . . .
- joe -

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jess...back again just briefly,
I've been listening to a little bit of music that the artist has been dear to my heart for 39 years...he wrote a song titled - Lonely Looking Sky - of course you have to hear the music to appreciate how it sounds, but the lyrics go a little like this:-

Lonely lookin sky
lonely sky, lonely looking sky
and bein' lonely
makes you wonder why
makes you wonder why
lonely looking sky
lonely looking sky
lonely looking sky
Lonely looking night
lonely night, lonely looking night
and bein' lonely
never made it right
never made it right
lonely looking night
lonely looking night
lonely looking night
Sleep we sleep
for we may dream
while we may
dream we dream
for we may wake
one more day
one more day
Glory looking day
glory day, glory looking day
and all it's glory
told a simple way
behold it if you may
glory looking day
glory looking day
lonely looking sky

Its about a Seagull...and no matter how one looks at the story, it has always been the music that I've enjoyed mostly....

I'll leave it at that....

Night all round xox....just one more time!

Clint - in Melbourne

Toni said...

Hey Jess!
I just read an incredible description of how great your boat is on Abby's blog. On January 6, 2010 4:53 PM, Grant Fjermedal talks about how even in big waves, if EPL flips, she'll pop right back up! That's very reassuring! My question is, when you're in really rough stuff, do you wear a lap-belt in a bolted down seat so you don't bump your head?!

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,

Way to go on fixing the block. On the heater, from what I have read they a tempermental, and need to be used regularly to function properly. Maybe some seawater backed up the exhaust pipe and set up some corrosion as you were going through the warm Pacific part of your trip.

Keep on keepin on Hero!
Richard W

PS word verification "plarboo"

Fox Maho said...

Of course we're expecting some interesting details of your trip, sweety, cuz in our dreams we're with you. But more than that it's enough for me to know you're safe and doing ok. Though I can't warm your fingers up with my breath and with all my heart, let your gloves do it instead - I trust them;)

Japanese believe that every thing especially working things like heaters have their unique soul and personage. May be he needs some treat or just an attitude like towards a person? You treat Ella's Pink Lady as a living soul. So why not heater?;)) Who knows, just try))

Bruce de Mich said...

OMG! (And I have never used that phrase before!) I have even greater appreciation for your Skills, Courage and Bravery, Jessica, than before after taking in a few of the U-Tube offerings of others passages of The Drake! (Thanks for other bloggers tips on these.) This one in particular allowed me to feel like I was on board with you and your fuzzy crew!

I am listening to wind blow through the sails as I type. Sorry to hear of the poopy heater which apparently still does not play well with others, no chocolate for him, but glad to hear that it's priority is low on your list of issues and tasks.

Stay warm and alert. Hopefully, you will see a pod of Dulphins soon to welcome you into the Atlantic.

The best to you and your wonderful shore crew, including Mom and Dad!

Bruce de Mich... I'm feeling cold just listening to those sails flapping in the breeze!

adventuresail said...

Sorry but we can't help but worry when we don't see any updates on your blog!! If you shore crew could just post an "All OK 40 kts winds". That we spare us the anxiety we all feel when we don't hear from you daily.

SaltyDog said...


It’s so good to hear from you. In a way, reading your blog everyday is almost like attending one of those support groups for an addiction. ”Hi, may name is SaltyDog, and I’m a Jessaholic. An addiction like this can cause sleep deprivation and affect productivity at your job. Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and sneaking out to the computer, surfing the web looking for your next fix of Jess. Some days I wake up with the shakes and I see pink elephants (or I mean pink sailboats.) But with the support or those of you who have the same addiction, we can all get through the tough days when we don’t have Jessica. But I have to admit that nothing can replace the way that I feel when I get my next fix of Jess.” The good new is my doctor says that this particular addiction is very healthy and wholesome and he highly recommends it.

But seriously, Jess, it is always a huge pleasure to hear from you not to mention that it puts our concerns to rest for a couple of days. I’m getting more excited for you everyday as you get closer to the Cape. It’s hard to imagine an experience more exhilarating than rounding Cape Horn.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Great to hear from you, Jess! I feel giddy when you say 500 nm!

Could it be that the cold has turned the diesel to gel or something blocking the fuel line or fuel filter from the thickness of the diesel? The heater itself might be fine.

Here, the drivers with diesel heat their engine blocks, park in warehouses, etc. and warm the engines up for ages before they take to the road because of the diesel. I'm sure other bloggers know much more about such things than I do and can offer ideas to eliminate those possibilities for troubleshooting.

DreamFloat Joe, loved the C cells joke!

<3 and safe wishes to you!

Northern Nevada checking in :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Must be exciting to be nearing the "Horn!" I am feeling a little guilty for even owning a sailboat... my idea of a perfect day of sailing is a 10 knott wind gently pushing the boat along on a flat ocean! Preferably a warm sunny day, so we can drop the sail and jump into the water. But then I have never, ever claimed to be a sailor...

I would love the opportunity to be on a fast moving sailboat, keeling over in a strong wind... I just don't want it to be me at the helm! I guess that is why I admired your skill & confidence so much. Your light-hearted, positive attitude is awesome too!

Keep warm & be safe,
PS We now have the cutest little "Ella's Pink Lady" up in our classroom, marking your voyage on the world map... can't wait to get it around the "Horn!"


To the shore crew

Is it out of the realm of possibility to contact the the heater manufacturer and have them contact and walk Jesse through noodling out the problem so the girl can have some heat?

Just wondering

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
I want some pics from cape horn. Maybe I will never have the opportunity to see it so my hope is in you :) Wish you nice weather on cape horn. Great job you have done so far. You rock :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

Ron said...

I have not and will not miss a blog. I wish I could send you some heat. I hate cold but I know you're doing well and continue to do so. When you pass the cape, just turn north and come to my house. It's nice and warm and I'll cook you a great meal. I'll meet you at the dock. Godspeed Jesse

Ron - Alabama USA

Old Iron said...

Great to hear from you.

Thanks to your shore team for the updates.

RICHARD said...

Yet again you prove to be amazing and just the Captain for the job!

Heaters can be tricky. It is said in the field of repair that when all else fails, try a good swift kick! (But remember, one kick is maintenance and two kicks is abuse) :)

Another positive is that if the days are a bit warmer thankfully you are experiencing vary little night.

Keep your chin up, your socks dry and the soup hot.


See Ya Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, Keep warm and safe sailing: ) Thankx for the update because you know we can't wait for the next one.
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Unknown said...

Hi Jess
I do hope that you get your heater fixed. I will swap you some weather - it is going to be bloody hot here the next few days - you can have it & i will take some of your cold. Is it possible to swap via email? Ha ha
Stay safe girl

Editor said...

Keep up the good work!

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, It is great that your wonderful shore team helps us with updates when you are to busy dealing with the elements and that side task known as sailing. But when you do finally get around to posting a blog an unbelievable feeling of relief washes over all of us and everything is right with the world again. When you return home there are going to be so many things that you once took for granted that are going to thrill you to your core. Yesterday I loaded a wheelbarrow 10 to 12 times with snow and dumped them in my back yard. This was done to expand my driveway after the last snow storm. I just mention this to show you what I do for fun!!! Arounding the Cape will be another highlight of your journey, one of many, many hightlights that you have already had and many more to come. Sail safe Jessica and know that we are all still pulling Ella's Pink Lady toward Sydney. Your long distant friend Larry (

Phil in Idaho said...

Glad you are hanging in there Jess. Years ago I was a charter boat captain taking scuba divers out to an island off San Diego. Coming back at night passangers would come forward and remark on how dark it was and you really can't see anything. I would always look at them and say, well there is not really all that much to look at! Always they had a shocked look on their face and say, don't you have to see what's coming? I would wink and say, It's better if you don't know. Then I would laugh and explain to them I have the radar dialed down to 1/2 mile and I can see boats and landfall.

So hey if the vis is bad you don't have to watch the storms coming.

Loved the report. Stay warm!!

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Great hearing from you! You are so precious --informative, upbeat, humorous... You are out there setting records, enduring dreadful conditions yet finding humor 'that you can see very little of the bad weather' and that a heater is 'just one of those optional extras'! You have a way of making your posts sound like you are just out for a Sunday afternoon sail!

I am SO proud of you! ...There will never be another like you!!! You are the best!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Good to hear that you are doing well despite the cold and the odd storm. It is a shame that your heater is playing up, have you got electricity going to it OK for the fan and fuel pump? I was just thinking that if for some reason there were an open circuit like a loose electric wire connection then that would prevent it from functioning, also if there is air in the fuel line that may prevent the fuel pump from pumping. I hope you can soon sort that problem out as it would be so much more confortable for you to be able to get warmed up without wearing the whole warderobe full of clothes. That is all for now, do take care.

andrewVA said...

wow jess!! you're really making great time; 500nm? you'll be there before you know it! good on ya'!!

your positive attitude is simply amazing; you really don't let anything get to you, do you? i wish more people in the world today were like would be a much better place to live!

just wanted you to know that i'm still with you and will be until you're home safe again!

all the best.

be safe. be well. have fun. stay warm if you can :))

richmond, va

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, thank you for being so faithful about posting! Kudos to you on repairing the block; hopefully you'll get the heater fired up before you really need it.

You're really knocking out the miles, that's awesome too. What is Ella's Pink Lady's top speed? Where does she like the wind best? What's her best speed?

We're excited about your next milestone: the Cape, and will be looking forward to your writings about it.

Blessings and fair winds,
Tom, Missouri, USA

Unknown said...

Hello Jessica:

Hang in there it sounds like you are doing well.... Don't worry about the heater you will soon be back in Warmer Lattitudes in no time!!!

Take care and stay safe..

Bob and Family from Denver CO, USA

Unknown said...

Glad to read that things are going well for you on your adventure. I appreciate your sharing this adventure with us via the internet. Keep up the good spirits and Godspeed.

Meechree said...

glad everything is okay!
-Dimitri, USA

Laura said...

Hi Jesse,

So good to receive an update from you, but sorry the heater decided not to cooperate.

I agree with Jonathan in Melbourne about this community from around the globe following your adventure. You are a stunning inspiration and an amazing role model. I, for one, have learned from your positive attitude. We are all so very proud of you.

Cape Horn is an exciting milestone. I love watching the voyage map and visually seeing your progress.

Warm hugs,

Newport Beach, California

chris coles-morales said...

Hi there,
Glad to hear you made it through the squalls... it looked pretty messy down your way.
Too bad about the heater, that just means another swaddling layer! Do you feel like the kid from movie,The Christmas Story? lol
What is really good to hear is your cheerfulness... keep it up as you know it gets you thru even the darkest seas.Also, I am sure you have a supply of chocolate stashed somewhere!I swear there is nothing like a cup of cocoa to shoo away the blues and the cold!
Wish I could fix your heater for you... but then my idea of fixing is to bang it with a hammer.... heheh.
May the wind be at your back and sails always full....
Keep warm
Chris from Calif

Anonymous said...

We are praying fervently and anxiously awaiting to hear that you have safely rounded the horn! It must be thrilling to see the miles clicking down- continue to be safe, you are the talk of the town, girlie! Karyn, IN, USA

Neil & Kathy said...

You're going great guns girl, keep safe, keep strong and keep warm.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! I was on holidays in Australia (which I won) from Ireland when you were setting off from Sydney on your trip. I was astounded by your bravery, I'm 31 and couldn't imagine doing what you're doing. You should be so proud of yourself. Your xmas message was really sweet, I hope the food tasted as good as it sounded and that you got some nice surprises in your xmas presents.

I really can't wait to read your next blog/see your next video to see how you're getting on. All my support is with you.

Take care

Bob B said...

Rounding Cape Horn has to be one of high points of your voyage. I have read many stories about including back in squarerigger days. It took those ships as much as a month to get around. Also depended on the time of year AND good old weather. I sent Donde a blog and told him to wave as he went by, if he hasn;t already. That would be exciting if he passed within sight of you. Big ocean but one never knows. Enjoy the easy seas while you can and I hope you get some heat soon. Maybe snuggle up to the galley stove. :)Take care and good sailing. Grandpa Bob in Tucson.

jan said...

h jesse. thanks for the latest blog, also to your shore crew for the updates, reassuring us when we dont hear from you. cheers from canterbury nz.

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,

Re: another blogger comment, have you support crew call the manufacturer and explain your unique circumstance. ( I don't think they would send a heli out to Tierra del Fuego, but that wouldn't be allowed even if they did!) If there is a lockout, requiring a special box to reset the micro controller, they might tell you a secret workaround. Just a thought.

Here's something that might cheer you up. You aren't the first person to have a love affair with pink boats. Check out this link.

Pink Boat

You go girl!
Richard W

Laura said...

Hi Jesse,

Second post, but I just wanted to thank JIM (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) for the link to this amazing video:

It provides such a great perspective of the severe challenges you will face as you round Cape Horn....but we all know you can do it! As a side note, my mouth began to water as I saw them biting into freshly cooked crab. Your hundreds (if not many thousands) of devoted followers are wishing you a safe passage, and I feel proud to be a tiny part of this community.

Bless you, and keep you safe and warm despite not having a heater.

Newport Beach, California

Anonymous said...

Jessie, it's wonderful what you are doing, and I'm a faithful reader of your blog, but I have a question.

I just finished reading Webb Chiles "Storm Passage" and he had absolutely no assistance, he didn't even have a radio. Had to make all his own decisions, some of which were bad decisions, with no one to ask. If anyone needed a second voice it was him.

You refer to your "great shore team" and a little voice keeps asking me if this takes away from your accomplishment.

I kept yelling at the book as I read it, as he did such stupid things, like not having a bilge pump, and he had the same issue on his first attempt. What was he thinking?

If you want to yell at a book, that's a good one to yell at.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beau said...

My goodness you're making great progress!

Jessica, we're sending you warm thoughts from far to the north, as you continue your southern adventure.

We're with you all the way, stay safe and keep the faith!

Best regards,
Beau in Missouri

Anonymous said...

Jessica Watson! TIGER OF THE OCEAN!

(Not lion, it's already taken)!...

It leaves Sydney Harbor kicking (Touch Parking), she's learning and growing!

It might sound funny, but I worry about everyone else back home who’s worrying about me! Love Jesse!

Music blaring, in tune with her constant screaming! lol

A woman comes home!

The Tiger now singing!

The world sings with you and we're all very proud of you Jess!

Be safe Tiger!


Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,
Your sprirt and determination are fanastic. You, as we keep repeating, are truly an inspiration to all of us.

You are certainly closing in on Cape Horn and you have travelled 9000 Nm already. You will be back in Sydney before you know.

Pity about the heater but I am sure you are well enough prepared to keep warm without it.

Also thanks to your shore team for the recent updates. Your updates are much appreciated.

Stay postive and enjoy the great adventure you are on.

Stay safe and keep warm,

Ingleburn NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Nice to hear that you are closeing the gap to the Horn. As I recall you dont expect to see is but be many nm south. But is that still so or have you changed plans now that it's just arround the corner ?

Stay cool - the cool way ;-)

:-) Glen, Denmark

Anonymous said...


The heater's a luxury for us, but it's not fair on you!

You haven't even warmed up yet!

Look after your hands Jess!

Look after you!


Chris said...

Hi Jesse,

Letting you know I am thinking about you every day. I really anticipate your blogs. I love reading them.

I hope between you and your shore team you can get your heater working.

What an amazing young lady you are!

Stay warm, Chip from New york

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess:

I and all of your followers are getting excited about u getting closer to the top of the Mt. Everest of sailing. Remember you are going into the summer, one of the calmest times of the year. When the Volvo around the world racing boats went there a yr ago it turned out pretty calm. They celebrated with cigars and champagne, but of course u are too young for that. However, you will get cheers from all around the world, which u just might hear from where u are. :-D. If u thought u were cold, take a look at the recent picture of my back deck from a little snow we had. Have u ever played in snow? Maybe next time I'll build u a snow woman with your name on it. :-D Have fun and enjoy.


PS I just loaded this picture + hope it comes out, but if it doesn't I will try again.

BavariaBlu said...

Hello Jessica,
it's amazing to hear that you're already in reach of the Cape! To me it seems like yesterday when we saw your bucket shower as you were crossing the equator.

I had a look at the utube Susan from Georgia recommended (see below) and my eyes became wide - if this is what you mean when you small-talk about 'bouncy conditions' you're hopelessly understating again. But that's just the way we got to know you over the last three months...

I keep my fingers crossed with thumbs up at the same time even if that makes typing a bit tricky :-) and I hope that silly heater will soon start rumbling for you.

All the best

PS.: Thx to Susan for the Cape Horn utube, ( really impressive! and also thanks to Carol for her wonderful interpretation from the dolphins' point of view. I've copied and taken it to class for my students to read and mire.

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse.....

Most excellent that you fixed the block. Could've been a bit of worry in wind and a 'sea'. The heater is rather sad, eh. I reckon you'll ( with the help of the team ( ~ recalling the battery charger ! ) ) you'll probably get that OK.

With only 500 to go to the Big Lefty, I can feel the anticipation in your words.... and the heightening collective 'interest' of the Serried Rankers. I hope you can slip in a few pics. :)

Keep at it, be safe.... you're going so very well.... and plenty of the 'Hot Chocolate' won't go amiss. ( neither would another fish !) :))

... catchya towards the corner...

... Ooc.

Lea said...

Hi Jessica

I'm still feeling anxious, but that's just me. I think I am getting excited about the approach of Cape Horn.This will be the closest I will get to sailing a yacht anywhere, let alone around the world.
Thank you for this amazing opportunity to share your journey.

Sailing with you....

Lea...Far North NZ

Lea said...

Hi Jessica

I'm still feeling anxious, but that's just me. I think I am getting excited about the approach of Cape Horn.This will be the closest I will get to sailing a yacht anywhere, let alone around the world.
Thank you for this amazing opportunity to share your journey.

Sailing with you....

Lea...Far North NZ

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,

Hahaha. "the low visibility means that you can see very little of the bad weather". I am in a way reknown for an unconventional way of thinking at times but, I NEVER, in all my life, thought of it that way !!! You are one in a million, really!

That should become a recognised british saying, honestly.
> England is where they have 2 seasons; the winter and the rain. > Scotland is where they have 4 seasons; everyday!
> Wales is where we have 4 seasons too; June, July, August and the winter
> Our neighbours in Ireland say "If you don't like the weather right now, just wait a minute!"

>> And then you come up with that one. Oh Gosh! I love it! It doesn't sound too much Australian to me though.

I'm ever so glad to hear that all is still going according to plan.

Keep up the good work, missy. You're a star.

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

You are such a positive, confident, polite and delightful young person and i consider it an honour to be able to follow your travels. Stay as warm as you can Cape Horn awaits, than you can head north and warm up a bit.

Please Stay Safe

Berlin Red

Lori said...

Good morning Jesse, thanks for your very welcome post.

Glad you have the mainsail back under control, naughty heater though, pity you can't rub two sticks together :). Won't be too long and you won't need it anyway.

You never cease to amaze us, with your ability to turn any situation into such and inspiring and calm post, glad you so happy still. I am actually going to grab a little bit more shut eye - keep up your fantastic work.

You are as always, in our hearts and prayers.....x

-Lori, Brisbane

Dave J said...

Hi Jesse,

I have been following your blog since before you left home. I know that there are many of us who have been following your journey day by day but do not post comments. I just want you to know that you have many more supporters than you can even begin to imagine.

Know that our prayers and well wishes are with you. I will write more often because I know that you enjoy the continuous flow of comments!

I have a feeling that you will do just fine getting around the Cape. There will be more restful sailing ahead.

Go Girl!

Dave J
North Carolina

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Smooth sailing
Take it easy
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Galia said...

hey Jesse!

I'm so glad to hear that despite the dramatic conditions all is going smoothly!
I wished i could see how ella's pink lady looks with 5 m swells!
Happy times!!
best wishes and positive vibrations from Israel!

Queenslander said...

Grant Fjermedal... I use Buoyweather & if they are correct before your "Nasty Storm" our intrepid sailor is going to be doing more than her "spider walk" very soon. She is going to be left with light & variable to non existent wind on a large swell. Lots of bruises & no sleep and then what is shaping up to be a taste of wx more befitting these latitudes. And some storm force winds contrary to the current through the relatively "shallow" Drakes Passage... that will give her something to write home about.

Unknown said...


Wow, love reading the posts. I have huge jealousy for your endeavor! I only wish I had the life to do such! God bless! And keep those fingers warm! :-) I will check back again soon! So glad to hear you are safely moving toward your goal. - Rusty

danma said...

Hey Jess,

Good to hear from you, the Cape is so much closer to you now I bet that you can't wait to tick that one off your list of "been there done that"

Stay safe & as always happy sailing....

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work! love hearing from you, whenever you can. it gives me something to look forward to!


carol in usa

Staffan said...

Hi Jess,

Give us the brand name of the heater.
It wont help ou now but It will make a differens in the future i promise.

All my love to you!
Stay safe!


Brian Riley said...

Hi,Jessica,I woke this morning to a red sunrise after 24hrs of wind and rain, with most of central Australia awash with floods from heavy rain, and here you are just cruising along after 40knots of wind and bouncy seas as cool calm and collected as ever.
Good to hear you were able to repair the Mains block, but your description of the heater as an optional extra made me laugh, (you are a little tough nut.)
With just over 500nm to the Cape you have done well during the storm and made some good SOG, EPL will be resting her braces and ribs after what she has just come through (while you caught up on rest)I must say with flying colours.
I have you approaching the Cape at about 56.15's which will bring you into the Cape area, with a small course change into 56.06's you will have a view of the lighthouse (weather permitting) from about 6nm out. I can hear your excitement from here. Stay away from 56.30's or you may have more Albatross than you bargained for with a nesting colony on this latitude.
Safe Passage,will talk later.
Hervey Bay.QLD.

Pipefish said...

Welcome back Jess, enjoy your calm yet drizzly day. Thanks for the update, and try to stay warm. :-)

Pipefish, California Usa

Thatamis said...

Hello Jessica,

sorry for the temperature! I promise I will keep closed the fridge from now on :-)
Best wishes from Hannover/Germany (-8°C, 30 cm of snow),
Thatamis (52°23'N 9°45'E)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, never mind us. We can wait. Keep your gloves on!

I know you are dealing with the present, as you must, but I have the luxury, sitting in my comfy home, of hardly being able to wait until you've rounded the Cape and gotten into warmer waters again.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Jess, you are doing great :)

Attitude said...

Motivation is the fuel, necessary to keep the human engine running.
Zig Ziglar

StuntTrader said...

You're the best kid on the block, well done, get warm soon.

David said...

Hi, Jess, great news that you are closing in on the Cape and new ocean on the other side. Sorry about the heater. Hopefully your your gear is keeping you warm. Take care.

David Indiana (snow and 21 fahrenheit here today)

Sarannah said...

Hi Jessica

Keep on truckin'. Keep your wits about you. I'm so glad you are still loving being where you are even though conditions are tough. I can't imagine being so cold all the time. Before you know it, you will be round that Cape - what a milestone that will be. I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Stay safe.

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica, ask your land based team about the diesel used to fill your tank for the Webasto heater if that is what you are using for your heating. If you filled it up with diesel from Qld, then it is possible that it has gone thicker or even frozen in the cold. You should have filled it with "Alpine" grade diesel so that it does not freeze or get thicker with the cold weather. The difference between the two the amount of "Wax" added to the diesel, depending on where it is going to be sold. Hot climate or cold climate.
You may have to drain it and add some KEROSENE if you have any, but I doubt you will have. If you have electric power to the heater and it does not fire up, this is the only cause I can think of that would prevent it from working. The same applies to the Eberspacer heater if that is what you have. The Webasto is the more common one used in Australia. Get your team to phone ROGER at Webasto in Qld if this is not the problem, and he may be able to help you get warm.
All the very best, we are all thinking of you and willing you onward to Sydney.
Keith, from Nerang, Qld.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for another blog, I am always patient as I realise that it can get difficult to do a blog every day, after all, the actual sailing of EPL has to be your first priority.

And I can imagine how hard it is to type in 4 degrees celsius, I find it difficult here in the winter to type when the room temp is down to about 15 degrees.

The weather doesn't sound too bad though, things could be much worse - after all, it could be snowing! If it does snow, you will have to take a pic of EPL covered in snow!

So how's the food going, are you still eating pretty much the same foods as you started, without the fresh fruit of course? Or has your mum packed more hardy foods for the colder climates.

Cape Horn, 500NM away - so presuming that you are still going along around 100NM per day, you should round the cape around the 12th?

Now don't get too excited about the cape - no excessive drinking or celebrating when the time comes!

Anyway, just wanted to check in and see how you are going and say hi.

3 great big bear hugs from me today, hope that will keep you warm for a while - a hug from me is better than any heater! LOL

Take care gorgeous girl

Caves Beach, Newcastle

maxine maroochydore said...

Goodmorning Jess, Glad to hear everything is going along great for you, and that you have fixed a few of the problems, bad luck about the heater, just put a few more cloths on. I have just come back from my walk around Maroochydore, listening to the radio ABC, and heard your mum and Dad are going to be flying over you when you round the Cape, Whoppeeee, that should give you abit of a thrill and also them too. Have you sighted the other guy from the Sunny Coast who you know, I also read about him yesterday, its funny when I hear or see anything about you, I think oh yes thats my hero they are talking about, and you certinly are my hero and all the other thousands of bloggers out there, we just hang out for your every word, and think of you all the time. Thanks again for letting us know you are alright, keep warm, safe, and keep up ther good work thinking of you God Speed Jess, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Anonymous said...


Your description of 'interesting and a little bouncy' when you and EPL were enduring 40 knot winds has got to be the understatement of the century! You don't mention the wave heights but I'll bet it was at least 3-4 m, more likely 5-6 m that's 'bouncy'!

Bummer that the heater won't cooperate, but just think in a week you'll have a northly heading, that is if you don't continue to have that 8 knot wind, things look confused on the weathermap. Hope you've been able to really check out EPL.

Also EPL has got to be the first Pink boat ever to be in that part of the ocean and the first pink one thru Drakes Passage...think about that. Hang in there Jessie, you can do it.

Wishing you Fair Winds thru the strait,

Steve from SCalifornia

Mel M of USA said...

I wonder if Jessica could call tech support at the heater company.

"Hello, my name is Jesseca Wantson. I'm 16 and in a small sailboat in the Southern ocean 500nm from Cape Horn. Your heater quit on me, and with 40n winds, it gets pretty cold around here. ... Yes, I am serious; can you work with me to get it going again?"

Nadine said...

Hi Jesse,

It's getting exciting as I follow along with you. I can't imagine how exciting it must be for you. Go girl :)

ohio usa

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Its good to hear from you and that your OK.
Were back at work now, all the staff are back and interested how your doing. I don't know if there interested in your day or just stalling before work.
It wont be long now and you'll be round the horn and heading back to some warmer temperatures.

I'm pleased you've fixed the main sheet, I've found that small problems have a habit of making themselves into big problems.
As for the heater "smack it"

I found much of my time I'm wondering how your doing and when I'm in the office your blog is the first thing I check. I don't suppose I'm any different to all the other people around the world, sitting in our comfortable arm chairs worrying about how your going and if your safe.

I keep wondering if I should go to Sydney when you get in. I guess there will be millions there to greet you.
So long for now, have to get back to the grind.
Fair winds and following seas.

Julie said...

wow...!!! fabulous..!!!!
Amazing stuff.. I was so pleased to see your blog when I got up this morning...and a big thanks for the re assurance that the shore team will post if you are too busy...we do all worry Jess... I am stoked its all going so well for you, with the conditions... can't believe you are that close to the Cape...its getting really exciting... I agree. in the big picture a broken heater isn't the end of the world.... I'd rather that not being fixed than anything to do with Ellas Pink Lady..keep on keeping on and know you're in my thoughts everyday... lots of warm cyber hugs to you ...Julie xxx

Steve Ferguson said...

Hi Jessica,

I've been following your amazing journey every day since your departure and this is my first comment. As a keen sailor for over 40 years I think you are outstanding, I just watched your latest video clip and to hear how calm and composed you are out there on your own just blows me away. You are most certainly an inspiration for your generation. Glad to hear you were able to repair the mainsheet block and i hope you get that heater going. I hope you have great conditions around the Cape, stay safe and good sailing.


Anonymous said...


Was gettin worried about you'.. but so glad to see your here today.. sorry about your heater.. I am sure you could use a little of the heat about now.. but am glad things are still goin strong for you just the same. You have a good since of what , is what and can still luaght about it. that's a good thing to I am sure being just where you are at. My prayers are for the two of you out there at this time, the capt' is near you.. or about to pass you on by... it's always good to know someone is out there with you as well to doing the same thing.. Sail'n your heart's off.. to full fill your Dream's..
I am sure there have been a time or two that you might of thought
"what am I doin out here?"
but then you look at it as it's not all that bad.. for your doin what you like to do the most of, and hay'.. at leased you don't have to go back and forth... and be back by dest'... like all the others that sail only for the day.. like I use to on my 13 ft sail boat I once had in my youth full day's..

But it is nothing like what you are goin through now day in -
day out.. with that NEVER ending roll's of up's ad down's...

One may wonder just why would you want to put your self through all this for nothing in return for doing it other then knowning you did it on your own... But they are not the one's that are doing it are they.. only in there minds. So they and I will never really see just what you are seeing , doing, or thinking..... But we all love ya just the same...

So my dear God I am very sure is there with you as well as our Angel's... so your not a lone...

God Speed you a long and bring you home safe and sound.... Bless you girl'... you are our hope's and dream's... and thnk you for just always being who you really are...


Anonymous said...

On my Google News Alert, I just picked up an Australia paper's news that your mom and dad will be able to fly to South America and that they have a charter jet arranged to observe you rounding the Cape and that it is a sudden arrangement and they are hurriedly packing! Wahoo for you :)!!! But, as a mom, I'd have to say it would be frustrating not to come on board and exchange hugs. To share in the visual of that experience would be awesome and maybe you can both have Skype set up on laptops to be visually close at the same time as part of the Great Accomplishment of the "Everest of Sailing"...

One question for Julie and Roger, though: Wouldn't it be better to use a helicopter to observe Jess and EPL in action, than a jet? Or is the wind too much a problem? Or can one of the nations who have territory down there offer Coast Guard aircraft for this very special mission?

Wishes for love and safety all around for the whole Watson Family,
Patricia, Richard and John in Northern Nevada, USA

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
Only 500nm to reach yet another milestone! Bet you can't wait to cross this one off. Good news about the block, pity about the heater ... oh well, I know which I would rather have working out there.
Take care and stay warm.
Sail on,

To Carol from Florida: I'm waiting anxiously for the next instalment of your dolphin story ... well done!

Randy said...

Hi again Jesse!

Now you sail straight to the cap..., are you a bit nervous?
For me I can say so! Hope you doing well and come good and safe around!
But, what do I say..., I know you can do!

So once again: I wish you all the best and a few more degrees one the scale!

I think of you - not only when I read you blog...!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Brian said...

G'day Jess
Well done fixing the main problem,
sounds like you have been experiencing some ordinary seas down there but won't be long and you can chuck a left turn, have some shelter , catch up on all that lost sleep, well done Kiddo.
Regards Brian

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi Jess,

Keep rocken girl, nothing going to stop you.
Stay safe, & warm
Anthony N QLD OZ

wally said...

Hi Jessica,

I have spent a week with Bruce, Susan assisting with the final preparations of a new Catamaran for the Trans Tasman race later this year. It was great to find out Bruce is your Manager and to get all the news as it happened. You are in great hands!

A verse from a poem I wrote at sea

"Out at sea is adventure true,

it's your wits, your guts, your pride,

Much of what we call adventure today,

is simply just a ride"

All the Best on yiur great adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

You know that you will have to keep up the blog after you get to Sydney as we will all want to hear how adapt to normal life again - not that your life will ever be "normal" again after this epic voyage!


Dan said...

Dear Jessica

Sending you my warmest thoughts and praying that the wind and weather gods push that nasty stinky stuff back below the antarctic circle where it belongs this time of year and blow a gentle tropical breeze down from the north to warm you and ease you to the cape for a nice "summer" time rounding.

Portland, Oregon, USA

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

I hate to tell you this but Brisbane is again extremely fine and warm with lots of blue sky.

I think that even so you would rather be where you are than here.

Sounds life the adventure is getting even more exciting for you, if that's possible.

Stay as warm and safe as you possibly can and remember that we all constantly thinking of you back here at home.

Find that safe and kind winds to bring you back as quickly as possible.

June and Richard Thorn

Ian Crawford said...

no backup heater?? any heat source at all?? will this become a problem at any point, in your experiences?? Curious.

Ian from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Nice to here from you today - the longer time slips by and we don't get a blog it can be of concern, however we know you're in good hands with your land crew..

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito".

Take Care
You're a Legend

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

''As the storm and the winds die down,out of the mist appears a pink figure and a young lady of the sea''.YOU MADE IT,now is the time to rest,some missed sleep and by all means regroup,stay warm,double check all sheets,sails and get ready for your next challenge THE CAPE.
I think we need to call ''Jessica of all trades'',you go young lady with all your repair skills,your planning,training pays off once again.
''Carol'',loved your take on the ''GREY FIN''back to his pod,explaining to his family what he/she saw,great imagination.
Jessica the Cape is now in your sites young lady,you have accomplished more that allot of your ''world family'' would in our life time,I am so proud to be part of your journey.
Hope for good weather when you make your turn at the Cape,DON'T FORGET TO PUT ON PINK LADIES TURN SIGNAL.
Again thanks for update,await your next one.Maybe a ''video'' when you have had some ''down time'''.
I know ''CAPTAIN COOK'' is looking down at you with great respect and rooting you on like us all.
Hugs,warm wishes to you and crew,I trust your ''stuffy crew'',have stayed dry along the way.
You could use a ''LAMB CHOP'' by now,what you say,I am having one in your honor tonight before our ''Alberta Clipper ''hits us here in the northeast,USA into Thursday,yes I am a day behind you here as all way's.
Jessica we all love and cherish you on this great journey of yours and it's a privilege to a part of it with you.
That's all from me this sunny cold afternoon in the US.
To my Aussie adoptive family member's are fighting floods and or fires may god watch over you all and protect you in these trying times,I wish you all nothing but LOVE and WARM THOUGHT'S from your ''mates'' here in the USA.
God speed and keep protecting you young Jessica, you are in our thought's daily and all way's.
Maryland, USA,[AS we await another winter storm].

dee58 said...

Good Morning Jessica
Reading in Sunshine Coast daily your Mum and Dad will be there to see you go around cape Horn plus some other friends
how good is that.

You have great support from us all

Go Girl

Enjoy the moment

Dee58 and Residents SSC

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

You are a STAR!

We are all watching the weather reports in the Southern Ocean and especially as you near Cape Horn. No-one is underestimating the conditions down under but we have absolute confidence in you and your lady!

We do feel for you with the cold and misery that you have to endure, for a while, but as long as your spirits are up, you will cope. Our excitement mounts each day!

Good on you! Stay safe, and …


Fay from the Gold Coast

Toni McLean said...

Oh Jesse,
Thinking of you sitting there at your computer, tapping away, while your fingers are freezing and your heater refuses to co-operate makes me feel sad for you. Thank you for risking frostbite to make the effort to talk to us yourself. Sounds like you need to send the heater to the naughty corner to think about its behaviour!

Your attitude is just wonderful. I don't know what you're thinking inside, but what you portray shows that you have a great degree of maturity that some of us never achieve.

That saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!", seems to have applied here. From 40 knots to 8 knots. Hopefully the sea has settled and you're not getting knocked about as you crawl along.

The constant misty drizzle sounds like where I live in Bundanoon. I love it too, though it is a tad warmer here! But not Sunshine Coast temperatures.

500 nm to the cape. Getting excited and nervous?! I am! Just a few more days - maybe Monday Aust. time?

Well, here's hoping for just a little increase in wind from whatever quarter you want it. And even just a little sunshine maybe, if that's not too much to ask of the weather gods.

Stay warm and safe,

Flash said...

Hi Jess!

Maybe you need some sort of "typewriting gloves" with the fingertips cut off! Don't freeze your fingers because of us addicted blog-followers, please. You might need them for better things.

Always keepin' you and your voyage in my mind, as well as so many other readers here. Your blog spreads a strong spirit of life and determination all over the world.

It's amazing how positive it is to read all those commenters and their good wishes, their cheering and strong support.

You've become a worldwide example or role model by now. I wish you to pass all challenges and to overcome any hindrances in your voyage - come on, nuke that old cape horn! :-)

Mostly I hope you'll stay healthy in all this bitter cold weather without a hot oven! I can hardly imagine how to survive in such rough circumstances.

But as another one mentioned: you're a toughie, and you keep the vision! Sail safe and be blessed,

Stefan (Germany)

Anonymous said...

Close to the Cape now Jess, you're doing a fantastic job..woohooo!!!.

Keep dry and warm,Hope you get a bit more breeze but nothing too serious. Seems like it won't be long now until you're on the way home...

It's been tops following your adventure.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't wait longer for news from you, but today after my morning routine of walking I switched a computer and surprise, surprise, here you are, a message from a truly brave girl - fixing sail's problem, dealing with broken heater, writing a word to us bloggers and all tasks carried on in such a good positive mood. Good on you girl!

Horn is just around the corner and world is soooo beautiful, no matter what whether conditions are. I BELIVE you, Jess :-)

Hang on!
An army of your followers is growing daily.
Fair wind and good luck

Andrew - Melb

Anne Bonny (from Spain): said...

Hello Jesse,

Cape Horn so near ¡¡¡¡¡

We follow you, we will be with you during this special moment.

Good luck.

Anne Bonny


Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

Well here in Lennox Head...raining and you wish for a bit of that at the moment with those chilly fingertips. Travelling yesterday in Freddie(my car) I have never seen so many police cars on the road. Unmarked and hiding...grrrr no way to solve the road toll,,no I wasn't booked , Speeding for you is different you love it EPL have a great sail today bad luck with the heater...didn't Jesse M use the stove for heat?
Sea ya to try and catch a fish

Dusty from Dubbo

Kath, Qld said...

Hi Jess,

great to hear from you, was finding myself going to my computer every 10 minutes to check your site!
Thanks to your land crew for the update.
Jess, can you please do me a favour when you get home? Can you come to my place & teach me how to always see the good in any situation? I'm 3 times your age & so admire your outlook on life.
Take care girl, stay safe, warm (as warm as you can without that darn heater!) & clipped on,

Sally said...

Morning Jess

Good to hear from you again - I guessed that you were busy battling those winds and inclement weather conditions. It's also good to hear that you sounds so positive and strong even though your Heater is not playing nice! I hope that you manage to give it a swift kick in the butt and get it back into action again. Meanwhile -just keep wearing those layers girl! I am thinking of you whilst I am sitting here mid summer, in an icey cold office that has an out of control air conditioning system, with my fan heater going to keep me warm during the day. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?!

Good news about the mainsheet block, at least you easily fixed that one. So now we only have 500nm until Cape Horn - another wonderful milestone about to be met. How exciting! You are really taking us places Jess. I will be praying for good weather for you - enough wind to keep you motivated and challenged and moving along nicely, but not too much to scare the bejeevers out of us.

It's a lovely day in Sydney today Jess and I think we are in for a warm weekend. Got plans to do the gardening and go on a Birthday night out with some friends.

Have a great day and stay safe. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

The ship of life
Across the shore awaits a boat
Though sea's are rough, its still

Raise the sails, held up by mast
Forget the troubles of distant

As wave crash down upon the deck
Steady the boat; not quite a

Tend the mast, and fix the scrach
light the lantern with one last

The storm will end, pull anchor
and rope.Look up to see the stars of hope.
Jessica M. Balcom

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sally In Sydney

Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse!

Good to hear from you and that you have fixed the problem with the mainsheet block. Sorry to hear about the heater but you sound very well rugged up. Keep those hands warm, they really ache when exposed to the cold don't they!

Only 500nm to go and you are now painting a picture of very stoic and resiliant young sailor - your list of personal qualities is always growing.

Hughly proud of you,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Aussie said...

To "Transplanted Aussie",
lovely message, thanks mate!
Kath, Qld

Liz said...

OMG are getting sooooo close to The Cape...are you starting to feel like...'Bring it on and get it over with'?? how is EPL feeling....much the same I should think. So , if your heater has bitten the dust for good how do you keep warm besides multiple layers of clothes and hot food?..Keep those little fingers in your mitts and try to keep roasty toasty wont you gorgeous girl. Can't wait for your next is the first thing I do each morning i get home from work...check up on you and read some of the comments...loved Carol's Dolphin story....ok..miss 'I can do it'..hope all...know all is going well...will check in again tomoz.


Susiangelgirl said...

OMG I hope you get that heater fixed. It's one thing to be tossed around in the ocean and handling it, quite another to be freezing cold at the same time. I'm sure it would be lovely to batten down the hatches and cosy up to the heater.

Also very glad that you posted a blog, we like to know all is well.

Unknown said...

Hi Jess
I'm reading in the news it's getting a bit wild out there!
You go girl :-)

Kelvin from QLD

Unknown said...

Jessica, I have been following you since you left Sydney and appreciate seeing your navigational track on Google Earth. But your ground team has stop posting your position since last Sunday. Now, that you are approaching one of your major goals it would be exciting to track your rounding. Is there anyway you can have them start posting your position again?

Lightning 13910
Indiana USA

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

When all else fails more chocolate is the answer!

Happy to hear your well but I've just finished night shift and so very tired, will catch up on blogs later.

As always, thinking of you.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

yachticus said...

the gentle gurgle of the yacht moving through the water - a sound so familiar to you - Hats of to you once again that little trustworthy yacht ELP and you a perfect team - from all of us here in Oz fair winds and following seas


Anonymous said...

I just checked in to make sure everything is going well and as usual, you are proving to be not only competent but cheerful and confident.
Can't wait to hear about "rounding the Cape."
All the best.
Arnie in Canada
(Beautiful cold clear sunny day here at about minus 5C)

bernie777 said...

wow I have been watching u tube...just under ur videos big wave in southern ocean..Ive seen force 5 to 7 gales but these videos are really scary...could you please describe the giant storm waves...u must be really brave or just a little antidisestablishmentarian to boot...or is it just me....on the bravometer you are rating off the charts....ur team is doing a great job...the boat looks smallish...I was kind of wondering where do you keep 8 months supply of everything...especially bulky stuff like toilet paper...I hope these questions dont bore u but they may pop up in the dont throw the heater away...u can ditch it on e bay as unwanted slightly annoying monster of a so called heater...but u must be calm and so cool...u r Kool....Jessie Jessie your hair is a mess...but I like the way you dress....cheers Bernie 777

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"I was thinking one day and I realized that if I just had
somebody behind me all the way to motivate me I could make a
big difference. Nobody came along like that so I just became
that person for myself."

-- Unknown
Jesse my wife & I will be with you specially for the next few days and I would like to think our hearts will beat as one. E&C

Jonathan Castelino said...

DreamsFloat Joe - Ha Ha Ha ha indeed !

That will surely bring a few smiles and chuckles on Jess' face !

Keep them coming !

Kev said...

Pity about the heater, but I hope your team can help you get it fixed!

Just how cold is it down there Jess?

Cheers, Kev, Sydney, Oz.

rod said...

good to know that all is well.
safe sailing as always.
take care
regards one of the adopted crew.

Bill (Qld) said...

Hi Jessica,
I always look forward to reading your posts.
Your weather sounds a little worse than the North of England which we left behind some 40 odd years ago although even then you could go for a couple of weeks of drizzly rain and cold.
Keep up the good work and we look forward to welcoming you back to sunny Qld.

hp said...

Bonjour Jessica,


And all in a day's work!

Keep warm, be safe

Unknown said...

Hi, Jesse. Great to see that you can put a positive spin on anything - so many people could benefit from just that.
Neil (Casino)

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse...

Great to hear from you..... You dont need a add more layers of clothes.

Soon you will be heading back towards WA wheres its been Mega warm....just think warm thoughts.

Make sure you read Carol from Florida USA's post.....what an amazing story ( and yes Carol, it would make a fantastic childrens book....why dont you write it....Smile...i'de buy it!!! )

Anyway Jesse Keep up the Hot drinks....get under cover as much as you can to warm up. Pity you cant snuggle with my baby guinea's. Jessica , Hannah and Ella are 8 weeks old now and getting to be big girls. They are mega adorable, and each day i tell them a little more about their name sakes....they may not understand what im saying but they do look at me with interest when i who knows!!!

Ide better go sort out the little ones...we are in for a stinker of a day today.....sending warm thoughts your way.... :)

Stay safe

Deb and the Guinea's

Ron Garvey said...

Hi Jess
Good to hear from you again.
I have been looking at and It would be good if you can get around Cape Horn before next Wednesday as there appears to be a BIG low coming through then. I am sure you know all about that anyway. Just one of your "defacto" grandparents concerned for you. :)
Stay safe and warm and enjoy the ride. To have climbed Mt everest at the age of 16 is quite a feat.
We are all very proud of you and I hope to be able to get to Sydney to see you sail in through the heads in a few months time.

Ron Garvey

Richard in Maryland said...

Two Elvis references in one post! (Lonely street by old man in the bush) and "Pink Boat". Elvis was the King of rock and roll, but obviously, you are the Queen of the Ocean!

Almost at the Horn!!!
Rock on Jesse!

Richard W

Kissyfrott said...

Hi Captain Jesse, to keep you warm, a little story specially adapted for the circumstances...

A young navigator who was sailing for the first time of her life in over 50's latitudes in the Southern Ocean, noticing the weather was getting colder every day, put on more clothing. Then, she saw an albatross flying low near her yacht, and she had the idea yelling at him: "Hey, Albie!!! Do you think the seather is going to be still colder?"...
The large bird circled around her boat, and coming back near the deck, squeaked: "Yeeeeeah.. Colder, colder!".
The navigator, who by the way was a girl named Jessica, remembered what her Mum had told her, and put more layers on her.
The next day, she spotted the same Albatross again, and called him: "Ahoy, Albie, do you still think the cold will increase more and more?".
After a wide loop around the pink boat, whose name was Ella's Pink Lady, the long winged seabird came close to Jesse and answered "yeeeeeeeah.. Colder and colder again".
Jesse was worried and called her support team ashore. They said she should listen to the wise feathered travelller, and so the young navigator, on the following day, put on so many layers that she almost looked like the Michelin Man or a walrus, and she could hardly move around.
And when she saw the same albatross flying again above her, gliding through the mist like a friendly ghost, she couldn't help calling him again: "Helloooo Mister Albie..." and the smooth flying animal dived down to listen to her. She asked him: "Good morning... So... Will the weather be actually still colder in the coming days???". The majestic bird stared at her, and nodded.
Jessica dared asking a second question.
"But tell me, Master Bird, how can you tell the forthcoming tempeartures? Can you see and read the weather maps? Or do you read it in the clouds? Or listening to the winds?".
The albatross looked puzzled for a short while.
And he finally answered Jessica: "Well, milady, we sea birdos have an old, old saying: If you see the sailors putting on more layers, that means that the weather is going to be colder".

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Good to hear from you once again with such a positive outlook despite the weather conditions. Pleased that you were able to fix your "mainsheet block" - too bad about the heater! Wow less than 500nm to go before you round the cape, well done! Keep safe, keep warm, keep smiling, atta girl!!

Bron Central West NSW

Bruce Watt said...

Hi Jess
so good to hear from you and that you are safe and well.Getting close to Cape and still no heater, and I agree with a previous posting is for the support team to get a technician in from the manufacturer to talk you through it. Most likely an ignition problem.

As the Cape draws near, keep calm, be strong, and sail on Jess, sail on.

Rosebud (vic) Oz.

Grant Fjermedal said...

Very exciting to see you closing on the Cape. You're a way braver sailor than I. ;-)

Up north in Marina Del Rey, Abby announced today that her father was looking into building her a dodger -- a big relief to those of us who had been begging her not to leave without some kind of shelter.

Fun to see that RichieParis is already checking out the weather in the Falklands.

Watching for a while shows that Cape Horn seems to amplify the weather systems (perhaps a venturi effect with Antarctica) and that even after you round the Cape there can be plenty of challenging systems.

Here's to hoping you round Cape Horn with flat seas and a 12-knot breeze -- during daylight so you can snap some shots of this huge milestone.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

Loved the Dolphin story from Carol.

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