Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quick Update on some Fast Sailing

Lots of nice, fast sailing over the last few days. Now only 250nm until we pass under the Cape of Good Hope!

Ella's Pink Lady has been surfing off down the waves, keeping up a great pace in 25 knots of wind. Despite the wet drizzly conditions (see pics below), I've been spending a lot of time on deck watching us fly along.
I decided to give Parker a bit of time off yesterday and spent quite a bit of time hand steering which I really enjoyed. I still get a kick out of feeling us take off down a wave and I don't think watching the waves and birds will ever get boring!

Pic 1: Little patches of blue sky as Ella's Pink Lady hurries along down wind.

Pic 2: Another grey day down in the 40's


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Queenslander said...

Hang Ten

Nadine said...

Hi Jesse,
I love the pics and I love your great descriptions. keep it up.


Grant said...

Hi Jess,
As you now near the Cape of Good Hope another song , No 5 in the series : a little bit of South American, a little bit of African and a little bit of home :

'Rounding The Cape oF South Africa'

Down below Africa she sails
Four months at sea
And her strength prevails
Good Hope and our wishes she holds
As she sails
Mother Nature unfolds
She's rounding the Cape of South Africa
She's rounding the Cape of South Africa
Now as the Indian tosses and foams
The great Southern land calls her home
Now as the Indian tosses and foams
The great Southern land calls her home
She's rounding the Cape of South Africa
She's rounding the Cape of South Africa
She's rounding the Cape of South Africa
She's rounding the Cape of South Africa

Keep safe dear girl

Cat Harbour said...

I loved this update, Jesse, and the pics. Could feel the wind in my hair, and the mal de mer in my stomach from those tumbling waves. Enjoy.

Rex Gibbons
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

had this feeling to check the site and a new post, inspiration for a busy Sunday
great to see some new pics,, surfins cool
fair winds for your passing the cape homeward bound

Mark Brizvegas

Sven said...

Hey Jesse,

only 250 nm away from the next milestone - how thrilling is that!!

I imagine Parker hanging loose at the stern enjoying the fast ride with you and EPL thru the warm South African waters.

Take care, Jesse,

good night,

Sven, Hamburg.

Aus said...

Woohoo......not far to get under the Cape now!! Hope the wind keeps up and you can keep the momentum!!

It looks so peaceful out there!!

Fin said...

Wow - first comment! Have a wonderful passage of Good Hope.

Fin said...

Or maybe not, since I hadn't noted the approval, just the zero comments.

Oh well, if you want to cool off a bit, click my blog for two nice snow photos taken recently in NY.

Robert Bernecky said...

Dear Jesse,

Thanks for the pictures.

I think I just make out the Indian Ocean in the first one!

Robert Bernecky
Mystic CT USA

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Great to hear from you and that you've progressed very well over the last few days. I'm hoping your drizzly conditions step up a notch so you're at least able to top up your tanks a bit. Sounds like you had a great time steering and surfing those waves. I hope you didn't get too much back seat driving from Parker although it wouldn't surprise me because he's been doing such a good job and probably felt a little out of sorts when you decided to give him some time off. In a couple of days (+/-) you'll be ticking off yet another milestone from this great voyage of yours so I hope you continue to get the very conditions you most enjoy to remember it by. Take good care of yourself, stay safe and bye for now...Aunty Sam XX :-))

Anonymous said...

Press on young lady. I am following you from Columbus, OH USA. Abby crossed the equator yesterday. I hope you both make it. God speed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Wow - it looks beautiful out there today. Have a fab one!
Elizabeth, Seoul

HoneyM said...

Looks just heavenly Jess! I AM envious! It's a pity you couldn't stop for a visit at Tristan De Cunha, I mean when are you going to be in that neighbourhood again :-)

Faye and Max said...

Hi Jessica
Please may we borrow your blog to pass on our message of condolence to Jo.
Dear Jo from Malaika,
What a tragic story, and thank you for sharing it with us via Jessica’s blog. We just can’t think how strong and brave you must be to come out and publicly tell your story. Life is not fair sometimes, to enter on this wonderful venture to circumnavigate the world as a family, something very very special, and for it to end like that is just not the way it should be.
Our hearts go out to you both, and we hope you find comfort in following Jessica in her quest, as we know Ali would.

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Kev said...

You do seem to be going along well Jesse and good to know you're enjoying it!
Cheers, Kev, Forestville, Oz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Wonderful to hear from you again.
4 months at sea. Unbelievable!

I've been following your blogs for about a month now and so look forward to hearing how you are doing every day.

Such beautiful photos and descriptions. Almost feel like I'm there enjoying the beauty of it all.

Stay extra safe Jesse and my prayers are always with you.

Clare, Spokane, Washington, USA

kiwi_canuck said...

I bet Parker enjoyed the day off, and EPL ran really well with your hand on the tiller.

Getting past Cape of Good Hope will be another milestone achieved, and then the long run across to home. We wish we could be in Sydney to see you sail up the harbour!

Clear skies,
Brian & Phill
Vancouver, Canada

Flash said...

Hi Jessica,

fast sailing is just like fast driving. As well as you didn't much fast driving in your life (I suppose) I didn't do any fast sailing yet!

But I know it's exciting to cruise along some empty country roads at 2 a.m. and give the engine a kickoff!

As I look at your fotos again it comes to my mind how empty it is down there on the high sea. Thank god the waves change their appearing to give you some variety.

I wonder what a 16yr.old may think about during 2 hours on the tiller?? Maybe the mind is drifting off and far away...

Maybe make up aome plans for the future?!

Underway I've done a little advertising on your attempt. People start to come up with the question "how's Jessica doing?" on regular schedule now. I showed my guests a little yacht-model I manucfactured in my teenage days.

So Jessica: beat it, sail on like you did before, don't let the empty ocean get on your nerves. Six crew-members wanna see you smile!

You go girl!

Stefan (Germany)

aviator said...

Hi Jessica,
just want to say hello while you are at about the same latitude. I'm following your blog every day, can't wait to see the photos of you and EPL save back in Sydney.

Cord, Germany

Farnarkle said...

Thanks for the update Jess, and the great pics - not too many have been fortunate enough to see that part of the ocean, I'll bet. Looks like the cape will be tomorrow sometime what an achievement - then homeward bound.
Looking forward to more updates.
Jan & John from Wooroloo WA

Joe from Sydney said...

Good to see your making good time and distance, once you pass under the Cape you will be on the home straight.Time does flying when your having fun Jess.Your going great guns keep up the great sailing.

Kestrel said...

Hey Jess,
Nice going, you and Ella are really flying along. Nice pics too, thanks. I hope Parker doesn't get too used to the time off. Not long to go and you will have passed the Cape of Good Hope and really be heading back Down Under.
Sail on,

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!
Closer to home everyday!!!!
Cooroy, Queensland


Unknown said...

I'm a school teacher in Texas. I teach 12 and 13 year old children; many of them live in true poverty. I tell them of your progress. Many of them tell me that they are amazed that you would be so brave. I think you inspire the children. You inspire me. Thanks for the good example for them.
Eric Christensen

Freddy said...

Hey Jesse!

Oh, so close to the second Cape... that's so exciting! :-)
Besides, we should be in the same time zone now (UTC+1). ;-)
Love these pics of EPL flying along - almost makes me feel the wind and spray on my face.
Again, all the best for you and Ella's Pink Lady (plus your excellent crew)!

Freddy, Germany

Rosemary Pratt,Kingaroy, QLD said...

Hi Jesse Glad you are making some fast progress now towards the Cape.Did you see that great big green catamaran that was around in your bit of the ocean? All the best for the homeward run.I can't believe I have been following this wonderful blog for four months! Thanks so much - it's been a revelation.Rosemary

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
It's great you having some fantastic sailing condition Jesse. Just don't you love it when your yacht is powering through the waves under it's own power, no smelly fumes and feeling the movement through the helm, one of lives magic moments.
Maybe only 2 more days from the Indian Ocean, another milestone coming up.
So what are temperatures at the moment. The water would be feeling a little chilly by now, not to many salt water bucket baths anymore.
Watching the waves is a bit like sitting around the camp fire, watching the flames and wood burning down, one of lifes simple pleasures, not that yours is simple, far from it.
So keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Exmouth WA Australia

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

What a wonderful little surprise to see your new post! Lovely pix!

Surfing off down the waves at a nice pace must feel great after the doldrums. I am sure you will always get a thrill hand steering. I doubt sailors ever forget that feeling!

Looking forward eagerly to you rounding CoGH very soon!

Stay alert, sail safe!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Unknown said...

I'm sure some folks don't know how easy it is to download a 'keyhole markup overlay' of your progress on Google Earth to track your progress.

If you don't have Google Earth get it (google it of coarse). Then you download the file at:

and load it into Google Earth. Voila! Jessica's progress will update on your own globe, plus you can explore islands she passes near and make sense of the lat/lon coordinates she calls out, measure miles to various places yourself, etc.

It'll ask if you want to save it to 'My Places' on closure and if you do - it will be there next time you bring up Google Earth - and it will automatically update!

Loved the pics and the upbeat post - you are one that appreciates forward progress I can tell.

mwp62 said...

Godspeed Go Jesse Go!

Michael & Jennifer
South Carolina, USA

Kerri said...

Great pics!Glad you are having fun hand stearing. Once around the Cape what is yout estimated time back to Sydney and what route are you taking?

Happy sailing from California!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I've only just caught up with you again after a couple of weeks off; your technical issues combined with heavy weeks at work and family commitments for me, so we timed it well!
Amazing to read a few blogs at once; your sunnny demeanour and true joy in what you are doing just launches itself off the screen.
Glad to be back in touch. Love the photos of the crew on deck! Was a bit concerened they weren't wearing life jackets or harnesses but skipper knows best!
Stay well kid!
(I reckon you might have to go around again when you're finished...otherwise what will we all do with ourselves!)
Love Mel

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse, you won't want to come home will you? What a life, I'm envious every day, trouble is a wouldn't have the guts to do it. Anyway, enjoy.

Stay safe


Lea.. Far North NZ said...

Fling along.... Woo hoo!! Yes it's about time poor old Parker had a rest. You need some arm exercises too!
Good Hope here we come. I say we as, we are all sailing with you..


Gemini said... are one amazing young lady and your blog is so inspiring. You have a way of making the most of everything in life. May the winds be kind and remain with you. Take care.

pestinfo said...


We are all with you.

Bloggers are already putting in bids for your unused food supplies. I think you may have to sign them as authentic.

Somebody mentioned McDonald Island. Off course both Heard and McDonald Islands are administered by no other country than Australia.

We do not have a Hungry Jacks Island yet !!! Give us time, we will find one for you.

When you pass McDonald & Heard Islands (HIMI)it is less than 4000 klms (not nautical miles) to the Aussie mainland.

More details here for our International cousins.

Sail safe
Best Regards
Allen, H/Bay, Qld, AU

Charles Dodgson said...

great to see Jess. I am still thinking of those early sailors seeing the same seas you are seeing (a little bit of alliteration never goes astray). Think of the First Fleet, they would have followed this same line.

Ron said...

Jesse, you're an inspiration and a role model for the entire world. Everyone should have a daughter like you. How are you continuing without Pringles? It must be difficult.

Ron - Alabama USA

Keith and Anne said...

Hi Jess, love the pics. Hope you keep moving along, not far to go to the Cape now. Enjoy every moment you are having. Take care and be safe until your next blog.
Keith & Anne, Hervey Bay

Kissyfrott said...

Wahoo Captain Jesse! Wind and fun!
Thank you for the post, CoGH rounding could be for Monday, at such a speed!
It is great seeing you in a cheerful mood. Good Ol' Parker sure deserves his day off, I suppose he went downstairs to drink o good bottle of rum with the fluffy scallywags.
Nice pics again! We can well see how Ella's Pink Lady is hurrying downwind, and almost feel the breeze.
Your last days in Atlantic, Wonder Sailor!
How exciting!
No dolphins in the area?
Fair surfing, gorgeous Ladies!

verif word: gessess... impresssssive!

Anonymous said...

Huh,what a joke. No comments yet ?
My clock shows 10:55AM Blogtime, Jessica's report came in at 9:45AM to a mob of drooling fans staring bleary eyed into their screens waiting for the update. I guess the pile-up has easily reached 100+ and growing due to being a Sunday.
To the facts (another comment has just overtaken me...): Apart from gathering your landleg muscles again, wouldn't you require special glasses to correct your colour vision ? I mean with all those shades of blue, white, grey and pink for the next months (no more reds on beautiful sunsets) where can you train the retina on brown, green, orange... (Anybody knows of an internet program for this problem ?)
Hey, I just remembered that blogger way back in the Falklands/Malvinas, who reminded you that the Eurofighter was not a Welcome Birdie but a Check-up Scout on who you are. There is some trouble brewing up there about a possible good oil find and the Argies are pestering everybody, who is too friendly to the Brits. As an election is looming in Pommieland HMS York is on the way to show flag. Glad you made it through there without being target practice for either side. And don't worry about them Albatrosses. Whales are the speed humps of the Southern Ocean.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
Looks as though you are really sailing along at good speeds; keep up the good job and be safe.

Mary & Roy Lewis
USA- Virginia

StuntTrader said...

Everything looks immaculate topsides Jesse, you're going to have to mess it up a bit before you sail into Sydney harbour though or you'll put all the gin palaces to shame ;-)

Toni McLean said...

Oh Jesse, you sound so happy and content.

I met a young man yesterday who has started his own business building traditional timber frames for houses, garages etc. He won a scholarship to go off to Wales to study these traditional ways of building. And it is so obvious that he is very content working with wood in this time-honoured and respectful way, that values the innate properties of the trees, rather than just sees wood as something to use for our own ends.

He and you have something very fortunate, and that is you are both able to do what is just right for you and you both have the maturity to know it and value it.

So few people in the world have that privilege as well as the commitment to follow it and make it happen for them. How lucky you are with your parents, and how wonderful you have also put in the hard work.

250 nm - wow - don't blink or you'll miss it as you whizz by!

Thanks for the pics, they're great. Do all your helpers have RDOs, or just Parker?

Stay safe

CCSLC said...

It is always a joy reading about your adventure and we are tracking you all the way. 250nm to another milestone, Great Job! I can’t wait to read all the press when you reach Sydney Harbor…
You remain in our prayers
The Harris Family, Salt Lake City

aviator said...

I'm always mixing up left and right, the same
happens to lat and lon. Just to confuse everyone.


Bobby said...

Good going Jessica!, it won't be long now before the Cape of Good Hope will be yet another memory.

hp said...

Bonjour Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady,

Looks like you will have perfect sailing conditions to round Cap de Bonne-Espérance!

And it's going to be two down, and one to go!

Perfect weather for pictures too!

Keep smiling, Enjoy, Be safe.

Lee said...

Good to hear from you, Jessica. I must admit I get impatient in between posts, but don't worry about that...I'm just an impatient person! ;)

I guess it's a mixture of eager curiosity about how you and Ella's (and your motley crew)daily events and an anxiety to learn that everything is okay with you.

You've made many new friends since you've set sail, Jessica!

You certainly are skimming along those waves, my girl (and up and down them as well), and conquering those nautical miles. Go Jess! Go Ella!

Freedom is wind through your hair and the caress of salt spray upon your face!

Watchful birds observe and befriend, keeping you company during the daylight hours; and when the day becomes shrouded in the night cloak of darkness under the constant surveillance of Centaurus, accompanied by the brightest constellation, the Southern Cross, impressive amongst the Milky Way, overseen by a platinum moon you will be - your faithful friends will guide and protect you safely home.

Jason W Ramsay said...

great pics Jessica , I love travelling, my dad who is 86 and i are traveling in our motor home this year to perth, from sydney, so thats pretty big for us, but you are awesome doing what your doing..keep going, !! if your up for some music, i have my radio shows and my own music there...

Anonymous said...

Well done Jesse, nice photos. Great to hear you are making some good progress and enjoying yourself. Another milestone nearly ticked off the list. Keep smiling, stay safe,

Bron Cental (green) West NSW

Unknown said...

I always enjoy your photographs, Jess, probably because of their novelty and technical competence. After all, I am never likely to see that part of the world myself.

It must be sheer heaven to sit, steering your boat, and feeling the wind and the spume in your face. How wonderful must that be!

Enjoy your trip, lass. When you get home we will be relieved that you conquered the world safely but you will be overwhelmed by organizations trying to make a buck. Look out for traffic as you cross the street because you can be sure that little things within civilization will drive you nuts.

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I like the first pic a lot. It proves how well organized you keep the deck... Take the best of rest possible.. By reading Jesse Martin's log, he went for some rough weather once in the Southern Indian ocean..
Oh yes, now In also understand why your home team is keeping your "exact" location somewhat approximately. I follow each day and recheck the weather conditions for that part of the ocean..

Debbie in Tampa, FL said...

Hi Jessica,

I am so happy for you. You're really are sailing along now. It is so exciting reading your description of what it is like to be surfing along the ocean waves. It's so good to hear you talk about your love of being out there, and that you always take greatest pleasure in the small things in life, like seeing those birds, watching the waves, and enjoying all the colors of nature's ever changing canvass. It’s the small things in life that have the biggest impact, that’s for sure. I love the pictures. You really give us all a visual and a description of what it is like to go on this journey with you. Thank you so much for that. Your book will be the #1 top seller that's for sure. Well, looks like you'll be passing under The Cape of Good Hope very soon, that is amazing, You Go Girl!

Take Care and God Bless,
Debbie in Tampa, FL

Sarah Cooper (Sydney) said...

Great pics Jess! Can't wait to see you cross past the Horn and then sail into Sydney not long after!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica for the recent update. It was to long between post and I worried about you. Are you back into the Albatros yet? Have you done anymore fishing since your bird encounter? You can almost see home once you pass the cape. Keep it up.
cheers, Cascade Head Jack

JEN said...

Hi Jess,

You sound like you are having a great time!

Glad to hear you are making good progress.

I love the photo's....after all, they are scenes many of us will never see in our live time!!

Keep up the great work!

Best Wishes


Warragul, Vic, AUSTRALIA

P/S any chance you could do a video of the inside of the boat....just to see what life is like after 4 months at sea??

Ailsa said...

Hi Jesse,
Love the pictures again. I suppose Teddy with the sunnies on could imagine himself taking over from Parker for a while.
Take care and stay safe.

from Melbourne

danma said...

Hey Jesse,

You must be flying along with only 250nm's to your next milestone. It looks like you are having a blast out there, I always worry when we don't hear from you but I am ever so happy when I find a new post....
Enjoy every second my god you totally deserve it.
Stay safe & happy sailing....

Anonymous said...

Jessica. In the spirit of the Olympics, you deserve a gold medal in perseverence and attitude.
Good thing you're still being entertained by nature's gifts of waves and birds cuz there's a heck of a lot of not much else out there;-)
Continued safe sailing.
Arnie in Canada

Collette Cole, Australia said...

Jesse dear girl, thanks so much for your 'quick update'.

It was reassuringly wonderful to receive your tidbit,it left me with that 'warm fuzzy' feeling!

My reason for this is because (in my mind) you are currently sailing unpredictable seas and more than likely experiencing rapid weather changes.

This would be exhausting times for you...constantly changing sails etc... so I often fret that you are well harnessed, tightly stowed and expecting the unexpected.

I have even heard the area around CofGH described as an 'ocean foaming and frothing with fury'. Not to mention lots of huge whales....and shipping.

Again Jesse, it seems I'm worried for nothing! You are such an intrepid champion.

I'm thrilled you have been on deck, particularly the significant 'bonding' session with your beautiful EPL by handsteering her.I hope you two also enjoyed a long soulful girlie chat as well.

Thanks also for the photos, and I am also happy you now have more birdie friends.

Til next time, eat well and stay safe Jesse.

Tim09 said...

Hey Jesse,
Missed commenting on your last post, i got caught up reading everyones comments and forgot to post one myself. So i am posting first reading later Lol.
Rosie and I love it when you post photo's. Rosie has some exciting news her little dog pebbles had three puppies last week, she is very excited.
Anyway glad to see you and EPL are flying along.
Stay safe and hooked on, you'll be home in no time.
Tim and Rosie

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Love those pics... and hand-steering with the feeling of the tiller in your hand must have been a real refresher for you - enjoy! Not far to the Cape now - you GO, girl!

Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW.

Mal :)

Jack Hart said...

Hi Jessica, I am in AWE of you and very proud of you too!
Thanks for keeping us posted on your incredible journey!

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,

If you're on the tiller, then I hope you resist the urge to put both hands in the air as you sail down the waves!!!! Lol.

Life is often compared to rollercoasters but it is from an observer's point of view (up and down) and not the participants. The best part is going down>>>>>>Yee HaHHHHH!:)

Keep clicking over those miles,
☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Unknown said...

Here's a fun one. This link to the the latest electronic version of the San Francisco Bay Area sailing rag - Latitude 38. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the article "Why wait till 16 to circumnavigate?"

Look out Jesse...they're hard on your heels!

Steve in California

Toni McLean said...

In a couple of months this is going to come to an end. I don't know about the rest of you, but it is going to leave a little gap in my life. It might be an idea for us to think about how we are going to manage that when the time comes to let go of Jessica as she continues on her wonderful adventure through life. Because let go we must.

Maybe a project, something we've always wanted to do but never got started. Maybe a little ceremony to mark the closing of this chapter of all our lives. Maybe a big family / neighbourhood barby to toast Jessica's great achievement (you see, I have no doubt that she will achieve! - and in fact she already has, regardless of the ultimate outcome).

But whatever it is, perhaps it is time to start thinking about that transition so that we don't find ourselves a little lost or, pardon the pun, at sea, when Jessica finally sails into Sydney Harbour.

Best wishes to you all

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for the latest picture! What a way to spend a Sunday, it looks heavenly out there!! I'm so glad you have good weather and are able to spend time on deck. Keep up the great work Jesse. Take care 'til next time.

Anonymous said...


Nice to hear that you are charging along to the Cape. Really enoy the pictures. You seem to be in good spirits.

Keep up the good work


Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Your update is a nice surprise today. Pics are great and you really are making good progress now.

You are certainly in full control of everything going on around you. You really are an inspiration. I arrived home from Singapore last night and early this morning I have had to wash cars and mow the lawns. At least once I finished all that I can come in side an air conditioned house and relax. You on the otherhand have no rest or time off. You love what you are doing and that is all you need, the love and the desire. I am full of admiration!!!!

Enjoy each day and look after yourself.

Stay safe,

Ingleburn NSW (back home for a week!)

Bruce Watt said...

Hey Jess

I am in a competition with a group of caravan mates on picking the date you will sail through the heads. Most have gone for varying dates in May but I have picked 28th April. Do you have any inside goss that might help me?...sssshhhhhh...:)

Sail on Jess Sail on.

Cobrarog said...

My! you are flying Jesse.

Hopefully, no more of "them Dollydroms" for a while! I doubt there will be much of them in the Southern Ocean.

@Carol in Fla., You haven't lived till you've put a teaspoon of Vegemite in your mouth and swished it around with your tongue! That's how I got initiated by an Aussie "mate".

@ Sally, For your Banana Chip list: I used to teach new aviators to eat a banana for breakfast just in case they got airsick. I suppose banana chips would do just as well for sea sickness. "Taste the same coming up as they do going down".

@ PWB, ya got me pegged mate!

Jesse, I think we are all concerned about that bloody heater of yours. What has been done if anything to fix that problem? You should not have to freeze your buns off when the sailing is smooth enough to use it. Don't think I'd want it running in that stuff you got into in the South Atlantic however. I am sure there is something very basic that is keeping it from lighting. Air in the line, clogged filter, DC power supply? What say your team and or the manufacturer??

Yesterday, I was moved to tears when the Aussie flag was flanked on both sides by "Old Glory" in awarding another Gold medal to Australia, when Tora Bright won gold for her outstanding performance on her snow board.

To put that in perspective for my American compatriots, consider that Australia is geographically, approximately, the size of the USA. Yet the population here is only slightly more than the state of New York. When you consider the number of medals won by Australia's sons and daughters in both the Olympics and Commonwealth games, you must salute Australia for her outstanding achievements not to mention her sacrifices and contributions to the fight for freedom around the world.

In my eyes Jesse, you are headed for for gold in your own way.

God bless you my dear. Stay safe and keep dry.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the picture Jessica. Sounds like fun flying along, glad you enjoyed some hands-on steering. Yea the Cape is calling your name. duane

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jess!

It's so cool you're having a good run of winds and I'm hoping they bring you heaps closer home.

Be extra safe out there and well done Jesse!


trugannini said...

Hi Silver Girl, what a legend
you are. I could smell the ocean in those last pics, and feel the wind in my hair. Thanks for posting them. May the fair winds continue. Let us know when you see your next albie (albatross to you), the fishermen hereabouts (Pacific East Coast) call them Albies.....

Sail away.....

Lesley Archer (Forster)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
It's great to see you are still loving every minute of your amazing trip. Keep enjoying yourself as you get closer and closer to home every day. You're nearly there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica
Swift Sailing
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Jess Our all encompassing worllllllld rounding wonder U, chomping at the bit, Ellas Pink Lady, next major milestone just days away, just like to express profound respect regards one tough gutsy good spirited sea godess. yo

Annie said...

Hi Jesse,

That sounds like a lot of fun! Surfing down waves and hand steering with the wind in your hair and becoming one with the elements.

All the very best for the Cape, you are flying along and I will be thinking you.

Hope Parker was not too put out, I bet he enjoyed the rest, was he passing little comments on your abilities? Cheeky devil if he was!

Thanks for the beautiful photos Jesse, gives us a real feel for the conditions you are sailing in.

All the very best,
Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

Dukehaus said...

WooooHooo Jesse!! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics with us, as you always do! You and EPL are chewing up the miles to the other Cape much to the excitement of us, and other huge Jesse'aholics!!
Please take best care. The candle is lit. Fair winds always
Love and prayers,
Kim & Bill
Wyoming, USA

fumes said...

pic #1 is your best ever jesse (next to all those of you of course hehe). what fun you are having.. you're not really going to stop at sidney ru? you could be the first to do laps around the world. oh wait it's your b'day may 18th and your mum will have a nutella cake with pringles frosting.. oh well. carry on.. ~fumes

Bebie - Caloundra said...

Hi Jesse,

More great pics thank you. Wow, not too far to the Cape now. Here's hoping the sea's not too rough as you pass beneath that mighty continent.

God be with you. Take care little sweetheart.

RICHARD said...

Nice! Now you are moving along! Sounds as if those conditions are ideal for making you feel like true sailor extraordinaire! Keep her mast side up, keel side down and the tether fastened. Ahoy! Enjoy!

See Ya Sailor!

SaltyDog said...


You are so right about never getting tired of watching the waves and birds. When I look at the picture showing the bow of Ella’s Pink Lady I can almost feel her surfing down the waves. It’s a mesmerizing feeling as the boat almost gets into a rhythm with the swells. There’s no feeling like it. You don’t know how well you communicate that to all of us. It always makes the day a little brighter when we hear from you.

You are soft hearted aren’t you, Jess. First you give the scallywags a day of leisure in the sun and then you give cockeyed Parker the day off. I’m sure they all appreciate what a wonderful captain they have.
It just seems amazing that you are already about to pass under the cape and enter the next ocean. I have the Tim Tams ready for the celebration.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

It is always a pleasure to see your photographs. The favourable wind is really getting you close to the Cape. You are flying along nicely.
Parker has given you splendid service and it is time that he is getting a short holiday .
Look forward to your blog telling all of us that you have passed Cape of Good Hope.
You should arrive back in Sydney close to my 86th birthday 30th April.
Safe and smooth sailing. Best wishes as always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
my name is Macy Dewitt. I am 9 years old .And live in Michigan. i read your blog all the time! And are sooooooooooooooo close to being home you will be home soooooo soon! i bet your family misses you . And the best of luck NOT to run into any troble this close to home now.The BEST of LUCK
Macy R. DeWitt

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,

I've been following you with the greatest expectations since the beginning right from my Kitchen PC, which sits dead on the 45th Lat. North, in E central MN, USA. If I could request one thing, it would be to have you point your video camera across the length of Ella's Pink Lady, looking ahead at the sights and sounds of the sea. I would love to see and hear. I want to be you for just 15 or 30 seconds!

Godspeed Jessica Watson!

David Dvorak

Anonymous said...

Good evening, Jessica,
We have been enjoying your descriptions of your voyage. We especially like the pictures. We marvel at your ability to cope with the loneliness you must be feeling. Don't forget to eat your vegatables!

Doris and Don in Livonia, Michigan, USA

samurai said...

@ Cobrarog said...
February 21, 2010 12:58 PM

"I suppose banana chips would do just as well for sea sickness. Taste the same coming up as they do going down"

Right there, see? That's what I was talkin' 'bout...way back when!? Sao Crackers do the same.

Thanks Magpie XX

SaltyDog and Stephen M...Thankyou. I'm very (always) trying, honest.

Regards...Sam :-))

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
i love it when you post photos that look all grey. I am a sucker for grey skies and seas. Probably not your favourite conditions, but as i say it gives me a thrill.
Here's hoping the pace keeps up and the miles keep slipping away as i wish you good winds and safe sailing.

David and Una said...





David and Una...BRISBANE..Qld

Unknown said...

Jesse takes matters into her own hands. I can only imagine what it feels like!

Keeping Jesse and Abby in our prayers.


Mark Anthony of Dallas said...

Hi Jess, is it true you have a pirate costume, a cutlass, eye patch, and a Jolly Roger flag on board? It's a rumor I heard recently at the Cape of Good Dope (American slang for what's the gossip) :) Ok I"m just kidding, don't send the narcs after me!!!! Arrgg! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Texas 10:36pm 02.20.10

Captain Jesse the Explorer

Greetings Dear Captain.
The photos are wonderful. Especially like the one looking forward across the bow! Made me feel as if I were on the boat looking to the far horizon.

Thank you for taking us all with you, and sharing your adventure.

Good night, Brave Captain Jesse and Godspeed.

Ben from Texas

Anonymous said...

How goes the fishing? Have you only caught the one fish? Best of luck.

hezakiah299 said...

02-21-10 @ 00:17
Hi Jessica,
Now that’s what I like to read, the fast sailing and only 250nm’s to go to CoGH. You’re doing great, and I’ll bet you’re just giggling up a storm. Ha, ha, ha. I’m surprised that you even noticed that it was wet and drizzly, or does that just add more flavor to it for you????? I’m sure Parker enjoyed the break as long as he knew that he was going to get his job back. And there’s nothing like ‘hands on’ sailing, is there. You will never get the fun of sailing out of your system, you are definitely hooked, big time. I could feel the goose bumps as I was reading that post. I’m glad that you are able to be up on deck (hooked on of course.. lol) to fully enjoy this ride.

Over the span of your voyage you have been averaging 116nm’s per day +/-, so in a couple of days you should be at CoGH. I, just like so many of your faithful fans, really hate to see this quest of yours come to an end, although you still have a ways to go. I’m gonna enjoy this next segment as if it were only the beginning, and savor every Nautical Mile that you travel. I remember how exciting, and how much fun it was for me when you first started out, so I’ll just make believe that you’re starting from CoGH and traveling to Sydney, It’s great to have a wild imagination, LOL… That’s still between 7000 and 8000nm’s. Still a healthy jaunt, with many fun filled experiences to behold. May they all be smooth sailing with some ‘bumpy stuff’ occasionally, just to keep you happy.

@ Bluefin Annie: Always someone to be negative, nicely said Annie.
@ SaltyDog: Thanks for the moral support, but I think we’ll just have to wait and see. Nice post on the school kids (you stole my thunder lol..), as long as somebody mentioned it that’s what counts.

Temps here might be in the 40s (F) on Sunday and Monday. Heat wave!!!
Maybe summer is coming, ha, ha, ha. When the trees are all green then I’ll believe it.
Take care of yourself and the crew and keep your nose in the wind…..
You all caught up on your maintenance?????

Always thinking of you, and always proud of you. God Bless You.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

keco said...

hello again Jesse,
Not far now,maybe 2 days to CoGH.
hope the winds stay fare for you and clear sky's so you may see land.
Reading some of your old blog's,you make me smile about mangoes. Any left, or did you pig out and scoff then all. None for the crew. Spuds in a tin, not tryed making chips with them, must give it a try. Your comments are so like being in the boat there with the determination you have shown right from day 1. A BIG burp to all the knockers who said you should not do it, bet there all sitting at home red faced and feeling a little stupid.
Keep that chin up Jesse keep making us all smile in this sad world it is such a bright light to read you daily blogs
You are always in the back of my mind, no matter what I am doing.

Take care lady of the sea and stat safe.

OLD keco...xxxxx

Lisa said...

You are flying girl.

Barry Clements said...

Hello Jesse

It's great to hear the thrill in your writing about the pace you are moving along at. Isn't a feast so much sweeter after a famine.

I bet Abby was hoping she could share in some of your good fortune of a sailing wind.

She is standing still on the equator. she actually got over the equator 3pm yesterday by a few miles but the current was stronger than the wind for a while and she started going backwards.

She's 13 days out of Cabo but has just made the equator (Approx 0° N/S x 118.50W) (Cabo is at 23°N) and going by passage weather she won't be making much ground for some days to come.

We know how you feel when movement isn't happening and she will be feeling it at the mercy of the currents, no wind and 33° to 35°C temperatures)

That's an uncomfortable tropical place to be when it's about 4 days before 15 to 20 knot winds are forecast.

At the speed you are travelling it won't take long to make up the ground you lost during that calm and should see you around Good Hope in no time.

Did you tuck the crew back in to their safety seats and find a safe home for the tough book because you may not have time if you run into some southerly storm around the Cape.

We would be devastated if the laptop took a blow and you couldn't do any blogs.

We love the photos that come with the blogs because they often show the vastness of the oceans you are crossing and give us a feel of what it must be like being out there.

I hope you get as much thrill going around the Cape as we will hearing about it. you will be able to taste how close home is once you get in the same ocean as the west side of Australia is in.

Enjoy the ride around the corner and I hope you get good winds all the way.

Bribie Island

Anonymous said...

If you enjoy yourself too much out there, you'll never want to reach land again. ;)

Trudy said...

Jessica, hooray, hooray,

sufing down the waves and making good time!
Only 250 nm to the Cape!

You sound soooo upbeat, I am catching your vibes and am thrilled to the back teeth!

The photos are beautiful, capturing the spirit of satisfying sailing!

Onwards, smooth sailing, the right winds from the right direction, homeward bound!

Keep well, happy and above all else keep safe,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

pestinfo said...


Watch out for the shipping for a day or two.

They are out there to make money, not get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Be ware, be prepared.

Best Regards
Allen, H/Bay, Qld, AU

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

Wow – you deserve a wow for your recent progress. Good to hear you are really enjoying surfing the waves, reefed down, and eating nautical miles rapidly. And more importantly you are obviously enjoying hand steering to make the most of the opportunity. Good for you. You are certainly a girl in a hurry now. Enjoy the conditions while they last.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Bob Lemke said...

You sure have the right temperment to do what you are doing.

fellow sailor
USCG open ocean unlimited tonnage

Lee said...

Re Toni's comment...I've been thinking similarly, Toni. Perhaps we'll have to talk Jessica into another adventure!

I, for one, will miss sharing her exploits once she arrives back home. I surely am enjoying the ride that I've hitched! (I'll be waiting with baited breath for the book)!!

What would be wonderful would be if all of us could be there when Jess arrives in Sydney!! Fire up the barbies on the dock!!!

I know it's impossible, however the picture of it in my mind is a lot of fun! How exciting that would be!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad to hear that you have been flying along.
Soon you will have past the Cape and on your final stage and will be home before you know it.
Great photos. Keep enjoying yourself.

Anonymous said...

...WOW, Jess!!!! you are really flyin'!!!!! sorry haven't posted in awhile...took a little vacation - on a cruise ship, no less! :-) great to read and catch up on you! sail safe!

castro valley, ca, usa

MikeC said...

Sounds like you're rock n rollin the time away! Good to know the miles are slipping under the keel - even though as you say there's a sense already that it could all be over too soon. Of course, I dare say there are some twists left in this tale yet - so keep doing what you're doing, because whatever it is, you're doing pretty damn fine actually.

John and Louise from Redding said...

You go girl. So many of us Americans excite for the skill and tenacity you are showing to make this circum navigation a total success. Hey stay clipped on when you are outside in 30 knot air. Hey, treat yourself to the goodies - -you'll never have to eat those beans.

Hope the dolphins and albatrosses come back to keep you company. You're getting into the 40s pretty soon, the Southern Ocean beckons, but there are thorns in her personality. Like a couple of 50 knot-plus blows, let alone 8+ meter waves!!. Just be safe; we're all pulling for you. Love and hugs

John and Louise

gustav said...

Hello Jesse,

Love those pictures of you and the Ella's Pink Lady surfing along.

And only 250nm to Cape of Good Hope,
that is just fantastic !

I had you penciled in for the end of the month,but obviously you are really moving along in those more southern -40˚ degree latitudes.

great going Jesse,keep up showing us the photos with your great updates,I can't wait to read your book.

lots of love,

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - I've just returned from a big weekend in the surf at a spot called Margaret River. Huge swell and I must say without appearing to be bragging I had a big day out - I caught some ripper barrels and Darl I'm stoked.

You too have been rocketing along and I'm so pleased that the wind is holding out for you. You said you are spending time on deck steering but I do hope you are clipped on ever so tightly. We can't afford split-ups at this stage of proceedings and now your nose is homeward bound please control the enthusiasm and ensure safety remains your number one priority.

OK darl keep the head in the right place, clip on, and be satisfied with your daily progress whatever that may be - be HAPPY! Take care precious one, love ya heaps and god bless


shananagins said...

Your getting so close...stay safe and God looks like you are having the time of your life...

Anonymous said...

Hurry hurry hurry home, love!

Des said...

Hi Jess
We have watched you go north past the cape, for a moment I thought you were coming via the Mediterranean, the Sues Canal and the Red Sea. Now you seem to be going far too south. If you take advice from a landlubber, could I suggest you sail directly west? That is where Australia is.
God bless you. We pray for you regularly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

How nice to see your photo's and to hear that you have a great time. Good on you giving Parker a rest. It must be a special feeling for you to do the steering yourself.
I dislike to drive a car with an automatically gear box. I think it feels like I am out riding in a tram.
We got an awful lot of snow yesterday, and it will be hard work to shovel. The sun us up though and it is -15C.
Take care and sail on smiling.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Stockholm

Anonymous said...

keep on rolling on u will get the pics. what will we all do when its all finished ???
god sspeed 4 u and pink lady.
pandj bundy qld

Jan said...

Yahoo, Bula Vinaka, Jessica, terrific progress! Well done!
Those pics are great and we can almost feel the breeze. It has been really breezy here today, around 30 knots I think, and I was thinking of you and hoping you were getting a good ride.
Looking forward to hearing about the Cape, and the birds will be there to welcome you for sure!! Enjoy, hang on and breathe African air soon!! xxx

chris said...

Hey there!
I so know what you mean by surfing the waves! It is the best ever feeling.. rush! lol
Keep on going as you are doing great!
chris in northern calif

Brian Riley said...

Hi Jessica.

Great to see you having a ball at the moment self steering, enjoying the feel of the conditions keeping your mind off the wet drizzle.

The photo's are great.

Safe Passage, Will Talk Later.

Hervey Bay. QLD

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

So glad to hear that everything is going well. I'm following you on the globe. You are getting so close now. Parker should have no problem steering you home; go around the next corner (Cape of Good Hope) then it's just a straight line before you turn left for Sydney and the tremendous welcome that awaits you.

How's that wretched school work going? Take care, and keep that fuzzy crew under control!

Robyn, Ipswich (Qld)

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

hey Jessica, very nice to read you´re in good coditions and obviously also in a perfekt mood to enjoy every single day of your
journey. Go on Jesse, live your dream by always stay safe and take care for you both very second.
Lots of wishes for fair wind, a bit of sunshine, a lot of sunshine in your heard as well.
Thanks for the pic of PINK LADYs foredeck, another detail of the SIB will be realized.
All the best so far from the ugly, drizzy, sometimes snowy and all day freezing cold south Germany,
yours Marcus

hezakiah299 said...

02-21-10 @ 02:51
Hi Jessica,
Well young lady, you’ve almost sailed across two (2) oceans, and heading for your third, and all the Capes, the excitement of the storm…..WOW, that is fantastic,….don‘t you think,…now Jessica, don‘t you give me that Ho Hum attitude, you are excited too?!?!?!? LOL. I know you are.
Looking across the bow of EPL I enjoy how neat and clean it is, uncluttered, a very good sign of good seamanship. You do good work!!!

@ Toni McLean: Definitely a very good point….suggestions, to be honest I’ll need some, I’m gonna be lost.

@Bruce Watt: With my ‘off the wall’ calculations, I also picked April 28th

I enjoyed the pics but I didn’t think the looked drizzly, maybe a little overcast. I know you were there, ok, ok, I do believe you.
You know Jessica, hardly a post goes by without someone mentioning that they don’t know what they’ll do after you complete your voyage, myself included. This is the first ‘blog’ that I got involved with, I don’t think another one of this quality will come along for quite some time. All the people were so compatible, and of course we had you as our leader…yes.
Oh well, it’s past my bedtime, catcha next time….

Always thinking of you, and always proud of you.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

GO "JESSELLA" --What a team you two are proving to be---doing what you are doing makes me proud of you and proud to be an Aussie.
God speed,Greg

Anonymous said...


That is a very happy EPL flying through the NMs.
Sounds like the two of you are having some fun flying along towards the Cape .
Thanks for the amazing blue pics...I never get tired of BLUE :0)
I sat and watched a beginners yachting class today and know how hard it can be as there were a few bumps and near misses in the Bay today.There were a few wet young sailors at the end of class.
Oh well you have to start somewhere.LOL but they will get there if they have your persistence Jesse.

Shows how far you've come and look at you now...What an inspiration to young sailors..
Keep up the great progress and safe sailing.
TO THE CAPE......>>>>>>>>>>>
Sally in Melbourne by the Bumpy (OOOPPPS..sorry) Bay

workerbev said...

Hello Jessica - (Beverly here in Tassie) I'M BAAAAACCCK!!! To all my fellow "Jessaholics" THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all so much for caring and for all the lovely emails wondering what I was up to, or not. To let you all know, because I'm not ashamed of it, I had a relapse into the land of the "Black Dog" as Winston Churchill used to call it. I suffer from major clinical depression and sometimes I slip and fall, but...thanks to all of you guys, I didn't stay down long. I felt guilty for not writing so I had to climb up out of the pit and get back to life. I am, raring to go and go I will. You can't keep a good wo"man" down. AND JESSICA, I have to whole-heartedly thank you so very much for your blogs. When you first left in Oct 09 I was really, really down. Didn't go out of the house, didn't get out of bed, didn't get dressed. I started following your journey and I said to myself, self, if a 16-yo girl can sail around the world, solo, unassisted, non-stop, you can get your big fat bum out of bed. So I continued reading your blogs - then I started reading every single one of the comments that came up and ALL you people are so absolutely fantastic! Everyone is so positive, up-beat, caring, loving, and every other wonderful words you can think of, that combined with Jessica's blogs really pulled me up out of the mire. I don't have words in my heart to thank you all enough for what you probably didn't even know you were doing. I sometimes wonder how many other people out there have had the same experience but haven't said anything. All I can say is GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!! Now, that is out of the way...

Jessica, I really felt good that you were actually sailing your EPL manually, giving Parker the day off. After all, that is what sailing is all about isn't it? And the pics are fantastic! Your ability at photography has improved so much since you first started, gosh, you have endless opportunities for a career when you return.. First thought, sea-going photographer on eco-fact-finding ships. You get your sailing in, photography, and of course, you "could" blog so we could "Blog" back and wouldn't have withdrawals.

@Toni, you are so right about starting to think now about what we are going to do when Jessica crosses the finish line. I haven't thought of anything "yet" but there are so many things that can be done. I have a "to do" list a hundred thousand miles long I could start on. Let's see, I've been watching the figure skating on the Olympics, do you think at 63yo I could start training and become the oldest figure skater at the Olympics. Wonder if they would even let me in the Olympic Village or if they would build a "granny flat" out back for me??

Jessica, you are getting so close to the Cape of GOOD HOPE, like one blogger said, don't blink your eyes or you might miss it. I pray you have good weather like you did when you rounded Cape Horn. The weather in that part of the world can change in the drop of a drop of sea water. Please stay clipped on and always, always keep safety foremost in your mind. Remember God is right there beside you, and the scalleywag crew also, just waiting for you to talk to Him if you have anything on your mind. And His Legions of Angels are surrounding you and EPL and guiding you safely around the Cape of GOOD HOPE and home-ward bound.

Glad to be back and to "see" all of you guys again - Beverly & Andrew Penney (Tasmania)



Pol in Van said...

Keep it going kid!!

Peter Stockwell said...

Good to know you are enjoying yourself. That's what it's all about.Cape of Good Hope on Wednesday, if the wind doesn't drop too much!

Peter and Robyn (UK)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, that deck looks far too clean and tidy!!!keep the good work up with all of those checks and double checks as fatigue plays a big part on the rigging at this stage.Great pics thanks.
One more cape to tick off your list this week Congratulations and we hope you get some bird life and dolphins to help celebrate.It looks like you will get some good sailing weather this week and maybe even some rain which may well feel like champagne so lap it up because you deserve it.
Thinking and praying for you daily
The Lovells Nelson NZ

Anonymous said...

Yeah! What Queenslander said. Hang ten Jess but do it from the mast with the remote... Good luck and take care! lol

Proud of you Jess, proud that your an Ausie, even if you are a Kiwi! lol

The only difference between you and a Kiwi is that you know how to fly!

Don't worry about your skinny legs as they are just conditioning to your situation and you have plenty of time to beef up later.

I'm going to buy some banana chips as soon as I see them. Can't imagine they'd be that good but it is the only food that humans can completely live off apparently.

Maybe you could soak them or maybe they're only good for feeding to dolphins and animals. Just don't be too confident as you could still lose all coms... and be washed up on an Island somewhere lost without food. Better to eat banana chips before you have to start eating you're crew as that's always happening. lol. I'd hate you to get fur balls so close to home sweetie.

Funny stuff aside Jess! Stay safe and guard up out there in that area!


IndyMike said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for the update and pics. Can't believe you're about to pass the Cape already. Wow, moving right along and hand steering too! Sounds like great fun to me. Your ability to share it with us and make me feel like I'm along with you is really special. I hope you'll write a book one day too. So, enjoy, and I'll be 'watching' you thru the 40s.
39*50'N, 86*9'W

Song Riter said...

Hey Jessie:

Thanks for the update. I have some questions. Do you have to sail south of Australia or can you go around the north side? Seems to me it's the same distance and warmer temps if you take the northern route. Maybe you can answer in the blog sometime. Thanks for posting the crew photo. I would keep an eye on that one in the dark glasses. He might be planning to mutiny. LOL. Awesome that you are 4 months in and already at the southern tip of Africa. Will you see land this time? I'm amazed that you don't get bored. I would fall asleep at the tiller. Better that you are doing this and not me. Do you expect to encounter any more storms? How is it crossing the Indian Ocean? Best of luck and smooth sailing to the land down under.

John In Ashland OR, USA

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

Wow – you deserve a wow for your recent progress. Good to hear you are really enjoying surfing the waves, reefed down, and eating nautical miles rapidly. And more importantly you are obviously enjoying hand steering to make the most of the opportunity. Good for you. You are certainly a girl in a hurry now. Enjoy the conditions while they last.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Thank you for the lovely pics. You ARE a STAR!!!

So nice that you gave Parker some time off …. It is magical when you hand steer if you don’t have to!!

You will soon be passing South of the beautiful Cape of Good Hope – spent many holidays there in my youth! But as long as you stay clear of all the unlit fishing vessels. Just be wary that there are many around… I will be thinking of you.

Give South Africa a huge wave.

Thinking of you – special girl.

Fay from the Gold Coast

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

Thank you for the lovely pics. You ARE a STAR!!!

So nice that you gave Parker some time off …. It is magical when you hand steer if you don’t have to!!

You will soon be passing South of the beautiful Cape of Good Hope – spent many holidays there in my youth! But as long as you stay clear of all the unlit fishing vessels. Just be wary that there are many around… I will be thinking of you ... special girl!

Give South Africa a huge wave.

Fay from the Gold Coast

HomeSweetBoat said...

@Toni Mclean
I hear you!!!
@SaltyDog - you are So sweet!
Fay from the Gold Coast

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
samurai said...

Hi Clint, Yes I actually did recite "DESIDERATA" (Get it right) of by heart. My one and only talent I'm afraid, but it's like knowing the words to a song, once you've memorised it and sing it all the time, it just comes out automatically. Thanks for the virtual pat on the back, mate. :-))
Take care and regards...Sam

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

How could you get sick of the unpredictable and real life? You're flying Jesse. Go mate! Bring it home!!! Bring her home little buddy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Nice of you to give Parker a day off and helming EPL yourself. The feeling of catching a wave and riding it for some distance is definitely one of the more pleasurable sensations in small boat sailing and it is very satisfying surfing away from other boats in a yacht race who haven't synergised with the conditions in the same way.

It is clear that you are in complete harmony with your environment and I can visualise you being in demand as a skipper for Sydney/Hobarts and other Ocean races when you have completed your current adventure.

Please keep your beatifully written blogs, pics and the occasional video coming along, they are much appreciated.

Thinking of you and stay safe.

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, West Aust

KB said...

Hi Jess
EPL is looking nice and clean against the water.
Good to hear your near the cape and then onto the southern ocean for the trip home to us

Ps Just sent sone Indian Ocean dolphins to keep you company all the way to Western Aust.

Safe sailing Jess


Alessandro Machi said...

"I decided to give Parker a bit of time off yesterday and spent quite a bit of time hand steering which I really enjoyed."

It's like analog vs digital. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess, if you keep this pace up you will be back in Australian waters before you know it, have you tried the fishing lately, or are there too many birds around.
Stay safe
from Annie & Cam “H”

Anonymous said...

I have a world map on my desk and when I see the distances you are covering each day and think about the distances I am planning to cover during my summer holidays I feel very humble. Well, everybody does best as she/he can, I suppose.

Mike_trrac said...

Hi Jess,

It sounds idyllic to sail along at top speed, hand on the tiller, in a stiff breeze and a major landmark in sight.

Stay as happy as you are right now and enjoy the results of your wonderful achievments as a teenager, a sailor and a very special person.


Mike_tracc (Avoca Beach,NSW)

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Trust me; getting bored is being a land lover. Believe in the fact that you having the time of your life, because I have no doubt you are.

What an experience and what a place to have it.

Enjoy your time out there Jesse. Life holds many challenges and the experiences you are now facing will hold you in good stead for the future.

Thinking of you always. Find the safest and quickest winds home.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It has been good to follow your progress on this blog since you left Sydney 09. I have been reading your blogs while studying but haven't posted anything for over a week.

Hope you keep safe, strong and alert in your daily chores of ocean sailing. I guess when you pass the Cape of Good Hope it's pretty much straight course back home again.

I will have to do my best to at least get to Sydney for the day you arrive back. I could write a journal article for uni on it for practice.

Stay safe and well,

Pete (Canberra)

Anonymous said...

Just caught up one week's worth of blog, been on hols at Coolangatta. Looked out to sea at Cooly and thought of you way out on the ocean. (where i live is no ocean)so it made a nice change. Keep up all the good work, you are a litte Aussie Champion. Saint Jessica (not St Mary). Bessen Family, Mypolonga S Aust.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Howdy Jesse....
I'm wondering if you plan to sail past the Cape of Good Hope for a visual or continue on your south easterly heading? looks like your heading due south east away and therefore wont in fact see any land....I wonder if that's the plan? Richie indicates its probably safer and wiser to give that area a wide berth....

I went back looking at your "Videos"...again! was interesting to note in your interview with Panasonic's Steve Rust you were asked about your cameras, you mentioned you had an "FZ-35" and an "FT-1" the FT-1 being the water proof camera, the specifications are very good! but I wonder just how much "wave footage" during a storm you 'could' capture?...and if you'd risk putting the little camera outside during a storm?...but I wonder if you have an external mounting position for the FT-1 because it would be really "cool" to get a few minutes of those Waves you love so much, especially during a storm having EPL as a fixed reference one then would get a feeling for just how much your little boat is rolling and ploughing into the wave fronts, it would make for some outstanding sailing footage....just a thought.

Soooo, apart from that I did laugh at "Susan's" comment about autographing each Banana Chip and auctioning them on eBay, I reckon that would work perfectly!....I dunno, those poor Banana Chips I'm sure they're tasty...aren't they?

And "Sally" here in good old Melb' saying - "101 Ways to use Dried Banana Chips"...just great!

Lovely pictures as always Jess, I've already copied the top pic and enhanced the colours a bit as I felt EPL wasn't Pink enough!...she looks good.

Thanks Peter "PWB"...its something I've been wanting to do for awhile, in fact I purchased a new Printer just for the job...and as you can imagine Jessica has now posted well over a hundred posts going back as far as the 3rd of October so it doesn't take much to fill up a 40 page Spiral bound "display" book!....all of the Blogs went into a Word Document so I could squeeze and fiddled with the text including any pictures into the one page although some blogs were two pages was fun!

Hey Sam, if you did recite the Descrata from memory you did a bloody good job at it!...I didn't go checking it but as I read it it all sounded spot on, we had that printed out many many years ago and stuck it to the inside of our dunny door, I always love hearing the song sung or I should say "spoken" by Daniel O Donnell back in 1971 I think from a poem written way back in supposedly 1692?...Descrata being Latin for - Desired Things" I believe....nice one Sam.

And to Malaika Crew - what a beautiful ending to your last post by saying that "You might be a long way out there on your own but you have a million people's hearts on that little boat!"....explains it all!

Cheers Jesse....Cape of Good Hope soon in your sights...well maybe?

Actually when are you officially entering the Southern Ocean what Longitude divides the Atlantic to the Southern I wonder?

Cheers again!

Clint - Melbourne - Here be a place for a Town!

P.S. To Toni...I'm all for a global BBQ, but I think you'll find Jessica will still be around for awhile afterwards, I think her little Blog she has here, which is still to be transitioned across to her main Web Site, will still remain "on-line" but that posts will just become less frequent, it'll be just a matter of checking up on Jesse's Web Site from time to time to see what she's been up to, I reckon she'll be quite happy to keep her friends and extended family in the know....I guess its just a matter of "watch this space"

Anonymous said...

lmao @ the Queenslander comment of "Hang Ten". Almost another cape down and it's homeward bound. Brilliant Work Jesse.

PWB said...

ConFuseUs Says:


Yes you→ I'm Talking To You→ PINK

Don't wait till you are feeling lucky!


Transplanted ConFuseUs, On Holiday in USA

mike said...

Hi Jesse

I think you are so visionary. You have clear dreams which you pursue with passion. You see something different in every wave and the flight pattern of every bird (you will carry those memories forever). And you bring to us such clear pictures of your journey with a skill that will help you to write a book that will capture our imagination and help us to feel like we are out there sailing with you on EPL. What a privilege that would be. Can't wait for the book.

Sail on safely supergirl.

Mike (Canberra)

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA said...

Hi Jess

I'm organising for some of my students to leave messages for you, but must clear all the red-tape and identifying features. Everytime I try to get your site up in the computer lab it won't load, or my classroom computer freezes or the internet drops out. So frustrating.

I did ask once before....but couldn't find a response....IF anyone knows Jess's land contact address can you please post it. I will get the students to try writing that way as a back up.

Can't believe you're so close to the Cape. Then you'll almost be in eyesight (with very amazing lense) from our Hillarys balcony. At least you'll be in OUR (Perth people's) ocean for a change and that will make this really exciting for my students. Year 1's can't quite work out how you get from the edge of the big map to the other side. Needed a globe to explain the logisitics of that.

Starting our big "When in the world is Jess landing in Sydney Whole school Competition" Closest to the time and date gets a prize.

Great if it was a sail with you.....Oh well dream on McDuff.

Thanks again for being an inspiration to our kids. You are awesome.

Banana Chips..... what was your mum thinking?

Best wishes as always

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.

Anonymous said...

Go Jess. That Cape is inching closer!

Jill (Newcastle)

Anonymous said...

Looks like your enjoying an exhilarating ride at the mo, it must feel good to be making progress.

Y'know Jesse, the more I read about the Southern Ocean the more I get uneasy about your advent into it. Maybe it's because I'm getting more informed whereas before I was blissfully ignorant. The Southern Ocean sounds like many Cape Horns stretched into one. But hell I'm sure you know that, and can't wait to get your teeth into it.

For anyone else out there wanting to get a snapshot of what sailing along the bottom end could be like, there's an article here

Ice and the cold sound like they will be an extra challenge. It's all part of the big picture, huh.

Heaps of luck, and Go Girl..


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,l
Right! Nothing beats having a hand on them helm! Looks like you are having a great time frolicking with them waves! Are the birds Albertos? I guess you are not yet south enough for them albertos to come frolicking with you!
Great picks from them boat, I love the way it looks rather organised, no superfluous ropes dangling around and stuff.
Yes, looks like you're finally surfing the SIO Highway!
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

RichieParis: love your posts! :o)))

john naughton said...

Hi Jesse
Looking at CapeTown weather at the mo - high 27c but more especially, UV Index 10, still need sunscreen.

@Malaika Crew
My condolences on your tragic loss.
May they rest in peace.

@Samurai Thank you for reminding us of "Desiderata"

Best wishes
John N

Ron Garvey said...

Hi Jess
Great to hera that you are so close to your last major ocean 9apart from the Southern Ocean.
It wont be long now till you are on your home stretch. I am sure that you will have some more weather to contend with bu I am also certain that you will handle that with all of the grace and exopertise that you have shown in previous days.

may God continue to give you fair seas and a good wind to bring your home safely in April or may
be blessed.
Ron Garvey

ben said...

Hey Jesse,

I get the feeling you're in "the zone" right now, that the conditions are great and the spirits are high. Surfin along at pace and in total control is what another sailor describes as 'ipod moments' So, turn up the sounds and cruise along to the rhythms of EPL :)

In contrast, Dilip who crossed the Prime Meridian 2days ago is currently battling head winds and will be till he reaches Cape Town, his fourth and final stop before home.

I guess we won't be getting any pics or vids of the Cape as you are well south. Can't wait to see you past this milestone as it signals the most important part of this epic journey..the run home.

Thus, I will raise my glass in honour of this notable achievement, with a diet coke of course, following confirmation of the Captain's message.

Take care out there young Captn and lookout for those ships.

Ben (Qld)

Simon Lister said...

Hi Jessica
I have followed you every kilometer of your journey and read everyone of your posts - thank you for making this a wonderful story.
This is my first (and possibly only) post, but I just wanted to get my 2 cents in before you make it round the Cape & into the Indian Ocean and the Press decides you are newsworthy again.
Fair winds and congratulations Jess!


Kissyfrott said...

@Anonymous Feb21 2:32PM
Just go fishing, good idea, Mr Chicken No-Name.

Kissyfrott said...

@Workerbev, what a relief to see you back!

@Toni McLean. I agree for something to come, or to stay, or to become. Clint has good ideas too. There willl be something in Sydney on D-Day, of course, but later? Keeping in touch, organizing events here or there? A website, a blog? Jessica's maybe?

@Sally, your flying boat is an achievement!!! Cheers!!!

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

First @ WorkerBev, glad you're back and posting again. It's amazing how a spirit of concern and caring for one person, JW, can rub off on others who are merely observers to the event.

Since Jesse left Sydney, I know I have had my up and down days (don't we all) and I know I can always come here and get a daily boost in the spirits department.

Now Jesse, glad you're finally moving along and I can only imagine what it might feel like flying across the waves, wind in your hair and the sea spray in your face as you take over Parker's duties.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Unknown said...

Go, Jessica go! I am an American living in Venezuela and going to elementary school. My dad says to live our dreams.

Islanders said...

Greetings again from Magnetic Island. It's great being able to keep up with your progress!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to encourage and inspire and bring smiles. Sail on, Silver Girl, sail on. . .
Tom, Missouri, USA

Kissyfrott said...



Even on a small boat sailing on the oceans, the darkest tragedies may occur.
This is the account of what happened on Ella’s Pink Lady in the years 2009-2010, as thay were told, after the yacht’s arrival in Sydney harbour, by the board’s detective, answering the questions from the NSW Standard.

Q- You were part of the crew, but nobody knew about your real identity?
A- Right. I am Sergeant Detective Stuffed Kiwi, from New Zealand Yard.
Q- And why, or how, were you brought on to reveal it?
A- When the boat became a crime scene.
Q- But how was that possible, on a small boat sailing non stop for months?
A- Anything is possible in this world.
Q- When did you became suspicious?
A- Apparently, it all started with the Pringles Drama. The Captain discovered that the bow reserve had been looted, and most of the Pringles stock stolen. As it was one of her main foods, she made a fuss about it and asked me to open an inquiry.
Q- How did you start it?
A- My prime suspects were the crew members. But it appeared quickly that none of them could be the culprit. Big Ted didn’t like Pringles. Blue Ted was too scary to walk to the bow. Pelican and Platypus were on a fish diet, while Chicken-with-Attitude was pringallergic.
Q- Then your enquiry was in a dead end?
A- It might have been so, but that’s when I discovered a kind of a rusty spot on the yacht’s deck. The captain tried to have it cleant out, but Teddy couldn’t do it. So I took some samples, and gave them to Professor Platypus for an analysis.
Q- And the results were?
A- It was a mixture of blood, tomato sauce and squid ink, with feathers’ dust.
Q- Oh!
A- That gave me the clues I needed. I went in the bow reserve, and found some squid tentacles prints, so everything became clear.
Q- I beg your pardon?
A- OK, I am going to tell you the whole story. During the first days of the journey, do you remember that the yacht’s deck had been invaded by many small squids?
Q- Yes, I do.
A- One of them managed to slide inside the bow reserve. Darkness and some damp atmosphere let it survive, and it lived there for months, feeding on Pringles and tomato sauce.
Q- But it grew up?
A- Precisely, so it could not escape and jump back in the ocean. And when the Captain came to check the reserves, it was hidding behind bags. When she went back in her cabin to alert the crew, she hadn’t locked the door, so it climbed out and crawled on the deck. But it had made a fatal mistake.
Q- Which one?
A- It had taken a few pringles with tomato sauce. As it was alone on the deck, on an ocean infested by albertos, one of them spotted the Pringle and dived on it, snatching in his beak the squid and the Pringle, letting just a spot of blood, ink and tomato sauce with feather’s dust.
After the burglary, there had been a crime. You see that there is no real security, anywhere.
Q- The culprit chastized, it had finally not many consequences?
A- That’s what YOU think. Ask the crew about the Captain’s moanings! For days, we didn’t stop hearing about the Pringles Drama, the Tomato Sauce Tragedy, the Raise of Crime in the Atlantic, the Dangers of Circumnavigation, and the “3 S”.
Q- What is the 3 S ?
A- The Solo Sailors Starvation.
Q- Would you mean that Captain Watson was exaggerating?
A- Somehow, yes. She had a guilt feeling about the burglar squid’s horrible death.
Q- But why?
A- Because if many seabirds were flying around us, it is because she had started distributing them chocolate biscuits some days earlier.
Q- And did she stay grumpy and moaning for long?
A- Fortunately not! She just sank in the Nutella jar, and got back to her usual positive attitude!
Q- Did she compliment you about your inquiry?
A- (blushing and whispering) Yes
Q- Do you feel well?
A- Sorry. You see, she gave me a kiss... Wow! I was over the moon. That's really flying high, especially for a kiwi!

Armchair Adventurer said...

Hi Jessica. You're an inspiration. This is my first visit to your site but I've been following your progress with keen interest. I can't believe the short-sightedness of those who criticise adventurers and solo adventurers in particular. You testing the bounds of human endurance and displaying so many heroic qualities reminds us of our potential as human beings. And each time I catch up with your progress I feel a jolt of vitality and courage, and my life as a nine-to-five public servant and dad with two kids is much richer for it. Thank-you.

ben said...

@ Grant;

a fitting tribute to a special young lady. Keep up the excellent work..cheers!

Ben (Qld)

Randy said...

Hi Jess!

Wonderful Sailing-Pictures!

Also great to hear, that you are still loving to be on the ocean, take the wind, the waves and the nature!

Go on and take the next horn!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica;
Good to hear things are going well for you and you are becoming an experienced surfer as well as sailor,cook and fixer of things. Your pictures enlighten and your stories our days brighten. I see another writer used the term mal de mer, and if you don`t know it the word mal means bad and the word mer mean sea, just in case your foreign phrases (Spanish) in that case is not as good as your other abilities.
Take care.
Regards Niels.

Bricon123 said...

Bricon123: Putting your hand to the tiller is always a blast, feeling the power of the boat and all. Knowing your trimmed out so there's no Weather helm or Lee helm and just cruising...FANTASTIC feeling!
With the Froude number better than .4 because your surfing the waves, you should be getting upto 7.5 knots or better right? That beats the 6.5knots that the S&S is rated at. That's flying!! Woo Hoo!
Have fun.

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Jesse, You have been very fortunate in coming out of the knockdowns so well beneath South America. Just heard of the school ship, 188-foot steel hull Concordia, in a freak microburst downdraft knockdown, capsizing and sinking 300 miles from Brazil, with all 64 students safely rescued after 30 hours in tied-together life rafts.

After such good speed, check your chafe and rust. Be well-prepped and well-fed for your Good Hope rounding. We're sending positive thoughts and prayers--lovewaves--to you for continued safety and joy at sea!

Torah Bright was awesome! Tonight is the celebration of the Holy Day of Hockey--USA and Canada!!! Marco Sturm is our fave, but he is German so he's of no use right now to us Americans, but we wish he was still with the San Jose Sharks with his technical precision. His feet work like a figure skater and his body is all hockey! Go, Pavelski, Stasney and Ryan Miller! Go, Team USA!!!

One thing the Olympics keep showing us is that attention to detail and technique makes winners. Jessica, your photos show how ship-shape you keep EPL and I'm sure it's how you've accomplished so much. You've had good teachers, too, I'm sure.

We love you, Jesse, and hold gratitude to the shore crew. Keep up the good work and get Jesse home safely!

From the Albacore Lia Fail's crew in the very snowy (13" last measure) northern Nevada USA high desert in the shadow of the High Sierras,
Patricia, Richard and 12-yr-old John

Mike Kay said...

Hello Captain Jesse,

Glad to hear of your progress! Congratulations on your upcoming milestone! Godspeed, Mike

P.S. Welcome back WorkerBev! glad that you lit your light at the end of the tunnel! Why not start up the training to skate!

Mike Kay said...

Captain Jesse,

Forgot to say, great pics! Always love to see them and videos!

Phil in Idaho said...

The photo's are wonderful. I save them to a special folder so I can enjoy them again and again. That's about as close as I'll get to surfing down a wave in the 40's!!

I really hope you do write a book abaout this adventure. Sign me up for an autograph copy!!

Parker Fleming said...

I did not think she was EVER going to let me have a break!!!

Then again I think the only reason she took the helm was to try and beat my best speed, which she hasn't told you about ;)!!!

I wonder how long smoko is going to last?

SaltyDog said...

@Workerbev: So you didn’t think that you would be missed, huh. Well you were very much, SINCERELY, missed. That’s what a close family we all have become. Of course at times we could become a slightly dysfunctional family, but Jessica’s positive attitude is so powerful we can’t stray too far off. Beverly, I can’t imagine that there is a single one of us who hasn’t slipped a little bit towards that pit. But you are one of the few who I’ve known who is strong enough to stand up and recognize it. It’s a lot easier to wind up and give someone else a kick in the butt to get them out of a hole than it is to give ourselves a swift kick. Believe me, I know. It’s been many years ago, but I kicked myself so hard that I might have gone to the other extreme. This is a quote that I’ve posted before, but I really do get a kick out of it and kind of relate to. Author J.D. Salinger said:

"I'm kind of a paranoid in reverse.
I suspect people are plotting to make me happy."

So, Bev, we are the ones who should say “thank you” to you for sharing your strength with us. Because of you, there are probably a lot of people giving themselves a kick in the butt today. And next time you feel like you’re slipping towards that pit a little, reach out and grab on to us. With someone like Jessica anchoring us, we can all help each other from slipping. Welcome back, Bev.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi jess: 75 year old great grandpaw here
first time post but have followed your progress for about 3 weeks..I agree with every one how you make us feel like we are right there with you, great pic looking over the bow, not only are you a exellent sailor you have a great sense of making it look like we are there looking over your shoulder. I'm not a sailor but you can't kid me I know why you gave parker some time off he wanted to stay on course and you wanted to deviate a little to top a bigger swell. Know you are having fun, parker can have it back when it get's boring........Right. I'm sure MUM & POP are trying to keep you where should be AND NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE..LOL. you are amazing.Stay safe and clip on another line for me, america dosen't want to loose you either!!

through my looking glass said...

Jessica, Beautiful pics, your amazing journey has captured my heart. Excited about the rounding of the nest Cape. All my best to you and Ella's Pink Lady. I imagine you are the talk of the birds you meet!
Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA

Queenslander said...

Bruce Watt reminded me of a traditional onboard competition where the crew guess the boat's finish time. Each guess costs a $1 (or more); you write your guess (date + time) on a piece of paper & drop it in the box... as many guesses as you like.

Once the hook is down... open the box... nearest guess wins the pot.


Anonymous said...

Psalm 107:23-28 (The Message)
Some of you set sail in big ships; you put to sea to do business in faraway ports. Out at sea you saw God in action, saw his breathtaking ways with the ocean: With a word he called up the wind – an ocean storm, towering waves! You shot high in the sky, then the bottom dropped out; your hearts were stuck in your throats. You were spun like a top, you reeled like a drunk, you didn't know which end was up. Then you called out to God in your desperate condition; he got you out in the nick of time.

Hi, Jessica! Good Sunday to you! Reading again in the 107th Psalm, I think that you have certainly "seen God in action, seen His breathtaking ways with the ocean." But in your case, it's "oceans!" I know you have enjoyed spending some quality time hand in hand w/EPL as you surf those nice waves at a good clip. I know that feeling. Really, your hand on that tiller makes a direct connection to that endless sea below you with all its power and majesty, which I hope you will translate to a direct connection to your maker and protector whose awesome power controls it all, even your next breath. What an experience you have been offered. Please call on Him always for your strength and protection.

Today I am again praying for your health and rest as you anticipate that next milestone. I am asking God for continued good and steady progress. Many thanks to you for the great report and the wonderful pics. May EPL and all her good equipment continue to serve you well.

Teaspoonful of Vegemite said...

@ Cobrarog


Espar Heater said...

Jesse is not allowed to divulge my status!

It could compromise Homeland Security.

Astra IIIB said...

What Espar said...

Bernie777 said...

Ship shape and flying home to a heroes welcome ...not long now till u hit the roaring 40s,,,go jessica u will be in huge demand.....

Anonymous said...

@ Bazza, on Bribie Island

and others...

STOP worrying about Jesse's Tough Book... She has got TWO spares!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Des

You meant the OTHER "west" --- ;)

bloody landlubber, mumble, mumble

Anonymous said...

@ Song Riter (John In Ashland OR, USA)

Check out the currents & reefs in the Torres Straight... never mind the prerequisite to leave Cape Leeuwin to port!!!

JiffyLube said...

Conserving Water.

I don't know if you know this, but you can cook certain things with sea water. Anything that has to be boiled or heated up in a package or can, or things like noodles that you pour off the water from, are good things to cook in clean sea water.

Anonymous said...

@ The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA

Jessica Watson
c/o 5 Ocean's Media
220 West Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065

also click Contact on her website

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse....well once you round Good Hope THEN I'll feel as if you are on the home stretch, getting excited already! Of course I know you still have the Southern Ocean to contend with but I'm confident you can do it....woohoo!!!!!!! Still trying to get to Sydney to see you "come in". xxxxx

Anonymous said...

You are going so well Jess...I'm still in envy of you.

The time is going so fast and feels like you will be back in Sydney in no keep having fun out there and may the great conditions stay with you..


The McGraths said...

Hey Jesse,

Great blog, love seeing the pictures. Just finished night shift after a block of four shifts so can't wait to catch up on the comments.

Enjoy while you can.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Ulli Maier-austria said...

Hi,I really enjoy reading your blog every couple of days here in Austria, and I am always relieved when I open it, just to read that you are doing fine.
Good luck for every single day wishes you
ulli from Austria

Trudy said...

To the Griffs, Hillarys, Perth

here is Jessicas contact address:

Jessica Watson
c/o 5 Oceans Media
220 West Street
Crows Nest
Sydney NSW 2065

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Nice to read that you are doing fine. Still snow and cold weather in south of Sweden. This is the coldest winter for quite a while. Nice picturese and as ususally interesting to read the news from you. Wishing you good luck and best wishes.
Bo South Sweden

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse....

Most excellent... your 'progress' !!! And only 250 to the 'long blow'. ---looking forward to your accounts....... and your triumphant 'float in' to the 'arbour in the not too distant. So good, eh !!!

Thanks for adding the pics . A 'window on your world' for the serried rankers....... keeps us all 'hanging in there' with you a bit closer.

OK... I'm outa y'way. So good to see your words !! Thanks for sharing. ~~ Keep safe and well !!

.... Ooc.

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