Saturday, February 13, 2010

Outdoor Office

Flat seas and sunshine for the last few days and I'm loving it, even if Ella's Pink Lady's speeds are a bit of the slow side. There's been a few too many 3 knots on the 'speedo', not exactly glamorous but we are moving and with thesun shining it's a bit hard to worry about anything too much!

This is definitely an attitude I'm going to have to put some serious effort into changing, if I ever decide to have a go at racing. Otherwise I'd be left at the back of the fleet every time the sun came out!

The other day I finally had the bright idea of un-bolting the Toughbook computer from its place at the nav station and taking it out into the cockpit to get some typing done. (Don't ask me why I didn't think of this earlier?). Sitting in front of a computer is a hundred times more pleasant when outside right next to the water. It's also far easier to persuade myself to actually sit down and get everything done. Apologies to anyone reading this while surrounded by four walls!

So while sitting outside in my lovely outdoor office I had two cute bluefish join us. They spent the afternoon swimming around us, nibbling away at who knows what on the hull. It's good to know that someone's keeping the hull clean of weed. Sort of like a drive-through car wash really!

Ella's Pink Lady is moving nicely at the moment but we've got headwinds with the wind from the south east which means that we're not quite making the course that I'd like to be on. Also, tomorrow or possibly later today, we should becrossing over the Prime Meridien. I can't wait to be back in the eastern hemisphere, then it really will feel like we're on the way home.

It's great to have everyone back online after the problems with the blog server. The technical details are completely beyond me, so I'll stay out of trying to explain, but it sure sounds like it caused all sorts of drama back on land. Welcome back to everyone anyway!



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Unknown said...

Good to see you back! We did notice you were heading well North of Tristan da Cunha, although you clearly resisted the temptation to drop in on those amazingly friendly folk!
I hope the wind changes so that you aeren't punching into headwinds for too long as you make your way south to round the Cape.

Hang loose,

the Canberra Watsons that you've never met!

SaltyDog said...

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jessica,

Roses are red,
Sailboats are pink,
For the greatest web site in the world,
Click on Jessica’s link.

Yikes, that is really bad. You definitely deserve better than that on Valentine’s Day, Jess. But hey, I’m SaltyDog, not Shakespeare.

And to you, Julie, happy Valentine’s Day. Without a doubt, you and Roger should be named “Parents of the Year.” Obviously, Jessica is the product of a very loving family and you both deserve all of the credit in the world.

And to all of the ladies, young and old, in Jessica’s blogging family, thank you for opening your hearts to Jess and to all of your fellow bloggers. Happy Valentine’s Day to every one of you.

Jessica, I hope you feel the love of the entire blogging family today. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Glad that the comments are back on. Not that is very important to me. I'm a lot more interested to hear from you than from others. Happy to hear you are happy. Not surprising. You have a really amazing attitude. I wish I was 50 years younger! I wish you the very best on your endevour and on the rest of your life. You deserve very bit of it!!

Gerry D Mackay QLD said...

Go Jess you good girl,You on the homeward run now.

KB said...

Nice work Jess, just remember to keep saving your work on the PC

We also cant wait to have you in the eastern hemisphere.

We just voted you the sexiest circumnavigator in history

Sail on, sail safe, mate


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jess! Good to read that your relaxing and taking in all the freedoms that your trip offers. Better than being in 4 walls at the office that I am sure about!

I continue to enjoy your regular blogs, you are certainly an amazing young woman.

Continue to travel safe and enjoy every minute of your freedom

Aussie Aussie Aussie

chris said...

Hi there,
Thanks for such a wonderful update... I envy you having a laptop since im stuck inside with the pc hehe
You look like you are making great time.Should be home in time for summer,or at least in time for my summer.I always forget you summer is different than mine is.
How is the homework coming along? Are you a visual/audial or tactile learner? My husband is a dyslexic so he used taped books to help him get thru school.
Glad to know that you are enjoying the sun!! May you have fair weather and the wind at your back at a nice and steady 10 kpm
Take care,
chris in northern calif

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day and all the love from us who are following you everything on the net. Is your favourite colour pink, by now? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, it is lovely to be able to comment again! Thank goodness they sorted the problem out I reckon! Please be careful with the laptop outside - would hate to have it slide off into the deep blue sea! Great to hear to you doing well. Think of you often out there. Stay safe, keep smiling:)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again Jess, we just arrived back home from Beachport SA, the wind down there was at least 25kn from the South East and not much sun.
Keep up the good work and mabe you could start a count down of the distance you have left till Australia.
Stay safe.
Annie & Cam "H"

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

You sound like you are having the time of your life out there. Fingers crossed the weather stays kind for at least the next few days to give you a chance to really enjoy this part of the journey.

What a great idea taking the Toughbook outside with you. I do the same at home when I am working. Sitting outside in the fresh air working is far more enjoyable.

You are certainly covering the miles and Cape of Good Hope cannot be that far away.

I love your writing. You continue to amaze me with your great description of what is going on around you. I really feel part of your trip, thank you.

How are your meals going these days. Have you created any new dishes?? :-)

Stay safe,

Ingleburn, NSW

Collette Cole, Australia said...

Jesse Jesse Jesse!!

You have become to personify the 'long lost daughter'!

No problem now you are 'found', although you never were missing in the first place!

It's just the terra firma glitches which have held us in suspense. I'm never one to complain though.

Your imaginitive writing cracks me up...your cute bluefish visitors 'like a drive through carwash' aptly describe your environment in such a comical fashion. I think it may one of many many many reasons you have me hooked on your journey.

Yes sweetheart, you are well on your way home, but you show no indication that you may be in a hurry. For that I am glad, because it is comforting to know you are content wherever you are upon the great oceans, whether it be today, yesterday or just love being 'out there'. I detect a hint of your future plans??? will go nicely with Australian of the Year.

I'm right with you with loving the sunshine, it warms the soul and beats the blues. And of course we must never forget you are a Sunshine Coast kid...BUT born on the GOLD home town.

Talking of your toughbook, I actually dislike sitting in front of the computer, but since your journey was in its infancy, I have been or not...and loving it!! How's that for a contradiction in terms?

Enjoy the lovely conditions sweeheart, and hope to hear more good and happy updates from you soon.

Stay safe and eat well til next time Jesse.

Farnarkle said...

Hi Jess
Not too many comments but I'm sure you've still got lots of readers so plse keep the info coming.
The America's cup is underway - their adventure is nothing like what we're experiencing with you. I know where I'd rather be right now!!
Cape #2 here we come.
John & Jan from Wooroloo WA

captain said...

Great to have you back on line Capt'n Jess. Came 16th in the RANSA race last night in another epic display of sailing here on Sydney harbour. i cant believe how quickly your trip seems to be going. Ya gonna be in the Indian ocean soon and u will truly be on the way home. The "Pantomime" will definately be at Sydney heads in the not to distant future to greet you and to cheer. !!

all the best Capt'n Kelly

k878 said...

Hi Jesse,
Hope u get a bit of speed up, i bet u just cant wait to get home and do the normal teenage thing!!
Im jealous, it sound amazing, typing away sourrounded by the ocean, i'd miss my family, but gee, it does sound peaceful!!
Once again you are such an amazing young Lady, Jessica!!

Best Wishes and safe sailing,

Kate, Aimee & Caleb

Melton, Vic, Australia

jan said...

hi jesse,welcome back, missed you while you have been away.another beaut update, cheers from canterbury nz.

Anonymous said...

haha Jess. The bluefish car wash! lol

There's gotta be a little storm near her somewhere Bob! lol

@Michael! She leaves the shores a focused, fighting and determined big kid. She'll return a very well balanced beautiful young woman. A chip on both shoulders perhaps! lol

I usually don't take bags off the tellers as I have seen the damage too Jess! Too Sad!!!!

I don't think we really have the time to educate the adults of the world in the damage plastic does to our marine life and damage it does to the ocean and reefs.

A plastic bag that doesn't break down or breaks down to slow can kill for up to 70 years as the carcass of a baby dolphin will decompose quickly and the bag is then ready to strike again!!!

Your site's a good thing for some awareness Jessica!

You must have felt really bad about that bird Jess! (Your chocolate biscuits???) lol You know that's all they will ever want to eat now don't you?

It wouldn’t surprise me if you come home with all these different and awesome animals following you! lol

Your cruzzin Jess!

We’re so proud of you! Nite Jess! Or good morning! What ever crazy time you’re in, Good night mate!

Night everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Happy valentines day Jess! Hope no one's been dropping you flowers out there!

Happy valentines day everyone!

@ haha Saltydog. I reckon your poem rocks mate!


Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,
Glad that the blog is back to normal. It sounds like you are till trucking along nicely. I can't believe how far you have gone already and how much time has gone buy on your adventure. It will be a bummer when the trip is over and the blog ends. Kind of like a favorite t.v. show that goes away. Keep up the good work and stay safe!
Steve Z.

The McGraths said...

Hi again Jesse,

Gotta love that sunshine, it's the best isn't it. Does wonders for my attitude too.

I've just finished reading Adrienne Cahalan "Around the buoys". Very interesting book and she is/was hooked on racing. From an early start on a laser to ending up on the big multi-hulls she has achieved so much in her life. As I was reading it I wondered if you would end up doing similar things. Speaking of multi-hulls, just been watching the America Cup and I believe this is the first time they have used them. They are huge things and can get up to incredible speeds as I'm sure you know. Very exciting to watch for the first time.

I also love your description of your drive-through car wash, hope it's working. Very funny!

@ SaltyDog, thankyou for the Valentine message, and the same to you. Hope you have a loving partner to help celebrate with.

So Jesse, as usual we are thinking of you, enjoy your night and take care little one!

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

JEN said...

Hi Jess,

Its great to be able to leave comments again. Glad to hear you are still having the time of your life and so you should!

After all, part of the adventure is the experience, and why not experience an outdoor office with all its glory!!

I'm looking forward to your next video, photos & blogs!

SAIL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes,

Jen, Warragul, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

JEN said...

Hi Jess,

Its great to be able to leave comments again. Glad to hear you are still having the time of your life and so you should!

After all, part of the adventure is the experience, and why not experience an outdoor office with all its glory!!

I'm looking forward to your next video, photos & blogs!

SAIL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes,

Jen, Warragul, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I once caught a seagull too, it's a tad un-nerving huh. After I cast out and watched the line arc skywards a seagull turned and banked into it, found it couldn't fly and flopped into the sea. I didn't really want to be un-hooking an irate flappy-squawky thing, but my mate dealt with it by sticking his finger in its beak and unwinding it, it luckily wasn't hooked. Makes me wonder if fish squawked hard enough would I be so happy to go fishing...

I've also caught a row boat, a motor boat, and a jet ski. And all of them seemed to really get a kick out of it, made their day. Which just goes to prove Jesse, whatever you do in life, aim to please.


ps. Nicer website

Sonja said...

Good luck with the rest of your journey Jessica. Looking forward to when you round the Cape. I am in Cape Town, and would've loved to be able to spot you from land somewhere. Hope you have a safe journey. You still must be the bravest person I know right now.

Sonja de Wet
Cape Town
South AFrica

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
The blue fish reminds me of Dr Seuss and his 'One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, and the fantastic charater's Yink and Yop.

Just thought I'd mention it, lol.

Things get totally random when you're about to go zero/zero doncha think?????????
☺☺☺ Hoo roo ☺☺☺

kellie said...

hiya jesse
welcome back i know they will sort things out glad to hear its going ok way out there
dont know if you know but the footy season will be starting soon there were some trail matches this weekend who do you go for asuming you follow the footy


PWB said...


ConFuseUs says:

Girl who sail pink Outdoor Office,

Will always keep her business above board.




danma said...

Hey Jess,

It's great to have you & everyone back, I had withdrawals not being able to comment.
It's raining heaps here (in Sydney) but we need the rain, hopefully it will be all gone for when you get here & we can put on a fantastic day.
I love hearing about the fish that visit you.
Hope that the winds pick up a little for you.
Stay safe & happy sailing.

Alessandro Machi said...

I vote against moving the computer from its secured position. All it takes is a series of unforeseen chain of events where you have to leave the computer unattended to because of something more pressing, then something goes wrong and your computer is underwater swimming with the fishes.

All I know is the last time I was on a boat my favorite cap flew off my head and I've never been the same.

PWB said...


ConFuseUs says:

Girl who manage and sail pink Outdoor Office,

Should avoid to have scuttle on Poop Deck.




Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica
Enjoy that sunshine

HomeSweetBoat said...

Wow Salty Dog that was SO cute!!!

Jessica - so glad all is well and you are having a wonderful time.

Thinking of you all the way and all our friendly bloggers - love you all.

Fay from the Gold Coast

SUBIR said...

Hi Jessica,

1. Almost missed this post as I kept trying the new address on your web site. Glad I checked the .blogspot address. Gr8 to know you are now with us in the eastern hemisphere.
2. A thought for your tech team - I wonder whether moving away from is a good idea. This page opens much faster than the one on the website. In case you are able to handle the technical challenge, I guess it's OK. Anyway, I guess you have some sound reason for choosing to move away from .blogspot.

3. Anyway take care. Happy Valentine Day from all of us in advance.

4. BTW, did you try BBC's brain test. A great test and quite scientific. Will take about 20 minutes. All readers are also encouraged to take this test. It’ll tell you about your brain and thinking process. The link is


HomeSweetBoat said...

Rob Hardie

Always love your blogs!


Debbie in Tampa, FL said...

Hi Jessica,

Wow, I would love to have an Outdoor Office the way you are blessed to have one. But at least we all can live somewhat vicariously through you and imagine it through your lovely, descriptive words.

One of my favorite things to do with my husband is to go to the beach and just look at it in all its glory and listen to the waves crash upon the shore. It's mesmerizing. I also enjoy the entire ambience that is created along with all the colors that are out there just like you do. The canvas out there is always changing from one beautiful masterpiece to another, thanks to God who holds nature's paintbrush, which lets us take part in all that the world He created has to offer.

Jessica, you are so good at reminding us all to slow down and to take notice of the small details around us, which makes a big difference in our perception of our environments. It is very important for each one of us to take stalk of all the natural beauty around us. We need to "Stop and smell the Roses" or in your case stop and smell the Ocean Air.

Thank you once again for sharing your journey with the rest of us, it really is very generous of your time and effort and it's greatly appreciated. You are definitely making a huge impact on many lives in this world as you sail around it.

Take Care and God Bless,
Debbie in Tampa, FL

Anonymous said...

Hope Valentine's Day brings you helpful winds, Jessica. Great update. Thanks! Wishing you well, always.
Jan, Waitara, NZ

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Great blog, like i have said before your writting is so descriptive, you continue to amaze us with your words. It's like we are reading from someone much older than 16 almost 17. Your book is going to be a must read in this house (mmmmm might have to get two to stop the fighting). Anyway thankyou again for letting us all share your journey with you. Looking forward to your next post.
Stay safe and hooked on,
Tim and Rosie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
It may soon be Valentine's Day but we know your first LOVE of the moment.
Thanks for the lovely long chat Jesse, you sound happy.
Keep up the great attitude and happy sailing.
Sally in Melbourne by the sunny Bay

Kissyfrott said...

Hello Captain Jesse, good morning!
It is good to see you approaching the "european" meridians, so we know our daytimes are going to be similar for some weeks. It is fun remembering when you were the other side of the clock! And that thought expresses well your journey's dimension.
A few months ago, it was difficult to wish you a good morning or a good night, as there were all these hours between us, plus the fact that we couldn't guess when you would be able to read!

The outdoor office is a lovely idea. You have a talent to find the right words to make us feel on board with you. Linda shouldn't be afraid, you can't be anything else than cautious about the toughbook. By the way, one obvious and important question: What's the toughbook's name?

I didn't know Bluefish as a boatwash company, but I shall remember their name. We have Blue Elephant here for carwash -maybe you have that in Australia too?-. Blue seems to mean clean. Clean sky, clean sea, OK. Blue moon? Blue jean's? Blue cheese? Not so obvious. By the way, I learnt that the "Blue Fin Tuna", in english, becomes the "Red Tuna" in french.

You can't imagine how relieved we are to be back. Some of us felt like killed, abandoned, proscripted, lost. There were some desperate mail exchanges...
People feeling punished, derelict. We are a weird bunch of addict persons. This breakdown was something like having been left out from EPL on small lifeboats and drifting off, yelling in the dark while watching you sailing away.
Your vicarious virtual passengers are back, and happy.

I guess the Cape of Good Hope, and his mate Agulhas, might be a messy place to get through, for the currents maybe even more than for the winds. But we may rely on Master Bob to cook the best recipe and show you the door to the Mhadei's Ocean.

Fair sailing and good winds, Captain Jesse!

carole (Mackay) QLD said...

Hey Jess, what a great blog you wrote and yes I could just picture your 'outdoor office' - that really sounds like paradise when the conditions are calm, great to see you making the most of it. A few easy days gives you a chance to catch up on other things so not a bad thing.

Your shore team have done a great job to get the server all fixed so we can once again chat to you, even tho unable to post a message it was still great to read your blogs, watch the videos and pictures.

How cool the drive thru carwash ! They came along thinking they would give the hull a quick clean up for you - LOL

hope the winds change to help push you around the cape - not long to go now - good on you.

PS how are your food stocks holding up? do you still have treats left in the other food bags - or have you raided them ? Enjoy your day - fair winds Jess.


Old Iron said...

Outdoor Office.

Thanks for the update and Photos.

Midwest USA

carole (Mackay) QLD said...

Thankyou Saltydog from Seattle. What a beautiful blog you posted. Happy Valentines Day everyone

"May your love of life and the adventures it brings always keep your heart warm"

Carole (Mackay) QLD

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jesse

Pls send us picture of the new office at sea

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jessee, what a lovely office you have here I am sitting in the study, fan going full pelt, and I am still sweating, its been very humid here on the Sunny Coast today,but better than some of the weather overseas at the moment, so I shouldnt complain. Happy Valentines Day Jesse, maybe there is a surprise in one of your food bags!!!!God speed Jesse, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore.P.S. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO SALTYDOG TO

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

truly, no better office than outside in the sunshine!
Is the toughbook wearing a harness?
Can't afford to lose that one over the side!
But I guess in 3 knots, that would not be a concern!

Thank goodness you are not racing at the minute!
Love your attitude, instead of biting your nails, because you are not going faster, you enjoy the moment typing away in the sunshine!

Good on you Jessica, you are a marvel!

Must look up bluefish, so nice that they kept you company, preening Ella as well.

The two last videos are also great. I watched them last night.
You'll never forget that sight of the 'invasion' of the dolphins!

Keep well, happy and above all else be safe,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

It's great to be able to communicate with you again. We have watched with fascination at your blogs over the previous months, and will continue to do so until you reach j\home.

It really isn't that far off.

We read today that you might be passed by a catamaran chasing the round world speed record.

Sorry but you won't that this time around. Maybe next time.

It sounds as though things are getting a little comfy out there.

In one way good, in another bad.

The winds are meant to be strong enough to push you comfortably and quickly home. Tell the wind gods to get on with it.

Take care brave lady and find the kind winds home.

You know the old saying’ Go slowly, come back quickly'.

Time you were home.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
First comment for a while but have been enjoying to 'check in' on your website each evening and following your adventure. Not far from the Cape of Good Hope now...and then you will have your sights on HOME! You are doing brilliantly! Stay safe and God of your many Brissie fans

Unknown said...

So glad everything is back to normal!
Godspeed on the homeward stretch.

Anonymous said...

hi jesse,

have been so interested in your adventure since go... but only now realising that i can make a comment on the blog - techinally challenged :)
i have only once been on a yatch, and even then it was for only a few hours, in that time i managed to throw my gut up over the side and start pineing for land! hehe, yes not the sailing sort... boyfriend loves sailing! hmmmmm... i'm going to have to condition myself for the seas i think.
can't wait to read your next blog...

alice - tasmania

Janet Nancarrow said...

Yes good to see you back and yes we will all be glad when you are back in Australian Waters,take care Jess see you soon.

Mark Catalina 27 said...

Good Morning from a snowy day in North Carolina Jesse. Had planned on a bit of sailing this weekend but no go. Looks like I'll live that thru you and Abby this weekend & follow the America's Cup.

Love your sense of humor Jess. It's obvious that you are in great spirits. Sail on Captain with our best wishes and prayers.

PS.. Happy Valentines Day from the states - A day early !

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey jess

Welcome back where you been,LOL


God Speed

Peter and Sally

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Sounds simply magical out there as you described for the last few days. I've been wondering about your wind instruments and whether or not you've contemplated another trip up the mast while the weather allows it. But then again it's proven to be something you've managed to do without so why take unnecessary risks, right?
Having done this trip I'd imagine it would not be entirely easy to adjust your attitude to accommodate racing in preference to enjoying the sunshine. I never did like racing myself before I went cruising, and disliked it even more when I came back. To me it always seems too stressful and too expensive when things break. Sir Edward Heath (one time British PM and winner of Sydney to Hobart, 1969..?) once said, "Ocean racing is like standing under a cold shower tearing up five pound notes". Spot on, I thought.
Good on those little blue fishies for cleaning weed away from Pink Lady's bottom. Her anti-fouling can't be hurting them then, which is good to know.
Wouldn't you know it, just as you're ready to head more into a south-easterly direction, quess what happens? Headwinds! I hope it soon swings around enough for you to start making decent headway again. You must be feeling very excited about being well on your way home, especially as you near Prime Meredian but I know you'd probably be feeling like that second lap would be sounding more and more appealing if not for your longing to see family and friends again.
Keep up the good work Jess, you're doing an excellent job and going so well. Take good care of yourself, maintain well your D+F's, stay safe and bye for now...Aunty Sam XX :-))

PS...Saltydog...very nice!

Happy VD everybody!!! :-)) :-)) :-))

nanna said...

Hi Jess,love the photo's,you are doing great....
Cant wait to see you back safe and sound,hugs
Nanna Cairns Qld

mike said...

Hi Jesse

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you find a surprise gift of chocolates from those who love you most - tucked away in a secret place on EPL. If you don't get any choccies let us know in your next blog and I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of boxes waiting for you when you get home.

I wonder if you will let yourself have just a little dream today of the king of partner you would like to go out on a Valentine's date. Ah well, plenty of time for that Jesse - anyway, you have more important fishes to fry (whoops - you have to catch one first!).

See ya,
Mike (Canberra)

Anonymous said...

To the most beautiful girl in the world:


Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

Hip Hip, Hooraaay....!! Great to see you and all the blogging family. We were walking in eternal darkness for a bit. Phewww. I had sweaty palms, hyperventilation, withdrawals and needed counselling. Just kidding, I knew that Andrew would have been on top of it and we would be able to talk to you again B4 long. Thanks Andrew, will look forward to the new site.

Love the piccy's they are excellent. How blue is that sea!! I wonder what strange urge of nature changes the colour of the sea throughout the world? Some are greenie blue, light blue, and then your photo of the amazing navy blue. Like the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean. Just lovely. Thanks

Go the Bluefish, wow, they must really love EPL. Drive through are car wash !! Ba ha ha. Classic. Bluefish hoovering EPL removing all that yucky stuff, sea creatures love having you out there and they really do look after you..!! They may be nibbling on EPL because she is a sexy girl, and it is valentines day……

And your comment……”So I've resolved to put a lot more effort into refusing plastic bags and using less plastic when I get home”…. and so say all of us…!!

(While we were down with comments, I dreamt about the blog site. How weird is that. I remember trying to write to you to tell you that 45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W was related to you, he was your uncle. How funny, I could not get his co-ordinates right…took me hours in my dream, not so funny)

Have fun Jesse, turn the music up. Talk to you tomorrow. Cheers Paula.

Ps I want your office...!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see all is working again on the web, enjoy the sunshine and the blue sea, we are very envious, especially those of us who cannot sail. Viv

Calman said...

Hi Jess

You are a legend. I can’t wait to see you arrive home in the near future.

Ron said...

Keep going Jess

Isaiah 40:22 (King James Version)

It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

The Book of Isaiah was written between 701 and 681 B.C.

Today it is well known that the Earth is a sphere, or very close to one (its equator bulges out a bit because of the Earth's rotation). When Christopher Columbus proposed to reach India by sailing west from Spain, he too knew that the Earth was round.

If they had of just read the Bible (Written 2.5 thousand years earlier) they would have know it was round. After all the author "God" was the one who created it.

Lucky for you that God created it round. It just makes it so much easier.

Still bus'n

Anonymous said...

Speaking of racing, you should have seen that big Trimaran from the USA flying along vs Alinghi in yesterday's Americas Cup race from Valencia Spain. Victory by more than 15 minutes! I don't know if you're interested in that or not, but I thought I'd let you know. I'm not too far away from you now...just a couple of thousand miles...working in Angola. I've been watching since you left home. Great job and keep up the good work. Remember, this is the time of your life!

pestinfo said...

Welcome back Jessica

You are doing just fine. A bit of R & R never caused anybody a problem.

You cannot get on the bus until it arrives at the bus stop; likewise you cannot do 20 knots until the wind picks up.

Great work to date. Just do what you have been doing for the past cuppla months and we will soon see you in Sydney Harbour.

They had the opening ceremony for the Vancouver Winter Olympics - what an amazing display of technology that was ..... I'm sure Mum will tape it for you. Blow you away -- Well done Kanuchs (spelling??)!!

OK, now back to work, a lumpy bit coming up soon on the port side. It's called South Africa. Miss it if you can. Then your in the home straight - only Amsterdam Island and Tassie between you and Sydney.

Mum, can you organise some Pringles from a helicopter at Cape Town??

Oh by the way sweetheart ----- HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

You deserve it.

Sail safe
Allen, H/Bay, Qld, AU

PS. I reckon half of your followers have had the biggest geography lesson in their entire lives. It's been a symbiotic relationship since day one.

Anonymous said...

Gidday Jesse, its good to be able to write to you again. So progress is slow but it might make you happy to stop at 1 lap for that hot shower. The Prime Meridian (not heard that term for a I think)Now more than officially more than half way, seems only yesterday I watched you sail out Sydney Heads. You rock girl, see you soon......Steve....Sydney

Anonymous said...

Hi jess we are keeping on eye on you from the Gold Coast,continuing good luck to you my dear. its always lovely to read your blogs & see you are safe. you do love it dont you!Adventure plus, will be good to hear you are home
Love the Fry family

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

Yes indeed, there was quite a bit of withdrawal syndrome during the time Andrew and his team attempted to transition your blog directly into your website but you know what? They did their best and all the time the blog remained static (comments disabled), Andrew and his team afforded all of us the courtesy of an update with very kind words. Good man, good team !

Also, while comments were disabled, quite a few of us have been having a grand old chin wag to each other anyway. We've familiarised some of our good mates across the pond with several things Oz and practically adopted some of them ! Michael, you hear that? There's no escape now !

Yes, taking your work outdoors makes a big difference. Its much more relaxing outdoors and I believe that the heaps of positive energy and fresh air enables you to accomplish much more.

Happy Valentine's Day Young Lady !


Bruce Watt said...

Hi Jess
Not so sure taking the computer on the deck is such a good idea, where the computer is exposed to more salt air corrosion. But I understand your reasons sitting somewhere on the deck surfing the net while keeping an eye on the bluefish playing around EPL must be wonderful.

Australia is east and looking at your site map seem as though your a little to far north.Hopefully next day or so you will be able to head due east to Oz and or home. Aint that good news.:))

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)
Oz Land.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
I agree everything is better with sunshine. My favorite place to be is on the bow just watching the water go by. All the best from Seattle Wa USA. Keep the grassy side down.


Katie! said...

Hey Jess! How are you doing? Its been ages since I could post a comment on your blog! Glad I can now, just wondering, about when will you be arriving in Australia? You must be getting excited, your doing so well!

Have fun with EPL,

Safe sailing,



Unknown said...

Hope the computer doesn't fall overboard. I'm sure its a nice change to be outside and on the computer at the same time.
I hope you will have fond memories of your visit to the Western Hemisphere. Of course one of your most memorable memories will be rounding the horn.
Thanks again for sharing all your experiences with us all. I know you are going to write a book which I am looking forward to. Was wondering if you will continue to blog once home to let us all know how you are adjusting to land life.
Best wishes and God bless, duane

ben said...

Hey Jesse,

flat seas, sunshine and no wind
...woohoo! put those sunny's on, a big shady hat, a good book and get out on that deck and enjoy. Oh, and don't forget the sun-block lol

For 119 days (3mths 27dys)you have worked tirelessly, thru days, nights and on weekends keeping EPL maintained and on a proper course for home, taking only catnaps to avoid potential disaster. That sort of mental and physical committment would be well beyond most of us.

You have quite a way to go yet
'tough cookie' and to say you've earned the right for a bit of
R&R would truly be an under-
statement. So pop up there now and that's an order...ahem..please :)

Btw, thanx for the acknowledgement re server and we're all happy to be back on board I'm sure.

Take care out there capt'n J and sail safe. Utopia is just beyond that horizon.

Ben (Qld)

PWB said...




To the Queen of the Seven Seas,


Jesse let me be,
your lovin' Jelly Fish
Put a bucket on the deck,
and feed me with a dish
Oh let me be
Your Jelly Fish.

I don't wanna be a Bluefish
Cause Bluefish play too rough
I don't wanna be a sealion
'Cause sealions ain't the kind
you love enough’.
Just wanna be, your Jelly Fish
Put a bucket on the deck
and feed me with a dish
Oh let me be
Your Jelly Fish.

Jesse let me be, around you every day
Keep your fingers to yourself,
And you will be OK
Oh let me be
Your Jelly Fish.

♡♡♡♡♡♡."Happy Valentines Day".♡♡♡♡♡♡


♡♡♡♡♡♡."Thank You Very Much".♡♡♡♡♡♡





Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse,
Well I can relate to many of the comments about the withdrawl from your blog. Although since I had taken a month long hiatus I had already experienced it in a different way only to come home on Feb 3rd to not be able to get back up to speed with you and the blog family. Good to know things are well with you and you are accepting the weather and adjusting your expectations to be in the moment.... Your outdoor office sounds wonderful! Here's to continued success, happy Valentine's Day and smooth sailing.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...


Nice poem. Hope all is well with all fellow bloggers, it is good to be back and "keep in touch" with you all. Mike

rod said...

captain jesse ,
good to know that all is now well in the technical side of things.
thanks for the pictures and blogs, sorry we could not comment at the time.
anyway the main thing is that all is well and i look forward to the rest of our journey.
have a wonderful valentines day, no doubt you will be inundated with messages on sunday 14 february, we should also remember that 44 years ago australia converted from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents.
i had been working in the bank for 3 months when this took place.
so much for the history lesson.
as always take care young adventurer
and look forward to your safe return.

blackbutt qld

tassiehunter said...

Hi jessica, you are a legend girl, I have 2 daughters, one your age, I know how your parents must feel, proud wouldn't cut it, I spent the day on the briny today, doing a spot of fishing in my home state of tassie, strange thing was I got to thinking about how you were going, and what you would be doing right at that time, your adventure is touching people from all walks of life. I hope you get to travel around after you get home (and down from cloud 9) to meet some of the people who have followed you through this , well done girl, you make us proud to be aussies!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I could sit outside in a cockpit while doing my office work, but I'm sure my computer would freeze up. And I mean that literally since it's minus 10C here today.
Good luck to the one Aussie in the Winter Olympics;) But I'm pulling for Canada all the way. Go Canada.
Go Jesse.
Arnie in Canada

Anonymous said...

hi Jess and all,

its my birthday today and i would love to collect greetings from all over the world. Please wish me. (what a shameless request from a 47 year old)



Anonymous said...


Great to be able to send you a Valentine in time for Valentines Day. I am sure that to everyone here you are at the top of their list of secret admirers.

Hope the wind cooperates so that you can avoid punching into a choppy sea.

keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jessica! Glad to see that you've got some smooth sailing for a while, even though progress is a bit slower than you'd like. I watch the weather you're going through via every day and can see how you managed to avoid some of the turbulent stuff to your south.

Have an extra piece of chocolate and enjoy the day!


Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Conditions sound so (how shall I phrase this) Idyllic ?. Everything is a tradeoff and I believe I would feel exactly as you do after your bout of cold cabin temperature and no working heater.

Enjoy the sunshine Miss Sunshine.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Bevan at Peachester said...

Hi Jess, great to hear you're still on the job, am following your journey with great interest, however a few posts ago you mentioned your love of Nutella, yuk, only kids love that stuff, so best wishes kid, look forward to your safe return to the Sunshine Coast,
safe sailing,
Bevan (Peachester)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is your one heck of a seaman. And I can reflect on your days at sea I spent quite a few years at sea myself and it is just so peacfull some days. I remember so well my first atlantic crossing the sea gulls followed our ship clean across the atlantic.
So hear is wishing you a sfae journey back home.

Glenda said...

Lovely to hear you can enjoy some nice weather for a while. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and thanks Salty Dog for your nice wishes to us all. Keep smiling Jess and stay safe.

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Hi, again, Jesse!

Just finished watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Vancouver! It was pretty amazing. I guess they are always spectacular, but it's surprising how they can manage to come up with new, spectacular, technology to give us a thrill. Your compatriots did a super job,, and they made sure everyone was included.

Your lovely young Aussie snowboarder, Torah Bright, carried your flag when they had the Parade of Nations. I hope she does well! I guess she's from Cooma, I'm not sure where that is, I'll have to look it up!!

If you want to see any of it, it'll probably be on Youtube (at least a clip or two) , maybe even before the night is over.

Hope you're experiencing smooth sailing, with a nice tailwind, and that you've been able to get some rest!

Let us know when you open you next 2-week meal package, and what surprises you have in it. (Isn't if funny what little it takes to excite us??) Did your Mum want you to open them in any sort of order, or do you just dive into the storage area in the bow and pull one out one that looks good, grab-bag style? Hopefully, she's included some Pringles in one of the packages you have yet to open!

It's exciting that you're about to cross the Prime Meridian ( 0 degrees longitude) , and I guess that means that you'll also be on Greenwich Mean Time for a while, doesn't it? Your trip is such an educational opportunity. I'm always going to the dictionary or the internet to check on something. Guess I better check on the GMT remark, just to make sure. ( Fellow Bloggers please feel free to correct me if I've made an incorrect assumption, and you can be sure that I'll go and check too, as soon as I send this! .

Well, goodnight, special one, will be saying a prayer and am sending you hugs of encouragement!

Stay tethered, Jesse, and remember to practice "Safe Sailing" all the time!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Mike_trrac said...

Hi Jess

I thought you might be interested in the impact you are having on the world. I have now completed the comments since New Year's Day which shows you are being followed in 81 countries! I'll have a map of these for you in the next week or so.

COUNTRY, Bloggers
Australia, 914 (est.),
USA, 546, (including every state)
Canada, 72,
New Zealand, 66,
Germany, 52,
Sweden, 37,
Netherlands, 33,
UK, 21,
Italy, 15,
Norway, 12,
Russia, 12,
France, 11,
Austria, 9,
South Africa, 9,
Spain, 9,
Denmark, 8,
India, 8,
Switzerland, 7,
Chile, 6,
Japan, 5,
Portugal, 5,
Argentina, 4,
Belgium, 3,
China, 3,
Ecuador, 3,
Finland, 3,
Ireland, 3,
Malaysia, 3,
Mexico, 3,
PapuaNew Guinea, 3,
Philippines, 3,
Singapore, 3,
Brazil, 2,
Cambodia, 2,
Cook Islands, 2,
Czech Republic, 2,
Hungary, 2,
Iceland, 2,
Lithuania, 2,
Madagascar, 2,
Paraguay, 2,
Poland, 2,
Saudi Arabia, 2,
South Korea, 2,
Thailand, 2,
Turkey, 2,
Venezuela, 2,
Antarctica, 1,
Bahamas, 1,
Brunei, 1,
Bulgaria, 1,
Croatia, 1,
Cyprus, 1,
Estonia, 1,
Fiji, 1,
Greenland, 1,
Haiti, 1,
Hong Kong, 1,
Indonesia, 1,
Israel, 1,
Jordan, 1,
Latvia, 1,
Luxembourg, 1,
Mali, 1,
Malta, 1,
Pakistan, 1,
Puerto Rico, 1,
Qatar, 1,
Reunion Island, 1,
Roumania, 1,
Sabah, 1,
Slovenia, 1,
Sri Lanka, 1,
Taiwan, 1,
Tanzania, 1,
Tonga, 1,
Tunisia, 1,
United Arab Emirates, 1,
Ukraine, 1,
Vietnam, 1,
Zimbabwe, 1,

Countries = 81
Bloggers = 1041 + Australia
Comments = 10514
Period = 1/1/2010- 13/2/2010

You are amazing!


Mike (Avoca Beach, NSW)

Mark said...

I'm sorry that you are having to tack so much Jessica. : ( A nice breeze from the stern would be much appreciated I'm sure. Hopefully you will get some more favorable winds soon.

I remember back in the 1980's, setting the alarm clock for 3:00am to get up and watch the America's Cup off of the Western coast of Australia on T.V. The Fremantle Doctor was howling and although everyone else in Miami was sleeping, I enjoyed some of the best tacking duels ever witnessed. Very intense.

Onward to the Eastern coast of Australia for you young lady. If you do decide to go racing in the future, no doubt you'll be great at that as well.

Stay Safe; Stay Strong

Atlanta, GA (USA)

IndyMike said...

Happy Valentines Day, Jesse!
It's so good to have you back again.
Good sailing...

39°50’19”N, 86°9’20”W

Rich@rcantrell said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jessica. Your postings are a delight. Reading the latest from on deck, I could feel the wind in my face. This location for writing and the friendly dolphins may be an inspriation for your blogs. Congratulations as you make the half way point on your adventure and begin the homeward journey. Wishing you clear skies and safe sailing. Rich a San Antonio Texas follower of Jessica and Abby.

Charlie E said...

After being unable to connect to the internet for some days, it's nice to be back online. Coincidental that there was a problem with the blog at the same time. Talking to a sailing friend today about the finer points of reefing in the mainsail. The way things are going, you'll have us all sailing, literally. By your account, must be good to have a few quieter days. Now, we are wondering how far south of the Cape of Good Hope you will be sailing. Continue to keep well. Travel safe.

Lynn said...

What a great attitude you have! I'm always so uplifted when you write in your blog, as your writing style gives me a glimpse of what it's like on EPL, and your warm words make me feel I have a friend. Fair seas to you, and best wishes.
Lynn from Thousand Oaks, CA

GlobeMasterOne said...

Jesse and Julie,



Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada/
2 more days in Bucerias, Mexico

Jony the pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the pony

Unknown said...

Dear Jessica,
Nice to hear that you are having good weather, especially since its Valentines Day ,as well as Vietnamese and Chinese New Year.Crossing the Meridian and entering eastern waters will make you feel that much closer to Home. Yes, Iam surrounded by four walls in this study,and having a Office with such a wonderful view must be great.Any luck at getting some fresh fish,or are you still a bit worried??? . Take Care,God Bless You,and may The Lord keep you safe,grant your every request and also provide favourable weather conditions.When you come around the Cape of Good Hope,you will see Table Mountain on yourPort Bow as you sail east.Once again My very Best wishes to You, your Family and your wonderful team ...Best Regards,Have Fun, Stay Safe and Happy sailing. Keep going you Brave and Inspirational Aussie...Rex Manuel,Greenvale.Vic 3059

hezakiah299 said...

02-13-10 @ 10:02
Hi Jessica,
You just don’t know how wonderful it is to get back into the groove again, how addictive this blog has become, and it’s all of the wonderful people that has made it so. Thank you!!!!
Most important, Happy Valentines Day Jessica, I wish I could drop a box of chocolates on you, but at least I promise not to mail you any,…..LOL….
And to all the lovely ladies that I have ‘talked’ with on this family blog, I wish you a very Happy Valentines Day and may you all get a big box of chocolate from your mate.
Jessica, it really is great to be in closer contact with you again, all those bloggers that are mentioning the withdrawal pains are not kidding, I’ve gone through it myself and it’s a drawing, nagging discomfort. Plus it messes with your head too….lol…
Loved your outdoor office, ahhhh, the comforts in life, I wonder how many office bound people will read that and cry. Of course office people in the Eastern, Southern and upper United States wouldn’t agree to that right now. I think we have about two and one half feet (21/2) sitting out there right now, with more on the way.

@ Jonathan: Well noted, I’m very anxiously awaiting to board that plane, I will be there!!!!!
@ Deborah, BC, Canada: "Boxing Kangaroo"
@ Larry: Nice one Larry, yes, once she’s earned it it’s hers. Nice post.
@ Sven: And a high back at you Sven, it’s good to ‘see’ you again.
@ Aunty Chris: Relax Aunty Chris, all is well, we’ve all experienced the symptoms and we shall survive, just drop a post to Jessica and read all the posts from the other bloggers and you will feel the anxiety drain out of your body and head ssssshshhhhhh…..
@ Rio The Homework Dog: That’s a very good question, yet to be addressed.
@ SaltyDog: Way to go, I was glad to see that you were with your brother and enjoying yourselves, Yes, “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother” that is beautiful.

We’ll Jessica, now you’ve got the bluefish working for you, that was great, what next? A drive-through car wash in the middle of the Atlantic, with a floating vacuum cleaner no less, that’s great, only you would think of that, hahaha!!! You’re wonderful!!!!
Hang in there Jessica, I’m sure the wind is going to pick up for you, and then you’ll be able to make some good time. Hurry home, everyone is waiting for you.
Hope the crew is behaving, keep an eye on them, did you let them out for some fresh air? Did you put a tether on that Toughbook???
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Cowboychincs said...

Dear Jessica:

YIPPEE... so happy to have you back where we can ACTUALLY get updates from you and we can ACTUALLY send our comments... the 'new blog routine' was NOT working... in fact, I just finished writing some comments to your crew on your website about how bad it was and that this was NOT WORKING for us die-hard fans.

Soooo... glad it is back to the usual on the blog and updates... we have all been with you all along this trip thus far... and that little change really made us feel left-out!

Keep up the good work and I am happy you are happy... remember the little things.. check them often when you are making 3 knots and under... it gives you something to do as well as prepares you for any rough times that may lay ahead of you.

All my best...

Grandpa Jerry, South Carolina, USA

bernie777 said...

We missed u sweetheart u r a true hero to us is like taking a fix from a junkie...glad to be back on line lol Bernie 777....

Cowboychincs said...

Dear Jessica:

Sorry... I forgot to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day... close your eyes and think of a very fragrant red rose... in fact, think of a dozen of them... in fact, think of hundreds of dozens of them... because there are hundreds of us out here sending them your way... have a special day!


Grandpa Jerry, South Carolina, USA

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jesse!

@Samurai, what does D's+F's mean? Reminds me of my parents going on about my sister's report card when we were young! (D's+F's used to mean failing grades here in the US ages ago). --and, lovely artwork BTW!

@Grant, did I miss the 3rd composition? Where can I find it?

Congrats, Canucks on such a great opener! You've got some great singers--we're such fans of KD Lang! Now hopefully our US Hockey team will knock the socks (or helmets) off everybody! It's ridiculous the members have to fly back and forth to keep up their scheduled games. So sad for the Georgians and such a reminders that what the competitors do is so on the edge. Blessings on all!

Blessings on you, Jessica, and like others, we caution you about letting listeners know you are there alone, especially so close to pirate territory. They are quite well trained with advanced equipment, ranging pretty far. Thugs.

Bloggers, love the poetry!

Hearts beating for you,
Your family of Pink Fans in northern Nevada,
Patricia, Richard and John

janel said...

Hooray, comments are back. I felt disconnected from you, which is kind of funny, really. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and that your heart knows that there are many many people that care about you and wish you only the BEST! Thinking of you.

Molly said...

Oh Sailor Girlie, I know that feeling of being able to write while having a view of the water.
In the Spring, I take my laptop down next to the lake.
It is the most serene writing I ever do.
Since it's almost "love day", I have to say that you are such a testament to the love of the sea.
May the Sea Spirits and His Majesty Neptune drop you some delicious Godiva tomorrow.
And a dozen of the reddest roses there are.

Maryland USA

Unknown said...

I think you've realized - even after going half-way around the world - that you can surprise yourself by trying something new, even something as simple-sounding as moving a computer to a different place.

It is another way of changing perspective to help you look at something you've seen for a long time in a new way.

Life is like that - giving us new perspectives on regular things!

Fair winds and calm seas!


Unknown said...

G'Day Jessica!!

You are an inspiration to women all over the world!! I wish you a safe journey home and everyone in Chicago is routing for you!!

Best wishes-
The Oxer's

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the sunshine, you deserve it! So happy that you are on the way home although that brings us closer to not having the pleasure of reading your blog almost everyday. Following you has been a bright spot in my day although some days were cause for some worry! Be safe..
Nancy F Monroe Ga. USA

Claudio Silva said...

Ahoy, Skipper! Glad you're OK and enjoying some good weather. We're in some typical South American summer heat, and just amid Carnival, which is a major holiday in Brazil. We don't celebrate St. Valentine's Day here (for the Catholic tradition that prevailed from our Portuguese roots sets Lovers' Day on June the 12th, eve of Saint Anthony of Padua's feast, he being the saint patron of marriages). But, anyway I compliment everybody on this day, and wish you all have lots of love of all kinds in your lives. Even on land our "boats" can "capsize" into the water without warning once in a while, and it's love that puts us back on our feet when it happens. Not only the love we get but mainly the the one we give. Our Skipper, tough very young, is quite a role model on this: she shows us how loving your family and your boat and your mission helps to get going through danger and also through the boring, hard things that are part of our duty. John Donne once wrote: "No Man is an Island, alone by itself". And none of us is, or needs to feel, completely alone, even in the middle of the ocean, ain't that, Skipper? I believe we all have a nice harbour waiting for us in the end of the voyage, with many good things and company as a reward for our bravery. So let's matter our sailing to get there safe and sound. A Happy Valentine's Day to our extended family and to our amazing captain! Fair winds, M'am!

Claudio Silva said...

To Sundar: No shame, man! I'll be that age soon and wish you all the best! Happy Birthday from Brazil!

Bobby in SC said...

Great to hear that things are still going well for you. You are one tough 16 year old. Keep safe and have fun!

We are snowed in here in South Carolina of all places. And, my girls are going to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief tommorrow so that's what's up out here.

- Bobby in South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!

Im glad to hear from you, it is great that you are able to enjoy sunny days and good weather.

Be careful with your computer, water and salt are not good for them.

Im glad the shore team made the blogs available from here, it is not easy to get a server fit to work with high traffic and tons of messages.
I think it will be nice if they put some update on the news, just in case people are still checking it.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Thanks again Jess for the beautiful pics and videos.

Marina from Turin

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Saturday, February 13th, 10:58 a.m.

Hi, Jesse!

I just read RichieParis' question about what your computer is called, i.e. what's it's name? and I think you should call it "COOKIE" (as in "ONE TOUGH COOKIE" and "ONE SMART COOKIE").

At least that's my vote! In fact, Panasonic could come out with a model called "Cookie", for any new Toughbook that might come out, . . . in your honor, of course!!

And, since your blog is giving them some excellent exposure . . . they could even call it "The Jessica" model. I realize that would add to your attaining "one-name" celebrity! When people hear "Jessica" they'll think "Watson" . . . and no longer think of Jessica Simpson first!! And, you'll certainly deserve it more!!!

Hugs and Kisses, Prayers and Wishes!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Confused said...

A few people are saying "the new website is great"

Looks exactly the same as it always has???

The new blog that caused the "gobal depression":

"Comments are disabled"... no comment!

And this blog:

Is working like it always was before "improvements" were attempted.

What am I missing?

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - good to know you are happy with the way things are going today. The sunny office is a bit like the executive to not only takes work home but also on holidays. Forgive me for being so worried about you but that's me and that's that. Eastern hemisphere or not you are definitely on your way home.

It's Valentines Day tomorrow and you have a great one; get the Ella Bache out again and splash it on. Remember, there is a huge reservoir of love around the world for you; particularly here at home.

'til next time precious Jesse safety first is the go and keep the mind in the present.

Love ya and god bless!!


Philip said...

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself right now Jess. Taking the laptop out onto the cockpit is almost like taking the laptop out on the back deck of the house to sit outside and listen to nature while typing.
Doubt that you have much on your hull anyways but it sounds like something interested the bluefish. Maybe they heard the dolphins talking and had to investigate.
I also hope the wind changes soon for you as well. Head winds when you want to go that way are not fun.
The Prime Meridian - You will soon be back in the Eastern hemisphere. Then it can be considered a downward run to home.

By the way, did you ever get to use your Sextant yet? Was wondering about that.

And Happy Valentine's Day Jess. You deserve a 20lb Heart box of chocolate. And so does your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jess....Happy Valentine's Day...

Don't drop that computer overboard accidentally!!
david lord
indpls IN,USA

Kissyfrott said...

From Red Roses for a Blue Lady” (Sid Tepper & Roy Bennett)

I want some red roses for a pink lady
Mister florist take my order please
She departed Sydney harbour the other day
I hope these pretty flowers chase her storms away

I want some red roses for a pink lady
Send them to the sweetest gal at sea
And if they do the trick, I'll hurry back to pick
Your best white orchid for her arrival day

I want some red roses for a pink lady
She’s somewhere out there on the wide blue sea
I want these pretty flowers for her Valentine day

I want some red roses for a pink, pink lady
Send them to the sweetest gal at sea
And if they do the trick, I'll hurry back to pick
Your best white orchid for her arrival day

Your best white orchid for her arrival day.

Anonymous said...

It is great to have everyone back on the same blog...your new office sounds like a great idea..

Enjoy the break..catch up on all of your boat cleaning/maintenence.

Have a smooth trip around the Cape..
Joe Springfield VA USA

tom paine said...

Keepin' a close eye on you gal. Keep sailing.

jo from perth said...

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse,
a thousand hellos and how are yous from me. I am back at home and due to no internet on my latest travels i have missed you and your adventure so very much. i thought i would get everything done and leave reading your blog and catching up on everything as a reward for when i had finished all those annoying coming home things, ie our washing, cleaning the house, apologising over and over to our cat Mishima who was dreadfully put out by our absence. Anyway it is wonderful to read you are still going strong and enjoying yourself. You look absolutely fantastic in your photo working on the computer outside.
I could go on and on but i want to spend the time going back over everything i have missed. So as i reread your updates, i wish you good winds and safe sailing and say again it is so wonderful to be back home and reading your blog.

Bruce de Mich said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUNDAR! AND Happy Valentines Day as well to you, Jesse and all the blog!

Bruce de Mich
Michigan, USA

Richard Lathrop said...

Hi Jesse,

The winter olympics are under way. They are inspiring to watch, but have also had their tragic note as I'm sure you will hear.

I think of you when I view those young olympic hopefulls. Together you are bringing out good feelings throughout a troubled world.

Based to today's blog, you have already clinched the gold medal for positive thinking, supported by delightful imagery. You are writing the textbook for holding on to a great attitude.

As you cross the prime meridian you will be sailing out of my half of the world and back into yours. And we are so much better for your visit. You have made all arbirtary boundries melt away in the warmth of your vital, young humanity.

Enjoy your self, champion, sail on.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse, Your disposition seems as sunny as the sunshine you were sitting in when you typed your last blog. As long as the highs aren't too high and the lows aren't too low you will be fine. Of course now a days there are drugs that level out the extremes in moods. I just finished reading "The Unquiet Mind" non-fiction by Kay Redfield Jamison. She was manic depressive or as they call it these days bipolar. She became a psychiatrist who with the use of lithium for herself has made tremendous contributions to the field of mood disorders. I think I'm rambling again. Are you ahead, behind, or right on pre-start estimates of where you might be at certain points in the journey? The sun is shining here in Manchester, N.H. USA with the air temperature in the thirties. The snow banks are rapidly melting but it might be a bit early to think we might get an early spring with no more snow. One can only hope!! Sail Safe Jessica Watson and we will be looking forward to your always interesting updates. Your long distant friend Larry (

Bruce de Mich said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jessica! To your office from mine! Wish yours was mine, Valentine!

Bruce de Mich

Unknown said...

Hello Commodore Watson:

Great to hear from you. Take some time to enjoy the good conditions.

Have you been running into more boat traffic lately??

Air you able to follow the Winter Olympics?? Australia has quite a contingent this year.

Take Care and stay safe!

Bob and Family from Denver CO. USA

Randy said...

Hi lovely Jesse!

In between the sentences, I could read a bit homesick...!?
Yes, I understand. Your are really a long time on sea now.
It's time to come home now!

But all in all your are on course - this is important!
And day by day you came nearer and nearer to Sydney...

So Pink Lady and you go on, "fly" home!

For me, it's really great to be a part of your journey!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Studying history is more interesting if it is relevant to what your are doing.

A few years back, I read "The Fatal Shore", a history of the early history of Australia and it's founding. The route your are on from now on parallels the First Fleet, after it left Brazil and headed to Capetown, then a Dutch colony, and then across the Southern Ocean to Sydney. Many of the convicts aboard had been convicted of petty theft and crimes against property by the draconian English courts at that time. Transportation was considered a "humane" alternative to execution.

I remember reading that one of the prisoners was a girl of 14 named Mary, who had been thrown in prison for stealing a button from a London dress shop. She would have spent the voyage in the hold, wondering what her future would be in a strange new land.

What a difference 222 years makes! Now we have an accomplished young Australian woman,(you), about the age of Mary, who is captain of her vessel, typing away in her outside office, communicating by satellite to a rapt audience, all while circumnavigating the globe!

What an amazing country you have, and what a spirit of adventure!

Best of Luck Always!
Richard W

Richard Rumble said...

Hey... Good to see the blog back online... glad the team got the glitches out.

Do your Home Work Young Lady.. or there will be no Prom for you... Oh wait... never mind.. You get to dance with the sea every day so really .. who needs prom.

Following daily... Enjoy the good weather and post often...

Richard Rumble
Dana Point, CA USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie, glad to hear your team got the blog straightened out. I know how hard it can be to think of interesting things to write about so I thought I'd ask a few questions.

I was wondering how food is holding out, will you have enough to get home or will you be fishing for your last meals?

I was concerned about the laptop being on deck, do you have a backup computer?

I again want to thank you for all the wonderful stories, I'll be anxiously awaiting your book!

Smooth Sailin' Skipper
Doug F - Elkhart,IN, USA

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Hello Jessica and Jess-a-holics everywhere:


I hope all of you enjoy the holiday
in special ways!

Jess, since you confessed to loving chocolate (I think most people do) I'm sending along 'The Rules of Chocolate' for your
consideration: (I wish I could
credit the author....)

The Rules of Chocolate

1. Chocolate covered raisins,
cherries, orange slices &
strawberries all count as
fruit, so eat as many as
you want.

2. The problem: How to get 2
pounds of chocolate home
from the store in a hot car.
The solution: Eat it in the
parking lot.

3. Diet tip: Eat a chocolate bar
before each meal. It'll take
the edge off your appetite
and you'll eat less.

3. Q: Why is there no such
organization as
Chocoholics Anonymous?
A: Because no one wants to

5. Put "eat chocolate" at the
top of your list of things to
do today. That way, at
least you'll get one thing

6. A nice box of chocolates
can provide your total daily
intake of calories in one
place. Isn't that handy?

7. If you can't eat all your
chocolate, it will keep in
the freezer. But if you
can't eat all your
chocolate, what's
wrong with you?
--author unknown

Have a happy, fun day everyone!

....Jessica, I love every one of your posts. And I don't even mind that I am surrounded by four walls. It thrills me that you can enjoy the fresh air and wildlife company while you type. Surely,
you must feel you are living a dream!!! (Oh yes, of course, ARE!)

You are so precious! I/we are all SO proud of you.


Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse,
Your office sounds great. Nothing like being in the open with that lovely sea air in the nostrils. Hope that Computer likes it too!
Happy Valentine's Jesse, we all luv ya.

David said...

Hi, Jess, it's been a while since I have blogged you, but lest you wonder I have read every blog you have posted and have saved on my computer (makes a great screen saver) every one of the photos of you that you have posted so far. Some day you will have to sit back and look at all of your photos and see how many different ways you have looked on this journey. Your best was in the yellow parka at Cape Horn. Take care.

David Indiana

Unknown said...

G'day Jessica. Nice to hear you've been enjoying a bit of settled weather, although with that as you've explained, comes the downside of a slowing sumlog.

But as you say, when the sun comes out, it's very welcome and enjoyable.

So now you face a bit on the nose to get around the Cape of Good Hope and then it's back into the Southern Ocean. Woowhooo!

On the journey tracker on your web site, I've discovered that if I click on the all-points navigation button (top left), I can pull up a map which shows both your departure and current points on the map at the same time - so now it's just a case of joining up those dots, right?

Don't forget to bolt that computer back into the Navigation Station. They don't bounce so good and hate getting damp!

Thanks for the update. Good sailing.

Unknown said...

Hi Jess,
Good to have you back on your blog and also nice to read that you are still fine out there after all those experiences you went through!!
(The knockdown and so on )
Today when I watched your latest videos, I had to laugh a little bit! Whilst I saw EPL ploughing through the swell I tried to imagine, how you would walk on land....!
What do you think? ( smile )
Ok, forget it!
I wish ya nice winds, pushing you fast but save to your next destination Africa.
From there you might see Australia already in the distance,it seams so, on the map.
I better stop writing nonsense now.
Excuse me--! Let me say thank you, for supplying us (homesitters )with all your photos and videos and so on.
You`re the number one!!

Greetings from the other side of the globe, were it is bloody cold and winter


Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Jessica, may I borrow a few lines on your blog? OK --thx heaps.

To Sundar: Here's wishing you a very happy 47th birthday from the middle of the USA! And many more happy birthdays to come!

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

HomeSweetBoat said...

This is for Sundar - Happy 47th birthday. Greetings from the Gold Coast!

Lee said...

Hey Jessica! Loved your post! Rod Stewart's "Sailing" crept into my mind while reading it! Sweet days like that are a statement to remind us to appreciate the scenic beauty and wonder of life.

Each and every one of us at one time and another is lulled into taking it all for granted.

Somehow, I can't see that happening with least not while on this trip, anyway!

Your outdoor office will inspire you in many ways, even in your schoolwork!! I don't know about you, but I can become easily distracted and undisciplined!!! ;)

My two furry, four-legged rascals here are sitting on my coffee table contemplating their options for the day. Those options most likely include - sleep, sleep, sleep; a stretch or two, preceded by a stroll past the food bowls!

A Happy St. Valentine's Day to you from all of us readers and admirers, Jess! We give you a massive red heart (to match your brave heart)together with a red rose for every day you've been at sea!

Say "G'day" to Ella's Pink Lady for me! You keep taking good care of yourself, and remember, you've got a whole lot of friends (new and old - old and young - and some in the middle) out here!

Unknown said...

I cannot picture anything more marvellous than whiling away your days on a laptop computer out in the fresh air in the middle of the ocean. And welcome back to the Eastern Hemisphere. Also, a very happy Valentine's Day! You must be the only girl in the world with hundreds and hundreds of swains wishing you to be their valentine.

Best wishes, too, to the parents who nurtured you and to the crew who keep you safe!

Ian from Brisbane

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

A wonderful Valentine's Day to you and all the blog family!

Loved your poem Salty Dog and the blood red rose!

Elvis of Oz, great song.
You are definitely alive and eccentric.....grown up - never!

a very happy birthday!

Jony the Pony,
glad you are back in force!

Touching poem, Bronco Dave

Good luck Transplanted Aussie with your rescue work and may your wishes regarding Haiti hold true.

Michael, Kingwood,
always enjoy your comments.....need some help with counting?

Richard Lathrop, love the comment about the boat work, my sentiments entirely.

Mary, Maine, Colette Cole, Maxine, the Mc Grath's, Molly, Bev et al.........
always such an uplift to read words!

SUBIR, the brain test is great!

Richie Paris,
Parker's biography, what a hoot!
Your idea about continuing our blog family's friendship after Jessica is home is great.
I would be sad to lose sight of you all,
you belong to my joy in life!

Thanks Jessica, you've created an avalanche of good will, acceptance and love!

After your description of the floating plastic rubbish, I have also lowered my use of this modern, albeit destructive convenience.
I also watched the videos, that someone had posted.

See, you broaden the horizon of so many! I can imagine, when you are home and inundated with requests to speak at schools and institutions of higher learning and anywhere else, that that will be part of your sharing your adventure!
The earth thanks you!

Jessica, making your dream come true, you have blessed and will bless even more!

Thank you Andrew and your team for your great work in changing over the website.

Keep well, Jessica, happy and above all safe,
I wish you good winds from the right direction to speed you along,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Happy Valentines Day. The whole world has fallen in love with you. Don't worry about boat speed. Leave that for Ernesto. If ANYONE should be worried about boat speed it is him!!! You just stay safe and happy.

Take care honey.
SC from NZ

dutchinspace said...

The reason,'why'??!! and the answer to next(?)is:- no, they didn't like me at school either!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go girl you are in my prays .
You should be turning south soon right?
Are you able to cath mush fish?

Anonymous said...

HSpot valintines day

Kirsten said...

Greetings Jess from Wellington! The huge respect I have for you has grown even more after Tuesday this week when my friend Mike attempted to swim Cook Strait. He was in 15deg water for 9.5hours and didnt quite get there. The day started off so perfect - a gentle southerly swell of .5m, virtually no wind. However by mid afternoon we had a 2m southerly swell and 25knot northerly winds - it was a bit of a washing machine! You were talking about 4m swells the other day and I was thinking 'hell I thought we had it bad!'. Mike was trying to swim across that, and when the tide changed it just started to pull him further away from shore so faced with another four hours of swimming while waiting for the tide to change he came in. An awesome effort though, in total he swam 29km and the Strait is only 23km. As I have said, not making it across Cook Strait has very little to do with your swimming ability and a lot to do with pure luck. He might try again next year - we are working on him! I have attached a URL for an article on him. (Note the togs....) For us on the support boat for 14 hours I thought was pretty hard yakker - the world was still going up and down when we went to bed! So we all think you are even more awesome than we thought before!

Landluver said...

Hey Jess, I've been following your exploits daily since the start of the voyage. Very sceptical at first but am now just full of admiration. I'm from inland Aust. and just can't imagine being out on all that water day after day. Doing a great job girl. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back again. Hope to see you get some more favorable winds so you can get back on course towards the cape. It's tough going against a headwind. Hopefully things will change for the better soon. Actually it's nice to read the other bloggers comments. Some are quite interesting. They are all wishing you well, so that is the main thing. The videos are also well worth watching. Wishing you safe sailing and progress, best wishes from Russ/Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Happy Valentines Day to you! You've certainly captured your share of hearts. And to all of your family and friends and co-bloggers, I hope it's another good day. It is great to have you back online!

Fair winds! Tom, Missouri, USA

JH said...

So glad all is going well. Take care of the Laptop outdoors, as I am typing I have a beautiful view from my window, not as wonderful as yours so enjoy it outdoors while you can.
Enjoy your smooth sailing while you can before the winds pick up.
Take care and cant wait until we here you have arrived back in Sydney.
Then I reckon all that is left for Australia is for Jesse to be Australian of the year in 2011.

Safe sailing.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The plastic garbage does cause lots of troubles for the sea creatures. It is estimated that 80 percent of the plastics come from land while the other 20 percent comes from ships at sea. No matter where it comes from, it causes much death and destruction to many species of sea life. It just does not disintegrate in the sea and the toxics remain.
You have the right idea but it will take others to join in your quest for less plastic to be used.
Hopefully you will get some favorable winds soon and speed you on to the Cape. You are on the downhill stretch now and no doubt looking forward to passing the Great Aust. Bight after the Cape. Smooth, safe sailing. Best wishes, as always..Russ/Calgary

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good Morning Jess

Any valentine greetings yet? I suspect hundreds are on the way!!!! You are every young mans idea of a hot chick....adventurer, tough, speak your mind, brave and after the Ella makeover the other day well say no more!!!!! This here young grandfather...we started young and so has my daughter, is going to lunch with his darling wife because all those years ago I decision I've ever made. happy FEB 14th Valentines Day...Happy Chinese New Year...I am joining you with broken sleeps for the next 16 days because of the winter Olympics in Canada

Sea ya ( yawning already )

Dusty from Dubbo

pestinfo said...


Happy 47 birthday and may I be the first to also wish you a Happy 48 birthday in only 364 days time !!!

Best Regards
Allen, Hervey bay, Qld, AU

Cobrarog in Hervey Bay said...

Happy Valentines Day Jesse and all of your followers!
Happy 47th to you Sudar!

Jessica, your ongoing and wonderful descriptions of your surroundings as you go are spectacular. This latest one describing your "cockpit office" will probably be enough to tip a few people over the edge to the point of quitting their jobs and seeking something more rewarding or satisfying.

Your videos and pictues are great!

I'd love to know how many new sailors there are in the world because of you and all of the other adventurers out there.

You have made great progress during the "quit" time. Enjoy the smooth sailing while you can. I am sure there will be some challenging times before your arrival in Sydney.

Keep safe and hang tough!
With best wishes from Hervey Bay.

Dolly Pardon said...


Purdy Jesse,

Well gosh dang, I just herd about this purdy little gal out at at sea all by your lonsom, and I gotta tell ya my heart just broke, It did, it did!

Well Gosh, what are ya doin' out theres in big sea, what like 9 to 5 to stay alive, hey, you got my vote gal.

Love ya, and I love ya workin'.

Happe Valeytines

Dolly Pardon

PS: It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

I just looked at the voyage tracker and it makes it look like you really haven't got far to go at all!! LOL You'll be home in no time! ;)

Have fun in the sun Jesse..

Gold Coast

Mary said...

Good on you Jess is just about the only thing I want to write each time I get the opportunity. Plus you are amazing and inspirational, good to hear that you are nearly truly on your way home, what a party that will be! regards Mary

John Vigor said...

All you Jessica bloggers out there:
Can anyone tell me if Jessica actually reads all these blogs? Does she really have the time to do that, even if she can?

And will she listen if I tell her to start heading south now, because the Cape of Good Hope has a nasty trick of trapping sailors approaching from the west? This is the season of strong southeasters, so you need to keep well south to clear the Cape, Jesse, otherwise you'll get blown up the coast and have a bad time getting back down south.

But I don't suppose you'll listen to me any more than my wife does. I dunno what it is about you independent girls -- but I admire it anyway.

Hope you spoiled yourself for Cupid's Big Day. We all love you Jesse, but we can't comfort you like chocolate can, so raid that forepeak locker again and start chomping.

Oh, and did I say keep well south as soon as possible? Lee shore, Jesse, you know about lee shores.


John V.

The McGraths said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jesse,

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Just wanted to tell you

Sorry Jesse, was never good at poetry.

@ SaltyDog, your poem was funny, Shakespeare would have loved it.

@ Sundar

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear SUNDAR! Happy Birthday to you.
Have a wonderful day from your friends in Australia.

@ Trudy, ditto re your comments.

@ JWB777, love the rules of chocolate. yummm.

@ Mike-trrac, thanks for putting the time into the stats, very interesting.

Oh and Jesse I hope Mum taped the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, it was beautiful and all choreographed by an Aussie company. Great honour me thinks.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, but special kisses for Michael (Hezakiah299) & RichieParis.
We love you guys!

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sundar
From Down Undar
(Thanks for the invite)
Steve p

SaltyDog said...


I hope that you’re still enjoying the nice weather. I know that a bit more wind would be nice, but don’t feel bad about enjoying some nice leisurely days with sun and flat seas. Sounds fantastic to me. But then, when I’m on a boat, I’m in no hurry to get anywhere. On the water, the pleasure is in the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the nice conditions while you have them.

To Sundar, happy birthday. I have one coming up in about a month but I have about 10 years on you. I’m just glad that I can remember when I was 47.

I imagine that you’ve crossed the prime meridian by now, Jess, so welcome back to the eastern side of the globe. You’re definitely on your way home now.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Flash said...

Hi Jessica!

It's a relief that finally the blog is back to normal! One gets used to it and misses so much when it appears like 'dead'.

Last night I watched a photo-report given by a couple who attended language-school in christchurch, NZ.

They took lots and lots of photos of the great nature and landscapes there. Also a lot of animal stuff.

I felt happy to have such a nice introduction in this country and these folks over there. I added it to my picture I have of you, the aussies and the kiwis.

Germans often tend to start thinking about expatriate themselves when watching such reports. Actally more than 700.000 people have left for good only in 2008.

It looks like there's more freedom as in our regulated state. The youth protection agency here would have been supposed to move you out of your family when preparing for your solo attempt in germany.

Rather overprotected, we europeans.

Hey, soooo nice to be back in the community and to read from all the hardcore-commenters!

Good decision by the web-masters to get comments working again.

So, a happy Valentines Day on the ocean and Godspeed again and again!


Stefan (Germany)

Unknown said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jess - you won't be short of admirers!
Phil, Perth, W.A.

Unknown said...

Well your 3 knots of boat speed is certainly in contrast to the nudging 30 knots of boatspeed we saw yesterday in the first race of the America's Cup but I'm glad you're enjoying the Atlantic sun coz you'll be back in Australian sun before too long. Welcome back to east of the meridian.

Brian Riley said...

Hi Jessica,

If you become any more relaxed in attitude and life we will not see you in Sydney, you will just keep going around again.

Sounds like EPL is enjoying the holiday as well, and if crossing the Indian Ocean takes a port turn we will know EPL is heading for Mauritius & some R&R.

Must be well up on your sleep routine in these type of conditions, as well as making cooking easier.

With the bluefish cleaning the hull you are really in heaven.

Safe Passage,Will Talk later.
Hervey Bay,QLD.

bill slattery said...

when god made you he/she was showing off
great sailing jess,what a star!!!
bill tassie

Keith and Anne said...

Good to see you again, have missed being able to say hello. You sure did have a good idea moving the computer to get a nice view. Where I am sitting I can see 3 walls but also look out the front door and see some kangaroos and cattle across the road. It is good that you can take it easy for a while enjoy it while you can. Take care and be safe.
Keith & Anne, Hervey Bay.

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must
write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What
one can be, one must be."

-- Abraham Maslow

Anonymous said...

mike_trrac, 14Feb, 12:22AM:
Where would we be without accountants, whether professionell or private hobby type ones ? But how did you allocate the national origin to those blogs, especially to those that are anonymus or as in my case, as a German, when I sent some comments while being on visit in Sydney, Australia ? And furthermore who cares ? We are so mobile and global these days, it would be more interesting to see what age or social background groups (sailors, outdoor fanatics, accountants...) are following this adventure. Never mind, Mike, if you can't sleep at night try "Free-to-air" TV. 5 minutes, anywhere in the world, should sent you off to "Slumberland" in no time. (Try the Olympics, they should be at nighttime in your timezone...)
Victor C. Pankouken
(Good night. 01:07AM here.I'm off...)

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse,
Good that we can post again. OK, I'm jealous of your office, I hate you, LOL.

Anyway, keep the posts and pics coming.

Stay Safe


Anonymous said...

Bluefish Boat Wash ? What do they think up next ? Shame you are on a non-stop trip. Otherwise I'd recommend dropping into the McDonald Islands (also known as "The Salmonellas")using their Sail-Through counter for some tasty Seal burgers with Pengu fries. So stay well clear...
(Too tempting !)

samurai said...

@ AlbacoreLiaFail
Patricia, Richard and John
February 14, 2010 1:07 AM
D+F's means Diet and Fluids.
Here's the link to Grant's song.

@ sundar
February 13, 2010 11:10 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a super day. Greetings from Perth, Western Australia.

Anonymous said...

Jess, stop complaining about lack of wind. Get that 12V hairdryer out and off you go.

Kev said...

G'day Jesse,

Your update posts continue to earn you top marks and I/we look forward to each one!

You are a ver talented sailor and writer too.

Safe & pleasant sailing,

Kev, Forestville 2087, Oz.

Anonymous said...

Good news for your return. Sydney Harbour has been topped up with over 70mm of rain this weekend to make sure you don't have to leave EPL at the Heads and walk to the Finish Line.

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, Happy Valentine's Day sweet girl! I'm glad you have some friends come visit you today and helping out with the chores, how wonderful. What a great idea taking your computer out on deck, see, it's true what they say, 'necessity is the mother of invention' Enjoy lazing in the sun Jesse....I bet you nod off soon..... Take care 'til next time.

Anonymous said...

David, 13 Feb, 06:39PM:
Happy fishing. Have you cast your line, when one of those big cruise ships are around ? Suggest you stay well clear of Sydney, when EPL returns.

Anonymous said...

Subir, 13 Feb, 07:18PM:
Interesting blog. But why should we take a brain test ? What are you trying to tell us ?

Babs said...

We are all glad you are back too Jessica! Really like your new office, it could be the newest trend! Safe sailing and may the sun continue to shine down on you.
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Anonymous said...

Sundar, 13 Feb, 11:10PM:
(Happy now ?)
Can I get a "Lolly-Bag" for attending your party? Say, all I want is that you go and find that person, who always rings me up at 6:00PM Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time to flog off some products or services ?

Anonymous said...

Kirsten, 14 Feb, 07:53AM:
You KIWIS amaze me. Haven't you heard (or even seen) that several ferries each day are enabling everybody to cross Cook Strait ? So why swim ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Its great your blog is back online. When I first read it I thought it was really quite amazing thanks to current technology (and not to mention sponsorship) to be able to follow your journey with you compared to the limited communication available to Kay Cottee and Jesse Martin. Now I'm used to checking how you're going every day or so and began to worry when I couldn't get your regular updates!?! Worry about someone for whom a 40K blow is now a matter of routine? Phooey!
10pts on unbolting the laptop - and love the mental image of your outdoor office.
Fair winds Cap'n Jesse. Gonecruising.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine’s Day brave and beautiful Jessica :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Bloggers, psst...
I've managed to get hold of a CONFIDENTIAL File outlining Jess' moves after arriving in Sydney.

"Arrival. Jessica will be lifted from EPL by some strong friends and carried on their shoulders alongside the cheering crowds to avoid her doing a "Drunken Swan" performance in absence of strong Land Legs.
Short Press conference.
Jessica will disappear to an undisclosed adress to attempt to break the World Record in continous Warm Water Showering.
It is advised not to plan any Public Appearances as Jessica is going to catch up ALL missed hours of sleep by hibernating until the official start of Spring on 01. September.
Possible PR events in months to come:
Launch of the Book by visiting every chocolate production facility in Australia and New Zealand.
Groucho, Kurnell (NSW), AUS

Bluefin said...

Hi Jesse,

It's sure good to be back online at your official website. I really missed this site and everyone on it. I'm glad everything is going well for you at the moment and that you are enjoying the sunshine. Loved your last two videos also, I hope you are not punching into headwinds for too long.

All the very best,
Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Kissyfrott said...

@Sundar - Happy Birthday!

@Janell, OK - Your delicious chocolate list spots on a terrible detail: Like chocoholics, very few to none of the jessaholics may want to quit their addiction.
The traditional words "My name is .... and I'm a jessaholic" shouldn't appply.
My name is Richie and I am a proud jessaholic without any intention of going to rehab.

@Mike_trrac - Nice job. Less countries in 2010 than in 2009, when someone counted around 170 dufferent ones. Figures should go up again later.

@Captain Jesse... I hope you are sleeping now and that you will be spoilt with great winds tomorrow.
Enjoy your wonderful trip.
A big hello to Parker, and hugs to your fluffy crew.
Them scallywags are really a faithful & loving gang!

IndyMike said...

Happy Valentines Day mate!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jess, definitely on the home stretch. Congratulations brave girl.

Cazz, Sydney.

Laura said...

Hi Jesse,

I wish you and everyone in your blogging family a very Happy Valentine's Day. It is a day with an interesting history!

I agree with SaltyDog in extending accolades to your parents for the wonderful job they did raising you (and his poem was not bad either, wouldn't you say?).

I cannot speak for anyone else, but you are like the daughter I never had. Don't ever change. You know by now that many of us are living our dream vicariously through every word you write....not to mention the wonderful pictures and videos.

With your beautiful spirit, amazing courage and spectacular tenacity, many young people will aspire to be just like you. Hopefully, they will weather every storm (in life or on the high seas) with an ounce of the grace you display on a day-to-day basis.

Your perfect descriptions make me feel I am there with you, enjoying those same simple pleasures, as sailing has been my lifelong passion.

Godspeed to the Cape of Good Hope.

Newport Beach, California (USA)

Susan said...

Lots of smiles reading this latest post.
3 knots, flat seas and sunshine :) hard to worry about anything too much :)
Outdoor office :) (and bare feet?)
Drive through car wash :)
feel like we're on the way home :)
welcome back to everyone :)

A few quotes:

Confucius say: It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

Herodotus: If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it.

And we can't have that!

Don't let school interfere with your education. (author unknown to me) There is a difference! I'm not saying that school isn't important, but there are many ways to learn and get an experience!

Wikipedia on bluefish: Bluefish are extremely aggressive, and will often chase bait through the surf zone...

Makes me wonder about the intent of those "helpful" bluefish!

Racing... do I hear thoughts of racing...? I've been reading the blog of Groupama 3 (at least the part in English... Richie Paris, you have a real advantage here!).
Their trimaran is so big and it goes so fast...(the latest post, an average of 35 knots!) and, it takes 10 of them to sail it!

Grant: another nice song

PWB: Love the ConFuseUs sayings
and the Oz song

Salty Dog: I like your poem

Samurai: Love your art! The latest should be a postcard, or/and a huge poster hung in every marina and boat yard.

The videos on youtube about the unbelievable amount of trash that's in the ocean, and it's effects on both the water and ocean life is VERY sobering.
I consider myself green, and I recycle everything that is recyclable, and don't buy any drinks in plastic bottles, but, this has raised my awareness even more. I think I can still do better.

Sundar: Happy, Happy birthday to you, my fellow Aquarian! I had fun with the brain test!

JWB- on chocolate... :)

Transplanted Aussie: To wax a bit philosophical - there are times we all need help, and what a blessing to be able to meet that need.
The blessed and the blessors... I have come to think it is one and the same, for without one, there can not be the other. I would also go in a heartbeat if I could, so thanks to you and all others who are extending helping hearts and hands.

Susan in Oregon

Susan said...

A Valentine's verse for you--

Of skies and seas and vastness blue
Of Ella, Jess and journeys, 'tis true
A love as deep as oceans grows
Expanding worldwide, touching souls.

A pink cocoon transforming youth
Through storms and calm revealing truth
To meet ones self, wave by wave
Behold such beauty, solid and brave

We each reflect on our souls path
Considering life's lessons (including math!)
And where time has brought us on this day of hearts
For truly the fullness of love is the souls art.

Happy Valentine's Day to all

Susan in Oregon

hezakiah299 said...

02-13-10 @ 10:10
Hi Jessica,
First of all I wanted to wish Julie and Billie a very Happy Valentines Day and I hope they each get a big box of chocolates.
And how are you doing this beautiful Saturday evening? When I look outside the streetlights are reflecting off the snow, and it does look very picturesque. Thankfully, I don’t have to go out in it, by the time I will have to I figure the streets and roads will be clear. I am sure that they will be.
I hope that you’re enjoying the sun and getting some R&R, it always helps to relax when you can.
Do you think that some day you may decide to have a go at racing, would that be solo or as a team? As dedicated and tenacious as you are I just think that you would be a winner at that. I’ll be watching for that, but you can only race on cloudy days….lol…..
It’s kind of funny, in a way, that a lot of bloggers are talking to you as if you only have a few NM’s to go before you’re home, and yet you have quite a ways to go. There’s still a lot of water out there and a lot of dangers, Abby sighted a whale up near her marina, and I wondered if the whales were warm water mammals or could you encounter one in the Southern Atlantic or the Indian Ocean???? That plus the fact that it seems the shipping lanes are getting busy.

@ Janell: The Rules of Chocolate, that was good!!!
@ sundar: Happy Birthday to you and may you see many more.
@ Deborah, BC, Canada: "Boxing Kangaroo" It’s still there!!!!!
@ The McGraths: I wondered what that was on my cheek,…lol…Thank you!!!!

We’ll Jessica, here’s hoping that you get some more favorable winds to get and keep you on course.
Keep up the good work, but don’t work to hard. Take care of all and sail true. Looking forward to your next post.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

kiwi_canuck said...

...and it's good to be back posting our messages, Jessie. Thanx to the team ashore for getting the web-site back in business.

Wow...almost at the prime meridian (or maybe you're already back in the Eastern Hemisphere?) Instead of "Go west young man, go west" we are saying, "Go east, young lady, go east. What great progress you and EPL are making!! You'll be home before you know it.

Brian & Phill
Vancouver, Canada

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi there yonder Sailing type Girl you are....well it is good to be able to comment again even though I'm way down the list but not to worry, thanks Andrew....

Just seen your "Sports Tonight" clip, all very excellent and those dolphins aren't they so friendly, hey Jess have you been tempted to go in for a swim?....maybe for safety reasons you'd better stay on board...but I reckon you'd love to jump in if you could....

I've often wondered how easy it is for you to type at your laptop while in a bit of a swell, maybe you've mastered that by now?....

We watched on ABC1 the other night Jesse Martins doco' titled "5 Lost at Sea" it wasn't exactly what I was expecting and I think its safe to say it wasn't at all what Jesse was hoping for as well, just a bit disappointing the way the story unfolded, I hope he does try and fore fill his dream as the "adventure" story he'd planned sometime in the future.

Well I'd better go and get on with the rest of this lazy Sunday afternoon....our Sun has been very active with plenty of Solar Flares being detected, all very interesting thinks

See ya young girl...

Clint - Melbourne town.

Unknown said...

Welcome back, Jess! We missed your daily update. Sail on!

Mel M of USA said...


I too looked up bluefish on Wikipedia. Wow!

They are "cannibalistic," AND "...the only fish known to kill for the sake of killing," AND "They should be handled with care due to their ability to snap at an unwary hand."

I just hope these "cute" friends of yours arn't trying to eat the boat.

BTW, it's going to be really exciting to see you pass Africa and head for Australia. I know that my anticipation level will rise with every passing day.

riveter said...

Glad you back online Jess.....
Sending our love to you for Valentine Day

Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse,

So many wonderful blog entries today, so much love and support going your way. Too many for me to comment on individually but I have read them all so far and it's truly impressive.

One thing I would like us all to do next time we're shopping is to think of Jesse, bring our own bags and reject the plastic. Jesse said she was going to put in extra effort to do this when she is back and I think with all her supporters doing the same thing and following Jesse's example we could really make a difference. BTW thanks Sam for incorporating Jesse's message in your artwork.
Gorgeous day on the Sunshine Coast today Jesse and I have been following your lead re the outdoor office.
Oh and I loved your comment previously when you said you don't squeal half as loud when you get an unexpected drenching these days! Very cute and I hope you have not fed too many chocolate biscuits to the birds lately. :-))

Cheers for now,
Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

LHall said...

Glad to have you back! I'm envious of that office of yours! Take your time and enjoy the sun. Life is not always about getting somewhere fast and furiously.

Dan said...

Dear Jessica

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! You are the whole worlds sweetheart.

Portland. Oregon, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessica,

"... I finally had the bright idea of un-bolting the Toughbook computer from its place at the nav station and taking it out into the cockpit to get some typing done. (Don't ask me why I didn't think of this earlier?)"

Um, you didn't think of it earlier because if the slightest little thing goes wrong, your computer gets knocked off your lap, over the side, and winds up at the bottom of the ocean? Or does it float (in addition to all its other tough properties)? And have a beacon so you can find it among all the swells? Or maybe you tied it to your life vest with a rope, so it won't go anywhere YOU don't go. (If you both wind up in the drink, the computer is the least of the considerations.)

As with everything else, I shall have to remember who the expert is, and trust that you know what you are doing. But don't drop the computer overboard, or you'll be having to blog by texting on a satellite phone.

As for racing, I'm certain if you knew someone else was trying to best you, your competitive spirit would activate and you'd no longer be content to loll about in the sun.

Sounds like you have some tacking ahead of you, to make progress into the wind, so that will keep you from getting bored.

Good luck and best wishes.

Michael in Texas, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I have just returned from my holiday. I visited a number of South Pacific Islands, including 3 of Australs (Rurutu, Tubuai and Raivavae), where I was reflecting on fact you were rounding them just 2 months ago.

I spent my first week at home catching up with your blog. Glad to see you are progressing so well and excited to see all so familiar names are still there!

During the trip, I was proudly wearing a cap advertising your round a world adventure and sent a few people to your blog. It was a great pleasure for me and satisfaction when they learned about you!

Great pictures and exciting narratives from you as expected!

Keep going Girl!
Fair Winds


Tony L said...

Hi Jessica
I hope you have had an enjoyable Valentines Day – it’s 4.30pm and now nearly gone here. Thanks for your very amusing writty about your outdoor office. In my years of experience of both racing and sailing for enjoyment I would have to say the two are very different experiences and the decisions made for each are generally based on quite different priorities. I found the racing scene personally stressful because I was putting myself under pressure to do as well as possible so I didn’t let the team I was involved with down. By contrast I have an endless fascination with the movement of a boat through the water and the bow wave and stern wave it creates and it is much easier to enjoy that in a cruising situation with little or no pressure. In time you will come to your own decisions about this – be prepared to say ‘No, its not for me’, if that becomes necessary.

Sam has written her thoughts about racing and she mentioned Ted Heath, the former British Prime Minister who had an interest in sailing. She told you, correctly, that he sailed and won the 1969 Sydney-Hobart race. For the record, he sailed an S&S 34 called Morning Cloud, and over the years then owned a succession of Morning Clouds. I wonder whether in the future you will get to sail a succession of Pink Lady’s!

By now you may have crossed over Longitude 0° and be now in the GMT time zone and eating away the miles homeward bound. I hope it does feel different. You do seem to be in a hurry to get home. Hopefully the headwinds will not interfere with your planned course for very long and you will be able to get back on track heading for the Latitude at which you will turn eastwards to clear South Africa … and then Cape Leeuwin … and the Southern Tassie.

Continue to enjoy the warmer climate an your outdoor office while you can, and I wish you good conditions and a beneficial swing in the wind direction. And don’t let those cute Bluefish eat there way through the hull – you’ll sink if that happens! Tell them weed good, gelcoated fiberglass very bad.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
So glad everything is back to normal on your blog. Didn't realize how addicted I am too it. Thankyou shore team for keeping us informed. Your office sounds great.
Happy Valentines day to everyone.
Keep safe,

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse...its great to be back....

A bit thanks to your ground crew who keep us aprized as to what was going on...Smile

Your pics are beautiful as always....sea,sunsets and ocean waves always make for good photography subjects.

I like your Office.....its almost as good as mine ( lol...just kidding). You see i get to share my office with my beautiful while im working i can hear them playing, talking to each other and occassionally Wheeping to me....Smile. ( i wouldnt swap my job for anything in the world)

Make the most of the sun....and relaxation times while things are going slow....they never seem to last that long and soon you will be speeding along again.

Anyway.... Its good to be back, stay safe and have fun

Deb and the Guinea's

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