Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jessica's Blog Now Has a New Home - UPDATE

UPDATED POST - 12 February, 2010

Due to technical issues, we will remain on Blogspot for now. The Official Jessica Watson Blog "will" have a new home once these issues are rectified. This will be at:


You will then be able to get all the information and updates on Jessica in the one place on her website. All of Jessica’s posts and everyone’s comments will also be transferred across, so you will not miss a thing.

We apologise sincerely to everyone for the technical issues experienced this week during the transfer of servers. You have all been very patient and we appreciate that.




samurai said...

Hello Andrew and all EPL Team. I hope you're all well and getting enough sleep...very important if you want to continue doing the fantastic job that you are doing.

I for one appreciate all that you are doing and can also appreciate the frustration you must be experiencing right now with the change over. I hope everything goes well and you get the results you envisioned in due course.

Remember...be patient or you'll end up one!!!

I have nothing but patience, understanding, support and encouragement for you all. Take good care of yourselves and bye for now.

Kind regards,


Unknown said...

Hello Jessica. I'm still thinking of you every day, even though I have not been able to read all the latest news on you. Hope all is still going well for you. Love from Grandma Viv Auckland New Zealand.

Unknown said...


Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Tuesday, Feb. 9th 10:30 p.m.

Hi, Jessica!

I've tried several other posts this morning, but since things have changed, not sure if they have gotten through or not! 

Just want you to know that when things didn't seem "quite right' this morning, it really caused me to worry about if you were okay or not!!! I checked the Sydney Daily Telegraph to see if they had any news of you. I'm so relieved that it's only a "New Home" for your blog.

Wish I had known that there was going to be a change in your official website. 

At any rate, hoping that you're fine, and that Ella is running along smoothly, I'll just say "love you" and will make this short so that other's can comment as well!

Stay clipped on Jesse, and, please, stay safe!!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

rob Farrington said...

Hi Jessica, I've just started following your story and what an incredible journey so far.I'm an Ozzie and I live in Cambodia, helping very poor people,so kinda miss out on much of what the buzz is about in Oz. I've read some lead-up stories and how so many people said "crazy kid, what are her parents doing to stop her?". If you're confident enough, and only you will know, then go for it, and you have. Unfortunately the world is full of negativism. You are an inspiration to us all.

Take Care and good luck, Rob

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
It's good to see your comments are available again. Hope you didn't miss us too much. Your photos are great.
Adelaide SA

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Thursday, Feb. 11th 10:26 PM


Finally, it seems you're website is again active. Was so glad to see your latest blog . . . and that amazing video that you sent as well! Good stuff!! I don't think I realized how much noise there is when you're out to sea. Are you ever able to have total silence to give your ears a rest? Maybe only when you're becalmed, and I don't wish that on you. It just seemed there were noises that I hadn't expected when listening to that video.

Don't forget to give us a listen to some of your music on one of your future videos. Turn it up loud so we can hear it for a little bit before you turn off your video camera!!!

I have to tell you that I went Youtube to see some of your other videos; the tour of Ella, and all, before it was completed. Even showing where your "wet seat" was and everything. I really enjoyed that. But, there were a couple of Video of storms in the Southern Ocean, and also one in Drake's Passage. And, I actually got seasick just from watching them. I had had my lunch set out, but hadn't eaten it yet . . . wanted to check to see if your website was up yet . . . and after watching those other two videos, I was so nauseous that it took me a couple of hours to get my head (and stomach) calmed down, so that I could finally eat something. I don't know how you can handle all that rolling. But, I'm awfully glad that you can!

It did give me a whole new respect for anyone who "takes on" the Southern Oceans and that whole trip. I was always awed, but now I'm also utterly astonished at your bravery, and the raw courage it must have taken for you to undertake such a remarkable voyage!!

Well, so glad to hear from you, and know that you are okay. . . we ALL worry when we haven't heard from you for awhile, and I know that we missed our blog family as well!

Hugs and Kisses, Prayers and Wishes. . . all have been yours, Jesse, even when we’ve all been out of touch!!

Stay safe!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
hope you did not feel too lonely out there without our support.
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I've missed you the last couple of days with your blog moving around and some technical issues. At least we're the ones with the technical issues and not you! ;-)

See you off our coast soon :-)

Cape Town
South Africa

To: The Blogmaster, I must say I'm a little confused where I the new blog is as the posting says it's moved to "http://jessicawatson.com.au/_blog/Official_Jessica_Watson_Blog" but comments have been disabled there? And on http://youngestround.blogspot.com/ I am able to post this?

Collette Cole, Australia said...

Andrew, Bob, Julie, Roger et al,

In terms of elite sportsmen, the saying goes something like: 'behind every good man there is a good woman'

Well, today I believe it finally REALLY HIT HOME that indeed, behind our darling Jessica, is YOUR TEAM of ELITE SUPPORTERS.

It has become plainly obvious that you also only get bits and pieces of sleep, sweat over weather forecasts and stealthy ships in the night, windvanes, targas, batteries, masts, sails and a 'scallyway' crew who will snatch any opportunity to sabotage Jessica's popularity.

So belated merci beaucoup, danka, koszonom, domo arigato gozaimasu, ta.....in other words, THANKYOU ALL so sincerely fom me, in any language you should choose.

Because the world is watching, listening, reading and ultimately tavelling with YOUR Jesse.

And this is all made possible because YOU all collectively sanctioned it, set it up, monitored it, maintained it, and shared it.

I raise my glass of milk to you all.

Cheerio for now, and trillions of thanks again.

The McGraths said...

Hi Andrew and the rest of the shore-team.

Thanks for getting us back on track, no doubt it's caused some sleeplessness for some. (including me). Withdrawal symptons were not good to say the least.

Kind regards,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Taizo said...

get going jessica! everyone on the shore is praying for you every second :) I enjoy seeing your blog everyday that keep me up my journey! we LOVE youuuuuuu! and...I live now without the ocean...I cant believe I am not seeing any part of it. I am jealous of you! seeing such a beautiful blue color out there! :)

taizo from Germany

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Andrew and the rest of the team,

You have all done a fantastic job through Jesse's entire trip. One little hiccup, not a problem. It is obvious you are doing your best to get this sorted as quickly as possible. sometimes things are never as simple as they seem.

You all should be extremely proud of the work you are doing here and for looking after our Jesse. I for one cannot thank you enough.

Keep up the great work,

Ingleburn, NSW

Bluefin said...

Hi Jesse,

I hope all is going well with you, loved your latest photos, you look wonderful, those Ella Bache products must be doing the trick but really I think the life at sea certainly agrees with you.

You have given me added incentive to reject plastic bags at the checkout, I think we should all think of you whenever we are at the checkout and bring our own bags. A great message from you.

To Andrew and all the team I hope the technical upgrades to Jesse's site are going ok, I appreciate all your hard work.

pestinfo said...

To the team

Actually to everybody.
We only wish all well in this amazing trip.
We can wait, it's that sheila out there on the big wide ocean we should all care about.

Just come home Jessica. East is good.

Wishing everybody in this adventure all the best.

Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

Molly said...

Ahoy Sailor Girlie,
I hope you know, that while our ability to communicate with you was unavailable...we were all still sending you blessings and good wishes.

Maryland USA

Richard in Maryland said...

Hello Andrew,
I just want to thank you for all the hard work you are putting in moderating this blog. I know it is probably cutting into your time for other promotional efforts. (Maybe you could sub out the moderation?)
Yesterday, after shoveling three feet of wet snow off of my driveway, I drove to my sailboat, (still in the water), and cleared it of snow. While doing this, I struck up a conversation with another boat owner about Jesse. Turns out, he is also an IT person like myself. We talked about how slow JWs site gets at times. I know it is difficult to keep up with the server load, as Jesse’s exploits become more and more widely known. Just a suggestion, if I may be so bold. Try to build in more capacity that you think you need as you scale up your servers/hosting. Have an easily scalable solution. I’m sure the load will go way up when you take the blog onto your servers. If one of Jesse’s video’s goes viral, (a good possibility), look out!

Thanks again!
Richard W

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Andrew and Team,

You're doing your best and we really appreciate your sense of urgency in resolving the issues.

Thanks for your wonderful support and most of all your courteous manner. It makes the difference.


Tim09 said...

Thanks Andrew,
We appreciate your great work in keeping us informed.
Tim and Rosie

Kissyfrott said...

it was time
The hardest up to now
except the nasty storm
Andrew and Co
You nearly killed us all
and then saved us
Maybe you wanted to make our vicarious trip look like Jessica's voyage... sunny day, thick fog, clear night, bad storm, hot, cold, smooth, knock down...up again?
Well done!
Congratulations for the new blog running well on Jesse's site... We shall enjoy it much... I am still dizzy, like drunk by all this fresh air that my computer is throwing to my face.
Withdrawal is really a harsh experience!

Dukehaus said...

Howdy Jesse and also to your amazing team! We are all with you, no matter what. Technical issues sometimes tend to take on a life of their own.
Great video and blogs posted anyway. Loved the photos of dolphins, blue water and the feeling of being on the water with you and Parker watching the sunset! Looks like you are making great progress toward the Cape.
Be safe!
Love and prayers,
Kim & Bill
Wyoming, USA

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Andrew,
I had a funny feeling you might end up going back to the old Blogspot until things got ironed out!

No worry's this end...

You've been doin really well...good on ya Andrew...



Bruce de Mich said...

Looks like we may have some split blogging going on. On the otehr thread Andrew indicated that this site will continue in use until the new site is fully operational. Thanks for your extra efforts, Andrew and team.

This is a bit of re-iteration but Neptune, Passage Weather and I have sent Jesse a Valentine Card which others may find of interest as well. It can be accessed at:


Happy day all...

Bruce de Mich

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew: thank you for the update and good luck with the
transfer...the pictures are great...I hope all goes well..

Joe Springfield VA USA

Anonymous said...

Happy early Valentine's Day from Kodiak, Alaska. We are having a party in our classroom and thinking of your amazing journey!

I think it is awesome that you are doing this! I think you are really brave. Cassidy

Thank you for helping inpire me to write my own adventure story. Chloe

Should I airdrop a bag of Valentine goodies for you? Eric

Happy travels! Adelheid

Don't lose hope, you're more than halfway there! Leah

You're doing great; keep it up! Hannah

I'm on our swim team and I just want to say best wishes! Alex

Stay safe and happy Valentine's Day! Elin

We thought you'd enjoy a quote from Helen Keller:

Life is either a daring
adventure or nothing.

Godspeed and keep your chin up!
Mr. J's 5th graders

Unknown said...

I'd like to add my thanks to Sam's message to Andrew and the EPL team. I'm in awe of the responsibility you have accepted. It must be very wearing on the nerves knowing that the whole world is watching you.

We are very grateful.

Ian from Brisbane

Sven said...


just keep on going in keeping your nerves!

Stay tuned,

Sven, Hamburg (Germany)

cousinpete said...

hi jess. glad you could still communicate with your team, even if you couldn't read our commments. by now, you know there is a whole mess of people world wide keeping track of your life experience. nice to talk again, and safe journey.

fumes said...

say andrew.. us jesseholics just reefed our sails a bit and had a few knockdowns and of course the pringles went overboard but we got through it. how's the skipper doing.. she's got the easy end in all of this? epl does all the work while she lays around working on her ella bache skin and eating nutella! hi jesse! ~fumes

Anonymous said...

HI Jesse and family, web site support people and other support team members. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful work that you do.

I can imagine the technical issues would be difficult to keep the web-site happening.

We all appreciate that we can follow Jesse's journey, so thank you all very much.

It's lovely to have updates, and to be able to leave messages again.

I missed being able to read Jesse's messages, to leave a message to say hi to Jesse.

I also missed reading the messages from the other Jesse fans.

Its lovely to be able to be part of " Jesse's community " again.

Thanks again to you all.

kind regards


Armidale NSW

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Hi, again, Jesse!

Just finished watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Vancouver! It was pretty amazing. I guess they are always spectacular, but it's surprising how they can manage to come up with new, spectacular, technology to give us a thrill. Your compatriots did a super job,, and they made sure everyone was included.

Your lovely young Aussie snowboarder, Torah Bright, carried your flag when they had the Parade of Nations. I hope she does well! I guess she's from Cooma, I'm not sure where that is, I'll have to look it up!!

If you want to see any of it, it'll probably be on Youtube (at least a clip or two) , maybe even before the night is over.

Hope you're experiencing smooth sailing, with a nice tailwind, and that you've been able to get some rest!

Let us know when you open you next 2-week meal package, and what surprises you have in it. (Isn't if funny what little it takes to excite us??) Did your Mum want you to open them in any sort of order, or do you just dive into the storage area in the bow and pull one out one that looks good, grab-bag style? Hopefully, she's included some Pringles in one of the packages you have yet to open!

Well, goodnight, special one, will be saying a prayer and am sending you hugs of encouragement!

Stay tethered, Jesse, and remember to practice "Safe Sailing" all the time!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Aus said...

I am glad that its back on Blogger!!! I can see instantly when a new post is posted on THIS one where as I can't on the other one.
I have it in my dashboard here and it shows up straight away.....so why change something thats not broken?????

Going to the other one I think a lot of people will miss seeing the updates as they come in.

The official site is great for the news updates and following her voyage....but this is working well so I hope it stays.

Anonymous said...

Blow a kiss to Cape Town for me as you pass south of her. I used to live there but am now in the Outback.

Anonymous said...

Andrew and team,
You guys are doing a great job. These things happen. Don't worry about it. We are just so glad to be reconnected.

L.G., Seattle, USA

Bluefin said...

A big hello to Mr. J's 5th Graders from Kodiak Alaska! Great to read all the comments you posted for Jesse, I know she will enjoy them as much as I did.
It's summer here in Buderim (Jesse's home town) and it's around 29 to 32 degrees celcius which is very nice. I hope Kodiak Alaska is not too cold at the moment. I enjoyed the Helen Keller quote you included.

All the very best to everyone,

Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

Sue (this n that) said...

Ok, that's fine - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Andrew. I know your effort is very much appreciated by the bloggers. Must be some sleepless nights with all the comments being posted. You are doing a fantastic job and a little patience by everyone is called for!
The support Jesse is receiving from OZ and NZ is just outstanding.
Best of luck with the changeover. Russ/Calgary