Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going Places and Wear and Tear

It wasn't too long after I'd sent the last blog that we started getting some wind and sailed across the prime meridian into the eastern hemisphere - thank goodness! After that, the wind sat at around 30 knots for most of yesterday, so Ella's Pink Lady's been flying along, covering lots of lovely miles to the south and east.

I'll admit I'm not really all that thrilled about the south part, after having temperatures between 20 to 26 c for so long. I can't seem to get enthusiastic about heading south back into cooler waters, I don't think Ella's Pink lady and Parker like the idea of the cold any more than I do. It's taking a lot of correcting from me to keep us heading south east rather than east. But unless we do head back to more southern latitude it's going to take us much longer to get back home. So south and cold it is, reluctantly!

Anyway, I promised a condition report on how Ella's Pink Lady is holding up. Overall it's pretty good considering the miles she's covered. I mean, how you would feel after almost 4 months hard work without a day off!?

To start with, I suppose you could say that along with the bent up targa frame, a few other scars and the odd rust spot on the deck and stainless steel, she is looking slightly weather beaten. But the rigging, sails, sheets etc are all doing pretty well, with only a few signs of chafe and wear.

Parker, the now slightly crooked Fleming windvane, is doing as good a job as ever steering us, although he does have a bit of a habit of chafing through the lines that link him to the tiller, which means I'm constantly end for ending, or shortening them.

The little Yanmar engine has really proved itself and has never once not fired up first go, when I start it up to give the batteries an some extra charge (out of gear of course). The only maintenance it has needed has been a quick tightening of a fan belt, the occasional squirt of grease on the stern gland (where the prop shaft goes through the hull) and I had to drain a little water from the fuel filter last week. One of our local mechanics (Jim) fitted a special filter that separates water from diesel (we actually got some water in the fuel tank during one of the knockdowns, when we were upside down). So thanks Jim!

Since the starboard solar panel got a little bent up during that storm, it's rudely stopped contributing any power to the batteries. But as the other panels and wind generator are still doing their share and because we've still got plenty of diesel, this isn't too much of a loss.

Fresh water supplies are doing ok. I've got enough to last till home, using close to 2 litres per day, which is plenty for drinking, along with my juice. But it doesn't leave a lot to spare, so the fresh water is strictly for drinking and cooking unless I get some good rain and manage to collect some more.

Most of the electrical equipment is holding up pretty well against the damp and wet. Well apart from one of my Panasonic hand-video cameras which got a little wet whilst filming some dolphins a while back, ouch! But the Toughbook laptop has more than proven itself it be super-tough, after coping a lot of salt water and mis-treatment. I'm down to using only one burner on the meth stove and have more meth than I'd be able to use in about three circumnavigations, so it looks like we over catered a little on that one!

And the skipper, well her hair has grown quite a bit longer and as far as I can tell, she's as healthy as ever. Although I do wonder if my legs are a bit thinner. I still do various exercises for them most days, but I'm thinking that maybe I won't be running any marathons right after getting home!

Well that's enough waffle for now.


Pic: The crew were starting to smell a bit musty, so the skipper sent them outside for a bit of sunshine and fresh air!


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Grant said...

Hi Jess,
Well I've just posted song and film no 4...very short little piece :

(No 5 is going to coincide with your rounding of the cape!)

'Come Back and Tell the Tale'

Catch the westerlies in your sails
Try to avoid the howling gales
Keep yourself safe
Keep yourself dry
Come back and tell the tale
Come back and tell the tale
Come back and tell the tale

Keep safe

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

Congratulations for crossing the Prime Meridian and for achieving 14,000nm and surviving four months at sea – solo, nonstop and unassisted.

Thanks for your report card - it’s good to hear You, Ella’s Pink Lady, Parker, and your ‘crew’ are all in pretty good shape, and that you are now flying along. On balance you have come through the knockdowns very well and it seems you can overcome most of the problems such as Parker chafing his lines, loss of mast-head wind instruments, loss of starboard solar panel, loss of one burner on the stove, and normal rigging chafe, by careful and constant monitoring.

You might have to get used to the cold, Jess. You have to sail south of South Africa and not through it, so talk to Parker and EPL and Yourself very firmly about heading south-east. Tell them it will get a little warmer when you all head northwards after passing the south coast of Tassie.

Your picture of the crew is delightful. I hope they enjoyed their ‘drying-out’ after presumably suffering in the knockdowns. Enjoy flying along ……

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Aus said...

Its great to hear that things are still in pretty good shape and most important...still working!!
Not long now till you are well and truly on the 'downhill run' to home.

Great to see the crew...but where are there harness's?? lol

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

@Anonymous, February 17, 5.10pm

Love that thought!

Anonymous said...

Psalm 107:8-9
8 Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men, 9 for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

Hi, Jessica! Good morning to you.

I thought I'd post another little bit from this Psalm 107 which I have drawn from in the past when I have written to you.

What a great post you made giving such details about your condition and the condition of EPL and your provisions. As you must be, I am so grateful that all is well and you are not experiencing shortages or breakages which threaten your progress, health, or staying in touch. I am thankful for all of this mostly for your sake, and of course because it gives all of us following you such joy!

Water, water everywhere....

God has provided you with all your needs and will still do so, and the water to which this Psalm refers is of course the water for your soul which will bring eternal life and eternal freedom from thirst. You need no other!

Today I'll be praying for your good progress to the south and east, and that you will relish the progress and adventure, staying warm and well all the while. And yes, count on it, I will also pray for your family at home delighted to see this quick, steady progress as you make your way toward your reunion with them all. Blessings to you for your diligence and care for EPL and all of her good equipment. You are so accomplished.

Anonymous said...

A sailor's salute to you upon crossing the Prime Meridian, Jessica! Our love is with you, your voyage, and your sun and fun loving crew. Grandmom, Patricia and grandaughter, Courtney, 13 years. Ocean City, NJ USA.

Christine Gold Coast said...

Jesse, you are truly amazing to be in such high spirits, I cannot imagine how I would feel stuck out in the middle of no where for 4 months, though I must say you have a good looking crew. Keep safe and happy sailing, you are doing Australia proud. Go Girl!!!!!
Christine Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

What an interesting update Jess! Excellent! Hope the wind stays at 30 knots (no more /no less) and you reach the next milestone sooooon! God speed!

Pete Seeker said...


A song for the Bloggers Past and Present:


Where have all the Bloggers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the Bloggers gone?
Long time AWAL
Where have all the Bloggers gone?
Maybe busy with someone
When will they all return?
When will they all return?

Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time AWAL
Where have all the young girls gone?
Talking husbands every one
When will they all return?
When will they all return?

Where have all the young men gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young men gone?
Long time AWAL
Where have all the young men gone?
Gone for cold beers every one
When will they all return?
When will they all return?

Where have all the seniors gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the seniors gone?
Long time AWAL
Where have all the seniors gone?
Gone on Grayline every one
When will they all return?
When will they all return?

Where have all the Bloggers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the Bloggers gone?
Long time AWAL
Where have all the Bloggers gone?
Can you tell me anyone?
When will they all return?
When will they all return?

Now you come back soon Y'all.




John in the Virgin Islands said...

Great to hear from you, Jesse! You have the best crew ever....always happy to see you and they don't complain about the food!

Judy said...

Thanks for the update on you and Ella's Pink Lady.....sounds like you are both doing quite well. As I watch the Olympics I think of you and feel you should be the one standing in front of the crowds receiving the GOLD definitely deserve it. Pray you have smooth sailing as you venture south. Stay well and safe.

Fotobeeld said...

It's very nice to read your blog.
I whish you all the best.

Greetings from Holland

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Again, a very well crafted and descriptive portrayal of life and times aboard EPL. Frankly, I am surprised, after this long and the battering you took, the boat's condition has held up this well.

But that, I am sure, can be attributed to excellent preparation by you and all the folks getting you ready for this and your attention to in route preventative maintenance these past 4 months.

The pic of the crew was great and should provide visual fodder for another Samurai revealing on what was being said between them at the moment of the shot. We await with baited breath. (Never really knew exactly what that phrase meant).

@Elvis of Oz. Good work and most enjoyable. I had to search the memory bank back a few years for the melody but on a second reading of the lyrics, it all came together.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Great crew pics! Yay!

Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW.

Mal :)

Patricia, Ocean City said...

Salutations and happy sailing to you, Jessica, and your sun and fun loving crew, upon crossing the Prime Meridian! Grandmom, Patricia and Granddaughter, Courtney, 13. Ocean City, NJ.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I must say I love reading your blogs. You are a creative writer with a keen sense of humor so reading your blog is the highlight of my day.

Godspeed to you and safe journeys!

A fellow friend of the water.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse,

Great update, thank you for the informative descriptions. Sounds like everything and everyone is doing well! I can't say I would be wanting to head for cooler weather either. Stay safe and Godspeed.


Unknown said...

I'm sure the crew is enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Thanks for the health check of the pink lady, sounds like she is holding up very well. The skipper might be getting a little week in the legs but sounds like her spirit is as good as ever.
Nice to hear you are back in your home hemisphere. I hope the southern ocean is kind to you and does not knock you around too much. Happy sailing, duane

Mike Kay said...

Well I finally signed up for a blog just wanted to post after that!

zz said...

I smiled when I saw your crew all comfy and cosy are a wonderful person Jess, I feel very humble and inadequate reading your blogs and seeing your pics...God speed onwards, mighty sailor of the seas.You bring a tear of awe to this old fellahs eyes

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Congrats on passing the Prime Meridian and welcome back to our hemisphere! Suggest you give the Cape of Good Hope & Cape Agulhas a reasonably wide berth as conditions can get quite rough in this area.

Once you round these capes, you can head north again to sail in the warmer parts of the Indian Ocean and hopefully still make fast progress towards Australia.

It sounds like EPL and yourself are both in excellent shape and enjoying the adventure...

Thinking about you and please stay safe...

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, West Aust

Unknown said...

Great post as always Jesse, can't say much more coz I'm busy with my elderly mum in hospital, so take care and stay safe.


Old Iron said...

Thanks for the update and photo of your crew.

Always enjoy your updates.

All the Best!!

JeffK said...

A wonderful update! Thank you! My morning is off to its proper start, my routine check of your progress complete. Sail on!

Unknown said...

Gig Harbor awaits your visit..

Dave in Gig Harbor, WA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi,

I love the picture of your 'crew'
real nice

Best Wishes to your trip.

Aubrey Yeh
Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Larry Teal said...

Wonderful update Jessica. Thanks for "taking us all along" on your great adventure. You are simply a marvel! GOD bless. Fair seas and Following Winds!

Anonymous said...

How cute!!!!
Save trip!!

Tom/Sue Hofmann said...

Thanks for the update - Love the crew! take care, stay warm.

Tom/Sue Hofmann said...

Great video's from Grant!! You truly are a woman of courage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

did not noticed until now, that you have such a wonderful crew - still thought it's a single-handed sailing trip ;-)

Happy sailing and God bless,
Rainer from Bavaria

john naughton said...

Hi Jesse
Great update, many thanks.
As always you sound so upbeat - you're a God sent tonic!
Best wishes
John N

Phil in Idaho said...

Sounds like everything is ship shape for having sailed halfway round the globe. Good Job! Glad you are drying the crew out a bit. They won't be so fun if mold grows on them.

You can always lay on the cabin and do leg pushups on the bulkheads.

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
so... squirting some grease on the little Yanmar engine occasionally sounds like fun! How did you manage to get water in the fuel tank during a knock down? Aren't those fuel tanks supposed to be tight?
Hm... upside down sailing... that must be some kind of experience... makes me think of Pirates of the Carrabean, Part 3!
The solar panel rudely stopped contributing!? Well, it got a tough beating, you know! Although I agree that rudely not contributing is not very nice.
Well, I guess it is time to get away from them Dollydrums unless you want to give a go at fixing them rude solar cells.
Anyways, in them Dollydrums there are no Albertos. No Albertos, no fun.
I am looking forward to some new Alberto pictures!
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Cape Breton said...

Hi Jessica...and fuzzy crew,

What a thorough appraisal of EPL's equipment, supplies and maintenance.
Your mind should now be at ease for rounding the Cape knowing everything is as ready as possible under the circumstances.

Pink must be the "IN" colour !! Yesterday, I watched the Vancouver Winter Olympics women's snowboardcross medals event on tv and there was an Aussie competitor with a PINK snowboard, unfortunately she fell early during the qualifying rounds, but the pink snowboard caught the media commentators attention. I immediately thought of Jessica and EPL.

Good luck and be safe.
from the great Bras d'Or Lakes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
You ever continue to bless. We love reading you. We're rooting for you all the more, almost think you should hear us from there. Blessings, Tom, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

'Sail on, Silver Girl
Sail on by
Your time has come
to shine
All your dreams are on their way
See how they shine'
~Bridge over Troubled Waters

Sail on, Jessica!

Babs said...

Just loved the pictures of the crew...that is sooo cute and so are you. Really enjoy reading your blog each time and always look forward to when you do post..keep warm and toasty young sailor.
Hugs, Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Rob said...

I'm so glad you are moving along again. I guess my fan worked ;)
thank you for a great b-day present in the form of such a detailed update!
I bet you can be ready to run a marathon long before you think. I've got a half in April and then a full in September. I'd guess with all the running around to interviews you'll be doing when you get home your legs will be back in shape in no time.
Keep Parker on the straight and narrow. Be well!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Excellent assessing! We even get an assessment of the skipper and crew!
If at any point in your future you start compiling a resume, it seems to me you could list this blog where anyone would get an excellent sense of your dilligence!
Have a lovely day.

Unknown said...

Hi Jess

It is so great for all us nervous adopted parents to get such a fine status report on EPL and you. Everything seems to be holding up well, not that we should be surprised by now, as it's been pretty clear for ages that you and EPL are superbly prepared for this voyage.

I loved the comment that your Mum made on the radio interview recently that she rang David your rigger to tell him the rig is good and he just said he knew it would be, and was surprised she was ringing to say it was good!

But its still nice to be told by the skipper, matter of factly and with humour!

Rock on Jess, thank you so much for allowing us to share your journey in this incredibly personal way.

Wellington NZ

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

This is my first post, but have followed you all along the way. You have proven yourself as skipper, and EPL has proven to be a sturdy, able vessel. Good on you both!

I frequent a sailing forum, and we have had some really heated discussions about how young is too young. You have shown us what a
16 year old is truly capable of. It has been wonderful geting to know you through your writing and videos. You would make any parent proud.

May our Mother the Ocean be kind to you for the rest of the passage. Best wishes, and smooooth sailing.

Ralph in Texas

Kemah, Texas

Anonymous said...

Glad your blog is back up and running... Missed hearing from you. I always look forward to reading your daily blog and latest news... God speed, John, Plano, TX USA

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Good to hear that
EPL is holding up pretty well
considering the miles under her keel. Too bad about the Vid Camera.
Parker is a work horse even though he's a little banged up. Thank you
for this very informative blog. Oh,
and the crew looks well rested.They
have been through alot. Be Safe!
Stay Happy! Soak up the sun while you can! Godspeed!

SaltyDog said...


Happy Anniversary! 4 months and 14,000 nm. I’m celebrating with Tim Tams today.

@Samurai: Another great piece of artwork and tribute to Jess. I know Jessica will treasure all that you’ve done.

@Grant: #4 is another outstanding song and video. Really looking forward to #5.

@PWB: I really like your ConFuseUs proverbs. Great imagination and sense of humor.

Here’s one from a distant relative of ConFuseUs.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Confucius

Everyday that you complete, Jess, is like one more small stone of that mountain.
Congratulations again.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

I love that great picture of the crew!
it's good to have such a well refreshed and relaxed team aboard.

All the best for the rest of your journey!

Randy said...

Hello Jesse!

Wonderful report, which gives a really good idea how life on board after four month seems to be.
Thank you so much for giving me the feeling, I sail with you!

For the next few weeks, I wish you worm and straight wind, which bring you fast near home!

Once again all the best, taff girl!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I have been following your blog since you left. You are an amazing and brave young lady to take on the oceans alone. Keep up the great work. Many here in the USA are talking alot about you.
Enjoy your journey and go for that record.
Robin in Luling, Louisiana

Unknown said...

Passing over from West to East is pretty exciting! You are in the same hemisphere as home!

Hang tough.


Bernie777 said...

Its getting better but what are we bloggers gunna do when u get home...just like when Forrest Gump stopped running.....we are all gunna be up the proverbial creek without a paddle///lol great news flash...what a legend....go 777////lol.

hezakiah299 said...

02-17-10 @ 15:14
Hi Jessica,
Hoping that you’re holding up under all that wind, but I know you’re doing fine. Keep it up!!!
I noticed that the bloggers seem to be returning, after the problem they seemed to drop off a little bit, but the faithful are returning.
Read your blog again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I didn’t, but it was enjoyable to read it anyway. I usually read them a number of times.

@ Sven: Sorry you got hit by the DDD hope you’re OK….lol…????

@ SaltyDog: I liked the ConFuseUs saying, it made me think of “The Longest Journey Begins With The First Step”.

Ella’s Pink Lady is really one tough girl, just like you, she’s been through a lot and is still looking good. You’re really taking good care of her, and that is a very important item.
You have water, water, water and we have snow, snow, snow, another day of a light snowfall but it all adds up. The road crews are now running out of money to treat the roads, schools are closing and businesses as well.
Oh well, we all have our problems, how are yours coming along?????
Take good care of yourself, the crew and Ella, hope the wind keeps up for you.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

It can't be all fun, because if it was your well deserved arrival at Sydney would not be a reception but more being met by an angry jealous mob, so stay warm in those southern waters and enjoy,stay clicked on and stay safe.Please don't be to hard on Parker he has been through a lot as have you. haha

Saty Safe

Berlin Red

Anonymous said...

Hey the crew need a pint I can see it in their eyes.

Good Saling and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Your crew is sooooooo cute! Elin, Madison, and Leah :)

I like the sunglasses on the bear. Adelheid

Did your crew get sunburned? Jaiden

Did you put any sunblock on your crew? Jacob

Stay well!
The kids were enjoying your update of Parker; it reminded them of 'Wilson' in the movie Castaway.
Mr. J's Kodiak, 5th grade

Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

Just had another closer look at your crew photo,be careful of the low profile one at the back, eyes are to close together for my liking and she looks dodgey could have pirate tendencies. haha

Stay Safe

Berlin Red

Anonymous said...

I hope the crew are doing their fair share of work...looks like they are a little too relaxed... Bruce NZ

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work.. my wife and I are continuely encouraged by your postings. We remain in prayer for the safety of your lady, crew, and yourself Jessica.

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

THE ''INFAMOUS STUFFY CREW'' has surfaced,great pics and update.
Guess you must take the southern route to get home sooner,sounds good to me young lady,great descriptive pros as all way's.The winds have picked up too,so much for your ''down time'',keep warm,helps to keep the body moving.
Posting this afternoon,instead reading first,got to go to ''HQ.''to pick up some equipment for the prepacking stage for my return trip to ''Haiti'' at the beginning of March.
Sounds like ''Pink Lady'' is standing tall,she is like a Timex watch ''takes a licking and keeps on ticking'',this case sailing.At least your motor is reliable,so important for the batteries.Are you sure ''Parker''is male,sounds like he has a mind of his own,sounds more female to me ,whops,going to get in trouble from the ladies of our ''family'',so someone said to start ''TROUBLE''amongst the group,it might as well be me to start the ''rumble'',I am all ways ''game'',I know I am going to hear about this,I live on the edge anyway....
Stay safe,warm and the winds keep you true sailing.
Hugs,kisses and continued support to you and that drying out ''stuffy crew'',[DON'T LET THEM GET STUFFED-BURNED FROM THE SUN].
As all way's look forward to your next update,printed most of your pics into my ''world adventure of Jessica'' home made album''.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie''.,

peter lisberg said...

Hi, I just noticed that for the first time, when looking at the journey map, you can get the little pink indicators on either side of the same map, so you are certainly getting closer to home.
cheers and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...


Great to hear EPL and the skipper and crew are doing quite well. Hope you hit some squalls so you can replenish your water supply, I'm sure you will. Just keep a constant check on EPL and your equip.

You can do good leg exercises by touching your back against a bulkhead and squating and standing. Do 10 repetitions and repeat later in the day, do this daily. You'll notice leg strength in a couple of weeks. A few pushups would really help too.

Winhing you fair winds(an a few small squalls),

Steve from Southern California, sunny and a high of 77 F (25 C) today

Bruce Watt said...

Jessica Watson
Right from the outset of your trip you have written excellent blogs, but somehow the one this one is outstanding. So vivid, and at last your motley crew make a belated appearance..Awesome, is the only word I can think of. They are so cute, and have been very loyal to you as you have been to them.
It sounds as though you have a video camera or two in reserve. Thats great as their will be nothing like you filming the huge armada of vessels that will await you as you approach Sydney. As an Australian I am so proud of your efforts, they are inspirational to young people everywhere.
But its still to early to pop any champagne corks as you still have some distance to travel. So Jess bring EPL and your motley but loyal crew home safe and sound.
By the way I am sure some competent hairdresser will give some royal treatment after arriving home.You deserve this.

Sail on Jess, keep alert, and be safe.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
I have been away for a short while, its good to be back.
Sounds like your pretty ship shape and things are going pretty well, which is nice to hear.
Heading south isn't such a bad thing, just think it brings you closer to home and family.

The crew look pretty good even if they smell a bit, they sure add a bit of colour to the ship. Take care.

Fair winds and following seas.

riveter said...

As the navy sailers say..."it's a bit MEATY down below"
But they look like they are in fine form and enjoying topside. Thanks for the EPA/crew update, really enjoyed it an got a giggle.

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

Glad to hear all is going well Jess :-) Love reading your posts! Stay happy & safe, cheers Maria, Central Qld :-)

Anonymous said...

Jessica,You are an inspiration, your maturity and confidence is revealed in all you do. This circumnavigation is nothing compared to what you will do as you take on the rest of the world , I can see it now, "Prime Minister Jessica Watson".

Go girl, we follow you every day.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update, Jessica. Glad to hear everything is reasonably ship-shape and under control.

Cape of Good Hope here we come! Cheers.

leslie said...

Hey Jess great update!!! as a lover of all gadgetry type things I particularly like to read how the equipment is holding up under such diverse conditions...and from the sounds of things very well indeed.
Amazing to think you are so close now to the Cape...where has time gone and how quickly it flies!
Your shipmates look a bit pooped....pardon the are they fairing? Not much in the media about them but just watch they don't try to steal the limelight when you arrive back in port!!! good news that you are getting better sailing conditions now... all the better for returning home sooner perchance!
Take care Jess and never relax your vigil.

Two To Go said...

Again Congratulations to Jessica and Crew everything sounds like it is going along qite nicely. Shame that solar panel does not want to work after it's battering. And from a liveaboard cruisers point of view great to hear that the Tough Pad can take a bit of a swim I might have to look into them. Thanks again for your very informitive news letter Jess. Keep up the good work HOME is only getting closer by the day
Take Care Safe Travells

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

a terrific detailed update of the state of affairs on Ella!
Most interesting and reassuring!
A big thank you!

Your crew looks ready for almost anything!!!!! Although, I think it's more in the category of a cruising holiday, then being a useful crew.......
Hold it, hold it, that is not true either, because they are always ready for a cuddle!
Even a captain needs cuddles!!!!

Congratulations on more than 14000 nm, on 4 months at sea without a break and on less than 800 nm to the CoGH!

Enormous achievements, Captain Jessica!

So good to hear that the wind is back. I envision, that that will keep up for a long time and head you in the right direction.

Going to the colder latitudes, you will appreciate the warmer climes even more!
It's only for a short time!

Your parents, the shore team, you and Ella have been and are doing a fantastic job!

To 'only' have these 'minor' dents and failures to EPL is a testimony, as to how carefully she was prepared, the expert handling of her skipper and I dare say a bit of luck.
I can't even imagine the primal forces at work, when the ocean churns and mounts up!

Hooray for faithful Parker!
Must watch the movie 'Driving Miss Daisy' again to refresh my memory, what a faithful servant he is!!!!!

The Yanmar is the 'engine that can'!

Thank goodness, you still have enough power, even without that solar panel that spit the dummy!
(Didn't have your great attitude, obviously!)

Do you do squats for your legs Jessica, or standing on one leg and alternating, holding for a minute and than the other?
Running on the spot??? If Ella isn't bouncing go much, you can do that!

Regarding the 'airing' of your motley crew, here in Mackay the rainy season is in full swing and even if you put them outside it wouldn't help their stuffiness much, because of the intermittent rain!

To Sails:
terrific quote,

glad the black hole disappeared!

love the 'pink lady rock'!

And all the other caring, funny and informative comments of our blog family.

Captain Jessica, fly, fly, fly!

Have fun, keep happy and above all keep safe,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...

Jessica, sounds like you have things under control, above deck and below. About the colder climate you are so not looking forward to, I checked at the Weather Network, and Cape Town right around now is averaging temperatures of 20 C with lots of sun in the forecast, so you might not have to put on your cold weather gear. But if you do you do, eh? You've done it before, you can do it again. You're one tough cookie!

Deborah, BC, Canada

trentgs said...

You said:
"Since the starboard solar panel got a little bent up during that storm, it's rudely stopped contributing any power to the batteries."..
Did the panel itself suffer any obvious damage? Cracks across etc? A Solar voltaic Cell when broken reates more-much like a holographic plate still contains the whole scene if dropped-each piece just contains a different scene- well in the case of solar cells each piece is a solar cell-just the mA. output changes depending upon how big the pieces are. If its not a bunch of little 'chunks'..or better yet if its still mostly whole..the biggest piece can still contribute if you can find the power point- anode or cathode. If you have a multimeter you can probe the exposed edges until you see out put. Then attach the wire (with duct tape or super glue) that comes from the broken off piece at that point..and voila! you'll have a contribution once again. This is of course presuming the cover glass broke out of the frame and provided you access to the cells.

I answered your 'new site' yesterday and today it denied me access so I don't know what to think of your improved website..didn't know this one was enabled..and still won't know until it says waiting for approval. So I'll keep this short. I sent you a missed you lots note yesterday..but..oh well I'm sure I'm not the only one...Hope the wind picks up a bit more..and the southern sea becomes more friendly towards the EPL. Your crew probably got tossed around a bit back there at the horn and so a bit of sunning can't hurt...The look all stuffed and full of themselves..but they've kept you company so we won't put them down too much..even if the Skipper said they aren't contributing much and they helped eat the muffins..

Be blessed Miss Jess..and Smooth sailing..Oh yeah..even though we didn't hear from you for...F-o-r-e-v-e-r..we thought about you and prayed a bit extra for safe passage.. Glad to know you're well and even complaining a little..That just shows you're 16!!

Gary & Jan

Keep warm..and clipped on when you go dancing out on deck... :O)

Anonymous said...

hey girl!!

I so enjoy dropping by in here. It is like caring for a member of family. I always have to check whether you are doing ok out there. I like your posting, I love your attitude towards everything, I just wish that you never stop dropping by here just to chat, just to update on what's up with you. I kinda got used to checking on you.

Lots of love,

trentgs said...

Just a bit over 700 nm it looks like on your plot..I have to move the stick match your place!! I jusyt read the Courier..and they are so wrong..somewhere they got the crazy idea that you have only been at sea for 3 months...what paper are they reading?...4 months..a bit more like it!!! Great to read the smiles in your writing..Glad to know you are still happily surfing along..making time..even if its a bit slower than you wished...It will all come in due time..enjoying the journey with you and your Crew..great to be hearing from you..and Thanks for the updates your team posted so we wouldn't be too worried at not hearing...

Gary & Jan Savannah,GA

I don't know if you got to read the remarks I posted on the other if not just wanted to Hope you had a Great Valentines Day..and to tell you that we had Snow here in Savannah Ga on Friday!!! Also Jan and I took the nautical themed T@da on its first travels well...


Molly said...

Waving over the snow banks at Richard and Stephen and Michael and anyone else in the DC Metro area.
Will it EVER melt?
I'm so ready for Spring.
Jess, you aren't the only one who is cold, honey.

Maryland USA

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

Great update Jess glad to see the wind is up and you are rocking! In life we always have to prepare for any eventuality and the preparation that your team has made is excellent...mate I have to fly everybody wants me today. I want to chat with you about exercising

Cheers for now

Sea ya
Dusty from Dubbo

leslie said...

Hey Jess....again!!!
Just a thought how is your school work going?...I thought of something that could perhaps challenge your "English" teacher into rethinking the way the brain perceives words and the order of letters in which we are taught to spell.Here is something that will cause some consternation and "put a cat amongst the seagulls"
The following is from an extensive study by the University of Cambridge,England
"A strange mind"
Cna yuo raed tihs? if yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid, too.

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulatcly uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae.

The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Azanmig hhu? Yaeh, and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!....

Now try telling that to the Education Department!!

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Do not look to the ground for your next step; greatness lies
with those who look to the horizon."

-- Norwegian Proverb

Kissyfrott said...

@Rainer from Bavaria... You're right, Jessica's journey is single handed. The crew members don't have hands, only paws and wings! Maybe the monkey could be a problem? Wit 4 hands? But I guess that this one has 4 feet!
@Seager, thank you for the info about Julie's phone call to David... a good one!

Captain Jesse, 10:30 pm now for you, don't forget to put your crew in bed and sing them scallywags a lullaby... Grant could create a beautiful one! "Sleep sweet scallywags" or "Roll the swell and do sleep well". I wish all of you a fluffy good night!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you! I was so excited to see three posts today and to get caught up with you. Glad all is well aboard Pink! :) -Karyn, IN, USA

Anonymous said...

As someone who's done coastal cruising, I love your comments on the boat condition and maintenance. And even more, the pre-trip blogs or comments about all the prep you did to know your boat and its systems. It's a full-time job to keep a cruising boat going!

Several phases to it all -- noticing that something is funky, figuring out exactly what the problem is, having the parts and tools aboard, having the right manuals and how-to instructions (easier now with e-mail, but just in case e-mail is one of the things that's down . . .), and actually being able to do it -- or cobbling something together that can keep you going.

Sounds like you're doing a good job of taking care of things when they're at the preventive maintenance stage so they don't get to the &*#($* (not that you'd use such langauge) stage!

I cruised with my husband, but we shared the maintenance and mechanical chores. Glad to see you showing everyone that you don't have to be male to figure this stuff out!

Patricia & Courtney said...

Goodnight, Jessica. It's evening here in NJ. With stars overhead, hope you get some sleep and get fed.

Unknown said...

Hi Jess

Thank goodness the weather changes rapidly or you might become bored.

It will be chillier than you've been used to down south but you won't have to venture as far south as you've already been. Once you're round the next corner you'll be almost home.

Loving hearing about everything you're doing, thank you so much for taking the time to keep us all updated.

Safe and happy travelling!

Anonymous said...

great to hear. keep up the good work. stay pointed in the right direction and carry that direction the rest of your life. tom

Anonymous said...

Loved the update Jess and the great pic of the troops. All the bloggers are back and we are all on an even keel again. Am watching eagerly as you approach Cape Good Hope and then you are on the home run to your gold medal welcome. Stay safe and get those legs pumping.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, You continue to amaze me with your positive attitude and folksy narrative. I absolutely love reading your posts.
Update on South Dakota winter:

We've had an incredible winter with 42" of snow but no melting and frequent high winds - the kind you'd love - have created some beautiful snowdrifts and cornices along the Missouri River Breaks. I snowboarded the cornice in my neighbor's backyard on Monday and used a helmet cam to record some video which I'll post to YouTube shortly.

Sail on little sailor and may the wind and sun gods continue to smile on you and your humble craft.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Jesse,

I am following you till December, (as soon as I heard about your incredible journey).

You're really amazing.

Here, in the Province of Québec, Canada, many people are addict to your blog.

Safe journey and continue to inform us of your progression.


Jose said...

Keep at it Jess, you'll be done before you know it. Always excited for you when we see how you're doing. If you try it again, make sure to turn left when you get to the Atlantic and sail up to the Chesapeake. We'll come out and share a Crabcake with you.

Chris Myers said...


As they say, "Keep on keepin' on!" I've turned a bunch of friends on to you here in SoCA and most can't believe your progress. I've been following you just before you left. All the best as you head back into the southern ocean.

kiwi_canuck said...

Hi Jessica,

Many thanx for sharing the update on the state of EPL and her Cap'n and crew. It seems that everyone is doing very well. We were pleased to see the crew looking so happy - not at all mutinous!!

Clear skies,
Brian & Phill
Vancouver, Canada

in-Melbourne said...

You're sailing the high seas with plucka duck & Humphrey B Bear ... no wonder you're having such fun!! Was thinking of how you so cheerfully said you'd like to give Sydney a miss ... well, here's an idea to keep you from docking ahead of schedule ... clear the Cape then head north east & detour round the island of Mauritius - some great views of tall jagged cliff tops and sandy beaches; beautiful blue water should prove perfect from which to catch a cray or two - some R&R before you mosey on back to Aussieland!

Richard Lathrop said...

I know you'll be sailing across the Indian Ocean (Southern Ocean?)
on a great circle route.

But there are a few things I don't understand. Perhaps Jesse, the support team, or other bloggers could help me understand them.

How do you determine the bearing of your great circle route?

How do you stay on course as the bearing changes?

How far south will the route take you?

How much shorter is the great circle route than the rhumb line between South Africa and Tasmania?

Thanks in advance to anyone caring to comment on these questons.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Annie said...

Hi Jesse,

WorkerBev where are you? Have you taken your Campervan on a scenic tour of Tasmania? Are you away from computers? Now I'm starting to get worried.

@Sails - I always enjoy your quotes

@Leslie re the English language and letter placement - very entertaining and strangely fascinating!

Grant I'm having trouble accessing song number 4, I'll keep trying as I really love your work.

@Flash (Stefan Germany) wonderfully said.

@Mike - good point re Jesse already being on a marathon.

I'm still enjoying hearing all about the snow in the Northern Hemisphere but I can understand it is starting to get a little tiring for you.

I hope everything is wonderful out there Jesse,
Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

MikeC said...

Thanks for the detailed run down - credit where credits due and EPL certainly deserves heaps after all she's been through. When you really need it, it's about toughing it out when it's needed rather than all the nicieties when things are going OK. Much like the Toughbook. And the tough captain! Many moons ago, when we were looking at renewing our batch of hand helds, the motorola rep came in, basically said, look this doesn't necessarily have all the whizz-bang functions others might have, but you can do this with it... Then threw it as hard as he could against a brick wall. It worked without a blip afterwards. We bought 'em, of course.

Love the pic of the crew! A finer bunch of old salts I don't think I've ever seen! (I'm struggling to avoid all the "bearing up well" sort of puns. Guess I got one in there anyway!).

Faye and Max said...

Dear Jessia

Welcome back to our part of the world, just get your flannels out for the trip south. Thanks for the most detailed report, always good to hear about the slightest details. Just how cute do your crew look, sunning themselves out on deck, bet they are glad to be out there. It's good that you are looking after them so well, they are just the best crew and deserve lots of cuddles.

Till next time, stay safe Jesse dear and Go-Girl Go.

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

gustav said...

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for another great update on Ella's Pink Lady and the happy picture of your crew.(you always make me smile)

Not long to the Cape of Good Hope now -
South-Africa watch out,here they come!
Keep up the good work,Jesse

gustav haffner

noelthebigboy said...

Good to see you and your crew are all doing well.

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
"Anonymous said...'Sail on, Silver Girl..."
That's Unorsttrayan, Bugger the silver, Go for the Gold!

Fun Police
@Hey Leslie! A good point But you have to include the correct letters for it to be legible (which is the tricky bit about spelling), lol.

sails said...

Jesse I am guessing with your cheeky smile that you also have a great sense of humour! so here goes.*****

Two men were sitting next to each other at a bar. After awhile, one guy looks at the other and says, 'I can't help but think, from listening to you, that you're from Ireland .'

The other guy responds proudly, 'Yes, that I am!'

The first guy says, 'So am I! And where about from Ireland might you be'?

The other guy answers, 'I'm from Dublin , I am.'

The first guy responds, 'So am I!'

'Sure and begorra. And what street did you live on in Dublin ?

The other guy says, 'A lovely little area it was. I lived on McCleary Street in the old central part of town.'

The first guy says, 'Faith and it's a small world. So did I! So did I!

And to what school would you have been going'?

The other guy a nswers, 'Well now, I went to St. Mary's, of course.'

The first guy gets really excited and says, 'And so did I. Tell me, what year did you graduate'?

The other guy answers, 'Well, now, let's see. I graduated in 1964.'

The first guy exclaims, 'The Good Lord must be smiling down upon us! I can hardly believe our good luck at winding up in the same bar tonight. Can you believe it? I graduated from St. Mary's in 1964 my own self!'

About this time, Vicky walks into the bar, sits down and orders a beer.

Brian, the bartender, walks over to Vicky, shaking his head and mutters, 'It's going to be a long night tonight.'

Vicky asks, 'Why do you say that, Brian'?

'The Murphy twins are pissed again.'


Take care as alway's


Terry Tin Can Bay said...

Hi Jess
great to see you back in the right hemisphere,and hear EPL is still in tip top condition.Please keep heading south for a while, I'd hate to see you get too close to that big cape coming up.
Keep up the fantastic writing and stay safe

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that Tuesdays (16 February) Herald Sun for Victoria included a full page “Learn Activity” based on the theme “Solo Sailors”, and sub-titled “Find out what drives a person to sail solo around the world”.

The page included a nice colour head and shoulders photo of you – I think infront of the Opersa House – and smaller photos of Ella’s pink Lady, Kay Cottee, Jesse Martin and Laura Dekker. it set out a number of exercise for school-kids to tackle, in sections headed The Boat, Brave or Foolish, Paving the Way, Latest Attempt, The Journey and Even Younger.

In the Latest Attempt section it provided a short introductory biography of you taken from your website and containing, importantly, your aim and your attitude quoted as Always make the best of everything, Be positive and ask lots of questions. Students were asked to explain how each of these qualities would help you achieve your goal.

To me this is really good to see because it suggests the media are now showing support for your venture and now actively showing you to be the role model many, or most of us bloggers, consider you are. I hope techers make use of this page in their schools and encourage students to take a personal interest in your philosophy and achievement as you follow your dream.

To provide reference material the article gives your website and those of Joshua Slocum and Jesse Martin. You are in historic company, Jess.

Have a good day and look after Parker’s chafed lines. He must get a bit sore from time to time and we can’t have that. Who knows where he will take you if one of his lines breaks!

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

pestinfo said...


Safe safe and welcome to our side of the world.

Allen, H/Bay, Qld, AU

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse!
Wonderful post, everything sounds in order. You are doing such a wonderful job!

I'll be thinking of you and wishing you excellent sailing :o)

~Deidre NC, USA

fiddlerden said...

Wonderful job you are doing, Jessica. I just discovered you and your website so I have enjoyed viewing your videos and reading your blog entries. Having done a little bit of sailing, I admire your intellect and resolve. Bless you for showing folks that dreams can be realized. Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Dennis.

PWB said...



ConFuseUs says:

Skinny man who ride Big White Motorcycle while dressed in Pink leotards and Pink top with White boots, gloves and scarf:

Should never be encouraged! 



P.S. We All, thank You ALL, for ALL your kind comments,. ♡ Love, the Hyden Personalities.♡


Unknown said...

Any hardcore navigators or AIS-wise folks interested in helping me understand why (what I believe is )Jessica's MMSI is currently located on land in Cromer, AU?

The track from 10/17/09 - 10/18/09 shows the vessel (via AIS) leaving Spit Rd and heading out to sea. Then stations near Sydney reported the MMSI on land beginning on 10/18/09. Local stations still report it located there.

Clearly, there is something I'm missing. If interested please respond to
I tried to figure it out myself for weeks now and have failed.

Hi bloggers!

Hi Jony!

Steve in California
(yes, the same one who posted "anonymously" for months)

Anonymous said...

Go Girl,
You are a legend already. Stay as cool as the water, enjoy the serenity while you can - you will have lots of attention when you are back and it may be harder to cope with than 70 knots wind. I read your blog all the time and in my thoughts travel with you.
All the best

SMR said...

Great pic of the crew! So glad they are literally, getting their "moment in the sun"! Wow, what stories they will have to tell their friends when they get home! You're almost to the Cape, and then a hop, skip and a jump on over to Aussy. Wow! Thanks for taking all of us along as virtual crew. It's an exciting trip, and hey, there is no winch grinding to do!
s/v 'On to Fortune'
Moody 376
Annapolis, MD

Darren Achim said...


Status update of your fan!
Still in awe of you period! You are rock solid! Still behind you all the way but no more upside downs please!!!!!
Keep on keeping on!!!!

Stay safe and Godspeed

Darren Achim
skipper "Quest"
Toronto Canada

SaltyDog said...


I know that I shouldn’t be tough on the scallywags, but the more I stared at the picture, the more I thought that they should be helping you out a little. I don’t mean to pick on him, but I feel like Big Ted needs to move his hairy hide a bit more. By the look on Chick-With-Attitudes face, I think Ted’s musty odor might be a little more significant than you made it sound. I think that I can see her eyes watering and her beak burning. I don’t see the blow up Kiwi in the picture. Sure he might be feeling a little deflated, but I’m sure you can get him pumped up enough to contribute a bit. And there’s no reason that you shouldn’t have fresh fish onboard with a pelican as part of the crew. Jess, you don’t have a mean bone in your body, so I’m not suggesting that you beat the stuffing out of them. Just ask them nicely to earn their leisure time in the sun.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Des said...

Hi Jess
It is great to get your report on how things are shaping up. Your crew looks like a bunch of posers
Consult with your crew, a handsome bunch I must say, they will tell you keep going East till we get to the Great Australian Bite. Then we can whip around Tasmania and home.
God bless.

Glenda said...

Hi Jess, Congratulations on entering your home hemisphere! Love the crew pic, too. Brrr, heading back south so hope you have plenty of food to brace for the colder weather. You continue to astound me with your positive outlook and can-do attitude. You have had so much to contend with and always cope beautifully. Onwards to the Cape of Good Hope. Stay safe.

Poppa Bear said...

G'Day Jesse,
Just a short note to wish you fair winds and good weather.

Sail safe,

Poppa Bear
Down Under

Jan said...

Bula Jessica,
The Class hope you had a great day and that you get to see more sea birds as you approach the African continent. Looking forward to your news as you approach the Cape ....
Take care and save your choccy biscuits for you ... the birds will be happy with cracker bits!! Hugs from Fiji. oooo

PWB said...


ConFuseUs says:

Man who carrying small stones away to sea,
In danger of having big pain below deck.




Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
how are them Dollydrums?
Time to go find some fresh Albertos!
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Terry said...

Thanks Jessica, That was another really great insight into what its like and what is happening aboard Pink Lady. Like I`ve mentioned before, your excellent descriptive updates kind of make us feel like we are on board with you. Maybe we are!!. Hope the wind keeps up for you Jess, Take care , PS Patricia said Dont forget to bring the Crew in Jess !!
Terry and Patricia Melb Aus

Anonymous said...


I admire your strength & courage - you will be back home soon its hard to imagine your have been sailing for nearly 4 months now non-stop, what an achievement. What are the names of your crew members, just got to love the pelican (so cute). Anyway stay safe and keep warm as you sail south. Keep up the good work jess fantastic....Sue, South East Queensland.

Aske said...

Super to read that you, Ella and the crew are doing fine.
Love to read your blogposts! Keep up the spirit girl!

Greets from Belgium!

mbasscat said...

Hi Jesse,
Your such a good writter, and very good at explaining things. You have a GREAT future ahead of you.
OH yes I just love they way the Skipper trained the crew...sunglasses, all on deck and in formation just awesome! Besides they are so cute.
Glad to see you are making progress again, know it is frustrating, but you have that GREAT postive thinking. Sail on Jesse.

Safe Sailing from
Marion Oklahoma (USA)

bengt said...

I just read a little on the blogs of the other solo circumnavigators. And especially the one of Minoru Saito, the oldest solo circumnavigator (who has done it 7 times before).

He relies entirely on diesel engine power to power his hydraulic steering system. But he has repeating engine problems, and he visited Punta Arenas, Chile twice to do repairs. Now he is visiting Valdivia, Chile to get more fuel filters and more fuel.

His boat is said to be too heavy to have a wind vane, and needs almost constant recharging.

It seems that one has to be a young woman (and have a good shore crew who prepared the boat well) to circumnavigate successfully!

Jessica, you are great!
Also Don, Bruce, Bob, Scott, Andrew, Roger and Julie!

Ben, Sweden

SaltyDog said...

@PWB: ConFuseUs is much wiser than Confucius (and SaltyDog). Keep the proverbs coming Peter. They’re great.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Patricia, Ocean City, NJ said...

The picture of your sun and fun loving crew was sweet. Please allow them more air time. Grandmom Patricia and granddaughter Courtney, 13. Ocean City, NJ

SaltyDog said...


I've had time to think about what I said earlier about the crew and feel that I owe them an apology for being so rough on them. It's just that I thought that Big Ted should start pulling his own wait around EPL. He does have plenty to pull. And I do have a bone to pick with the chicken. I think that the theory that chickens can't fly is a little overated. Any bird that can move on the dance floor like Chick-With-Attitude should certainly be able to make it up the mast for you.O.K. I'll back off on them a bit. I know that they're good company for you. And it least the wonkie tin man out back isn't afraid of a little hard work. Thanks, Parker.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Dave J said...

Hi Jess,

We still follow you every day. I agree, your writing skills are excellent. I look forward to your book.

We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

I think the crew looks pretty healthy all things considered.

God Bless.

Dave J
North Carolina USA

Anonymous said...

that was a such great blog! A good insight into all the tasks you have to do to keep the ship humming along. Cheers and wish you smooth sailing from las vegas USA

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Queenslander said...

@ Richard Lathrop

Richard Lathrop said...

I know you'll be sailing across the Indian Ocean (Southern Ocean?)
on a great circle route.

But there are a few things I don't understand. Perhaps Jesse, the support team, or other bloggers could help me understand them.

How do you determine the bearing of your great circle route?

Answer: You need a nav computer eg "Celesticomp V" or a Gnomonic chart where a straight line is a great circle. Then select waypoints at say every 5deg of longitude & plot the Rhumb Lines to steer between waypoints. You can also cheat & use the GPS.

How do you stay on course as the bearing changes?

See Above
How far south will the route take you?

Great Circle from 37S7E to bottom of Tassie goes over Antarctica

How much shorter is the great circle route than the rhumb line between South Africa and Tasmania?
Between above coordinates, GC = 5470nm... RL = 6420nm

Traveling along Wx man Bob's "Sweet Spot" of 43S very approx. = 6234nm

Thanks in advance to anyone caring to comment on these questons.

No Worries... I can go into more detail via email... could not find one on your website.

Google Earth (download off their site) has a [Ruler] under the [Tools] menu that can measure GCs ("Lines") & "Paths" (lots of GCs). Have not figured out to do Rhumb Lines if it even can considering it is using a globe.

Fair winds,

Backatcha... do not forget "calm seas"... especially for Jesse:)

Richard Lathrop

KB said...

Hi jess
great pic although bear looks like he's hung over but that's probably from all the rum that his cookie captain gives him

Only a few weeks to go now and I'm starting to plan my holiday around your arrival.
Are you really traveling without a reverse osmosis pump??

Safe sailing Jess
cya mate !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, that pelican is cute.

Don't tell anyone I said that!

hezakiah299 said...

02-18-10 @ 12:38
Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to get one more post in before you send a blog and close this one out, sounds like a hint, heh??? Can never get enough blogs from you!!!! Hope you’re doing well, if there’s a wind behind you then you’re doing well, haha.

@ leslie: That spelling ‘test’ was so true, enjoyable.
@ SaltyDog: I had a good laugh at the Scallywags story, good one!!!!
@ Molly: and it just keeps coming……
@ WorkerBev: Wherefore art thou, you are missed by all, we worry about you, and would like to know that you are OK!!!! Are you getting an early run on the ferry???

Say Jessica, did you ever get the heater working, rubbing two (2) sticks together ain’t gonna make it….lol…
Even though you have many miles to go I figure you’re getting pretty excited just thinking that, once around the Cape there’s nothing but water between you and home….yeah, I like that!!!!
I hope you’re eating well and drinking a bunch, since you got the wind are you able to rest much?? Take care of yourself and the crew, I’m looking forward to Sydney too.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Take care, enjoy your amazing journey

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse..... for an old retired lady I've been run off my feet busy this week and haven't commented though have kept up with your blog.

The crew look extremely well fed so much so I'm sure they don't have the energy to mutiny even if they wanted to. Hope they were wearing their (your) EB sunscreen.

You look so well even if you seem a little thinner (hear the clucking?). Still hoping to get to Sydney for your welcome back . Much love xxx

Taneesha said...

Hi Jessica

I glad that the wind has picked up.

Thanks for the update we were all hoping that the wind would pick up for u very soon.

We have really good weather in Melbourne tomorrow. We fed the Pelicans Yesterday. We fed them heaps of heads of fish. Yuk

Bye Jess take care Taneesha

Sugar, spice and everything nice said...

Thanks for sharing your posts...i enjoy reading about your awesome safe and God speed..

Anonymous said...

So very happy for you in this HUGE challenge. Go JESSICA!!!

Richard in Maryland said...


Love your waffle. I can tell you like Big Ted the best! But where is the platypus ? A bit shy?

If the the batteries are dead in CWA, you might want to take them out to prevent damage to her innards. CWA might be in a museum someday with the placard " Here is the original CWA dancing chicken that accompanyed Jessica Watson on her historic circumnavigation" Press the button to see her dance.

Glad everything is holding up.
A bit puzzled on the Origo. I have one of these on my boat. The only reason I can think of it is that the cotton wadding in the canister of the non working burner is still damp , so it won't absorb "meths".
Try leaving the canister in the sun , or, ( check with team ) gently heat it on the working burner to drive the moisure out of the cotton wadding in the canister.
Maybe your team can get a canister wet with seawater, and then perfect a method for making it work again.
Two burners are important for redundancy.

Sail on Special One!
Richard W

PS Glad to here you were able to talk to the crew of the Bounty Boat. They are certainly going to have a completly different experience than yours!

Anonymous said...

See you in Sydney Jesse, bet it took a bit to coax that crew out on deck.

Bruce S said...

Hi Jessica
Addicted here in Sydney.
Great info up date and pic.
Wow your Cheer Squad shows greater enthusiasm each day!
317 comments! these past 2 days.
finding time to read them is a challenge, but a pleasure.

@Bengt ... great spreadsheet on EPL eta. Thanks

Trust Jessica's 'Jessification' agrees.
Fair wind and seas, Jessica.

Bruce Stanley/Sydney

Bruce S said...

Hi Jessica
Addicted here in Sydney.
Great info up date and pic.
Wow your Cheer Squad shows greater enthusiasm each day!
317 comments! these past 2 days.
finding time to read them is a challenge, but a pleasure.

@Bengt ... great spreadsheet on EPL eta. Thanks

Trust Jessica's 'Jessification' agrees.
Fair wind and seas, Jessica.

Bruce Stanley/Sydney

Anonymous said...


June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Nice to see the crew getting a little bit of sunshine.

Good to read that you are once again under sail with good breeze and on your way home.

South East Queensland is going okay at the moment, even if a little bit soggy. I'm sure you have heard all about the rain that we’ve received over the past week or so. Oh well, the drought is over.

We've read about the pink lady and her battle scars, but how's the skipper going? Strong as ever I have no doubt.

Take care brave lady. Our thoughts are, as always, with you and your adventure.

Safe sailing.

June and Richard Thorn

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jess

Ah the old wobbly legs syndrome when you hit land for the first time in months. Our brains are incredible things the way they adapt to situations quickly ..believe me you'll be running a marathon in days of landing if you so wish. I have always thought that a "fun run" was an oxymoron! I digress. Glad to see all is shipshape aboard EPL after that dreadful storm and that heading south is going to bring you home that much quicker BRRRRRR but it will be worth it Stay strong you great girl... Aussies trying their guts out in Vancouver as you are on the ocean... LOL(oud)....Hey why not a music day give the motor a whirl for power and rock on
Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

bengt said...

I would like to honour two tough and great people, both women.

Jessica, it is really great to read your blog. You have such an unstoppable mentality.

Before the journey people said you were too young. Later people said you are more mature than your years. I say that you have better mentality for such long-distance adventures than almost anyone of any age!

Yesterday Anja Pärson, a Swedish alpine skier, was near an Olympic medal in Vancouver in downhill, when she had one of most nastily looking crashes ever in alpine skiing. Luckily she didn't break anything, but was heavily bruised and in severe pain. Still she did participate in today's combined downhill and slalom race, and won a bronze medal.

There are not many people like Jessica and Anja. But those that exist are very often women.

The male circumnavigators I have read can't match your attitude, Jess, as well as there are very few people with the attitude for important competitions that Anja has.

Ben, Sweden

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

WE SEE THE SUN TODAY,IT'S IN THE FORTIES,almost can see over the snow mounds,agree in total with Molly,enough is enough,guess we are getting more of the white stuff on Monday.
Jessica, trust you are doing ok,a day without an update and we talk between ourselves,that's whats so great about our ''adoptive world family''.
We had a crazy man run his private plane into a office building in Texas this morning,they say he was mad with the ''IRS''[tax man] and a whole lot more,so of course since 9/11 the country gets in a panic thinking it's an attack of some sort,good news it was just a guy mad at every thing,including the Government.I hope no one was killed,of course he was,the pics where something else.
Enough of that,hope all is well and smooth sailing is the word of the day,the ''stuffy crew'' all dried up yet,too much sun causes fading.
''Auntie Sam'' yet to hear back from you,I must really be in the ''dog house''!!!!
Richie,Salty Dog keep up the great pros,you both make me wonder where your creative juices are coming from.
Bye for now,going to strip down to the ''boxer's '' and get a suntan while it's in the forties,WHOPS ''TMI'',sorry all,got carried away,I just seem not to be able to start ''trouble'' amongst us all,HA,HA.
Much love and support continues to you young lady,stay safe,warm and keep up that positive attitude daily.
''Andrew'',figured out what I was doing wrong to get the newest posts,again thanks for your continued work on keeping us all connected around our world.
Hugs and kisses to you and crew.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
Maryland, USA.,
PS., Don't you all think ''Lindsey Fahon'' looks like a young Bo Derrick??????She is the Olympic downhill skier on the US Team.

bengt said...

@Richard Lathrop
The great circle route between Cape Good Hope and Tasmania
is 5369 nm, which will reach the 62nd latitude.
Following my guessed path near Cape Leewin is 5611 nm.

That is what my formulas say anyway.

Jessica will not go to the 62nd latitude, not even below 50th I assume, but she wants no doldrums also.

Ben Larsson, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you, Ella and the crew are holding up well. Thank you for the updates and for letting all us fans see glimpses of your journey. Best wishes to you, your crew and your family.

Neil from Buffalo

Anonymous said...

We admire you SOOOOOO much -you GO girl!
Baggins & Co

Anonymous said...

keep going girl your doing great, we cant wait to great you when you sail back into sydney, yipee. GOLD FOR YOU

Anonymous said...

sorry the crew look great good to see them up and about again. Take care all of u
andrew point clare

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"I keep my friends as misers do their treasure, because, of
all the things granted us by wisdom, none is greater or better
than friendship."

-- Pietro Aretino

PWB said...


ConFuseUs says:

A dog Is the Salt and the Earth
To a man of humble birth.




segelopa said...

Hoping, that You are possible rounding Cap Of Good Hope in direct line we glad for You. You are the bravest Girl, you are Capitain. We sailors here are reading every day Your blogs and the etmale of the turn.
We are hoping that no great waves and storm will come past the cap.
Now You are in our hemisphäre Greenetch 1. Sail far away from the coast, and look well for other ships.
Happy sailing, Jessi !

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Jessica...very informative especially for us ground-pounders....Thanks for the
excellent report...
CONGRATULATIONS are definiteld in order...each mile stone is a step closer to home.

Stay safe...stick to the plan..and take good care of your crew...dont feed them so much..they look pretty healthy..

Have wishes for good winds and clear sailing..

Joe Springfield VA USA

Anonymous said...

I agree with all comments: your writing, courage, humor.. all top notch. You are the coolest! I'm in love with you! When you get back to land, and if you're ever in the US, would you marry me?!

Kissyfrott said...

@Bengt / Ben
Thank you for your splendid work.
And I share your compassion for Anja, she is the stuff of heroes too. Well, happy she got out of that scary fall all in one piece!

and... WORKERBEV... This silence is too long.
We all hope you are well, and just temporarily impeached? We miss you!

sunfish550 said...

hey there jessica...
thanks for crew photo and update, as we hang on your every word about your health and condition of your boat.

still lots of snow back east, nothing is melting, temps are freezing or below. your boat is so classic it should be in the smithsonian!

good wishes and prayers your way,
please be careful out there OK jess?

lenny, pittsburgh PA.

chan said...

Just finished my weekly visit to your site to follow your adventure. I gather you would be about 1-2 weeks from rounding the Cape? Look forward to the next milestone. Keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Great progress report - I always love to read what you've been doing.
I also want to let you know what an inspiration you are to teenage girls at our school... last week, I set a mystery writing assignment where they had to come up with a character, setting and plot device and construct a story around their ideas. I think about half the class ended up with "young solo sailor / yacht on the open ocean / storm." You are definitely their inspiration.

Kendra said...

Love the crew!

Jane said...

Hi Jess, you especially brighten my Monday morning. Any day I find myself slipping into a thought of "I can't be bothered" i remind myself to do the first things first. I congratulate you on all levels of this undertaking.There was a beautiful NE blowing on Saturday arvo in Sydney and a magic day for a sail.Wishing you all the best for the home stretch. Cheers Jane

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