Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cruising Along

It's almost starting to feel a bit 'same old, same old' out here at the moment, which is probably a silly thing to say, because now that I've said it, 'Murphy's Law' says something's bound to happen! And it's not as if no action is at all a bad thing. No news it good news right?

It also looks like my quota of sunshine is up, which is particularly annoying, as when I was going through some lockers the other day, I came across the sextant (an instrument used for finding your position from the sun or stars) and I'm itching to get the books out and see what I can remember - that would be much easier if I could actually see the sun. I managed to capture a pic of a cloudy sunset last night which had some nice colours (see below).

But that's enough complaining, on the upside, progress has been good still with lots of 6 and 7's on the speedo. There's a lot more birds around too, maybe because we're getting close to islands. I'm seeing some different types as well. The birds up this way seem to be smaller than the ones down south and I sure miss seeing those albatrosses!

Even though it's looking like we'll miss the worst of that nasty weather to the south, we're expecting to see some pretty strong wind in a few days. I'll be glad when this front is all over and done with so we can go back to heading directly east again.


P.S. Its looks like I spoke too soon! I'd just finished typing and was sitting here at the nav station staring out the port hole (one of mymore glamorous hobbies!), when I got a huge fright as a great big orange object floated pastless than a meter away. It turned out to be some sort of fishing buoy complete with aerial and just avoided geting into a tangle with Parker!
Pic: Sunset last night!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I still follow your sailing trip day-by-day.

Happy sailing and God bless,
Rainer from Bavaria

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!.
When people spend as much time as you, away from the real world....a strange thing happens. All the critter that live in their realm adopt funny names.

I was just wondering if you have any onboard bugs or ant, birds etc stowaways who have gained you affection....and been given a name coz they feel like family!

If so...who or what has been blessed with your courageous presence and wit!!

All the best on your great adventure on the high seas
Dion Perth Australia.

Anonymous said...

Blimmin Murphy and his law eh Jess....hmm you may wonder how this came to be ......wonder no longer.


Murphy's Law ("If anything can go wrong, it will") was born at Edwards Air Force Base in 1949 at North Base.

It was named after Capt. Edward A. Murphy, an engineer working on Air Force Project MX981, (a project) designed to see how much sudden deceleration a person can stand in a crash.

One day, after finding that a transducer was wired wrong, he cursed the technician responsible and said, "If there is any way to do it wrong, he'll find it."

The contractor's project manager kept a list of "laws" and added this one, which he called Murphy's Law.

Keep your spirits up...hmm.... and your sail. ha ha
Dion Perth Australia

Anonymous said...

It's great to read your updates as I am sitting her exhausted from a days work being a mum to my 2 daughters, I hope they know and follow their dreams like you have...all the best and keep the updates coming along.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jess from Nan Mim up on the mountain at Tamborine following your progress avidly every day - blessings to you my little lamb - you are doing well and are an inspiration to us all - go Jess!!! And watch out or the buoys!!
Love and hugs from Nan Mim

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Sorry that we haven't sent through a blog over thee past couple of days. We have had the computer gremlins in and haven't had the ability to get onto the internet to follow your adventure.

I am typing somewhat slower this evening because of a new keyboard. I will have to ask you if you would be kind enough to read a little slower so that I don't have to type too fast.

You sound as though you are once again coping well and having the time of your life, Just vas you should be.

I think that it is high time that those dolphins stopped in to make sure that you are okay.

Break out that sextant. You are heading into warmer waters and I have no doubt that the skies will open at night for you to navigate your way home.

Stay safe brave lady and continue to kind those kind winds to drive you back home.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Well mixing with the bouys again! You never know when they will turn up.
Glad you have missed most of the bad weather and will begin to head east again soon.
Love the picture.
Stay safe,

Collette Cole, Australia said...

Hi Jesse, terrific to hear from you!

Firstly, I wish you 'luck of the Irish' with old leprachaun Murphy hanging around. And to counteract any mischief he might be up to I offer you this Irish blessing :

"may you live as long as you want
and never want as long as you live"

Fancy that pumpkin-like thing floating up to EPL..with all that ocean it lobs right into your patch..bit cheeky.

Seriously though, the weather looks like turning it up a notch (as if you didn't already know) and you are getting nearer to where Kay Cottee experienced her '360'....

Enjoy your tinkering about, stay safe and eat well.

Faye and Max said...

A beautiful sunset Jesse dear, enjoy them while you can - and have fun with that sextant.
@ Grant, thanks for song #3 just great.
@ Sally in Melb, great porthole graphics.
@ Robert in Brissy, thanks for the transcript.
@ A big HI to the Grade 2 Killer Whales.
@ Samurai, Great graphics Sam, please keep them coming - we all enjoy them so much.

Stay focused Jessica, don't drop your guard for a second.

Stay safe and Go-Girl-Go

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Peter Gold Coast said...

Hello Captain Jesse.
Stick with the sextant Jesse even if you are hundreds of miles out first try. You won't be the worst. I remember quite some years ago before GPS, radio compasses etc. one boat in the Sydney Hobart radioed in their position which turned out to be a few miles south of Alice Springs.(Central Aus) When told this they abandoned the race and pulled into Launceston for more beer.
To Debbie from Tampa Florida: What a lovely letter I am sure Jesse will be thrilled that she has been of some help. I and I reckon all of the other comment writers are thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery and an early easing of the pain.
Stay alert Jesse you are in the area where an old sailor I knew claimed storms were invented.
Safe sailing and Godspeed

Peter Gold Coast.

Mark Catalina 27 said...

So there you and EPL are, sailing along nicely in the middle of the ocean and you miss a big orange "something" by a meter or so at the stern? Geez Jess, I KNOW your good, but that proves it's also good to be LUCKY. Sure glad you and EPL missed the thing! Sail on Captain!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Keep safe my dear. Hope your not being hammered with too many big waves and too much strong wind.

Keep safe and you are in my prayers. Big hugs from Ja Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

Pauline Follett said...

Hi Jess,

I am in awe of your stamina!
I know you and EPL will arrive back to Oz safely, as you are both two tough cookies. A few rogue waves or a bouy will not keep you from success.

My only question is, what will
be the next adventure for you both when you return home?

We are so, so proud of you.

Kind regards,

Pauline Follett. NSW Australia.

JLOH said...

Well done Jessica, you are doing so well. Keep the fantastic sailing up.

Petrina said...

Hi Jesse

nice blogs over the last few days - loved reading them and learning about tee-shirts (cool cookie!!), misty days, and now sextants and odd bouys that mysteriously float past your boat. Wonder what it was? - some bloggers suggest submarine buoys, others fishing bouys - it could even be a scientific data collecting buoy. Whatever it is, just goes to show that you are never too far away from "humanity".

That must have been quite a shock to you - expecting to be in the middle of nowhere and then looking outside and seeing this orange orb floating by!! Kind of shot you feeling of being alone to pieces I guess. I had a similar experience in Antarctica where I was lucky enough to go to, and where I was flown out into the middle of (what I thought) was nowhere. I remember thinking to myself "wow, I am probably the first person to be here...."

Imagine my dissappointment to find when the helicopter left that I was standing only meters away from an old discarded smoke canister that some other field team had discarded.

Kinda ruined my nice bubble of being "out there"....

But, looking at the map, you are truely out there in the middle of nowhere - although getting close to the fantastic volcanic island of Tristan de Cunha which is where I guess the birds are comming from.

Lucky you to be seeing them all!!

Good luck with the sextant practice - I could never comprehend how these worked, and would love to learn myself one day. Kinda appeals to me more than just pushing a button...

As always, fair winds and keep up with the entertaining blogs!!


Bruce Watt said...

Hi Jess
I am glad this northerly diversion is done with safety in mind as we certainly don't want anymore "knock downs". It is not a race but I guess you have lost some time as opposed if you were heading due east. I have my fingers crossed and hope you are soon back on track and safe and sound. My grandmother used to tell the girls watch for those nasty boys down the street. But you also have to watch for the nasty "buoys".

Take care Jess and sail on.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

Kissyfrott said...

@Mike_trrac I loved Roughie's complaint! A good laugh is the best drugs to start a day...Thanks and winks!

Good morning Captain Jesse,
About 9am now for you. How's the ocean? Still liquid? Good news, no new glaciation era coming!
And how's your Pink Lady? In a good mood? That's better than in a bad mud, isn't it?

Sunny day on Paris again, but with a grey sky. Pleasant though. I am going out this afternoon for a Jessica Walk and I hope your fidgety feet will come along vicariously with me. Just concentrate...
It should work both ways, as we can travel with you.
it will be 11am local time for you (11pm in Australia). OMG! You're upside down from your home usual position... That's why your feet are behaving weirdly, cold, hot, and all the fuss.

Take care, watch out and sing, Shining Star.
Our mental eyes are focused on a tiny square of the South Atlantic, and though we have never been together for real, we miss you dearly!
Minutes are long while you are on your cruise with Parker and them Scallywags; what gives us satisfaction is knowing that every minute, Ella's Pink Lady DOES chew some pieces of mille. Good yacht. Best Captain. Go, Princess...

Toni McLean said...

Well, I'm late with this post - been very busy. Your progress is fantastic. 6-7 knots regularly is not to be sneezed at. You'll be across that little pond in no time.

Hopefully you won't need the sextant for anything more than a doorstop. When I tried to use it, after having done a celestial nav course, it took me about 3/4 hr to fix our position - a bit pointless at that stage I think!

Those fishing buoys turn up everywhere, don't they? It's not hard to believe that we are running fish stocks right down.

Hopefully those winds you're expecting will help you along and not send you too far north. No turning off to pop into London or Paris while you're in the neighbourhood!

Take care and thanks for your lovely blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess. Thanks again for another of your always-interesting updates.
Have a great day! Here's a little birdie poem inspired by your thoughts...

Atlantic Musing





Jill (Newcastle)

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Good morning, Jess, and Greetings to you and our adoptive family from snowy, sparkly and cold, Maine.

I'm thinking of you and wishing you manageable winds, lots of bird sightings, beautiful sunshine and delicious water from somewhere in your stash.

For our bloggers, why wouldn't some kind of alarm or beep, beep sound go on as EPL and the buoy were getting so close to each other? I realize that Jess has to enter the settings into the radar system, but it seems amazing to me that there was no indication of the buoy. Only Jess's intuition, to look up at that moment and see the buoy out the porthole, let her know that it was out there.

I'll check in later in the day.
xoxo Mary, Maine, USA

SUBIR said...

Hi Jessica,
As promised an update. Good news - We successfully launched the first in a series of six vessels that we are building for the Indian Navy. This along with further news from your post that you are encountering good conditions has indeed made my day.
Keep chugging along. The winds will keep you going hopefully east and not NE. Wish I can have one of your omelets - love eggs. Well in case you come to Indian sometime I'll make you and my daughter, Khushi, some fine eggs, promise you that.
Wishes from our entire family.
Take good care toughie.

Macca said...

be a bit choppy


jess is cute

Anonymous said...

Smart man/woman that Murphy
Thanks Barry
Steve P
To Jessica,on the ocean tonight,our
hearts cheer you on (and sail with you)
PS at a respectful distance,of course lol I mean there are rules to observe.(but whatever, I am enjoying the trip-The people you meet,the places we go...Thanks Jess
Loving you home
One and All

Muhammad Asim said...

Hi Jess

It has been many days that you haven't invited me on the dinner.

It will be great if you send a pciture of your dinning discoveries.

Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

@Queenslander...(jump in the camper van and help out the farmers by knocking over Roos with your new bull bar on the way to Port Jackson!) Ba ha ha are you!!

@Magpie, you're onto me. You have hurt my last

@RichieParis, what can I say that I have not already said?? You have my admiration and I look forward to your novels.

Pssst...Hi David !!

@IanM..Sextants...Thanks so much Ian for the explanation. It really does sound interesting. It would be a real achievement to master it. I must admit, you lost me just after "regarding sextants".

@barryClements...Murphy's Law and Cobat operations...hilarious !!

and all other quotes and funnies on Murphy's Law..excellent!!!

Cya, Paula

Phil in Idaho said...

Fishing bouys are nasty things with line coming from the bottom. Tangle on the keel, rudder post, shaft, prop, wind vane ugly,ugly.

Never a dull moment huh?

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

so glad to hear everything is going well out there in the middle of the atlantic! you're doing great and we're all so proud of your accomplishments so far.

you are an incredible inspiration to more people than you realize.

be safe. be well. have fun!

richmond, va

workerbev said...

Hi Jessica (Beverly here in Tassie) "My name is Beverly and I'm a Jessaholic!" There, I've said it too! (as Mary in Maine finally did also. and thank you Mary for your prayers) Also Jo in Geelong. I appreciate them so much.

Just finished reading all blogs for this post, sure am getting my reading in, and what wonderful blogs they are. Jesse, you have such an amazing following of people, all different, some sailors, some not, old, young, you name it and they are all represented in your "family."

Today here in Tassie it was soooo hot I actually was sick to my stomach and had a headache so I just cranked the fan on high and took a nap about 5:30pm. Woke up about 8pm and felt much better. I "LOVE" my nanna-naps!

Right now it is pouring down rain, by the bucket fulls. Smells wonderful, I just love the smell of rain and know that everything will be clean when the sun comes out tomorrow. You can almost "hear" the little blades of grass yelling and clapping and dancing in the raindrops. They are sooo happy, as are all the farmers, gardeners, and firemen.

We had quite a bush fire up by Ouse and I'm sure this rain is putting out the last of it. Thank God!! It came pretty close to town at one point. Scary things, these bush fires. Never had them in Illinois and didn't really know what they were til I moved down here. Quite dangerous too. More forces of weather and nature to be respected. As the oceans and all the floatsam out there.

Be very careful Jessica, I imagine the inhabitants of the island are fisherman being that they are so far from everywhere and everyone so there are bound to be buoys and nets and junk floating all around you. As Hawkeye says, stay in the moment and stay alert, PLEASE.

@all the "family" comments back to my post - I thank you all so very much. Still don't know what we are going to do, but we'll do it no matter what it is. We always have such great adventures when we head off camping. I'm so looking forward to this one. First time on the mainland for me. Now just have to find a kennel for my cat and our budgie. I can leave them for 5-7 days with food and water and kitty boxes but no longer. My sanity couldn't stand that - need to have them where they can be loved and cared for, they are both sooo spoiled.

@Stephen M - transplanted Aussie. Welcome back from Haiti and thank you for the work you did. I think about those poor people in Haiti every single day. I can't imagine how it would feel to be in that kind of situation. I just pray that God is letting the aid get through to the people who need it and it doesn't get into the "wrong" hands as so often happens in these situations.

I still think of the tsunami(sp) on Boxing Day a few years ago, some of those people are "still" living in makeshift houses, waiting for aid to help them. Something is drastically wrong with that picture. I pray Haiti is different and reconstruction starts soon.

Well Jessica my dear, remember God is right there beside you, tethered together with you, and His Legions of Angels are surrounding you and EPL, guiding you around and away from the nasty weather so you can turn east towards the Cape of Good Hope. I still really LOVE that name. Hope is so wonderful, without it we are a stagnant race. So Hope and Pray and Hope and Pray - and so begins another day. {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania


Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

Thinking the odds on hitting something must be pretty remote Jessica, still it would happen sometimes, hopefully your bouy's the closest you will come to hitting anything. You are not allowed to hit any rocks.

You're doing alright out there though I think I'd better stay on land, bought vitual skipper today. First race got left in the oppositions wake. Got around the first marker okay, just getting up to the second when brrrrzzzt,crash. I can't even drive a yacht on my laptop without crashing lol. (Better try the game on my tower)

Years ago back in NZ I used to go diving around Mayor island in the Bay of Plenty, we'd go out in a 1.5 mill motor sailer catermaran, I got a few tries on the helm of that one, awesome feeling the power of the wind in the sails. Good memories. Good fun chasing the crays to ^_^.
I haven't dived for years, Just hit 52 so probably won't be doing that anymore, side's don't like the thought of those big white bities offshore around here. (Remembers the misic in jaws) Gulp - ROFL.

Sail on skipper, bring that little ship home.

Kevmeister / Perth

john naughton said...

Hi Jesse
Hope all is going well on board.

Please, please, please
could you upload another video onto YouTube for us all whenever you have time, maybe as you round the Cape?

Thanks again for all your updates.

For all your "adopted parents" and "extended family" have a look at
and click on an area of interest - South Atlantic for now, to see current and forecast wind and wave conditions our two tough cookies are facing.
Best wishes
John N

Anonymous said...

What is your current Lat/Long?

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 10:25
When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.

Good day, Jesse! Great to hear from you even if it does seem to you like "same old, same old." Storms, waves, flotsam, jetsam, even radio-equipped orange buoys sweep by us on a daily basis, but remember that the righteous stand firm forever. That means eternity -- forever is a long time. I thought these words might be an encouragement and perhaps even bolster you up some as you head toward big winds ahead. I am grateful for your good and expert shore crew guiding you to sweep by the worst of that nasty weather to your south.

And today, count on me to pray for your progress and safety, more good rest, and your continued good progress. All the best for you, and may you be richly blessed by your knowledge that so many are lifting you up in prayer daily.

Charley said...

Hi Jesse, Calendar days...
Tick them off, we predate our important happenings in our lives and then watch THAT DATE come closer and closer to creating another milestone in our lives. Imagine all those you have to look forward to. Keep making them come to fruition one by one.
With great anticipation, Charley Best Luck with everything ahead

Jose Clearwater, FL USA said...

So it looks like the ocean is calm for now anyways, caught anymore fish ? Fish is my passion. Fried, baked, grilled, barbequed, sauteed,
raw. I'll take it anyway. That sunset looks awesome, great pic :-)
Well all for now....
Stay safe and Straight Ahead !!!

Anonymous said...

Just realised that on your website, on "The Voyage" page, you can zoom out to show the South Pole in the centre and see that the purple markers have now completed more than 180 degrees of longitude. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

I imagine it wont be too much longer before you are passing the southern tip of Africa.

I hope you steer well away from Somalia, and hope you will be very cautious about divulging even your approximate position. And you dont want anyone guessing your position based on your reported track on google earth.

Dont want to sound alarmist, but I am much more at ease with you facing huge seas than an encounter with pirates.

Stay safe, we want you home in one piece.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Jessica,

I had a look in my atlas and saw the name Tristan da Cuhna, so I Googled and found out about the island and its archipelago. Am I right? What a distant place to live in. It said that 265 people live there. Please tell us if you will sail north or south of the islands.
I have been out taken away snow again. Stockholm has not got so much snow in 80 years.
Good wind and sail on safe.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Christopher said...

Jess, you are an inspiration to me! I am so glad that I found your blog, and I look forward to following progress on your most amazing journey. I love the photographs that you're taking too. Travel safely, Jessica! Cheers! Chris

Stanlee said...

There's nothing wrong with must give you a sense of feeling at home. Equanamity or balance is one of the greatest keys to life. You have a balance of adventure at all times but then the reality of being in the same place also balances you out. It is so hard to believe that so much time has already passed and that it will be done before you know it. For me, I just feel so grateful for everyday to jut be here and alive and I really love checking in with you, since we kind of I know your family is very proud of you. Do keep up with your studies, education is essential although I can't imagine any better education than the one you are receiving. Life isn't about avoiding the torms its about dancing in the rain.

Alexey said...

Greetings Jesse! I am very glad that you and pink lady are doing well. I can see that near you there is a big southern front so be careful! I watch your travel and wish you and pink lady to reach Sydney safely with a victory over hands!
Success to you!

Alexey from Moscow!

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Sounds like your relaxing a bit, I can imagine the fright something like that buoy so close can give you, passing so close.

Well not too far now and you will be entering Sydney to quite a fan fair I would imagine.

Don't get too close to those Islands, they can come out of nowhere.
Take care and I hope the weather doesn't pick up too much. But I know you can handle it.

Fair winds and following seas.

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Catch the blog later, just got home from night shift & need some zzzz'z. Take care.

Hi blogger family, I can see some funny posts in there, can't wait to read them properly.


The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Cape Breton said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for another pleasant blog report, it sounds as though you have enjoyed the last few days "holiday".
Good picture of Parker and your bent it ?

Since all is quiet on the sailing front for the time being, perhaps you might like to see how many of us Canadians spend the winter months. Yes, playing the old sport of "curling". It's pretty big here and during the upcoming "Briar" tournament final, at the half time break,
one lucky person will get the chance to putt a golf ball 93 feet along the curling ice sheet into a six inch diameter hole, there is a small prize of $100,000 if the putt is holed. Check it out here,

Also, see the contest rules here,

How about our Cdn golfer bloggers,
is this your cup of tea?

I tried ice putting at our local curling club and with just the lightest tap, the ball goes well past 93 feet, not an easy putt !

Hope the storm is easy on you and EPL.
Double check everything to be safe.

from the great Bras d'Or Lakes.

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,

I bet you must be taking the opportunity of that relative calm to catch up with things and maybe bake a bread, some cookies or something yummy to keep the whole crew sweet on you.
Are they still slacking and skulking on their shelf ? The little stuffed-up parasites! I would put them to clean the deck to a sheen with buckets and mops!!

It must be strange and startling to spot some alien floating object like that when you don't expect it. One more reason to always be on your guard and ready.

Just a little question for you. (if you've got the time t(o answer, or indeed, if you're allowed or allowing yourself to answer at all) How you doing with local time now ? I bet you must be in GMT-3 or 4. Or am I wrong ?
I know that your website and blog are in your original East Australian Time and stay that way. So, I understand that there are a few things that you keep on that basis too. Which is normal, of course. But where you are, you must be GMT-3 or 4, No ?

Keep up the good work, Jesse. You rock!

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Sent some posts last couple of day's since being back from Haiti,hope you are getting them via shore team.
Starting to get back to normal,we are expecting up to two feet of snow starting Friday morning till late Saturday night,with possible blizzard conditions that day.I wish I could take some of your Aussie Summer weather right about now,so miss sailing Sydney Harbor this time of year.
Thanks ''SAMUARI'' for your kind words,yes I did enjoy every ones comments while away,especially your descriptive pros,think Richie is catching up with you...
Jessica,you know your ''adoptive world family'' is chatting amongst themselves,time for a new Video please,we do miss your regular updates,think you get us spoiled.
How are you fairing around those pending storms,no more ''knockdowns'' young lady.
Not much more to post,enjoyed everyone's comments today.
Await with baited breath a new update,again,thank you fellow family member's for you kind words,just remember TO GIVE TO HAITI if you haven't already,we must not forsake them in their time of need.
Stay warm,hooked-on,keep focused,much love and support.
HEY,have ''veggiemite/jelly'' sandwich for me,boy that came out of the blue,I so miss those.
Godspeed and continued smooth sailing,HUGS as all way's.
[about to be snowed-in ]
''Aussie's send some weather our way please'',Richard and Molly batten down the hatches here we go again from DEC. 19th.
Take care all,thanks again for all your kind words,it meant allot to me while I was in Haiti,you all are a ''great bunch'',I continue to be so proud to be part of this adventure in support of our ''Jessica''.SO MUCH FOR A SHORT POSTING....

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

TGIF in this part of the world. Hell that storm to your south looks mean glad you are not in it. Both you and EPL don't need another bashing...just nice strong winds to get you home safely. Update on the little platypus found on the road yesterday...he's OK and is being released tomorrow near where we know that a colony have burrowed on the river.. Hey forgot to say congrats on the forthcoming book...what a read it will be. You have warmed us up well with your blogs so the final thing will be fantastic..I can feel it in my bones.

Lots of music. Laugh out loud, long and often please sleep well to keep your wonderful brain going and have you given the Sextant a go????

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Dear bloggers

Enquiries about the Platypus. You don't touch them or pick them up because it is hard to pick the male from the female at first glance. The fully grown male had two poision spurs on his front "feet" that can really knock you around if he strikes you. Wonderful to look at not a good idea to pat fact they are very secretive and hard to see at the best of times, let alone touch.

Hope that helps

Dusty from Dubbo

PS No dust today it's raining yippeeeee, wahoooooo, we need it.

Anonymous said...

I have been following you for the whole voyage now, your site is one of my home pages. You’re going well, good luck and look forward to more blogs. You’re a gutsy chick who has some big balls (hehe)

Anonymous said...

An Anonymous poster suggested the sailwx shiptracker site...great info.

Remember the buoy Jessica stumbled on?

Try this; Go to

Then right from the world wide map tracking ships - click where Jessica is sailing at the moment. You'll get a smaller area map, and a list that goes down the page. Note that there are ships in the area BUT the list of buoys is MUCH longer.

If you click on many of the buoys, you'll see they're Drifting Buoys, getting a free ride in the South Atlantic while reporting location (obviously), sea temp and barometric pressure.

My guess is Jessica saw one of these. Anybody with free time? You can see the historical tracks of the buoys...can you find the one she passed?

Steve in California

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica and blog family,

To John and Susan Webb
such caring and supportive comments to Jessica

Sally in Melb by the bay
oh buoy, oh buoy!

Elliot Jarman
funny joke

Mike D
'crank up the music and sing', such good advice

no we really don'tt want a cocky cookie!!!

Amazed by you, Paula,
your comments always tickle, you too have a way with words!

Worker Bev
I see you there in Sydney having a ball, fit as a fiddle!

Anonymous Robert,
thanks for the transcript.

Michael from Kingswood,
My finger is healing, thanks for caring, did you get the Jacquie Lawson card I sent you for your birthday or where you not able to open it?

Barry Clements,
I am sure you succeeded to make many laugh....just rib tickling!

To dear Jessica,
who is the reason why we are all experiencing this global connectedness, who graciously takes us along on her adventure.
My mundane and also time consuming hobby is checking in with you every day (several times).
I also read and enjoy the commentaries.
I even get up earlier so I have the luxury of all of your esteemed company.
Jessica, I was hooked, when I started following your personal journey in July 2009! you have become family.
I know all the Jessica-gaggle would agree! :-)

Safe sailing, stay aware at all times, enjoy the ride,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Just thought I'd make an apology on behalf of your cyberpod family, if I may so bold. As you know, the cyberpod is swimming to your left and right, with some members swimming in your bow wave.

We should have seen the orange buoy coming, and either tapped on the side of the hull in warning, made Flipper noises, or else jumped up and moved the wind vane on Parker with a flipper to steer the boat away from the buoy so you wouldn't have been as startled as you looked out your porthole.

As we are a fun loving pod, I guess we were so busy with jumps, twists, and tail walking, that we forgot that the reason we are swimming alongside the Pink Lady is to cheer you up, and offer moral support and encouragement.

As a faithful cyber cetacean, I promise to do a better job of looking out for whatever flotsam or jetsam is out there.

Yours Truly,
Flipper III

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Nelson Mandela

Bluefin said...

@ Dusty from Dubbo Feb 4 9.40pm

I enjoyed your story re the platypus in the middle of a busy road 1k from the river. I'm glad your friend rescued him and took him to the zoo. The zoo for those overseas is the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo which is a huge open plains zoo where you hire a push bike to cycle around it. Its really fantastic. Near here (Buderim) we have Australia Zoo and they too have a very busy animal hospital.

On Wednesday night about an hour south of here on the bay, over a hundred hatchling loggerhead turtles ran in the direction of the street lights and road instead of to the sea. They became confused as they should have run in the direction of the full moon and the ocean. Poor things had to be rescued from the road, the police stopped cars, some employees from Australia Zoo helped. It reminded me of your platypus 1k from the river. Our native animals have to cope with a lot don't they?

I hope Jesse is not getting too much strong wind out there, I noticed in the latest "news item" she was expecting some rough weather in the next few days.

Cheers to all,
Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Heather perham said...

Hi Jessica

So pleased to see you are making such excellent progress. At home here in landlocked Potters Bar we are avidly following your progress.

I wonder if Mike has told you that he has recently been on a short course to learn how to use a sextant for his next adventure. You will have to compare notes!!

About two hours ago he landed in Sydney at the start of his Aussie training for the Bounty Boat Expedition. He will be staying in Sydney until the end of the month.

Savour and enjoy every moment Jessica and as Mike says try and bottle the best bits so you can open that bottle and savour them again as a reminder of your adventure.

May the wind blow in your sails and bring you safely home.

Love and best wishes

Heather, Peter, Fiona and MikeX

hezakiah299 said...

02-04-10 @ 18:35
Hi Jessica,
I couldn’t believe that it was two (2) days since I wrote to you, I’ve been busy with a few other letters and a few items here at home. But you are always on my mind (as Willie Nelson says).
There were so much “Murphy” information on this blog, that I think a book could be written about him. lol…so many variables.
Looks like a little of that bumpy stuff is in your area, at least if you’re staying North you won’t be bothered by that nasty stuff.

For Queenslander: Followed your directions and it worked beautifully. That was great, thank you. But that still doesn’t bring you exactly up to date, as Jessica‘s map is always running a little behind, sometimes that map isn’t updated for a few days. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Look out Jessica, I think macca: has a crush on you, lol…..
Hello WorkerBev: Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to seeing you in Sydney. I keep you in my prayers. I’ll have to put my cat in a kennel also, and I don’t think she’s gonna like that. I’ll be in trouble when I get back. lol…..

Not much happening up my way, snow, cold and then more snow and cold,
real exciting, but Spring is coming…..eventually.
Are you staying warm, eating well, and drinking, drinking and drinking some more, its good for you. Remember what ‘Auntie Sam’ told you?
Congrats on the 12,500, and averaging 120nms per day, that’s great. You’ll be getting some of Mum’s home cooking before you know it. Yes!!!….
Since you won’t have to cook, will you do the dishes or will you just lay back and enjoy being catered to. Somehow I don’t see you doing that, lol…
Just take good care of yourself and them scallywags, and make sure that they pull their own weight, no moping allowed, for them.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with 'same old..' as long as it doesn't involve being in a washing machine. There's the good old Southern Ocean to come so you'll be needing to steel yourself for that one. But it's the Home Run ! Albeit a lon-ng one.

Don't know about you Jesse, but I've got my head deeply in study now. I'm doing an external course...much like you huh !. Errm, that's where the similarity ends since I very much like terra firma and can't imagine what I'd do with powdered egg.

Mush! Jesse, get round that Cape and on the Home Run..


Anonymous said...


Don't know about you Jesse but that made *me* feel good. More therapy from Stanlee please :o)

Anonymous said...

@Amazedbyyou Feb 4 11.32pm "Pssst. Hi David!!"
OK, you caught me, Paula. You're much smarter than you let on.
O'Toole's Law: Murphy was an optimist.

David (Gin Gin)

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
I was just thinking about the comment at the start of your post Jesse. Starting to feel a bit same old, same old out here at the moment, wait until you get into the work force, talk about groundhog day, now this is same old, same old. What you are having and doing is fantastic, so lapp it up while you can.
But I'm sure you will get into a job/career that will give you something different every day.
So keep away from those nasty storms and hopefully get moving to the east.
To Beverly of Tassie: I hope you are feeling better, you better not come over here for a holiday in summer, we had our hottest day in January for long time, when it reached 49c and next day it cooled down to 41c, but overall it has been a cool summer, averaging only about 37c.
kevmeister of perth: Old at 52, never, so get back in the water, you have got more chance getting hit by a bus (shark attack), so go for it.
Anonymous: Jesse will be long way south to have any pirate problems.
So jesse, keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love
Exmouth WA Australia

Queenslander said...

@ Mary, Maine re Alarming Hazards

There are lots of reasons...

Did Jesse have the radar turned on or was she conserving power by having it turned off or more likely set to do a few scans every 5mins or so.

A small target could be "hidden" by the waves.

I believe Jesse only has a small radar (2kw). She thought it was a fish Buoy so we can assume it was spherical. This shape gives a very poor "return". If it was plastic, even worse. Flat surfaces, like cliffs & metal like ships show up much better. The Buoy may have had a radar reflector on it but it would be fairly small. A small target is very easy to miss in "Sea Clutter" which is "false" echos from waves. If you tune out the Sea Clutter you risk tuning out small/weak targets.

The latest technology added to the skippers tools for avoiding collisions is called AIS. If you want to learn more go here:

It is compulsory on vessels 300tons & up and is being used more and more by the recreational boater. There are plans to install these units on Buoys especially the ones that "roam" the high seas recording currents & weather. (I think that is what Jesse saw). Who knows when they will all be equipped and there is no guarantee they will always be working.

The best piece of equipment for avoiding collisions is what God gave us... EYEBALLS!

Unfortunately the solo sailor cannot be on deck on watch 24/7...

Even more dangerous are shipping containers & trees/logs which can be almost impossible to see!

Anonymous said...

Hi again there Jesse,

Hang in there you 'tough cookie' - youre a true inspiration. Hope your going to be wearing that t-shirt when you dock in Sydney. Have you tried doing some fishing out there, Im sure there would be loads of great varieties of deep ocean fish out there - might make a change from those powdered eggs for you. Would love to see you on one of those home cooking shows giving us all a demo on powdered egg omeletes :-).

Cheers and take care! You've made an amazing half journey, however there is still half to go! Keep on powering on cookie!

Kind regards and best wishes, Joanne Blair, Sydney, Aus

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse,
I'm new to your blog but loving catching up. The video going around thre Horn was awesome. I singlehand as well.
You Go Girl!!
Linnea McNair - Hansville, WA

Mike_trrac said...

Hi Jess

Thanks to the blogger who provided the ship location database. I'm sorry - I copied the url but lost the ID for your post. Here it is for those who may have missed it.

It is indeed frightening the amount of ocean traffic around which has to be avoided but its an amazing information service.

I think that Jess encountered "drifting buoy 15618" which crossed her track about that time. This is a World Met Service (WMO Marine Met Service) bouy with data collected on air and sea temperature and air pressure, uploaded by the Argos satellite system and downloaded to a ground station in the USA or France.

I guess the obstacle problem is balanced by the usefulness of the weather data.


Mike (Avoca Beach, NSW)

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess
On "Murphy's Law", your teachers would be upset with you because u weren't paying attention in school when she/he explained the meaning of it. :-)) It really means, "anything that can go wrong will go wrong", rather than "something's bound to happen". In your case and where u are at, both can be true. So my dear friend be careful and cautious. Enjoy the ride on these beautiful sailing days. :-D


MikeC said...

Murphy's Law? Then there's O'Toole's Theorum: To whit - Murphy was an optimist!

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Hiya, Jess,
I have a feeling you're a very busy sailor, getting ready for swelling seas over the next four to eight days.

I wanted to congratulate you and your team on creating the wall chart. It's really well done. If I were a kid in a class or a family, I'd be so excited. Good job!

I don't know how to say it in any other way: I'm thinking of you and wishing you safe sailing, on this day and always.

xo Mary, Maine, USA

MikeC said...

Just checked the little pink boat icon on the Google Map - so, you've passed over the mid-Atlantic Ridge! OK - you're now officially (well, I'm calling it that way!) back on 'our' side of the world. Fingers crossed for continuing good winds - and return of some sun.

PWB said...


Con-Fuse-You Says:

Girl who sail alone in Pink boat
Should never give berth to strange buoy.

Mr. Con-Fuse-You,

Flash said...

Hi all!

Just wanna share a very nice piece by John Vigor (who recently posted a comment here). I found it on his website. It's about the fifth essential for sailors. Very pleasant read!

The Black Box Theory

Bye Stefan

PWB said...


Wal said...

Your voyage has been so great to follow. I can't believe you are still out there sailing! I am only used to sailing for a day at a time and that is exhausting enough! Anyway, while you have been doing your best out there, we have been doing our bst to get through school holidays and then get our kids settled into a school routine. Our best wishes still go to you and your team, Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hallo Jessica,

This is Ard sailing the Virtual LiveSkipper SolOcean leg 1 from Europe to Wellington NZ.
my position now: S 40 degree, E 59 degree

A post was published in the LiveSkipper Forum se link on Young "round the world" sailors.

I wish you success in your Round the World trip, there are some hefty storms around here so keep up the attention .
Fair winds and safe sailing.

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Hi Jessica,
Sounds like you've got it all back under control. Sorry the wind instruments haven't recovered. I hope the sky cooperates with your desire to practice using the sextant.
It occurs to me that a couple of postings ago, when I was rambling on about your Summer vacation, I might have sounded like I didn't realize Australia has Summer when we (U.S.) have Winter. Not that you actually care what I know or don't know, but...well, I just thought I'd rectify the impression I might have left. For some reason I just wasn't putting two and two together that Summer would mean vacation--and I hadn't considered that this meant Christmas fell in the middle of Summer vacation.

Grant Fjermedal said...

Jessica's Boat Tracks are Popping Out from the other side of Google Earth.

For those of you who have the 3-D version of Google Earth . . . When you click on the My Voyage button on Jessica's home page . . . as of today if you:

- Mouse down on her current position

- Move the mouse to the left until her most recent boat track is on the very edge of the lefthand side of the Google Earth Window

- You will see the first tracks made when Jessica left Sydney.

Kind of cool. Believe today is the first day you could have done that.

She's got the rest of the South Atlantic and all of the Indian Ocean to go, but her boat is definitely heading for home.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

Mike_trrac said...

Hi Jess

Just a few statistics which I thought might interest you and perhaps help Carol.

@Carol of Florida USA
Hi Carol
I saw, while going over some earlier posts, that you are compiling a list of Jess's Bloggers and where they hail from. I have been doing the same thing for part of the time so perhaps what I have gathered may assist you. I have my list on an excel spreadsheet which I'm happy to send to you if you like. It identifies the Blogger name/ID, Country, State and Town where given. I haven't included Australians since there are too many to count - only the international contingent.

I am/was planning to prepare a map overlay for Goggle Earth later showing the locations although it would have to be of variable accuracy because some people identify their country only, others their state and still others their town as well but there is no point in duplicating the effort as I am sure you know how much work it takes. So I am more than happy to support your efforts rather than plough on independently.

So far I have covered the period from "Highlights from a incredible few days" (16th Jan) to "Cruising Along" (3rd Feb) this contains:

4753 posts in total (including Australians)
523 International bloggers
55 countries

of which USA (283), Canada (42), NZ (38), Germany (25), Netherlands (14), UK (10), Russia (9), Sweden (9), India (7) are the biggest. The others are:
5 - Denmark, France and Italy
4 - Norway
3 - Austria, Chile, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland
2 - Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Equador, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, US Virgin Islands, Venezuela
1 - Antarctica, Bulgaria, Cambodia,Croatia,Dubai, Fiji,Guam,Haiti,Hong Kong, Hungary,Iceland,Indonesia,Madagascar,Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Papua-New Guinea,Puerto Rico,Sri Lanka,Taiwan,Thailand,The Azores Islands, Ukraine,

Hope this is of some interest and some help.


Mike (Avoca Beach)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

This might have been said before, I didn't read all of the comments - but I was catching my husband up on your recent blog today and he said that the buoy could well have been from a research ship, that it probably had instruments attached to it that hung below that transmitted current ocean information back to which ever station left it there. Just a thought.

I hope today was a good one for you.

San Diego

Anonymous said...

||||||||||............JESSE IS OUR INSPIRATION

Sally in Melbourne here to say a BIG THANKYOU for all those encouraging comments..Richie,Michael,Faye and Max ....It's a lot of fun..I enjoy all the comments made by others and am learning a lot about geography,yachting,weather,navigation,sea life,circumnavigation and life in other parts of the world.etc,etc,etc thanks to all who contribute to Jesse's Blog...songs, poems and quizzes too..great reading.
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Graeme Joy said...

Keep it up Jess, you are doing an incredible job. Graeme.

David and Una said...

Hi Jesse,

You are an optimist, Murphy was a pessimist, so let's give him a wide berth.

I noticed Abby has had to change her course as she has had to have some upgrading of her power generation done. This hilights how well you and your team have prepared you and your boat. I do wish Abby the best and hope they will have fixed everything before she embarks again.

Stay safe Jesse, KDWYHAD, we arecheering for you each day!

Dave and Una .........Brisbane

David and Una said...


Not many young girls could say that they can attract a buoy way out in the middle of the ocean.

Stay safe, KDWYHAD.

willi said...

Willi from Switzerland

Hi Jessica,
you were lucky to miss the fishing
bouy . Imaging your stearing gear tangling up with parts of a fishing net..... on the other hand
it could have been a lost container.Watch out !!

This morning I consulted the Sailing weather forcast (passage it looks like two rather nasty storms are in your way to cape town. I wish I could help you.

Keep us informed so we can a least cross fingers...

regards willi

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

You saw a bouy(boy)! LOL

Anonymous said...

Jessica, My name is Kev. I have been reading your blog since day 30 of your voyage. I anxiously await each day, and am always relieved when I read that you and EPL are well.
I cannot say that I know what you are experiencing, but I know the love you have for EPL and the sea. I am a "late in life" sailor. I am 61 years old and recently purchased a Columbia 27' boat. Her name is "Tabitha" (after my daughter).
I am a Vietnam veteran and know the terror of being in a place where fear is a constant companion. But I also know the joy of overcoming that fear.
I admire you and the way you have overcome your fears.
I will continue to read your blog with much anticipation and enjoyment. Thank you for your for the effort it must take to write it each time. You never have to apologise for missing some days. Anyone with enough common sense will know that there will be times when are too busy (or tired) to write.
Thank you once again.

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse

Waiting waiting for a new post - no pressure, just worried.
Hope all is well and your handling the conditions OK and hope you have managed to avoid the nast storm...
Love Aunty Chris, Tamworth, NSW, Oz

nivek said...

Jessica, My name is Kev. I have been reading your blog since day 30 of your voyage. I anxiously await each day, and am always relieved when I read that you and EPL are well.
I cannot say that I know what you are experiencing, but I know the love you have for EPL and the sea. I am a "late in life" sailor. I am 61 years old and recently purchased a Columbia 27' boat. Her name is "Tabitha" (after my daughter).
I am a Vietnam veteran and know the terror of being in a place where fear is a constant companion. But I also know the joy of overcoming that fear.
I admire you and the way you have overcome your fears.
I will continue to read your blog with much anticipation and enjoyment. Thank you for your for the effort it must take to write it each time. You never have to apologise for missing some days. Anyone with enough common sense will know that there will be times when are too busy (or tired) to write.
Thank you once again.

workerbev said...

Howdy Jessica (Beverly here in Tassie again). Just finished catching up on all the blogs (well to #245 anyway). Now I must "force" myself to go to the grocery store. It is such an ordeal for me as I usually try to pass out at least 3 times while I'm trying to fill up my trolley. Luckily there are benches at the front of the store, so I park my trolley at the Service Desk and just go sit down for awhile until I recover.'s the mind that makes it difficult because I always remember how difficult it was the last time I went so I have a very, very hard time willing myself to go do it again because I know what will happen. Oh my Mom would have said, this too shall pass!

Well, we went out and about today and picked up the motor-home with it's brand new bull bar. Heavens to mergatrory...that is one "boss" bull bar. Nobody on the mainland will dare mess with us, LOL. And the roos sure as heck better stay out of the way. The guy who did it for us really did a super job. Looks mean as all get out.

I've decided that we can use it in the following way. All the Jessaholics can park their cars etc, far away so as not to get into the traffic mess that will be at the dock (I'm sure media by the thousands will be there as well). Anyway, park your cars, then we will "cram" a whole bunch in the motor-home and use the bull bar to push our way through the media and all the other cars until we get up right close. We then "unload" and there we are - ready to welcome our Jessica back home. Heck, sounds like a plan to me, yes???
Anyway, to be serious (ha, as if I can be) bull bar is on and we are getting hyped to be on our way.

Well, just a quick note before I go to the store. Hope all the "family" has a great weekend. Here in Tasmania it is a 3-day weekend due to Hobart Cup Day. See ya' all later.

Jessica, remember that God is right there beside you waiting to hear from you when you need to talk and His Legions of Angels are surrounding you and EPL keeping you safe for the rest of your journey. {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania


Unknown said...

Hi Jess

the very exciting thing is that when I check your voyage map the pink icons are getting closer and closer and are on the same map.......

Keep up the good work.



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

GO Jesse GO!



samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
I just got home from work and checked to see how you're doing. I hope everything is going well for you and you're progressing along nicely in a more easterly heading as you've been hoping.

I checked Passage Weather earlier today and got a look at what Bob has ingeniously succeeded in steering you away from...Onya Bob! Has anyone ever told you that your blood is worth bottling?

I figured you must be getting into some pretty blowy, swelly stuff now. You're doing incredibly well so keep on keeping on and stay in the moment.

Have you seen any more orange bouys out there? Keep your eyes peeled for them now Jess 'cause they're everywhere. :-)) Your poor mum must be having kittens at the thought of it. :-)) :-)) :-)) Aaahh, you gotta have a laugh, hey?

Well, you take good care of yourself, stay safe and bye for now...Aunty Sam XX

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are doing so well. All the best, Marg from Johannesburg.

leslie said...

Hey Jess!! well I'm watching the final stages of the Pakistan vs Australia 20/20 cricket (live on tv from the MCG) from the comfort of home and we might just scrape through but whatever the outcome it's good fun, and a good release from work.By your account that must have been some scare, seeing that buoy as you looked out of the porthole so all the previous sightings of Albatrosses are continuing to provide you with good luck.....and let it continue!!!! Stay very safe Jess you are in all our prayers and thoughts and continue to sail well young I write we are down to the last ball to be bowled with Pakistan batting they need a six to's a boundary.....Australia Win!!!!!!!
And that is fair dinkum Jess as I was writing this!!!

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Finally caught up with your latest post and I must say it's another good one. Someone mentioned earlier that you sounded down but I didn't read it that way. Sounds like your just taking everything in your stride, particularly the "buoys". That's the best way to treat them too!!

A lot of funny comments including some very profound. I have to mention...

@ Grant, another great song, I'm sure Jesse & others will appreciate the time it must take you.

@ Amazedbyyou, You sound as dizzy as me. You're a crack-up! (no offence meant)

@ Sally by the Bay, I burst out laughing at the feet but the porthole is a classic too. Well done.

@ Transplanted Aussie, Great you're back home, do hope you can relax a bit now & yes the flag is coming along nicely. Won't be long till it's done.

@ JJ, thankyou for your kind comments. Ditto!

@ Mike_trrac, Loved your story,
keep em coming.

Good night Jesse, sleep well.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

tassie devil one said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary, Maine, USA said...

WORLDWIDE GROUP HUG TO JESSICA...and other ways to manage our heads when we're waiting for your (or Shore Team's), next posting:

1. Read all about Ozca's Curling Extravaganza

2. Follow discussion between Carol, Florida and Mike, Avoca Beach, about creating Blog Family Location Representation on Google Earth or similar. Wow.

3. Follow Captain Ard's Virtual Skipper links and get seasick! Wow, very tekkie of you, Captain Ard. I'll take a look at your links when I have some time.

4. Start writing a book a la Jessica, Richie Paris and no doubt a few others who have been so inspired

5. Write a book of poems

6. Compose music

7. Compose songs to go with music

8. Investigate the history of floating scientific/weather/surveillence oceanic buoys

9. Write individual emails to every Jessaholic who's provided an email address

10. Reflect on the gift of Jessica's journey, feel how much more we know about our globe, and go out there and do something to help suffering people, "here" (wherever your 'here' may be) and all over our Mother Earth. [thanks transplanted Michael,xoxo]


xoxo Mary, Maine, USA

Kissyfrott said...

Hello Captain Jesse,
All the odds are saying you must be surfing with strong winds and some big swell. Driving fast is good stuff if you keep on your lane and avoid other vehicles, good practicing for your drivers' licence to come. Though, I heard that australian roads are dangerous and the trips can be very long, which made me understand well your Mum's statement about comparing the risks of sailing and driving.
Finally, EPL might be a safer place?

One idea for our specialists, Grant, Bob, Steve... Do you think some Parker could be adapted to the future Jessica's car? And what about fitting it with a anti-colliding radar? I am sure Roger would agree to work on her car up to make it look like a tank. And then, I would suggest painting it pink. It could even be equipped with a mast; climbing up there you would see the other cars coming, and your remote control would let you drive from up there.
Finally, what about buying wheels for Ella's Pink Lady?

Reading the comments is always fascinating, and a moment of pleasure. I hope it is the same for you.
There is so much to learn in them, and so many loving and caring thoughts that it brings serentity and happiness, while your posts give inspiration and courage -and fun too-.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jessica almost hit a met bouy. The met bouy at was located at about 34°30'S 16°06'W
while Jessica was at 35°56S 17°58W when writing the blog and 35°21S 16°08W the day after, that is around 50 nm away. Also a bouy connected to the AIS system would have given a warning on Jesses AIS system.

Jessica is in time zone GMT-1.

@Fay from the Gold Coast
and @Dougal
Jessica will pass the Cape of Good Hope and enter the Indian Ocean on around Sunday the 21.

Mary, Maine, USA said...

One more thing.....

[There is SO MUCH to read re: links from bloggers' posts! hmmm, I keep forgetting, I'm not retired yet, I gotta get out there and get back to work before reading everything.]

Thank you, Queenslander, for giving me/us a short lesson in alarms and ocean buoys. I understand the issue now, with "false" alarms made by the omnipresent ocean waves. I'll check out the link you provided when I have some more time.....

Love the posts by Flipper III, Sails and Nelson Mandela, and Bluefin and Dusty, Dubbo's animal stories. I never would have known about Aussie platypusses (! plural?).

Trudy, you've been a steady and great writer from the beginning. I love your posts.

Sail on, Captain Watson. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!

Mary, Maine, USA

PWB said...


Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

Hope all is well with you and you are doing what you do do so well. You must be bit busy for post today, that's ok. Just as long as you're cruisin'.

Uh Ahhh!! Jesse, we got @David out from readers land to blogging. Welcome David !! Much better being here with the family eh!! If I knew a Pssst..was all it took, I would have done that ages ago. (he has been reading your updates and a loyal follower since beginning..)

@Oooh Aaah McGrath, yes, I believe it takes a dizzy to know one..te he ha ha ...and you do it so well, that's what I love about ya. (try not work too hard now.)

@Trudy, likewise, we do have a hoot here eh.!!

Nigh night Jesse, or is it Good morning, hope you have a super day. Cheers, cya tomorrow. Paula

Søren Bogø said...

@45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W, who said:
"Looks like you went bye the weather buoy 31925.
There is another buoy South-East of you, 17657, within 100nm."

These (drifting) buoys are probably of less concern since they are usually small and light, see:

What Jessica met probably was a nastier type of weather buoy that lost its mooring.

Now for the sixtant:
Nice people have provided tables that show exactly where the sun is in zenith (directly above you) at any given time.
Taking a shot to the sun gives an angle and thus defines a circle on the earth where you are at a specific time. Taking two such fixes at different times therefore gives two circles that intersect in two points. Some calculation including the distance traveled between the shuts gives the position. Of course you have to make an educated guess on which of the two points to choose. Jessica knows how to take the fixes, use the tables and do the calculations.

Jessica, I can almost hear your giggle and "wauuuw - thats it" once you have done it a few times - as
when you looked out on the Cape Horn so long ago.

Queenslander said...

@ hezakiah299...

Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

If you download Google Earth

the program is quite amazing... I particularly like the ability to overlay the satellite images of clouds for the whole planet. You can even go under the surface of the sea like a submarine. Zoom in on land and you can get photos of those places e.g. Tristan da Cunha

If you open your browser with Jesse's track on one side of your screen & then open Google Earth on the other side matching up the two "maps" is much easier.

As you "hover" the cursor (hand) over Google Earth the lat-long in deg, min, secs is displayed along with the depth of the ocean (or height of land) and virtual altitude of the observer.

As far as the time delay and lack of a time stamp for the position displayed, I am afraid that making EPL's exact position public knowledge would create major concerns for Jesse's personal safety!

I already foresee problems with "crowd control" the closer she gets to land as she makes her way up the East coast of Oz?!?!?... I hope I am wrong...

Her mate Kevin may have to provide a RAN escort. ;)

Richard Rumble said...

Imagine that.... here you are all the way out in the middle of nowhere with nothing in sight for 1000nm or more... and you almost hit a single buoy that is in the ocean.... really... what are the odds of THAT...

You are almost into the home stretch Jesse.. keep it going your doing great and we are ALL watching and cheering from the land...

Sail Safe... Post often and Have FUN...

Richard Rumble
Dana Point, California

PHD said...

Hey Jess.
We are all looking forward to hearing from you again soon. It's amazing how many are still posting from your last blog. You have built up quite a fan base around the world.
Bit of bad luck for Abby Sunderland though. Still no word on when or if she will be able to make a restart.
Hang in there sailor. We’re all pulling for you.

Mike D said...

@ Trudy
February 5, 2010 9:05 AM

“My mundane and also time consuming hobby is checking in with you every day (several times).
I also read and enjoy the commentaries.
I even get up earlier so I have the luxury of all of your esteemed company.
Jessica, I was hooked, when I started following your personal journey in July 2009! you have become family.
I know all the Jessica-gaggle would agree! :-)”

Agreed! – Mike D

Alecia @ Hoobing Family Adventures said...

Thank you for another update. You continue to do so well and inspire those of us going through the routine "cruising along" in "normal life" to do something adventurous like you some day!


Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Cheryl in San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
I noticed on passageweather that you are probably in a bit of a 'blow' right now. I pray that all is well and that you and EPL are enjoying the ride as you have for the last 12,000+ miles. I know if I were in it I could not think of a better skipper to be with than you. By the way thank you who ever it was that gave us the url for passageweather. What a great site.

@ PWB Once again you brought me to a full on laugh. Thank you Mr. Peter Bush

@anonymous Thank you for the scripture. I really do appreciate it each day. My favorites from Proverbs especially in the Revised Standard Version are Proverbs 1:7 and 3:5-8.

@Heather Perham. Gee that was a nice offer. I followed Mike and Zac on their expeditions. Please tell Mike I said hello and good luck on his next adventure.

@Jony Pony thank you for the constant reminders although I do not have clue!

May God shed His Grace on all of you!


Mike D said...

@ Mary, Maine, USA
February 4, 2010 9:50 PM

“why wouldn't some kind of alarm or beep, beep sound go on as EPL and the buoy were getting so close to each other?”

Hello Mary,
I consider that the fishing buoys (usually used by the long line fishing industry) although visibly large, would not be large enough to give a strong return signal on a radar system unless the gain setting (sensitivity setting) was adjusted to pick up much smaller targets. When adjusted this way, it causes a lot of clutter and false returns on the radar screen and will even pick up signals from larger waves.
If it is a round rubber float type buoy, it will reflect very little radar signal at all. This is why a radio transmitter is used in conjunction with the buoy to allow the fishermen/fisherwomen to find it again.
The buoy itself should pose little hazard to EPL from a collision standpoint, but the line underneath of it could possible become entangled in the propeller, the rudder of the boat or the wind vane and the antenna could possible get tangled up in Parker above the water line. Any of which would not be a good thing. Hope this helps.
Mike D

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

P.S. (Yes, I've already commented once on this posting.)
I meant to respond to your reference to "Murphy's Law". I know what you meant…you were referring to that superstition that by declaring the absence of trouble, you invite it by provocation. Many people, here in the states, after a particularly cheery declaration of having avoided a particular disaster, will say, “knock on wood” as a kind of antidote. It’s my understanding that the power in this superstition is the FEAR itself---the mental occupation of considering the worst and then expecting it as punishment for simply noticing all is well. This fear opens up space for a self-fulfilling prophecy of pending trouble.
The best antidote actually, when possible, is to maintain the joy of being trouble free. It really is acceptable to declare it and your audience certainly understands that you are ever alert and taking all measures for safety, so we won’t accuse you of going soft and complacent, just because you get to enjoy good weather and travelocity (I think I stole that word from someone’s trademark).

Murphy’s Law (the belief that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong), on the other hand…..well, you don’t have to worry about Murphy. He doesn’t like “Tough Cookies” or optimists!


Molly said...

This made me think of you,
Sailor Girlie.

Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months, and years they spend preparing for it.
The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.
~T. Alan Armstrong

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jess
Saturday in AUS as I write. Lovely rain overnight,66mls which is fantastic for this part of the world. Hope things are going well for you....after the rain things here are really peaceful and quiet this morning,I imagine the same for you after your recent dreadful storm. Stay safe...I will be watching for a weekend update.
Sea ya
Dusty from a wet Dubbo

Lisa U said...

You've come such a long way, and doing so well at it! Keep it up!

AnnaBibi said...

Hi Jesse, we are Anna and Beatrice from Italy, 9 and 8 years old. We are very fond of you! We sail since we were born, now we are attending the Optimist school. We always follow your challenge, dont't ever feel alone! We always think about you. Good night Anna and Bibi

SaltyDog said...

@ Mike D
In your response to Mary, you’re absolutely right about the buoys not being detected by the radar. I have seen some longline buoys that have a short mast with a small radar reflector. Depending on the weather and sea conditions even those might show up on the radar as sea clutter or be negated by an automatic gain control. Probably the best advice if Jessica sees a buoy is to keep a close eye out. It might be a weather buoy but if it is a longline buoy, there will be more, unless it happens to be a stray and she doesn’t want the prop, rudder or Parker to get tangled. Besides, as sweet as she is, Jess will probably be getting flowers next time she bumps into that buoy.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

WOW,we are beginning a major snow storm as I post.expecting up to over two feet of snow in the next thirty hour's.WHOPS,I think I saw a ''Snow Man'' heading for cover...,along with blizzard conditions on Saturday.
Boy,does Haiti weather sound good right now,grocery store was overwhelmed yesterday.SO enjoy your summer down under.I AM JEALOUS MATES,looking out my tenth floor balcony I can't see across our street,who said it doesn't snow allot in Maryland.
Enough of that,might be able to build an igloo by Sunday morning[I am a day behind you all down under].
Great posts today gang,so much enjoy all the creative pros,you know who you are.
Jessica,we haven't heard from you for 24 hour's.hope and trust you are doing fine and keeping away from those pending storm fronts.
Hope you can post a new video soon,we so like your smile and seeing you.
That's it for me this snowy afternoon in Maryland.
Much love,support,keep warm,hooked-on,focused,put that ''stuffy crew '' to work.Hope you are able to have a ''Veggiemite sandwich'' for me!!
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
[snowed in ,''where's my shovel''!!]
PS.Molly,Richard and the rest in the mid-Atlantic states stay safe,enjoy being with family.

Anonymous said...

Well done out there Jess! Please keep your guard up!

Just a quote for whoever...

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become your character.


Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Wow! Where has the time gone??

Just finished reading all 314 posts. What an education this blog is, not to mention so uplifting and FUNNY!!!

Hope you are flying along in the wind out there Jesse. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Gillian, France

MT said...

I am amazed! What an adventure, what a story to tell your grandkids! Take care and Godspeed.

Proxielocks said...

It's been a few days since Jessica has posted a message on how she is doing out there in the middle of the ocean. Praying that everything is going well for her.

Andersons (California)

trentgs said...

Someone asked a question about the porpise that were cruising alongside. The question is ...were you playing music loudly at the time? Apparently they are attracted by the rhythmic sounds being impressed into the water from the hull.

Other than that its Friday which is very cool..and its been rainy which is messy..but How goes it for Captain Jess and Crew?

Gary & Jan

mikisdad said...

Hi Jessica,

We'll probably never meet and likely have little in common if we did but, to me, you represent hope that my children and grandchildren *will* have a world worth in which it is worth growing.

Although I'm over 60, can't swim and wouldn't know the back of a boat from the front - you are an inspiration and I admire your courage and determination and wish you safety and success in this and all your future ventures.

Good on you ... (as Dave Hughes might say) - I'd like to see a new saying become common as representing the spirit of Australian youth: 'Doing a Jessica' - because, by Christ, if all our youth were like you we'd be a hell of a nation to beat!


Anonymous said...

Looked in the mirror lately???

You'll always have boys floating around! lol

"Crap" Late for work again!

C ya Jess!

Grant Fjermedal said...

@RichieParis: Quite an innovative idea there -- creating Parkers for cars. Probably do better than a lot of real drivers do. ;-)

Faye and Max said...

@Bluefin - Good work on the turtles, we need as many of them as we can.

@Mike and Carol – Wow what a mammoth task.

@ WorkerBev – Great idea, we can sit in the back make cups of tea and eat our TimTams !

@ Mary, Maine, USA – Do you really think it gets easier when you retire ? When you do, you will wonder how you ever had time to go to work !!

@ PBW – Love the keyboard art.

And to Jessie dear, sail on and stay safe and Go-Girl-Go.

Love to all.

Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,

Lol, you've even got 'Virtual sailor's' giving you information..."there are some hefty storms around here so keep up the attention." That really cracks me up ♣Ard, lol. We've come a long way from the Hornby trainsets in the garage.

♣Mike_trrac, don't get too worried about the ship traffic, I did Wise-arse guys 101 and the dots representing the ships are not to scale.

☺☺☺Hoo Roo☺☺☺

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote

A difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose, a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve.

John Maxwell

Unknown said...

We are doing a school project on you and it's great for me as a mum to have our school using role models like you Jessica. We are a family of goal setters and it helps make life so much fun, so keep enjoying your journey as I have done in the past being lucky enough to compete at the Olympics and it is all over too soon, so love every day even if it is a challenge. The bigger the challenge the greater the feeling of acheivement after it's all over. My website is

Queenslander said...

@ Mary, Maine...

Where exactly in Maine?... Portland, MDI?, Mid Coast? Canadian Border?

AND what can you tell us about Whoopie Pies? MMMMmmmmm...

@ Jony the Pony...

If you want to be a bit adventurous and try something different... here are some sayings I "stole" from an old Aussie Ad (Hard Yakka?)

"Fill them bilges"

"Wind up them winches"

@ Jesse...

The natives are getting restless. Can Andrew allay our nail biting with a brief news update or did you give him the weekend off?

fumes said...

ahoy skipper..

just checking in jesse to remind you how amazing you are in case you've forgotten!

hey.. i've a q 4u: what do you call the portholes on the starboard side of a ship?

continued good luck to you dear girl..

your friend fumes

Bluefin said...

Hello everyone,

I'm really loving all the stories of snow coming from our friends in the U.S.A. and Europe. I know you are probably sick of it by now but for me living in Queensland and WorkerBev (I didn't even know Tasmania got that hot!) it sounds very nice. Maybe we could do a swap for awhile! Today its 32degrees (not terribly hot) but with over 80% humidity. Ahhhhhhhh, horrible.

We are hanging out for some rain, its forecast for tomorrow so here's hoping. I'm glad you got 60ml yesterday Dusty from Dubbo. We havn't had 60ml in one go for over 7 months here in Buderim. Now I'm starting to rave! Might go back and read some more of those snow stories :-D

Cheers to all, I really love reading your blog entries. I hope Jesse is ok and that weather has not caught up with her.

Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Mary, Maine, USA said...

HIMAIAJ. Anyone care to guess what my codeword stands for?

Hi, Jess. I KNOW you're busy and I dearly hope you're okay, too.

I've got lots of short messages for our Posting Family.....
*Stanlee, your Namaste post is really lovely
*Love your "Watch your.....", Billy. It's very true.
*Molly, love your champion piece.
*Cheryl, if I may, Jony the Pony? We bloggers had a discussion about "what the heck the 'dodger' was" that Jess was referring to. We LOVE Jess's dodger. It's even more fun, imo, to say, "dodgah!!"
*Thanks again to Queenslander, Mike D. and Salty Dog, for your observations and info re: the Big Bad (but Beneficial?) Buoy (which we wish could deliver a bouquet to Jess but then she'd no longer be unassisted...).
*Transplanted Aussie Mike, my sister lives in Takoma Park, MD so I know about the storm and can think of you now, somewhere under the whiteout. Who wouldda thunk??j
*Faye and Max, mmmmm, I've heard that about retiring.Well, since I'm self-employed, I DO have to push myself a bit ~ but I can also get Very Busy doing other things!

xoxo Jesse, I send you COURAGE and GOOD LUCK with your endeavors. Hang in there. We're ALL with you in spirit and we see you sailing through with flying colors.

Namaste, dear Jess.
Mary, Maine, USA

PS. My word verification is "rhoar"!
Go gettum tiger!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I check Jess's website daily and have left lots of anonymous "good wishes"

Does it cost anything to have a google account?

I would love to have a name set up like everyone else!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear from you Jesse!
Keep Dreaming and never give up!

Keep Smiling!

Lynn from Thousand Oaks, CA said...

Hi Jessica,
I started following you because I live in Abby's hometown and heard about you through her blog. What an impressive young woman you are! Your writing style is delightful: so articulate and full of good humor. I wish you smooth sailing and Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse,

We haven't hear from you for a few days, I hope that everything is ok for you and EPL.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless


Armidale, NSW

Liz said...

Hi sound likeyou are getting a bit antsy....i wonder if you will get more like this on your homeward stretch...not wanting to come back to life on the land yet cant wait to get back. Should think it will take a bit of adjusting for you....esp. as you know a zillion people will want a bit of you and your time.So enjoy your time with EPL while you can...and I know you do...because your life will be pretty crazy when you do get back..but the food, the showers and the what ever else you have missed will be great.

Take care gorgeous girl

Liz:-) xox

hezakiah299 said...

02-05-10 @ 23:32
Hi Jessica,
It's only been two (2) days since your last post but it seems like an eternity. I'm just hounding the site to much. lol....
How are you doing, I hope you're enjoying some smooth (maybe a little bumpy stuff) sailing. Have you seen any more buoys out there, we won't tell your Mum, honest!!!!

Are you having any luck with the sextant, and what about your ----------? Can't say bad words on here, lol....
There’s eighteen (18) pink ladies spread from the Falklands to Edinburg with the last two (2) heading East…Yowzaaaa
Now just kick it in the butt and scoot, scoot, scoot back home to Sydney!!!

Not much of a change up here in WV, still getting snow and cold weather.
@ Transplanted ''Aussie'': Where are you located at, I’m just south of Morgantown, and were getting hit with a wet snow, brings down trees and electric lines, you know the kind. I figure we’re on the edge of the storm you’re getting. Good luck on finding your shovel, I got mine. lol…

Jessica, you take good care of yourself and them scallywags, I hope you have nothing but smooth sailing from now on, all the way to Sydney.
Always proud of you, and always thinking of you.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

John Donohue said...

Greetings from Pasadena California, where we are so very bored with weather and wish we were onboard with you in the Southern Ocean, scanning the horizon for a squall.

Jessica much goodwill sails with you. I bet the 300 comments just today all have that sentiment or word. Also you are for fun and adventure. Hope you lasso the world with that idea!

Here's to boring times off the beam until you got back Down Under.

Wendy said...

Hello Jessica,
I have been following your progress since you left. I am in awe of you and all that you are achieving at such a young age. What a great adventure.
Stay safe Jessica and keep sending out your messages.
Nambour Q'ld.

The McGraths said...

@ Anonymous,

It costs nothing to click on "Name/URL" then place whatever name you wish to be known as.
I don't know how else to do it, this was by trial & error.

Hope that helps you,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Cara said...

Hi. My name is Cara. I am 7. I have watched your videos and asked my dad whether he would have been that brave when he was 16 and he said no way. Looks like your having a great adventure - good luck.

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Saturday, Feb 6th 2:00 AM (EST)

Hi, Jesse,

I’m praying right now that you’re not going through any knockdowns, or any 180’s, or, heaven forbid, any 360’s. Since we don’t know exactly what you’re experiencing at the moment, it seems best to be expecting that you’re having rough seas and needing our prayers, and our loving thoughts to help lift you through what’s very possibly storms and swells that are battering both you and Ella’s Pink Lady!.

I pray you’re clipped on, and even safely in your Wet Seat, if that’s required! Hang on, Jesse, and feel our presence there with you!!

I guess writing this is silly, since, if you’re going through what I’ve described above, there’s no way you can be reading our blogs. . . letting you know that we’re offering up prayers for your safety!!

But, we’ll do it anyway, so that if there’s a next storm you and EPL have to weather, you’ll know that we are really all trying hard to be anticipating what’s happening, and sending our hugs, squeezing your hand with encouragement, and thinking of you constantly until we hear that you’re safely out of the way of the latest line of storms.

If we learn, from your next blog, that it wasn’t so bad, well, then, we’ll all be delighted, and thankful that our prayers and our thoughts were not needed!!! (But you got ‘em, whether you needed ‘em or not!! )

We love you, Jesse! Please, stay safe!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Saturday, February 6th 2:45 AM

Hi, again, Jesse! I’m responding to one of you’re blogger’s, “Mike_trrac”, who had asked me a question, and this is the only way I know to get back with him. It was dated: February 5, 2010 3:31 PM (Aussie time)

You have probably already seen it and are thrilled at what he’s done, and I think will continue to do for you!!!!

I’m still praying you’re okay, and riding out the storm in good shape.

* * * *


Mike (Avoca Beach)

WOW!!! I am so impressed. . . and speechless, at what you’ve accomplished!!! You are truly amazing, and I’m so excited to have the statistics you’ve compiled, to date, of Jesse’s international followers!

You have done so much more than I had ever thought of doing, or am capable of. All I’ve managed to do is write down each new country, alphabetically, whenever I read a blog by someone from another country. And, I have to say, it’s been a real geography lesson as well! A number of the places I thought could be a country, turned out to be owned by another one. (Example, The Canary Islands (Spain), Topkapi (Turkey), and Faroe Islands (Denmark), Cape Breton and Nova Scotia (both part of Canada).

I did have an additional few that you didn’t have, but they may have been from earlier than your January 16th starting date. The additional ones I noticed were: Argentina, Philippines, Paraguay, Poland, Scotland, Tonga, Wales, and Zimbabwe. You had a few that I hadn’t caught, so I’ve added them to my “humble” list.

I’m happy to relinquish my tracking of them, Mike, and invite you to continue to “plough on independently” as you mentioned in you blog. You’ve done all the real work already, and I’m sure you’ll do a more thorough job than I could have accomplished.

A copy of your Excel Spreadsheet would be wonderful to have, but then you’d probably be getting requests from everyone (or from at least so many that it would then be a real inconvenience for you), so I’ll pass on that, with the hope that there aren’t too many others who’ll ask you for a copy!

Thanks again for contacting me through Jesse’s Blog. I’m sure that she, her family, and her shore “team” , will be glad to have it when you’ve finished it, (whenever that would be). It seems her global family is growing constantly. I haven’t even begun to try to check out any of the countries represented in Facebook, Twitter, and Fliker. In fact, I’m not even sure there’s any way to do that for everyone!

Appreciate all the work you’ve gone to, Mike!! We all thank you!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Kissyfrott said...

@Carol Florida... Of course Jessica reads our comments... You don't believe she is on her schoolwork all the time, do you? ;-)
And on a boat there are also many moments without an occupation, when Them Scallywags are asleeep for instance, the Captain doesn't have to watch them and play with them, it's a good time for reading...

@Anonymous, about the Google account, and theMcGraths early answer: it's all free...Just go!

My respects, Captain Jesse... Have a good Saturday surfing in the 40 knots winds. YOU ROCK!

Cobrarog from Hervey Bay said...

Jesse, looks like you are chewing up the South Atlantic like no one else has ever done. Keep up the good work and hopefully you can avoid the bad weather.
@ Tassie Bev. I added you to my prayers along with all of our intrepid sailors. Work had on your immune system. There is no better healer than prayer and a body that can heal itself.
@ All of our friends in New England. Sorry but we can't do much for you from Queensland. Your closest help would be Al Gore and his Global Warming. After all, with his expertise, he is the one who invented the internet so we can all communicate. Right??
@ Richie Paris, Toyota would probably make you a VP as it would appear they are out of ideas!
@ Jony Pony, you just hang in there sunshine!
@ As for the rest of us, let's not get too up tight about Jessica's actual position. From a security standpoint, I shudder at the thought of all the information being put out there. We really do not have a need to know for if we do, so does the rest of the world.
Jess, the key to accurate shots with your sextant is doing them quickly and that takes practice. Keep up the practice there and you will have it down pat in no time. Good girl on the school work!
Kindest regards from Hervey Bay

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Well I'm leaving my post late this time aren't I!...348 at the time of's 1:53am Sunday morning and I must be off soon as I'm heading north 200Km to Heathcote for half a day....but dats anudder story...arr what he hell, I'm a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV) and we have old Shipping Container that we are doing up for our Radio Astronomy experiments which you can see the beginnings of here just so interested in the Stars...and you are just one of those beautiful Stars my Girl...

I liked what "In Melbourne" said about the Buoy (pronounced "Boy" here in aussie land!)...I can just imagine the Argentine Navy in a Submarine looking through there periscope saying something like...."Hey Captain...blinks his eyes a couple of times...there's this funny looking Pink Boat coming for us!....huh oh...quick everybody, make like a Orange Buoy...on the double!!..."

How did you go with your Sextant?....some day I must get me one of those!

Same old same old!!....and don't worry about Murphy....he's an some crazy old man!

cya my little lovely...

Clint - Melbourne....

tassie devil one said...

hi jessica ,
thanks for the nice photo it looks great out there ....they are not school books ! ! ! I heard you left them behind on the wharf........
I was looking for your lifeline and cant see it anywhere....please remember those nasty rogue waves can sneak up on you without warning...
best wishes from Tassie

John and Louise said...

Hi Jesse; Abby Sunderland has departed Cabo afterm having made necessary repairs following her "shakedown" cruise. We all wish her well and safety; I hope she'll be in touch with you.

I know 33N is a bit further north than you wanted, but we understand you have come thru the worst of the blow from the south and soon will steady on a 90-130 degree course. May the wind be fair and may the last 1270 miles to the Cape will go fast.

The forecasts for the southern hemisphere ( show some good routes over the next few days; you'll be threading the needle between storms it looks like. Watch out for other marine traffic and pls don't catch a long line; hope your radar screeches about other traffic. Clip in girl!

Much love from John and Louise

Tom & Deb said...

Hiya Jess,

You have become an wonderful ritual for us, checking your progress and enjoying your blogs and photos each evening.

You are a real trooper and such an inspriation not only for your generation, but for all ages - sailors and landlovers alike.

Hopefully you'll tour after this remarkable adventure and we'll get to hear of your journey in detail - so be sure to put Florida, USA on your tour list.

Stay safe Jess and know you'll be in our thoughts 'till you bring Pink Lady home.

Tom & Deb
SV Island Dancer
Florida USA

Anonymous said...

Could you give your position
in degrees.I am guessing that
you are now about 45 South and
30West. Good luck,kid.

Anonymous said...

Captain Jessica Watson, sailor extraordinaire, whose stellar performance is a tribute to the human race.

You have the whole ocean as a friend. The ever changing, choppy, crashing, mountainous ocean. Also the calm, still, peaceful, serene ocean. To you it is a spiritual home - a place in which you feel a profound sense of belonging. As a sailor the ocean is your savior who is regarded with veneration and respect, a teacher, a guide, taking you to another world. And when you get there, the land and the people will be the same. But you will have changed, because you have asked to be delivered from the mundane to the sublime. You have been embraced by nature. She cared for you beyond measure, cherished you in her heart, and is giving you a new life.

Wow! How great is that.

John and Missy

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