Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blue Sky & Sunset

Pic 1: You've gotta love that blue Sky!

Pic 2: Another lovely sunset

Pic 3: Typing away on the Toughbook in the cockpit


Leask Family said...

Hi Jesse

Great to see both your pictures and that the comment section is working again.

Hope you are enjoying the weather and that it continues all the way to Africa and then home. Glad you included a photo of yourself again so what we can see how healthy you are.

I wonder how much school work was done in weather conditions like that! We suspect none but who cares!


Leask Family, Forbes NSW

fumes said...

omg skipper..

where are all your dolfans? am i the only one you have left? ok here goes: squeal-squeal.. squeak-squeak!
how's that? well jesse.. i hope this finds you well and in good spirits with cape #2 off your bow!

~your friend fumes

Burpengary Kids said...

G'day Jesse,
We are a year 5 english class and we have been following you around the world. You are number 1 in the class. Keep on sending your great blogs and photos. We will talk to you every week

Keep on sailing'

The Burpengary Kids

Queenslander said...

G'day Jesse,

Just checking in.

Hope all's well & hope you can hook into the sou'westers.

Unknown said...

Lovely Pics Jesse.

Stay Safe


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the blue water!

Charley said...

Hi Jesse, Ocean waste,
World population on plastic and other waste are signs of the 30 percent of our planet having a waste problem. You might have heard many years ago people on coca cola in bottles those days would throw them over the side all over the seas, bays, rivers and anywhere a canoe went. Millions of coke bottles are on the oceans floor. The uniquely shaped green tinted glass bottle now is desired by collectors!.
Passing ships, skipper contacts ships watch keeper - talk "what's your port of call - you are going east to Sydney !! heavy cargo or passenger - oh !!
Interesting to know he will talk about your surprise contact and tell that story among his contacts ongoing for the rest of his life. Good on you Jesse.
Fishing...thought you would catch one fish in each ocean at least.
Heading home, so nice to see you - enjoying a peaceful Atlantic, another feel good day for us too when seeing you looking so gooood'.... all good days, Charley..
It's good to talk to Jesse again thanks to all for the updating.

Just out of Rehab said...

I am squealing with delight to be able to comment again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie,

Glad the comments are back. I have only left a few comments earlier but it's important for us arm chair mates to wish you well.

You are better than half way around the world! Good on ya mate. You are truly an inspiration for everyone in your generation and a credit to your country, your family but most of all to yourself. It's down hill to Sidney and we will follow you all the way.

Godspeed and stay clipped young lady!

Capt Dale
New England USA

Joe L said...

Hi Jess - You have been doing very well lately and now that the comments are working again, we must say how impressed our family is of your achievement. You have everyone here reading every word you write each day. I know you've heard this already, but what courage for such a young woman! Considering all, you must be thinking of soaking in a hot bath by now :)

I'm sure your family is starting to think about your arrival back home. Time is getting shorter for this journey so enjoy the good times while you can . . . stay safe!

Cape Breton said...

Heloooo Jessica,
Hope all is well.
Be safe and healthy.
from the great Bras d'Or Lakes.

Anonymous said...

hey jess,
are you going to sail close enough to the west aussie coast so we can come and wave to you?
we are so proud of ya mate.

Jason Kotenko said...

:-) Looks beautiful Jessica. I'm living vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

It may be a while since you have seen humans, but you certainly are having a lot of visitors lately... birds, dolphins, buoys and now flying fish! What’s next.... Mermaids?

Actually, I have always wanted to see a flying fish... I guess the waters are a little to cold up here in Canada!

The Killer Whales are excited to see our little ELP inching closer to the continent of Africa... it looks like you are starting to head SouthEast now to prepare for your rounding of the Cape of Good Hope!

Speaking of which, “Rio the Home Work Dog” (room 401 in Minnesota) and the “Killer Whales” (here in Campbell River) hope to do a few joint activities to mark off your accomplishments... such as rounding the Cape of Good Hope! When you finally sail into your home port of Sydney... now that will be cause for a real celebration! The teachers were secretly fantacizing about joint class fieldtrips to Sydney to welcome you home... (not sure if that would be a “fantasy” or a “nightmare”). Either way, that’s probably a little too ambitious.... we better keep brainstorming!

Well, it’s time to say good-bye. Try to save a few of those chocolate ‘bickys’ for yourself!

(and the Killer Whales)

PS We just saw your new video... nice sunset!
That Parker is one "tough cookie"... just like you!

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Thankyou so much for sharing your pics. These latest ones are wonderful. That blue looks ever soooo delicious!!! I never ever get tired of seeing sunset pics for everyone is different from the previous and just as lovely. You look a picture of health and it's not hard to tell you had a great time with all your Ella Bache products.
Good on you Jess, you're moving along fabulously and making great progress. keep up the good work that I'm sure (I can relate) you constantly do that we don't necassarily hear or read about. Take good care of yourself, stay safe and bye for now...Aunty Sam XX :-))

Anonymous said...

Cool! We're back!

You look great Jess! Cool pics!

Hey everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Really enjoyed your latest video and pics. Must say you look incredibly well....

It's also great to get our "comments section" back after the technical hickup so that we can communicate with you and all the bloggers again..

You must be getting fairly close to the Cape of Good Hope by now and I hope the sailing conditions continue to be favourable..

Thinking of you and please stay safe..

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, West Aust

Anonymous said...

great to see the comments section back. it is part of the adventure, better keep it working.

just put up the dolphin photo as wall paper, with its colour combo looks great. the ones who have a whole lot of icons on the desktop should try this, looks amazing.

jess! keep up the good show.

mike said...

Hi Jesse

Not sure if my earlier blog has been accepted. Loved your last few posts and photos. Your potential is unlimited.

Sail on safely,
Mike (Canberra)

mike said...

Dear Jesse

I think I have said before that you are a very patient young woman (and can show many of us 'grown-ups' some lessons on being patient). So no doubt you have found plenty to do while waiting for the bloggers to get back on line (dare I say even catch up on some more 'school-work'!).

Anyway, just wanted to say that your last few posts have been enthralling and once again showed your skills in writing, your great sense of humour and your skills and attributes that will make you are great leader in whatever endeavours you pursue.

Take care,
Mike (Canberra)

PHD said...

Beautiful pictures Jess. And glad they got your blog site fixed.

Head in the clouds said...

Hi Jesse,

Great to see the comments are back up again, there'll be lots of people suffering withdrawals...:-)

I'm with you about the plastic, isn't it gross to see it's covered the planet and increasing.

If you dive or snorkel you'll see it on the seabed everywhere also. Ho Hum!

Try a lure that runs deeper - it'll keep the birds off and probably catch more fish.

Have fun!

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast, Oz

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great getting another update and seeing those pictures. You look very content sitting there with your computer. The ocean looks wonderful and the colour!!!!

It is hard to believe that you are now well over half between Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope. Well and truly homeward bound.

I can only imagine the stories you will have about this journey. What you are doing is fantastic. I am sitting here in my office thinking about you and you are out there living your dream.

Make sure you enjoy every day.

Stay safe and dry,

Ingleburn NSW

Grant said...

Hi Jess,
Hey we're back on line, great. I've written another little song for you. I've got one waiting for you're rounding of the Cape Of Good Hope, but this one just came out the other day enjoy,

Followin' You Home

What does it feel like
All on your own?
Out in the ocean
So far from home?
We read your messages
And watch videos
But there's no way
We can ever really know
So we're followin' you home
Yes we're followin' you home

Anonymous said...

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, Oi, Oi, Oi

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hi Jessica,
It's nice to see your comments are working again. It was weird to not be able to write back to you. I missed the feeling of talking to you. I also missed everyone else! Where will the extended family meet or what web site will we go to when you get home?

Anyone else have withdrawl?

We have been having a great time with Paul and The Killer Whales!

Happy Valentines Day Jessica and everyone else out there!

Best wishes!
Room 401 -Minnesota
Grade 3

Anonymous said...

Yow ! Are we back? Happy guy here.

Steve in California

Anonymous said...

??Come to think of it, why are comments now allowed on the "old" blog and the NEW blog still has comments disabled?

Steve in California (again)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the great pics. I wish you all the best for rounding the next cape.
When do you expect to be near the cape?

Chas. "The Red Lion" said...

Great pics Jessica. Keep all our hopes going and sail on.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Your doing great. Keep it up and be safe.

Fair winds, following seas.

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Glad the comments section is back, missed giving my comments, even if you don't have time to read all of them, or you don't agree with them, it's all good fun.
By the way the photos look fantastic Jesse, condition are great, the colour of the water is a beautiful blue and you look sooooo relaxed. You are making some good ground to the east now by the looks of things.
So keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love
Exmouth WA Australia

Andrew said...


Am I wrong in noticing that you seem more mature in the photos? You really are developing into quite a confident and lovely young lady. Who says beauty and sailing prowess can't be contained in the same package? PS. Don't tell Vicki I said so.

Sail safe,

Andrew and Vicki (Queens Park, NSW)

Anonymous said...

Cooeee Jessica!

GREAT to see you again! :)
You're looking great m'girl! Healthy and perhaps have lost a wee bit of weight? Or, is it just the way you have your hair tied back? No matter, you're looking good!
Thanks for the pics, as always, good shots.

Us bloggers have been starved not being able to post! LOL
Full credit to Andrew and the rest of the team for getting things up and running again!

Continued safe passage Jesse!

Look forward to future updates.

Cheers from Soldier's Mum in SA.

eric colwell said...

Hey Jess,still watching your progress daily!You are almost home..........good for you!

Eric Colwell said...

Oh,i forgot to tell you.I am watching all the way from Edmonton Alberta Canada,lol.Look forward to readin the latest!

Susan said...

Yea! I was really missing the blog family! The new site is better than ever... thank you for re-doing it!

I love the photos Jessica, and am so glad to hear the weather's been mostly good.
When I look at the map, it's amazing to me how far you've traveled in just a few months. What a good lesson for life... sure and steady effort for progress.

I've been reading Dilip's blog...he finally got sunshine and a day for bare feet too!

Blessings always,
Susan in Oregon

Terry said...

I see the comments are working. Great.

Nice pictures. It is great to follow you. Terry, Santa Rosa, California.

Anonymous said...

'love the whole idea of what your doing" be strong be courageous"! do believe you will succeed more than anything! "davy jones"!

Debbie in Tampa,FL said...

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for sharing with us the beautiful pictures, which of course includes yourself as pretty as ever. I'm also glad the site and blog are in working order. So here’s a big thank you to your hard working team for getting it in “Ship Shape” order.

Well, in just a short time you'll reach the Cape of Good Hope, which is an appropriate name for this leg in your journey. You are making such good time. You'll not only beat the old record, but you’re doing it with style.

Take Care and God Bless,
:)Debbie in Tampa, FL

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica

Yep your friendly little ET's back again & i'm catching up on your great voyage of the life time so i'm hoping things are going ok for you which i'm sure they are

Anonymous said...

Ship'Ohoy.Captain Jessica.Nice photos,you look better than ever.You getting closer and closer to home,sail on you brave little one.G-d speed and all the best.Herman.Hamstead.NH.USA.

sps said...

Hello Jess, I am a grandmother and I follow and worry about you as if you are my own. I haven't posted before but I have to today because when I tip the world up a bit to follow where you are I can see a little pink boat leaving Sydney, and on the same screen I can see a little pink boat approaching Africa....all on the one screen!!How exciting is that?? Keep posting your news keeps us old ducks happy....we worry when we don't hear anything for a few days. All the best Sue xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Roaming blog, but I don't mind. I'm glad the comments are back, while your entries are the reason I check in, I do really like to read comments from the adoptive family. I didn't want to see you get cut off from us either.

Hope all is well and you can sail between major systems. Hoping the chocolate hasn't run low.

Take care and enjoy,
L.G., Seattle, USA

David and Una said...

Hi Jessie,
We missed you while the computer was being updated.

Great to get some photos and when we look at your route it does look as though it will be all over too early.

You are making it look too easy..............that is the result of lots of good preparation.

Stay safe

Dave and Una Brisbane Australia

Unknown said...

G'day Jessica. Thanks for the updates. Nice pics. Good sailing. Cheers.

hezakiah299 said...

02-10-10 @ 00:32
Hi Jessica,
Well, at least this break in the action gives me a chance to look at some of your video’s, and do a little research on your past achievements. Always enjoy going back and refreshing my memory as to how you arrived at this point. Very interesting!!! Just lost my internet, thankfully I can still continue to type this letter. The snow is still a problem in this area, and they are talking about more coming in from the Midwest.

@ William: Thanks for the kind comments. Yeah, she’s 16, out at sea, out of Pringles and no one on her shoulder……maybe just one…..yeah…..but we’ll all forgive her and look the other way. Yes????… LOL……
Your mention of the walk in the snow with your dog made me think of a fox chasing a rodent in the snow, when they dive bomb the area where the rodent just escaped into, they jump high and then they go in nose first, like a Cormorant, neck extended and wings back. That is funny, but the snow shoveling was NOT funny, lol… I was a little annoyed, slept all that night and half the next day. The cold really sapped my strength, pheeew, knocked me out it did, lol…..but, it’s over now.
And back at you, I enjoy reading you’re very informative posts, as you say there are many very good fans posting valuable information and advice on this blog.

@ WorkerBev: So you’re feeling a little down are you, well I’m glad to see that you were able to finish your post and show your concern for other people. Now you have to think of yourself, you can get through this ‘bluesy’ period, think back as to how you did it before, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and you can get there. Are you pushing yourself to much, or are you letting other peoples problems weigh you down? I know you have a big heart, but other peoples problems have to be fixed by them, you have to take care of yourself. Yes….You can’t cure the world all by yourself. Lol…. Take care Bev, and I’ll see you guys in Sydney.

@ Mike tracc: I have a listing of all the states, towns, counties and countries that people have sent posts to Jessica. It was posted ‘November 22, 2009 9:59 PM by andrew VA‘. If you can’t find it I will gladly send it to you, my e-mail is in my profile.

@ Molly: My heart goes out to you Molly, you guys got hit hard down there, and it was a wet clinging snow, brings down limbs, tree’s, power lines and can collapse flat roofs. Sorry you were without power for so long, to me that would be devastating. I’m in WV just South East of Morgantown,
what’s your closest town? Good luck to you all.

Well Jessica, I hope you’re not taking to much of a beating out there, how are your ‘old’ bruises coming along, you need some football padding (American style) for them storms. lol…. Aussie football, which I love, doesn’t have any padding and the uniforms stretch a country mile. LOL….We used to see a lot of your football, but not any more, I wonder why??????
And the referee said “Play on”.

Blessings on you and your crew, stay safe and be cautious.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Dave said...

Great having the shore party repairing the technical problems. More then likely it was you who told them how to fix them, like your repairs on board. Pics were nice, and it appears so is the weather.

Dave Canada 120541Z

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse, who is heading toward the Cape of Jessica's Hope and Dream of this Quest. It looks like I'm the first to send a comment since the new system was installed. UNBELIEVABLE!!! You mentioned the blue of the sky but on my monitor what caught my eye was the blue of the water. My wife and I were both looking at it and I said to her 'Wouldn't you love to be on a sail boat sailing out there.' I said it as a joke because I know she does not have the same passion for wanting to sail as much as I do. She's actually afraid of being on the water. Once you're pass the Cape of Good Hope you are technically in the HOME STRETCH!! I play the horses a little and when my three horses that I've picked for the trifecta have come around the far turn and head down the home stretch with a chance to come in the order I've picked them I start to get very excited. You will also when you see that finish line stretched across the Sydney harbor after you pass the Cape!! When I was studing for my MBA one of my professors said once you earn this degree no one can ever take it away from you. Well Jessica Watson, once you have crossed that finish line in Sydney someone younger may someday take that record but they can never take away all the memories of this journey that you will have in your mind. The fact that against tremendous odds you stuck with it and accomplished your goal and fulfilled your dream!! Sail safe Jessica and know that you would need an unknown number of ocean liners to accomidate all the people who a pulling for you and supporting you in spiritly on your quest. Your long distant friend Larry (

RK said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Keep enjoying your trip.


StuntTrader said...

Hi Jesse,
Just watched the 2 latest videos, sounds like another way you can judge the windspeed is by the noise the wind generator is making! Maybe the dunking didn't do the bearings any good, never mind there's always the spare.
Great video of all those Doldhins on the Sports Tonight vid.

Tim09 said...

Thanks Blogmaster Andrew,
Well Jessica we have been seeing a lot more of you in the media over the last week and you seem to be motoring along quite nicely.
Rosie and i have missed being able to post comments to you so well done Andrew for getting us Jessaholics back on line.
I must say you are looking like you still enjoy life on the high seas and last weeks storms haven't taken any of the enthusiasm out of your voice.
Ok bye for now.
Tim and Rosie
@ JJ still around just been busy with Rosie and her home schooling. Thanks

sps said...

Hello Jess,
I am a grandmother and worry about you like you are my own...every morning the first thing I do is check to make sure Jess is OK. I haven't posted before but today I have to because when I tipped the world up a bit when I was checking to see where you are, I could see a little pink boat leaving Sydney, and way over on the other side I can see a little pink boat approaching Africa...all on the one screen!!!How exciting is that?? Now we can watch the two little boats getting closer and closer!
Pleae keep posting, it keeps us old ducks happy....we worry about you when we don't hear anything for a few days. All the best Sue xxx

Carlee said...

Hey Jess
hope everything is going ok. sad that we can't leave comment on the other page but glad you posted the pic here too. everything looks amazing! have fun, be safe


Anonymous said...


Hey Jesse....

Real good that the 'send comments' is up and running again..... though you prolly don't get time to read 'em all !!!...... But the serried rankers just feel they're 'closer-in-touch' when they can offer a 'comment'.... ~I do, and I'm sure many others are the same.... and then then are the untold 'lurkers' who plough through the whole caboodle and get the picture. Hehhehheh...

Your pics have been a delight !!! I hope you've got all your pics burned to a CD and aren't relying on a drive or a stick... or , worse, just storing them on your computer. I reckon your 'team' will have them _all_ safely stored , though.
...' Corz when you hit Sydney, _that_ is the beginning of a whole new track.... and all your pics will be needed.

OK..... Most excellent to see your progress on the map and see you're maintaining 'good condition'~~~~ There's still a way to go, but it's closing fast !!!.... catchya...

.... Ooc.

SaltyDog said...


My gosh, we caused a global melt down. Sounds like some “major disaster” movie.
With the support of Jessaholics Anonymous, I think that we were all able to deal with the withdrawals that we experienced while your blog was being restructured. Thanks, Andrew, for your stellar effort to get Jess’s blog back up and running. We do appreciate all that you do. Thanks much.

Jessica, that’s really cool that you get a chance to talk to some nice watch-keepers on some of the passing ships. Boy, did I laugh when I read one of your statements about talking to them.

You said: “But to be fair to them, I suppose it's a bit out of the norm to come across at little pink yacht in the middle of nowhere disappearing in and out of the swell on a dark windy night. And well, I suppose it would be quite un-expected to be casually told by a girly sounding voice that her next port of call is Sydney!”

I can just picture the look on their face when they hear a young girl’s voice on the VHF in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean telling them that her next stop is almost 9000nm away in Sydney. That is absolutely hilarious.

Boy, do we all feel better to be back in touch with you, Jess. Welcome back everyone.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, WA

hezakiah299 said...

02-11-10 @ 01:42
Hi Jessica,
Hope you are in good shape and that things are going well for you, I see that you’ve gone a good bit North and now you’re sailing due East, hoorah.

Watched your latest video’s (Sunset and Parker on Ella's Pink Lady and Jessica Watson on Sports Tonight) and enjoyed them, I liked watching all the linkage action in regards to Parker, a lot of constant motion, and also the motion of the water and the boat. That was followed by all the dolphins and the ‘Alberto’s that was great. You had a lot of company. It’s always enjoyable to watch the rolling motion of the sea and the boat especially with that many dolphins. I’m gonna put that on my bucket list, to go sailing one day to see what it’s like and if I like it.
I take your travels on a day to day basis, when I saw the announcer trace the route of your trip I realized that ‘you’ve come a long way, baby‘. LOL…..
You sounded pretty chipper and excited, I was glad to hear that, you’re doing great mentally and physically.
The pictures were great, how blue is blue? WOW, that was really a deep blue and the sunset, looks so quiet, like it was a mellow sunset, nothing blazing but just kinda laid back, relaxing, dreamy.

Your face seems to have changed, you look like you’re so much at peace in that picture, like you’re more mature than some of your earlier pictures. Almost four (4) months at sea, and I can see a change in you, for the better, I’m sure you’re more confident in yourself and in what you are doing.
Take care and enjoy yourself, regards to the crew.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Unknown said...

Oh lovely! the comments section is working again. I really enjoyed the pics but, what I found best of all, was your taking the time to send a blog entry so that we would know that you were OK.

You were mentioned on Madonna King's program on 612ABC Radio today. It was just a short grab to tell us about the chops you had for tea last night. I really wanted to hear that!!

Best always!

I've had to go back over my entry and re-enter all capital letters. Dratted keyboard!!!

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...


Pictures look great. Wow you look fresh and beautiful. That Ella Bache must be good for your skin. where can we buy that product in the US?

Always great to hear from you. stay safe.


Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
Good to see everyone getting back on-line. Nice photos, gotta love the ocean when it's not "angry".
You seem to be making good progress, not long now to the next milestone.
Sail on,

Gloria B said...

Hi Jesse, I have been over in NZ for 10 days and could not wait to get home to Gold Coast to get on computer to see what you have been up too, (no access to computer). Glad to see all is still going well for you, and great to see all the lovely pictures you posted especially the one with Dolphins, you are one lucky girl to be out there to see such sites, I envy you so much and cannot wait to read your book of this adventure when you get a chance to write your story. Well Jesse great sailing God bless.
Gloria B Gold Coast

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
What!?! Was there an alberto in the latest video?
I have got to check it again.
Great pictures of you basking in the sun frolicking with them schoolstuffs.
Babsy has been fighting with flying squiddies.
Go fry them squiddies!
Anyways, good to have you back!
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

JJ said...

Hey Jesse,

Love the photo's. The blue of the water is majestic! You are so at peace in the photo - it is beautiful - you are beautiful!

Take care Jesse.


Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

the photos are lovely again, especially the one with the deep blue ocean. Just magnificent.
And you look so at peace with yourself!
Great photo!

Glad too, that the commentary section is working again!
I missed all the chatter and advice and pearls of wisdom from the blog family!

CoGH is getting closer and closer, hope your ride is smooth and swift,

keep well, have fun and above all keep safe,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...


Thanks Andrew and shore team for your hard work in setting up Jesse's new site... GREAT WORK.
It may have been a little hiccup for the commenters but I'm sure it was a BIG ONE for you all.
Jesse you look great and the photos are lovely .
Happy Sailing
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Bruce de Mich said...

Hey, Jessica! So nice to see that comments are able to be left again. It has gotten kind of dry out here for us the past couple of days but glad to see you are safe and sound and enjoying the weather for a change.

Thanks to your Internet site managers for their work in improving and restoring your adventures to us!

I saw the 'sports video' of you, Ella's Pink Lady and dolphins this evening. What a wonderfull and rare opportunity you had to see that and especially to photograph it as a movie as well. Thanks for sharing!

As you know Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Neptune, Passage Weather and I whipped up a little card for you to commemorate the day. You and your followers can view it at the following URL.

Hope your Valentine's Day is an enjoyable one and you know that you are the favorite valentine of all for those of us having the privilege of tagging along in the dingy with you and your crew!

Bruce de Mich

KB said...

Hi Jess
Looking good, real good.
Be aware, the South African Dolphins will join you soon, so get ready to party again.

Take care and safe sailing


Unknown said...

Dearest Jesse,

Thanks for keeping those blogs coming Jesse even though we couldn't reply to you. Thanks to those people who have fixed the problem so that we can all blog Jesse again.

I am just so blown away at how you have handled every part of your journey. It has been a privilege following your adventure my dear and I have been so blessed by the warmth, honesty and sense of humour you have shared when you have blogged your every day life to us. You have drawn us all into your world on EPL and I know speaking for myself I feel that every time I read your blog I am there with you as you describe each situation with such feeling.

Thanks again Jesse, I look forward to continuing supporting you with positive words and prayers.

Take care and keep safe. With big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

Jesse,have missed you during the "blackout"will talk more tomorrow,great to know you are fit & well take care Godbless Dougal

Rebecca said...

Thank you to the shore team for your work to restore the comments section! It helps those of us who think about Jess all the time to pass the time in between posts.

Jessica, you're doing great! Stay cautious and keep up all the hard work maintaining EPL. It's so inspiring to see you living your dream. Good on ya, girl.

Rebecca in California

Anonymous said...

yes doctor Jess is back online im sure you can let me go home now.thankyou.
Hi Jess
Steve p

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

So good to have the site back, although I'm confused as I thought we were supposed to go to the new site & post. Anyway, whatever works.

Love the pictures that you have posted, you look beautiful.

Hope the conditions are favourable for you at the moment.

Waiting patiently for your next blog.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

I was starting to suffer from CDS (Comment Depletion Syndrome). Thank goodnes it's back up. (You seem to have getting on Ok with out us)

Will you sail close enough to Africa to see it? Cape Town is an absolutely amazing place, you should be able to see Table Mountain from a long way out to sea.

Anyway, keep enjoying yourself. Maybe all the faithful bloggers can organise a homecoming or something.

Good onya and God blessya.

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jesse, OMG, I have been having terrible withdrawal symptoms not be able to blog onto you, but so glad to see everything is up and running again. Love the pic, thanks heaps, great picture of you, you really look well. It really looks so peaceful out there at the moment, hope it stays that way for you. God Speed Jesse. so glad we are back on board Yipppeee Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

PWB said...



ConFuseUs Says:

Absence makes the blogger bond stronger.




PWB said...



ConFuseUs says:

Girl who use Toughbook on Pink boat in Blue sea,

Must be one smart, happy and tough cookie.




Barry Clements said...


Have you passed over the Prime Meridian yet, 0°E x 0°W.

That will be another one to tick off the to do list and all your co-ordinates from there on will be South by East. It will give you roughly 154° left of the 360° circuit.

Going by you mentioning the floating garbage you've seen I'm thinking you have.

There are two of these major ocean garbage islands that are made up of plastics and other non-degradable waste like cigarette butts, fishing line and discarded fishing nets.

Bloggers please watch this clip.

It's garbage from all over the World that comes from ships, street gutters, rivers, streams and from people who just throw their waste anywhere and everywhere.

It all collects in Islands of garbage from the ocean currents and winds bringing it all together.

Everyone needs to re-think how much plastic they use because these waste dumps kill a colossal amount of sea life that mistake it for food. such as turtles thinking the plastic is the jellyfish they eat.

Thanks for bringing this floating waste to peoples attention.

I'm so impressed with your photos and how well you look. It's a credit to person who managed your dietry needs for this voyage.

They were light on with the chocolate and sauce but it's not long now till you can step on shore and head straight to a takeaway for some junk food.

Sail on super sailor and keep the blog fixes coming for us Jess-a-holics.


Brian Riley said...

Hi Jessica,

Really good to see your words and admire photos, you and the world around you are looking amazing.

Thanks,shore team for correcting the problem with the comments.

EPL, is proving she has a good heart as well as her skipper,bringing you towards us safely as you continue your wonderful dream.

Safe Passage,Will talk later.
Hervey Bay, QLD.

magpie said...

A fitting final post on the 'youngestround' Blog...
"Find the kind winds brave lady." June and Richard Thorn

Hi Jessica,

You wrote that " the ship's watch-keeper sounded really friendly...the conversation came to a bit of a dead-end, when I explained what exactly I was doing out here. I get that reaction quite a bit."
This really brought home, to me, the risks that you have taken in this endeavour. Comdr. Dilip Donde (fellow solo sailor) also referred to you as a 'gutsy girl' in his blog.
I'm definitely sticking to those cosy inlets accompanied by cheese and wine, lol.

Your observation of the rubbish at sea would get a loud 'Hear hear' from anyone associated with Ian Kiernan and his experience racing solo around the world. So successful was his 'Clean up Sydney Harbour day' twenty years ago (ouch) that he began the annual Clean up Australia day.

The new lead photo on the site is a fantastic picture of you and Ella's Pink Lady. I thought your crew had the strategy of regrouping us bloggers so we don't mention the 'P' word too much until you clear Mad as a glass car.

The daily updates on the position chart are appreciated.

☻The photo captions were weird☻ The blue sky was mainly the ocean, the mainsheet looked nice and you're not typing at all. Keep sucking that salt, lol.

☺☺☺Hoo Roo☺☺☺

Old Iron said...

Thanks for all the updates!!!!

Great Photos and Videos

All the best!!!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Faye and Max said...

Thanks Andrew for getting Jesse's blog up and running again, it seems that we were all suffering from withdrawal.and the latest pictures were again fantastic.
@ Grant:Followin' you home again just great, a big thank you for sharing it with us.
@ Paul and the killer whales, keep the good comments coming, and a big Hi from Aus.
And to Jesse, sail on and stay safe.

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
I am not sure whether those birds in the video are actually albertos...
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

The sea scapes, like you, are beautiful. Sorry that we haven't put any comments on for a few days.

We've been thinking of you.

You look great. I hope that the crew are behaving themselves.

Take care brave lady. Sail safe and strong. Home awaits.

June and Richard Thorn

Collette Cole, Australia said...

Jesse, blue is not that blue here! Unless one is on the Great Barrier Reef in tropical weather!!

Sea looks choppy, But I guess you 'like it like that".

Apart from the obvious, you Jessica, look magnificent....thankyou Lord.

Stay well sweetheart and eat good stuff...

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

Hello Jessica , many thanks to your supporters that he blog-comments are working again, so we can start again to hold contact to you. keep on doing your thing, stay safe and enjoy every single day.
Many regards from Germany, yours Marcus

Lasersailor said...

Hello Jesse and Team!
I'm writing from Germany, so my english isn't the best.
Thank you all for this, no (good)day without visiting this (and Abby's!)page!

I am sailing since i was 10 Jears old, sinse 1982 i own a Laser-dinghy.
All the best from cold and snowy Germany!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Tim Mallette said...


Glad to see your progress (in more ways than just moving the boat forward) and to see how much support you are getting from your team and all the people who care.

Deerfield, NH

Lasersailor said...

Hello Jesse, her Family and Team!
I'm writing from Germany, so my english isn't the best.
Thank you all for this! I've got the feeling there is no good day without visiting this (and Abby's!)page!

I am sailing since i was 10 Jears old, sinse 1982 i own a Laser-dinghy.
All the best from cold and snowy Germany!

ben said...

Hey Jesse,

great to be back on board with you again. I was beginning to miss the motion on the ocean lol I think I might be addicted to this virtual reality stuff...uh oh!

Love the pics and the two new vids. One HD gave a good report on how you are going out there. Amazing to think once you've rounded Good Hope it's a clear run home, well, relatively speaking of course.

Seems you haven't been too lonely out there with all the dolphins and bird life, but I'm amazed you are yet to mention whale sightings. Mind you, that's not such a bad thing as hitting one of those could do a bit of damage to you both.

Be careful of all that shipping traffic out there too. Said that for my own peace of mind really as I know you are constantly on the lookout and have a good warning system . But there! I feel much better now :)

Keep the pressure on in those sails Jesse and fly like the wind. You're looking good.
Be safe and always secured.

Ben (Qld)

Unknown said...

Us true die-hard Jessica followers will not give up on you even with the technical difficulties. We love you. duane

Organisedvicar said...

Gorgeous pics Jesse! Counting down the nautical miles now with that EPL nearing the next cape. We are at Alexandra Headland on hols, not Caloundra as I thought so very much enjoying everything Mooloolaba has to offer. What a gorgeous port but looking at a yacht today about your size I simply can't imagine what it would be like on board for this amount of time. I was thinking of exercise - not much room to do that. Home is getting much closer and I can now see what you must have in your mind and looking forward to getting 'home'. Take care gorgeous girl!

Jo-Anne, Geelong, Aus via sunny Queensland - it definitely is beautiful one day and gorgeous the next.

Molly said...

Ah, gorgeous pictures, as usual.
Kudos to your team. I know how frustrating website upgrades can be.
Looks like you're closing in on The Cape Of Good Hope.
Time for another celebration!

Maryland USA

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

Wow, it is SO nice to have you back. We have all missed you so much and each other.

Love your pics. You look so happy and that makes us happy.

Love to you and all the bloggers!

Go Girl!

Fay from the Gold Coast

HAWKEYE said...


I Just want to say thanks for the pics and the latest one of Jesse is stunning. You look much happier than you did in the previous photo - but you did have the school books in tow.

I replied in more detail in the earlier blog and I am just happy to be back in contact again. Take care precious one and please look after Jesse - she'll appreciate it, believe me!

Love ya, safety first and god bless


Anonymous said...

hey Jesse,

your doing Australia proud. Keep inspiring us.

Best of luck & stay safe.


Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jessica,

I am glad to read that you are still making good progress and having a great time. Great pics as well - how blue is that water and sky! It must be hard for you to take, all these perfect sailing conditions.

I might not comment on your site for a few days as I am heading off to Norfolk Island for a golf tournament and will be away from the 15th - 22nd Feb.

Adopted daddy hopes to play "very well" in this tournament, I will have to send you a pic if I luck out and win the event.

So in the meantime, take care, have fun and I will be thinking of ya!

Seeya gorgeous girl

Caves Beach, Newcastle

ozbeachman said...

February 12 2010 1:11 PM
Jessica here is a weather scale used by your Indian solo sailor friend .Might be one for you Ha!!! Ha!!! His wind vane was damaged too!! but I guess you did one better than him you were knocked down four times 40kn winds and very high seas Been there done that right!!!!!!! well it will make you at leased smile.

the Beaufort/dingy
Physiological scale
I think that most of us can relate to this and laugh.
Force Physiological scale
1 boredom
2 mild pleasure
3 pleasure
4 great pleasure
5 delight
6 delight tinged with anxiety
7 anxiety tinged with fear
8 Fear tinged with terror
9 Great terror
10 Panic
11 I want my mummy

fair winds captain...ozbeachman

Mike_trrac said...

Hi Jess

Its good to be able to touch bases again. The pictures are great - even the camera is enjoying the better weather! You seem to be in a good place at the moment and I hope steady winds and smooth seas keep you happily winging your way to Sydney.

Mike (Avoca Beach, NSW)

hezakiah299 said...

02-11-10 @ 07:14
Dear Jessica,
During our ‘down time’ I took the opportunity to go back though some of your earlier (March ’09) blogs. There were so many interesting things that you did and said that I thought it would make a nice bit of up-lifting memorabilia for you. This is just a smattering of what could be done. Like the time you were rock-climbing Mt. Tinberwah, Quote “I enjoyed the physical challenge of clinging to the rock face, and got the heart rate up abseiling (rappelling) down. There is a considerable amount of strategy involved in finding hand and foot holds and working out which limb you should attempt to move first“, and the time you were on Campbell Island posing with the Sea Lions until they chased you off???? remember that, and all through your blogs how you would comment about the value of time, the value of time, that was so important. When you were working on how you were constantly nagging, but through it all you maintained a good and happy attitude. And the time you had the reaction to the fibreglass resin, that was nasty and worth forgetting, but you’re still beautiful.
What amazed me was the extensive amount of training that you went through, I won’t mention them in detail, not enough room, but just class after class. How much could you cram into that pretty little head????
From time to time I would ‘nag’ you about being cautious and wear your harness, and then I came across something you said:
To quote you: “there’s nothing heroic about rushing into something and giving myself an injury”. I had to laugh at that, not at you, but at the common sense of it,….. and I’m nagging you,….. now that is a funny one…Yes??? You betcha!!!!!
How about your Mum’s sandwiches, and your Dad’s persistence, (he’s determined to turn the boat into a battle ship) and look where you’re at.

And how ‘moping’ is such an important part of sailing round the world. Those moments of leisure that everyone is always suggesting you take. Like after a week of work, your batteries were well over due for a recharge, pressure levels too high and energy levels too low! You spent Saturday evening watching mindless TV and rereading your favorite books while your amazing little sister ‘Hannah’ made all the toasted sandwiches you could eat, forced second helpings of desert on you and sent you off to bed early. Result =Jessica was ready to take on the next week!
And how about the time the work list got vandalized, hooooboy!!!!!

Your words: “I’m constantly telling myself that this isn’t meant to be easy, but 10 minutes later and from another angle nothing ever looks so bad“.
See that Jessica, there’s your positive attitude in action again.

That’s just some of the comments and situations that I came across, only some, to go back and read them all, shoot, there’s a book right there. But I just thought a few memories on a ‘down’ day would help perk you up, take your mind off your present woes……Yes???,…for sure!!!!
I hope this will put a smile on your face during a bad day. After all, these are things you said and did!!!!

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, I'm so glad we are able to post comments again. Great pics as always and you are looking happy and healthy which is lovely to see. I hope you some of your albatross and dolphin friends visit you on Valentine's Day, how nice to have some company again!! Take care 'til next time.

Glenda said...

Hi Jessica
I love the new videos that show you powering along towards Africa and with that huge pod of dolphins for company - what a rare treat. It's great to see you looking really well and happy. Sail on and stay safe.

bengt said...

I saw that Dilip Dondes psychological Beaufort scale was published above.

I have compiled a list how Jessica has characterised different wind conditions, in her actual words she has used in earlier blogs.
She is known for her understatements, enjoy them.

Jessicas psychological Beaufort scale.

Beaufort value (wind speed in knots) Interpretation

1 (0-2) Reading books (jan 11)
2 (3-6) Not much in the way of wind (nov 10)
3 (7-10) Moving slowly (jan 7)
4 (11-15) EPL pushing along nicely (jan 11)
5 (16-20) Great, love it (feb 2)
6 (21-26) Good trade wind sailing (nov 7)
7 (27-33) Really surfing (jan 13)
8 (34-40) Pretty routine (feb 7)
9 (41-47) Pretty interesting (jan 16)
10 (48-55) Sea rising fast (jan 23)
11 (56-62) Very big and nasty waves (jan 24)
12 (64+) Hard to maintain my positive thoughts (jan 24)

I wrote the date she published the text, so you can read the context.

Compare with Dilip who wrote Panic for force 10, even if he maybe joked a little.

/Ben, Sweden

GuanoLad said...

At this point, Jesse Martin was going slightly loopy. I'm impressed at how well you're holding up!

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

And also Andrew and others. Thanks for getting the comment section back up and running again. I think many were having classic symptoms of withdrawal.

Jesse . . . great pictures and thanks.

Latest tracking shows you really closing in on rounding Cape Hope and then a quick hop across the Indian Ocean . . . yeah right!

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Hi Jesse

.....we're back!

Love the new photos and videos. Life just seems to keep on getting better for you out there.

Gillian, France

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Hi Jesse

Go Parker! What a trooper!

Gillian, France

sponge21 said...

Welcome back Jesse!

I was getting worried that something may of happened,so dont do that again!!!!!
Absolutely great to see your pics,you are looking awsome girl!
Another blogger asked if you were going to be close to WA perth? If you are I will swim fly hop whatever to cheer you on!

Keep safe and hurry home...!

Mark Perth WA


BroncoDave said...

I must go down to the seas again,
to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship
and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel's kick and the wind's song
and the white sail's shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea's face
and a grey dawn breaking.

John Masefield

From your friends in Gig Harbor, WA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Missed you while the systems were off. Very glad to see your glowing face and hear your inspiring voice. Blessings back to you!
Tom, Missouri, USA

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

Its great to be back on your blog. We have missed you.

Enjoyed the video of Parker and admit that I understand it a lot better now that I have a visual.

Ever closer to the Cape of Good Hope ! It looks like you have had a decent enough wind and relatively calmer waters compared to a couple of weeks prior.

Stay Well.


EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Hi Jess!

I've been away for a bit. Great to see your amazing progress on my return.

Whoossshh...thar she goes!

Blues skies on the ocean are truly amazing...and those sunsets! We never tire of them! Who needs the movies??!!

Great pics! Thank you!

Did the two pelicans I sent down from the VI ever show-up? I bet you they went to Miami instead!

Keep on sailing!

US Virgin Islands

Richard Lathrop said...

Welcome back, Jessica!

Welcome back, blog family!

Since I am addicted to Jessica's blog--comments and all--it's been a tough week without a fix.

Luckily, I had the email addresses of Mary from Maine and Collette so that we could share our misery, and our small signs of hope that the blog would be back.

I suggest that all my fellow jessecholics find someone who they can contact off blog in case of future emergencies.

Thank you Collette and Mary.

Jessica, your dolphin video is great and your comments came through loud and clear. I was particularly interested in your response to the "homework" discussion. It was cool.

To me, homework or schoolwork (whatever you choose to call it)is a non-issue in your case. It's something imposed upon you from an anxious, exterior, social world that somehow finds it comforting that you have these assignments. The work doesn't fit very well into the context of your daily life right now. But a lot of folk want to make it fit (not for your benefit, but for theirs).

This is not to say I'm not in favor of education. On the contrary. Education has been very important to me throughout my life and I consider myself an educator. But it's this context-neutral view of education that irks me. Learning doesn't happen in a vacuum; it's an interaction with your surroundings.

Jessica, you are neither at school nor at home. You're on a boat. Do your boatwork.

You have all my admiration and respect.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Anonymous said...

To have an idea of wind directions and wave heights of the region where Jessica is sailing at the moment you can have a look at ' (current marine data)

GlobeMasterOne said...

Hi Captain Jesse,
While the comment section was down I had to take an emergency flight to Burcerias, Mexico to undergo treatment at the Jess-a-holic/Comment Black-out Clinic here. The doctor says one more day on the beach should do it...but I am hesitant to stop. The "Tequila injections" were worth the trip alone.
I am secretly using a computer in one of the clinic offices ...I just had to I guess more days of treatment will be required. A took a sneak peak at your "Sports" video but had to stop when a nurse heard the dolphins on the sountrack squeaking and took away the computer.
Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada/Bucerias, Nyarit, Mexico

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

thanks for the nice sunset-video giving us another perspective from your boat in motion.

It's moments like these when I get a very little bit jealous and wonder what I am still waiting for :-) (which admittedly is pure understatement).

Up to now I have been a windsurfer tasting blood what a wonderful feeling it is to be only propelled by the wind. No smelly and noisy rattling engines, just the sound of the wind and the swell.

Next summer I will be learning to sail.

I think it's one of the last real fascinating adventures today, going out there, getting away from it all for some time.

It has always been fascinating me to use such sophisticated technics simply exploiting the directly derived power of the sun.

Reading your blog always boosts my inspiration again.

It regularly interrupts my daily routine for quite a while, making me think about the things still lurking at the back of my mind which are still to be achived.

I promise, I'll go for it.

Thank you for all that dear Jessica.

Keep a stiff upper lip and take care.

Good on you out there, cute girl !

Markus, Bremerhaven

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Hi Jessica,

Well, another historic moment --a new website is up and running! The new format is really nice, easy to navigate, comprehensive....many thanks to Andrew and company for this great new look.

The latest pix were grand --beautiful ocean, beautiful sunset, and a very beautiful Jessica! My goodness girl, that sea livin' is good for you!!!

That beautiful photo is proof that the sunshine and good pampering has you feeling chipper and definitely looking like you're 'ready to take on the rest of the world'! ...There are lots on nm ahead but Australia is closer today than it was yesterday! port of call --Sydney!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

RICHARD said...

Great vids and pics...! We are pleased to have you back. These past few days of technical difficulties have given us a peek into the future. We caught a glimpse of the day you reach your goal and the "daily blog" and "latest news" will end. Celebrating your achievement will truly be bitter sweet.

You have provided us with inspiration and joy.

Looking forward... we have great confidence that you will continue to accomplish awe-inspiring things and will permit us the great privilege of tagging along on the next JW Adventure.


See Ya Sailor!

~j~ said...

So happy to check in and see how you are getting along! You and Ella continue to amaze me with precise teamwork and fortitude! Way to go ladies!! :) I have shared your story with many at my job here in the U.S. it's a real adventure for all of us to read of your incredible journey.
Blessings to you Jessica.

Philip said...

Nice picture of the sunset. That's the kind of view I like.

But the blue sky picture is also nice.

Anyways, sorry you had technical problems getting things setup. It will eventually work itself soon.

Yes, don't forget the homework. important. But then again, so is watching for dolphins and other ships too.

USA East Coast

Amos said...

Hives, If you are taking vitamin "C" don't take it it will and can give you hives (it says so on the label)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jess
Saw a doc of that control freak JM last night - not good. You stay in your space - you are a great girl.
Stay well

Judy said...

I loved your pictures.....beautiful! I pray you have blue skies and smooth sailing for the remainder of your journey. What an inspiration you are to so many.

BillaBong said...

Well, it's good that the landlubbers are having technical difficulties while you are not. You do realize that your path takes you right over and through an underwater mountain range that is just shy of peeking above the waterline? It looks like you are well into the last half of your journey and we sure hope it continues as safely as the previous. bab

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Your looking great. I think another person is going to step off the boat in Sydney than stepped on!

For the blogsters, the waters around the south of Africa have their own unique characteristics. The Cape of Good Hope was once known as the Cape of Storms. Here is a link to map of the ocean currents south of Africa.


I'm sure weatherman Bob is on the job!
Sail on Special One!
Richard w

Kerri said...

Yeah, back to the old format. Great pictures.
You look peaceful and content, Jess. Thanks for updating and best wishes for steady winds getting you around Hope.

Happy sailing from California,


hezakiah299 said...

02-11-10 @ 13:02
Dear Jessica,
I’d like to take a moment to thank Andrew, and the whole shore crew for the fine job that they do when something goes wrong with the system. We sit here reaping the benefits of enjoying the contact with Jessica, and when something goes wrong we cry, where are they, why don’t they, when will they, and so on and so on. But on the whole we do appreciate the time and effort that you guys put into supporting ‘Our Girl’, and even though you’re at a different location, Bob, these comments include you as well. I feel comfortable speaking for all the “Jessaholics” since I know how they feel and would back me up. Praise be to the Shore Crew!!!!!

Well Jessica, how is everything going for you and your crew. I see on the Voyage Map that there’s 25 Pink Lady’s from the Falklands to just past Edinburg Island and that you’re taking an ESE heading towards Africa. Making some good headway, keep it up Jessica, you‘re doing great. That’s the best that I could do on navigating, count the flags, and I know you are making progress, lol… Ran into a little trouble after ten flags and I had to take my shoes off, after twenty I had to get my cat. But I’m getting there…….Cats not to happy though.
Things are looking good for you, from my point of view, I hope you have smooth sailing so you can pamper yourself some more, you looked great, oh yeah!!!!!
Keep them wild scallywags under control, and you enjoy yourself.
Looking forward to your next post, when you have some spare time.

Always proud of you, and always praying for you.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Psalm 148:13-14 (The Message)
Let them praise the name of God – it's the only Name worth praising. His radiance exceeds anything in earth and sky; he's built a monument – his very own people!

Praise from all who love God! Israel's children, intimate friends of God. Hallelujah!

Hi again, Jesse! I am glad to be able to post again. I am gladder that you seem to be doing well and are happy from the looks of the pics.

I just want you to know that during the last few days of being off-line as far as posting goes, I have continued to pray for you and your family and team. I will do so today, praying for your good health, strength, and safe progress.

Remember, you are one of God's people, a monument built by Him. Praise His holy name out there as you enjoy all He has given you!

Kissyfrott said...

Wikipedia - Biographies -2463 AD edition

PARKER F.W. (Fleming Windvane)

Yachting pilot, who sailed on many oceans, seas and lakes, and who became famous in the first half of the XXIst Century when he took part in Jessica Watson's round the world odyssey. The young adventurer reported several times that he had done a wonderful job.

Though pale faced and of slightly build, he proved himself incredibly enduring at steering. He was in fact much stronger than he looked like, and as his favourite food was spinach, his admirers adapted for him Lerner's Popeye songe: "Parker the Water Man".

His family had always been involved in writing. The Parkers were among the founders of the Pen Club. That's why his great-great-grand-uncle, Alexander Fleming, named his discovery "Pen-icillin".

In his old age, Parker became a writer too. He published several novels, the most famous being "Steer Silent, Steer Steep", "Keep up them Clouds", and "Better Spinach than Spin Round".
We owe him some classical quotes like "Take a feather from an albatross, dip it in the Ocean and you will write your own adventure" or "Follow the wind and swallow the milles".

At sea as on land, he always enjoyed driving. When he retired from steering Ella's Pink Lady for Jessica Watson, he kept on driving (his wife) Lady Pen's Cadillac. He liked to observe that steering during Jessica's Odyssey had driven him to Penelope, whose name was the same as Ulysse's wife... Odysseos being Ulysse's greek name.

He used to say: "Ell, Jess and Pen and the three women of my life... I rode Ella, I drove Penelope, but I love Jessica".

SaID said...

Hi Jess! You cool!

Kissyfrott said...

Good night, Captain Jesse,
Thank you for the posts, pics, videos.
Without them, there would be corpses floating around amid the plastic bottles and garbage.

I think, like Andrew and Vicki (Queens Park) and like Michael (WV), that on your photograph you look more like a young woman now, and less like a teenager. The voyage, the time gone, the solitude lived, the storms overcome, the nature observed, brought you pieces of strength, of wisdom, of knowledge about yourself as about the world. You are probably now more mature and capable than most people.

Your pics are beautiful, once again. Just the air is missing to feel completely on EPL. I am happy to see that you enjoy some nice weather and collect many beautiful pictures and memories.
I can hardly write "You Go, Girl"... you are much more than a girl now, it looks obsolete.
Go, Young Lady, Go !
(yes, that sounds better)

Helen said...

Phew we're back here!! Lovely photos - you're really talented at photography (and obviously numerous other things)!

I must go look and see where you are, bet you're flying along now. Take care of yourself and EPL.

- Helen (UK)

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
Hi everybody!
Wow! I did not realise my contributions were going to be missed. I am a little overwhelmed that my limited contributions had such an impact... Thank you for your kind support! Actually, I just did not have computer access for a couple of days which appeared to have coincided with a "tongue-in-the-cheek-mail". So no worries, no offence, etc. Funny enough, some among you drew some very accurate conclusions about my contributions! I am impressed...
Well, I just want to encourage and support Jess, enjoy all our comments to Jessica's memorable feats and have some fun.
If I disappear again for a couple of days in the future, please don't worry: I'll be back!
I hope that Jess will show us some more albertos, dolfens and all the other interesting stuff the oceans throw at her.
Anyways, so... How else can I conclude as with the usual:
Keep up them Dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose that satelite TV is one of the luxuries you have on EPL, but today the 2010 Olympics begin in Vancouver, Canada. The opening ceremonies commence at 6 pm Pacific Time, many many hours behind Aussie time. The athletes are all people like you, who are trying to take a big bite out of life. May they all do their best.

Best wishes to your own Olympic Team. I haven't mentioned this before but I have a lot of family in Australia, and have been there several times. It doesn't seem like the country for winter sports, but it definitely has a team representing it here. In Vancouver that was brought to everyone's attention due to the great brouhaha over the "Boxing Kangaroo" flag draped over the part of Athlete's Village the Aussies will be occupying. Apparently the IOC thought the flag was too "commercial". What utter nonsense. Anyway, it's still there : D

If you aren't able to watch it on TV I'm sure you'll be able to follow it to some extent via the internet connection you have.

As usual, best wishes to you and the big bite you are taking out of life with EPL. Guess you'll have to turn south pretty soon, lest you bang into Africa.

Deborah, BC, Canada

danma said...

Hey Jess,

Missed this one cause of the new blog spot. I rang them to ask when we would be able to comment on it, the lady sounded very busy!!! I suppose everyone was doing the same as me.
Nice pic's, it's great when we get some nice photo's, thanks for that..
Hopefully they will have the problem fixed real soon on the other blog & we can comment to our hearts content.
Stay safe Jesse & happy sailing....

Randy said...

Hi Jesse!

Wonderful pictures and super video!
Also great, that I could write you again!

I hope, you in a good mood again! Even when you sail alone over the Atlantic..., you are not really alone.
All your friends, and the thousands of people, who read your blog every day, are with you!

For me, I can say: Since i know from you and your amazing journey, there's no day gone by that I'm not thinking about you.
Every day, I hope everything is all right with you, and you have a wonderful time on sea!

I really hope, the sun is shining for you again! So go on, take the rest of the world, because you can do!

I think of you!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Lee said...

Great to have you back with us, Jess! You were missed!

I enjoy reading your posts and I must praise you for your expertise at same. You are to be congratulated also on your spelling and grammar. It's so refreshing to find a young person such as yourself who does so well in that department. You're one special, extraordinary young lady.

I hope all has been going well for you since we last "saw" you and that the status quo remains.

You wouldn't believe it, but just before I awoke this morning, I was dreaming - I was about to set sail (or aloft, or to float and bob)with two others in a large inflatable "rubber ducky"!! I'm not sure where we were headed to because I woke up before we set into motion! Maybe I'll continue the next episode tonight!! Don't laugh...I've done that before (continue a dream...not sail the high seas in a rubber ducky)!

Stay safe, Jessica...and thanks for keeping us posted.

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse was having withdrawal symptoms not being able to comment LOL, hope they can get the gremlins sorted out.

Once again great photos and you are looking well and happy. Can't help it... it's the mother in me or in my case grandmother LOL

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Great updates,video's and pics young lady,I couldn't wait to get back into the posting mode again.HOWEVER,''OLD MAN WEATHER'' left my last four day's have had my the ''team'' activated for a historic snow storm that I have never been in before since living here in Maryland,we assisted with the National Guard in Hummer's on rescue missions at the height of this storm,snow drifts and winds up to 60 mph during parts of the storm.These four storms where within a ten day period,this last one was just three days after the second,tired of ''winter'',blizzards etc.
Jessica,you are so right about all the ''junk'' in our environment we deal with,why we have to disgrace our land we all inhabit it is beyond my understanding.
Happy to hear your temps have gotten warmer for you,I know the changing ''swells'' are no fun,probably felt like you where sitting in your grand mums rocking chair.
Where you able to cook those ''flying fish'',assuming they where eatable???
A few day's of rest for me,the ''team'' will be heading back to ''HAITI''next month to assist in the reconstruction and aid.Looking forward in a very different way this time,it will be interesting to see how far the ''worlds'' aid has gone,it's funny when a ''tragedy'' occurs how later it ends up on the ''back burner'',I so pray this is not the case.These people of Haiti needs and must demand our full attention right now,I have seen the pain in children s eyes and the suffering that goes along with it,we MUST ONT ALLOW THEM TO FAIL.
Jessica,I am sorry for my sermon,but this topic hits a deep place in my heart,thank you for allowing me to ''share''.
HI FELLOW ''WORLD ''family member's,have missed chatting with you all ,we have such a ''special lady'' out there in that big ocean,we will continue to support her,love her,cherish her through her entire adventure of a life time.
Good luck to the ''winter Olympics'' Aussie Team,but I have to say the US team seems to be very strong,I look forward to the events,will be a great boost to us here in the Mid-Atlantic region,after being shoveling,plowing,scraping and plain TIRED... of it all,but it was pretty at the time until you had to be out in it doing your job.Richard,Molly and all the rest in this region,hope you all stayed safe and warm and recovering from aching muscles.
That's all for now,Jessica,thank you for allowing me to ''ramble'',I hope I didn't bore everyone out their.
Much love ,hags,stay safe,hope you have a ''HEART '' for Valentines Day[which is here in the US on Feb. 14th.],if not I send mine out to you young lady early.
God speed,you are home soon.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie''.,
Maryland, USA.,
[great ''dig out'' is underway]

sails said...

Glad you are back looking and sounding great as always.

We both have missed chatting to you each day.

Today's Inspirational Quote:
We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails



Kissyfrott said...

@Rio The Homework Dog and all the blog family, back on the armchairred vicarious yacht...

Sure, it has been hard. We missed our talks to Jessica, and missed dearly the talks between us too.

The idea had been running in my head for a while, before the DDD (Doomed Dark Days) we just went through, and I had some pre-talks with a FFF (Few Faithful Followers) about it. I wanted to chat more with more, and open the debate after the Cape of Good Hope; but the withdrawal has been so violent that it is open already. So, let's go!

What about finding a cyber-home to keep on blogging and meeting, around Jessica, her achievements and her plans, after Sydney?
Should we open a blog like Jonathan, our fellow jessaholic, did so kindly, or shouldn't we follow on this blog hosted by Jesse, if she keeps it, or under Andrew's steering?

I would personally enjoy MUCH MUCH MUCH keeping in touch with you all, fellow bloggers adopted or adopting, all continents, ages, genders, even full classes... Our variety is our wealth. All very different or very similar, bu sharing and living Jesse's adventure with the grace she spreads around the planet.

If all this amazing network were to vanish after Jesse's arrival, I would be... disappointed, sad. I would miss you all. Grannies and young ones, old salts as landlocked, teachers or pupils, aussies or worldies. Maybe all have not be living this Odyssey this way, but I am sure that many did.

Michael, Sam, Tony, Toni, Steve, Bob, Bev, Jacqueline and James, Mary, Mike, Paul, David, Peter, Paul, Jony, Seager, Richard, Billy, Steven, Cheryl, Carol, Susan, Billy, Marcus, Andrew, Maxine and Colin, Jo, Kina, Janell, Hawkeye, Grant, Fay, Gustav, Molly, Jo-Anne, Duane, Ben, Sven, Collette, June and Richard, Bruce, Sally, Carol, Trudy, MJ, JJ, Brian, Paula, Magpie, OOc, Tim and Rosie, Barry, Nick, Gloria, Larry, Dave, Clint, Jonathan, AlbacoreLiaFail, Evie, SaltyDog, Herman, SUBIR, Charley, Ozca, George, Mick, Martin, Alan and Lena, ET Gurl, Mel, Angus, LG, Allen, Rob, Kim, Keith and Anna, Queenslander, Gillian, KB, Deb, Quincy, Ian, Russ, Bluefin Annie, William, Terry and Patricia,, 45° 31', ST, Joe, Roger, Daphne, Scott, Kev, Peter and Sally, Mark, Sails, Barrie, Judy,Old Iron, Seth, Charles, Liz, Brian and Phill, Jan, Alessandro, Nutralady, Aunty Chris, Babs, Erica, Tom, Ron, Nico, Keith, Rod, The Griffs, David and Una, Ernest, Stefan, Ray, Robert, Denise, Barb, Dusty, Gary and Jan, Lesley, Vivienne, Rhonda, Sandy, BrYan, Kirsten, PHD, Lee, Kenny, Rob, Jack... so many more, plus "Anonymous" by numbers..;
Several here with the same name (Davids, Williams, Mikes, Richards, Susans and so on...)... Sorry for the BIG followers that I certainly omitted -unwillingly!-

What about trying to make our community last...?
Back, around, about, for Jessica; and for our own pleasure too?
Debate open... Let's all try to do short not to take too much room in the brand new blog space. Sorry for having shown the wrong example; I had to.

Unknown said...

I have been lookig at Abby's blog. She has been getting squid on deck. I told she cold have Calamari or fish bait. Personally I would chose the latter. The following I saw on Dilip's blog. It's a great reference if your wind meter has gone for a Burton(English phrase from an American) BEAUFORT/DINGY PSYCHOLOGICAL SCALE Force Psychological Scale 1 Boredom 2 Mild Pleasure 3 Pleasure 4 Great Pleasure 5 Delight 6 Delight tinged with anxiety 7 Anxiety tinged with Fear 8 Fear tinged with terror 9 Panic 10 I want my Mummy! I hope all your reading are a 5. Good sailing Grandpa Bob in Tucson

sunfish550 said...

oh jessica...
you look really good.
thank god your back. we have been digging out from 3 feet of snow here, snowthrower broke, looking for part. great photos jess. you look nice and healthy girl.

good to talk to you again jess,
be careful out there OK?

Lenny Pittsburgh PA.

Molly said...

Hi Michael, I just saw your comment. Yes, we did get hit very hard in the Metro DC area. I live in Germantown, MD and our records are 30 inches for the first storm and 17 for the second. The amount of snow piled up around here is unbelievable. I read they are now working on trucking it to nearby rivers.
I will be more grateful for the Spring this year than I ever have been.
I have people in West Virginia and it looks like you guys got your fair share as well.
Stay warm and safe.

Maryland USA

Sven said...

Hi Jesse,

thanks for keeping us updated with videos and those fantastic photos. Glad to know you're doing well.

Had already signs of withdrawal while we were without news from the rest of the family - hi to all the 'relatives' out there !!!

Jesse, when you will cross the 0 degree meridian you are entering the (geographically) eastern half of the world, that's another milestone.

So, take care and enjoy,

Sven, Hamburg.

Aunty Chris said...

Is this blog page really working or am I talking to nobody?? Am suffering severe withdrawal not being able to read all the regulars words of wisdom.... whats happening?? And Jessica I feel cut off from you - where the bloody hell are you? And what is happening HELP
Love Aunty Chris, Tamworth, NSW, Oz

Bruce Watt said...

Yaay the comments working. Onya Jess sail on we await your return. Hang a right and your on your way! Good luck.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)
Aussie land.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
you should follow this:
It´s about a klipper , that is sailing around the world following Charles Darwin´s yourney 150 years ago. In this moment (13.Feb.11:22 Australian time)they are sailing into Sydney harbour. The website is fantastic (with live webcam of course) I´m sitting here in Germany in the middle of the night to see the opera house live!

Textículos said...

All the best for the rest of you trip!

Christine said...

Good luck Jesse, love the pics
Christine - Tura Beach Aus

Babs said...

Hi Jessica, so glad that you can leave messages the pictures that you shared. I can believe you are getting closer and are the best!!
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

MikeC said...

Gee - I think I almost had withdrawals when the comments section was down! Weather looks great from your latest pics. Re the flotsam about - glad to hear that you'll be minding the plastic bags when you get home - every little bit helps. Everyone can make a difference. Not that I need to tell you that! Sail well.

hezakiah299 said...

02-12-10 @ 20:32
Hi Jessica,
Really glad to hear from you, I hope things are going well for you and the crew. You sound pretty chipper so things couldn’t be to bad. Have you been able to do any preventive maintenance, or get the crew to holystone the deck? Or are you just leisurely lounging about and looking beautiful, I know how it is with you yacht people,…hahahaha…. keep it up lady, and enjoy it to the max. lol…
“Global Crisis“, my goodness Jessica, that’s mega disastrous, no wonder why you’re so popular…hahahaaaaa I had to laugh when I read that one, that’s our girl!!!!! Your popularity is liable to increase now as ‘curious people will want to know’ who is this girl and what is she doing. There’s liable to be one hell-uv-a flood of posts in the near future.
If I’m not mistaken I believe this system crashed a couple of times when you first started this trip, after everyone found out about you. You’re a legend in your own time. What a girl!!!

Well I’m glad you’re getting some kind of wind, and flying fish to boot, are they good eating, but I guess you didn’t need the dousing, although it sounds like you’re getting used to the harsh treatment sailors get on the open seas. Barely a squeal, heh.
Someone mentioned a long time ago, on a post, about an area somewhere in the ocean where the currents all come together, that there is an area of flotsam and jetsam and all kinds of trash the size of the State of Texas. It all seems to gather at that one spot. I did a little research on that and nobody could come up with a definitive picture of this ‘trash island’, each article is contradictory of the other. One article said that it was twice the size of Texas, another said that it was smaller than Rhode Island. Maybe Greenpeace is exaggerating, ????? Or it’s just the media messing it up. Who knows?!?!?!?!?!

To bad that the wind was so inconsistent, that would be annoying, as well as the rolling sea, I can see, that would be a bad combination, I hope it didn’t upset your tummy and make you sick. But you did finish up with a smile,(even if it hurt) and your still making progress, so that’s a good thing, always think positive, and look at the bright side, which is what you do.
So you went ahead and enjoyed the sunshine ‘moping’ about, and pampering yourself with Ella Bach products, (nice plug for the Sponsor) good for you Jessica, you deserve it to the max. Did you freshen up the toenail polish, lol…. I always thought it was great how a woman could pamper herself with a facial, a haircut, even her fingernails and feel great afterwards.
I never felt that great after a haircut, they always charged me full price for a haircut and I don’t even have a half head of hair. Not fair. They should have fringe cuts for people like me……Oh, well.

I would think that anyone on watch hearing a sweet, girly sounding voice calling them in the middle of the ocean would be thrilled, but I guess big burly sailors don’t get ‘thrilled’. Haaruuumph!!!!! Not to worry Jessica, their loss.
Don’t know what to tell you on the fishing, since I’m not a fisherman, but since you had that experience with the bird I can understand your reluctance to continue. Maybe at another time. Wouldn’t that be hilarious if you caught one as you sailed into Sydney Harbor. LOL….You’ve just got a soft heart for certain things, but I think your starting to toughen up, you barely squeaked on the last dousing you got, lol…hahaha.
We got about a foot of snow yesterday and last night. Wanna trade???
Hey, go pull in another reef. Take good care or yourself and keep smiling, you’re doing a superfine job so keep at it.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jess
Greetings from a wet Dubbo. Glad to see the technical glitches have finally been sorted out. My client "he/she" was getting quite worried that you were not getting comments, she thought you would be lonely!!!! lovely pics looks like life is good again. Stay safe Jess Africa not far away and then....the Indian Ocean wow

Stay strong and clipped

Dusty from Dubbo

Hugo said...

Hi Jess!
Beautiful pics! Have you noticed that you look more mature? Something has changed in that smile...
Good sailing!!!
Hugo from Córdoba, Argentina

The McGraths said...

@ Grant,

Once again another beautiful tribute. How come you haven't got an album out?? You have a great voice, then again maybe you do. If so you need to tell us what it is.

Have a listen everyone on You tube.


The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

It’s good to be able to ‘talk’ to you again after our unexpected silence while Andrew and Co rebuilt your website.

Good to hear you a have been flying along happily. Your photos certainly show that. I particularly like your sunset photo and the one of you holding your toughbook. It captures a beautiful moment at the end of the day.

The two new videos are great. I’ts good to see Parker in action and in good form even if a bit wonkas from the knockdowns. And your dolphin segment is exciting but I think probably only a portion of what you sent to Sports Tonight. If that is so I wonder whether you could give us the full length version. I like your tongue in cheek comment about taking a short peek at your schoolwork. Don’t over do it, Jess!

I’m glad you are reluctant to fish when there are birds around. I have seen a bird caught when it went for a fishing lure and ever after the thought of that happening turned me off dragging a line. If I had the choice I would say no to fishing in that way. Anyway, in the few nautical miles I have sailed, compared to you, I have only seen two fish caught and I am not surprised with your results, or lack of, from your attempts.

When you read this I hope you are still flying along and enjoying sunshine and steady wind.

Till next time …
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Unknown said...

Hey sweetie, its Jeffrey from the Bronx. Can you do me a big favor,... make your pictures larger, you take great photos but they are cell phone size...

By the way, you need to teach me to cook, if you are making stuff that is amazing, I need a lot of help.


Unknown said...

btw: Do you like dogs, I have a toy poodle named Chloe, I want to send you a pic, maybe you'd get a smile :)

IndyMike said...

Hi Jesse,
I'm so glad to be able to post again to you. Seeing and reading you Makes my day, but posting a comment or two now and then feels complete. You always make my day.
Enjoy, take care, fair winds to ye..

BTW, just where are you now? Like, how far N? Going E or SE for the cape now?

39*50'19"N, 86*9'20"W

SaltyDog said...


Ella Bache could not have a better spokesperson for their skin care products. You look absolutely fantastic in you latest pictures and videos. The video from One HD’s Sports Tonight was great. What a huge pod of dolphins. Had to be a lot of fun. And I love your video of the sunset. That Parker is sure a photogenic guy, even if he is a little crooked. We’ve all thought that he was pretty great, but now he’s a movie star. Definitely a good guy to have around, isn’t he Jess?

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse...!!

So many of us following you...!!
It's in a way... our own adventure...!!

God be with you always..!!

B and Co said...

I think you should get an Olympic medal for what you are doing. We are back in Winnipeg, watching the opening ceremonies for the 2010 olympics, and I think Jessica should get the medal!!!

Anonymous said...

Still looking hot!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, how are you?

It's great to see your photos and updates. It's lovely that we can leave messages for you again.

I hope that the good weather conditions continue for you.

Keep safe and well,

God Bless


Armidale NSW

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
I just viewed your latest two videos and, although dolphins are always a welcome and mesmerising site to behold, I thoroughly enjoyed the previous one with the sun setting behind Parker. Now don't get me wrong, I love hearing your voice and listening to what you have to say but it would also be so cool if you were to record a decent amount of footage of just the sounds of the ocean interspersed with Ella's Pink Lady's motions. You don't have to say anything, just hold the camera nice and still and watch the sun setting though it's lens. Deal? :-))
I can't stop looking at this "Blue Sky" pic you that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Wall-to-wall blue! It's so delish!
I felt so sad for you when you spoke of all the trash you were sailing past and can imagine how you must have felt when that bird got caught up in your fishing line. Of course it doesn't necessarily mean you must stop fishing altogether if you have a craving for some fresh food. Why don't you try a lure with a deeper diving lip on it? Just a thought...
Anyway, you do exactly what you want and when but most importantly, keep enjoying yourself. Stay in the moment, stay focused, stay safe...yadda, yadda, yadda!!! :-)) Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Aunty Sam XX

kiwi_canuck said...

Hi Jessie,

We got a real kick out of your reported VHF dialogue with the ship. I bet they were gobsmacked when you told them what you were doing out in the South Atlantic.

Keep an easterly heading, and you'll be round the Cape of Good Hope, and home before you know it.

Brian & Phill
Vancouver, Canada

Ailsa said...

Hi Jesse,
Well, here we all are back again. Thanks Andrew and team for getting us all back on line again with our amazing Jessica.

Love the videos and your comments. It makes me feel as though I'm travelling along with you when I watch them - the dolphins, the sunsets, Parker and the damage from the knockdowns. Thanks for these.

Take care and stay safe.

from Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica.
"Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord."
God is good to you.
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD) Aus
P.S. good to see you on Facebook, too.

Unknown said...


I really loved the biography of Parker. It's a classic!

There is some tremendous talent on this list. I salute you all!

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Good to see where you are now. Lovely pictures. Enjoy yourself and keep very safe.
Leah from Wagga Wagga.

darrell morgan said...

hi Jesse
i'm a 64year old every day when i get home from work i check out your progress go for it girl your doing a mighty job
Darrell Morgan Barragup Western Australia

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Three cheers for great weather and helpful pretty fish!!!
What are we studying?


Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Hi Jessica;
Really need to ''prove read'' my posts,sorry for grammatical errors,guess I was tired from my storm deployment in the last few days.
Jessica,loved your video report of the dolphins,remember they are Gods creatures their to escort you home,I continue to be in haw of your progress so far,hope the winds pick up a little for you so Pink Lady can pick up the pace for you.Stuffy crew is helping you I hope,not just supervising.
Everyone,did you all see the NEW ''WE ARE THE WORLD'' video,it brought tears to my eyes,along with allot of memories from Haiti.
Young lady,your school work sounds like a good plan,hope you ring the ''bell'' when you start and finish your work.
Molly,I concur your comments on our snow storm,it was no fun being out in it during some of the duration,trust your power came back on.
Auntie Sam,Richie,McGraths,Mary and the rest keep up the great posts,it makes this journey with Jessica so pleasing.
The sun has come out here on Saturday,hope melting has started,some of the snow mounds are at least ten feet high,the road crews have done a tireless job to keep them clear.
Watching the ''Winter Olympics'' today,I hope the games have no more tragedies.
Bye for now,stay safe,enjoy the warm weather.
Much love,hugs to you and crew.
Stephen. M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

"Who's dat in that bottom pic??"

Just love the pictures you send us Jess..keep'em comin!

As usual you are looking just super!


Clint - Melb

Unknown said...

Gotta luv the blue sky's.....and the Blue SEAS.....Smile

Im catching up on some reading and postings that i missed during the week.

Catch you on the next post

deb and the guineas

Anonymous said...

Poor girl....
on Pic 3 you look kinda "ill" or are you just exhausted ?

Be careful :)

Jo said...

Great to see you doing so well. Great photos too. Go Girl Go

Bevan at Peachester said...

Hi again Jess, all good here on the Sunshine Coast after the lovely rain.

Yvonne and I can identify with you and the outdoor computer, when out Grey Nomadding there is nothing better than sitting under the stars with the wireless broadband and not surrounded by 4 walls.

Safe sailing young lady, love reading the blogs, stay cool, keep warm and look forward to your triumphant arrival home.

Bevan, Peachester

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Hi Jessica;
Sunny,high 30'sdeg's F today,melting of snow is gradual,would have major flooding if not.
Loved the Valentines messages,it so nice to part of the family,ROSES TO ALL OUR FINE LADIES,hope we could have ''air dropped'' a dozen for you Jessica,I am sure when you arrive you will have more flowers than you know what to do with.
Hope the winds have picked up for you since your last update,smooth sailing improves your pace.
I been following the ''America's Cup'',however I am so disappointed that they went away from the 12 meter day's in the sport,it seems the bigger the better,so miss the day's of ''Gretel'' was racing,I so remember sailing past her in Neutral Bay when I was a young lad and seeing her moored and thinking of her great day's.
''Samauri'',I hope I am not in the ''dog house'' with you on any previous posts,if I offended my deepest apologies.
''Richie'',great creative pros as all way's.
''Molly,Richard''here we go again on Monday,''old man winter'' has got it in for us this season.I so much wish some ''Aussie Summer weather'' right about now....
Jessica,how is your chocolate holding up??
For the blogger who said Rod Stewart wrote ''sailing'',it was actually Christopher Cross,I am an old ''DJ'' in my spare time.
Hope all are doing ok with the floods in NSW,my prayers go out to you all.
Jessica,keep up your great work,smooth sailing,enjoy the sun,look forward to your next update.
Much love and hugs to entire crews,
Godspeed,stay safe,so proud of you as all way's.
Did you ever find your ''school bell''??? As a ''prefect'' at my school[Cranbrook] I remember when I was a boarder and it was my day to be on duty I had to hit this monster bell to wake up everyone,the trick was you had to put your hand over the ear closest to the bell or hearing would temporary gone,''boy do feel old''with that one...
Time to go for now,again kisses to all the ladies on ''Valentines Day''in our ''world family''.
Stephen M.,
[awaiting another''winter storm'']

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe that one person could do what your doing no matter what the age. Are you going to write a book on your experience when you get back? I own a 22 ft swing keel boat and love to sail but around the world would be a bit too much for me I think.

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

''Short but sweet today'';
Sorry to hear the winds have yet to pick up,good time to catch up on,sleep,school work and some down time.
Richie,Sam,you both are too much,enjoy the chatter back and forth,really shows a family unit.
Jessica,hope your winds pick up,send you some ''snow'' if you like ,we got plenty..HA,HA.
Michael,I wish you a safe deployment,you are doing a duty to be proud of,my deepest gratitude.
Are the ''dolphins'' still around?
Remember young lady,you will have days when you must keep busy to allow you to stay positive,you are a strong willed,you will get over these tough days.
HI to all fellow blogger s,keep up the great ''pros''.
Godspeed,stay safe,make each day better than the day before.
Much love,hugs and continued support.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',