Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny, Foggy and Flat

I know sunny and foggy isn't your normal combination and up and until yesterday I had no idea that the two could exist together either. It was certainly very strange, as one minute I had a perfect sunny conditions and the next the sun was still shining, but through a thick layer of fog. A bit odd or I thought so anyway. The fog hung around for the rest of the day and the night reminding me of the foggy conditions we had at around this latitude heading south in the Pacific.

We've also had really gentle sailing conditions, I can hardly believe how little swell there is and flat it is, which makes life nice and comfortable. We haven't been making the most amazing speeds with the light winds, but Ella's Pink Lady has been able to keep up a steady pace to the east. All this warm sunshine and easy sailing reminds me of the tropics and feels like holiday!

It's amazing that after only a few days of quiet conditions so many of my habits have changed. Mostly little things like leaving things out on the bench and sleeping out in the cockpit , its actually quite a thrill to be able to sit a cup down for a moment without it flying across the room. I have to keep reminding myself to keep everything tidy and shipshape, as I know that this will only last so long.

Only 2000nm to the Cape of Good Hope. That's going to be it from me today as I'm keen to get back outside into the sunshine!



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Richard Rumble said...

Now.. isn't this the MOST REMARKABLE thing ever.

Here we have brave adventures who are sailing around the world alone in a tiny little boat... and WE the arm chair captains, ( even though some of us DO sail our own boats in our own local waters) can check on the progress DAILY. 20 years ago.. heck.. even 5 years ago.. This sort of thing would take place and the rest of the avid followers would only know about the adventure when they made port. TODAY.... not only can we follow day by day.. but I see messages and info going from One Blog to the other Blog.

I can follow Jessica and cheer her on.. then I can switch pages and see what Abby is up to... When Laura gets her boat in the pond and gets going we can all cheer for her...

What a wonderful technological age of information we live in..

Jessica... YOU GO GIRL... you give me the inspiration to take my 27' Ericson to places far off...

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessie,

You're doing a fantastic job ! Glad to hear you're drying out ! It's cold here in NY (-15C yesterday) but at least we're dry...

By the way, a little trivia for you. Tomorrow, Feb 2nd, is the 301st anniversary of Alexander Selkirk's rescue (he was the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe).

All the best,

Brian in NY

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Sunday, 1:55 p.m.

Hi, Jesse!

This is from Abby's website:

January 30, 2010
Abby heads to Cabo San Lucas to meet Team Abby for needed repairs on Wild Eyes. Still being north of the equator, she will be able to restart her non-stop solo circumnavigation from Baja California. Read her latest blog."

Just thought you would be interested, but you may have already read her most recent blog and have this news!!! Glad she wasn't out in the open ocean, thousands of miles from a port she could put in to!

Thoughts are of you, and how proud we are of your progress . . . but mostly, proud of the woman you've become . . . right under our very eyes!!!

Love and Hugs,

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Clarification for Evie from Bendigo (10:56am) I think you or your source misread Abby's bio She's been on sailboats since 6 mo. of age. Hope this helps explain . . .

Patricia, Ocean City said...

Courtney, 13, my granddaughter, and I are following your solo sail. We are in awe of your bravery in buckleling in before the 180 degree takeover. WOW!

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work, dear jess!!.. and sail safely :)

Saudi Arabia

jan said...

hi jesse,just checked in and there you were.thanks so much for keeping us updated with your blogs and video,

any chance we can claim a bit of kiwi in you? that would be nice. cheers from canterbury nz.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the book, I will be looking forward to it in the USA.
Will you also be doing a lecture tour also? It is good to hear that you are in great weather at this time and some how manage to get more boat speed.
News on Ms. Abby - she will do a repair stop in Mexico and then start out from there - I know and feel that you have the most experience at your age and gender to do it right and with a smaller vessel without too much electronics.
So hear from you soon and keep up that smile of yours
Robert San Diego

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jesse,

Good T-Shirt, sums you up pretty much I think! Mum was very clever and devious to add it to your food bag, she must have been calculating for ages as to which bag to put it into so that you would open it and find it straight after the Cape.

2000 miles, one more cape and then next stop Australia! Mind you, there's a big distance between the 2nd last stop and Oz but at least the thought will be there that the next land you see will be Oz. Good luck getting to Good Hope first but, and enjoy the quiet conditions.

Now you don't have any excuses as to why you can't do your homework!

I am still looking towards the East when I think of you at the golf course, soon I will have to start looking back over the mountains and west!

Take care gorgeous girl.


Adopted Daddy Andrew
Caves Beach, Andrew

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

What a holiday, calm weather for a while, great stuff. Federer won the Aust. open tennis great match. This couch lizard was flicking between the tennis and the one day cricket last night...two good sporting events at the same time, most frustrating. Hey a book about all this in August fantastic. Jess kick back while you can in the calm weather,stay warm and rested. Relax but don't drop your guard please. No roos or lizards sighted over the weekend, nature very quiet here.

All the best

Dusty from Dubbo

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess:

Nice seeing u getting back into a quiet routine for a while. Lots of sleep and sunshine will do wonders for your spirits. I sure, as u are, there will be plenty of action ahead. U sound great + enjoy these moments!


RainCityBob said...

Hey, Jessie,

Today, both you and your parents are in a position to do what no politician has ever done, but would like to, and what few people have ever done: please both your ‘nay’ sayers and ‘yea’ sayers, and have them all be able to say honestly, “I told you so.”

Announce to the world that you have learned what long-distance sailing is, and that you are now just going to sail straight home by the shortest possible route. Likewise, your parents could tell you that they want you to come straight home with Ella’s Pink Lady, and not to visit any friends or hang out anywhere along the way.

Your fans will cheer as you enter Sydney Harbor and be able to say, “see, she’s not too , I told you so,” and, the nay-sayers can honestly say “I knew she was too . She barely got past the halfway point and she decided to come home. I told you so.” The parental nags can say, “Finally, her parents saw the light, and told her to quit the tomfoolery and come straightaway home.”

Everyone is pleased, knew it all along, and can celebrate when you safely navigate your return home.


Stay strong, stay smart.

Sammamish, WA USA

AMZ said...

Hi Jess I love the t-shirt.. your Mum is so sweet and of course you ARE one tough cookie... a LOT tougher than most of us!!
Enjoy the sun and the flat sea :)
hugz xox

David said...

Better start practising your public speaking to the mirror Jessica, because all of a sudden Ms J Watson is popping up in the print media on a fairly regular basis. This after nothing before you rounded the Cape and got your feathers wet.So get ready for Jessica mania when you return!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
out of curiosity I read the book from Jesse Martin. No doubt he accomplished a great feat, but as far as organisation, preparation and self-discipline is concerned... I have the impression that you are light years beyond him!
I think the best role model for this kind of adventures is Shackleton. If you haven't done so, I sincerely recommend you to read his book "South".
You go girl!
Dick K.

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Kissyfrott said...

Hello Captain Jesse,
I cooked some little games for you to help passing the calm times away.
I am not sure they will sound right, as french language, with its long words, suits well to that kind of riddles; english isn't as easy to handle, especially for me! Whatever, I tried, and hough I think they shouldn't be too difficult, I am not really sure they are not. I don't know if you will find them ridiculously simple, or awfully crooked. I don't know either if they are common in english, or if they are never seen!
I give them a try, and the other Jessaholics in the bunch will quickly tell me about them.

My first is a place to live
My second can be followed
My third ain’t me
My whole is a big island

My first fits on a head
My second comes after nine
My whole is what you are

My first is is good in golf
My second is heart in french
My whole is good at steering

My first is pricky
Bricks are made of my second
My third comes after see
My whole is sturdy

My first is an electric unit
My second comes after the father
My whole is a hero’s surname

My first comes first
My second is not weak
My third can be a chef
My fourth is leading Ella’s Pink Lady
My whole is what you are

Little girls play with my first
In Helsinki you can find my second
My whole is one of your companions

My first is a bird
Your eyes do my second
My whole is a gem

My first is not for snails
My second lays light green eggs
Meeting my whole is never good

My first may happen when you don’t breathe well
My second is not being in time
My whole is something you like

Kissyfrott said...

The answers:

House trail ya
Cap ten
Par coeur
Pin Clay D
Watt Son
One Tough Cook E
Doll Finn
Jay C
Hurry Cane
Choke Late

Nadine said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. You make it so interesting.

Can't wait for your book.

Anonymous said...

Guess you have already heard about Team Abby having to stop for repairs in Mexico. I can't imagine the team allowing Abby to start sailing without making sure all electrical equipment was working properly. Because from day one she reported electrical problems.

Contrasting this approach with Team Jessica - huge difference.... I am proud of you and your team!

Anonymous said...

Jessica you're a really amazing lady, I can call you that. You've acheived so much it makes me think I'm rather dull. You go gal, you're doing a terrific job, and will see you on TV when you get home. Good you're getting a little rest.

Flash said...

Hi Jesse!

When watching your video footage I was always impressed by your great ability to speak free, descriptive and very fast.

Almost unbelievable that this comes from a girl who battled with dyslexia! Seems you've had some other great achievements on your CC before sailing 'round the world! Feel like breaking out in admiration but will stop doin' can have bad influence on your attitude. You may have an overdose of it underway! *lol*

I really appreciate the announcement of your book. If you write like you do in this blog it will sell by the truckload! Please, please, please make sure to go deeply into the details 'cause every little aspect of the voyage is thrilling for us true jessaholics.

As the person right in the middle of this worldwide buzz you must feel a little bit scared. I mean - "jessaholics" as fanatic on your trace as on every popstars traces, this sounds weird! In a way you can see us as stalkers, so to say.

Hope that you'll be able to deal with the public affairs after arriving home as well as you managed the other problems of the challenge! I'm sure you will!

Hey, nice t-shirt, thanks for sharing that great smile with us.

I also wanna say how cheerful I am about all those exciting, sometimes emotional overwhelmingly comments from the community. It's a great testament of loving, caring and well-wishing people all around the world! Keep them coming!

Safe sailing, rushing home with the fairest of winds and seas, Jessica!

Bye and blessings, Stefan (Germany)

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

The weather sounds really weird. Although I know of another place that tends to change second by second. Melbourne! Said by an ex Sydneysider who know lives in BNE.

It is very wet in QLD today. We are getting a bit of a low depression from a Cyclone. Hence stacks of rain.

You may think that you aren't screaming along but you continue knocking over the NMs. Just give that chunk of land off your port bow a lot of clearance. You can do Port-to-Port next time you go around!! So just give everything except the NSW coast a huge bypass.

Take care Jess. Sail safe, sail fast.

Best wishes

Bruce Watt said...

Hi Jess,
I bet it was hot chocolate, in the cup which is no longer flying around the cabin.Even in quiet times I am sure you are remaining focused which is vital. Rest up Jess but please be alert.
Sail on Jess, sail on!

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)
Oz Land.

Ailsa said...

Hi Jesse,
Enjoy your 'tropical holiday'as you head to Cape of Good Hope. Love the tough cookie T shirt. You give us all inspiration to be tough cookies.
Take care and stay safe.
from Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jessica,February already, you probably can't imagine or visualize yourself being any where else!!October seems a long time ago,during which time your life "the whole" 16 years of it!!! has taken on a remarkable change.Cape of Good Hope will soon appear on the horizon,and yet another milestone in your voyage will be behind you.
Enjoy the fog and sunshine Jesse, stay alert,eat well,and stay "clipped on"you are in our thoughts and prayers as always, Godbless & Godspeed have a great day! Dougal.

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by to say YOU ARE AN X-TRA SPECIAL GIRL to have achieved Soooooooo much considering the schooling struggles you faced in the past.I am a Primary teacher and know it must have been a very hard journey in school for you.
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

hezakiah299 said...

01-31-10 @ 17:57
Hi Jessica,
I hope that the weather is holding up well for you, lots of sun, smooth sailing and a fair amount of wind. That would make for an excellent day.
I was watching your latest video, and I thought I heard you’re little giggle when you were telling us about the interesting moments, so I played it again, and sure enough, right in the middle of “some pretty interesting moments” there was that little giggle. lol…. Love it.
We just went through another winter session, snow and cold, and then some more snow, but Spring is coming up here, I understand Autumn is coming in your area.
Sally In Sydney

Samurai said,

Every step ♪ ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ ♪ you take ♪ ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ ♪ every move ♪ ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ ♪ you make ♥ ♥ ♥ every single day ♪ ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥every mile you sail ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ ♪ I’ll be watching you ♪ ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

That is beautiful, you should consider teaching your artwork, I’d sign up for a correspondence course. Oh, yeah. lol….
For SaltyDog: Just finished reading your last post and I really enjoyed it.
So true, the girls aren’t the least bit concerned about petty squabbling and have the utmost respect for each other. Very nice post.
How is your brother doing, I keep him in my prayers. Good luck to you both.

OK Jessica, get yourself plenty of rest, and eat like you’re looking for another present,…lol and don’t forget to drink a bunch. Most of all, enjoy your holiday, and prepare yourself for your next challenge. God Bless You.
Hope you got all them little furry guys straightened out.
Keep up the good work and enjoy.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Dean James said...

We were going to go sailing yesterday at the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club but the aftermath of the cyclone up north made it a bit wet and windy. Easy for us, just don't go.
Dean and Deb
Sunshine Coast

Kissyfrott said...

HI once again, Captain Jesse...
Some news from a few other navigators:
Bernt Lüchtenborg is not far behind you, but he should head North and North to get back to Cuxhaven, Germany...
Commander Dilip should depart from Stanley early this week, if Mhadei is ready... He will follow your "steps"... if it can be called steps? Maybe your wake?
Minoru Saito is on the trail again, Abby has to do a pit stop in Mexico, but you know it already.
But do you know that Alessandro di Benedetto, on his cabinless 20 feet catamaran (solo non stop and unassisted too!) is on his way to Cape Leeuwin. His home port is Les Sables d'Olonne, like for the Vendée Globe. He must be the wettest guy on Earth. At 39yo, he is another tough cookie!

The oceans look almost crowded nowadays (LOL). Sailors are strong minded and very courageous.

Sail on, Silver Skipper!
Eastbound to Africa!

leslie said...

Hey Jess "one tough cookie" never a truer t-shirt was worn and you certainly have shown many people just how tough.Enjoy the calmer weather and sunshine! And on to the Cape!!

shane hewitt said...

Hi Jessica,

I've seen your shirt.....I like the pile of cookies. Can I buy one? See you when you get back.

From Shane Hewitt

odelia said...

How interesting fog and sun.
Must be gorgeous sleeping outside under those stars Jess?
Well done,..... I can start another day inspired by a young woman in the middle of the ocean!Thanks Jess

Odelia sydney

Gerry said...

Hi Jessica
Just got my morning fix - thanks and happy sailing. Love the tshirt.

Organisedvicar said...

Hi Jesse,

A little late comment from Geelong, Aus - I read that Abby's dad was quoted as saying 'The adventure will most likely be 80% boredom, 15% on the edge and 5% terror'.

Sounds like you're very much on target for the 5% stuff! Not sure I can agree with the 80% one though as reading your blog there's always something to do and you're obviously having the time of your life!

Keep enjoying the adventure gorgeous girl and we're all counting down the nautical miles until Good Hope with you.


PS Only a minor setback for Abby having to dock at Cabo San Lucas - better she does it now and fine tunes the problems. At least she can restart and be supremely confident having clocked the miles to date.

Organisedvicar said...

Forgot to mention earlier, we're heading to Caloundra on Friday 5th Feb so my laptop will be number one on the packing list to keep up with you. Wouldn't want to miss the rounding of Good Hope!

Weather in southern Queensland doesn't look great with the back end of a cyclone but I hope we will get some decent weather in the 2 weeks we'll be there. 2 cars with the 6 of us will make the 2000km journey north - not near as much fun on the road as it would be on the water! Our eldest turns 21 Monday 8th Feb and we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on Feb 23. I'm so pleased we will have our gorgeous kids with us to remind us of our greatest achievement in 30yrs.

They (our kids) have constantly harped on the fact they are the only Victorians who've never been to Queensland! Plenty of other places, even overseas, but apparently that doesn't count. Qld - here we come!

Jesse - SYDNEY here you come!

Jo-Anne, Geelong.

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse, It's Larry again the guy who spelt knockdowns(knowdowns) and asked to have any mistakes in grammer(grammar) overlooked. Glad to hear that you are getting some pleasant conditions on some of your journey. Sleeping in the cockpit and waking up totally refreshed has got to be a supreme feeling that I can only imagine in my mind. How about "Jessica Watson official social media sites." Who would have guess that three or four months ago all this would have come to pass!! Through the effort you have put into this quest you deserve all the good things that come your way. I am thinking that you are passed the point where you need encouragement from anyone to stay focused on the the brass ring(sailing into Sydney Harbor). You and Ella' Pink Lady are now a fused unit with the one goal to obtain. Fused by the hardships you both have endured. When you hear Ella's Pink Lady creaking and groaning in hurricane force winds she is doing everything she can to stay together to get the both of you back to Sydney safely. Well Jesse, continue to sail safe and squeeze every ounce of pleasure you can out of this journey. Your long distant friend Larry (

bobcat68 said...

@Richard W re your post Jan 26 8.49am. I'm a slow reader but catching up.
I suspect that the hand held controller with which Jesse maintained course during the storm was probably the one she used to steer to a smoother heading from the top of the mast.
Having sailed as skipper in the Whitsunday Passage twice - with a different "wuss" in each crew - I cannot lay claim to any expertise but it seems logical to me.

Hi Jesse, with any luck I will have caught up on the backlog in another day or two then I'll be able to sail with you and not three or four hundred NM behind.

Cheers from Bob 25 mins due west of Noosa.

gusair said...

well done Jesse for handling the "not so good" times, hope when you round the S/E tip of Tasmania we can all come out and wave you on.
from an old salt
Gus, S/V StormFisher, Hobart

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Like being on a holiday,! mmm... sounds nice - i could do with one of those myself.
take care and enjoy those good conditions

“Living without faith is like driving in a fog.”


Anonymous said...

Very cool Jessica. I have just recently discovered your page and blog. I have been following Abby as well. You make me so jealous. I want to quit my job and just go for my dreams!
I was a Marine and spent some time at sea. You have brought back alot of fond memories about the sea, and just how unpredictable and amazing it is. Thank you, you are an inspiration.
God Speed, have fun.
Semper Fi, Baci

MikeC said...

Wise to enjoy it while you can. The sun and fog does sound weird - sort of all "Ooooo - mystical!" as well. Dare say anytinme it feels like boring, you just need to think back to being flat over in the water to put it back into perspective. Still, a few ... few dozen maybe ... days with a brisk wind, a low swell and clear skies doesn't sound undeserved at all. Here's hoping. Enjoy!

keco said...

Hello again ocian lady.
It was nice to hear yor voice in the last video. you still sound full of spirit and adventure, love it.
Looking at where you are now, you must be close to the "Tristan Da Cunna" group of islands in the South Atlantic.
now, don't go running into them or you might upset the natives ha ha ha ha ha and scratch EPL and we don't want that, do we.
want to see you home safe and sound so you can get on with that book.
If the weather is kind to you, hope you can sit in the cockpit, relax and dream a while.
Don't forget to say, hi to your friends if they drop by.

Take care Jessica stay safe. Looking forward to seeing you round SA.

Keco xxxxx

John said...

Hi Jessica,

Enjoy the sun and the calm waters.

could a giood time to work on the tan.

take care


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
The ocean can be a strange place in a beautiful way. All the different moods, don't you love it, but I think I will past on that storm and the knockdowns though.
With the nice sunny weather you are having at the moment, you will be able to improve your sun-tan? I know, I know it's not healthy to have a sun-tan, but a little is ok, I can't help it as I can't get enough.
So I hope this good weather stays with you for some time. You are making good progress to the east and soon you will be in my ocean, could you take a small detour and go past North West Cape WA?
So keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
lots of love
Exmouth WA Australia
PS A program on the ABC on Whale Sharks last night, this is my backyard the Ningaloo Reef, dived with these sharks on a number of times, fantastic.

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

I have just seen your latest video and a couple of things struck me about you.

You have an amazing temperament. It is so abundantly clear that you are not just one but several steps ahead of the many challenges you have faced thus far. You speak of the past few days as "interesting" and in your mind chalk it down to a great experience.

You have an aura of positive energy around you and this has been and will continue to be fundamental to you continuing to stay ahead in this adventure.

You have the ability to keep things simple and break down your daily routine and in many cases "non-routine" into its elements and work from there. Some of the greatest discoveries and accomplishments have been the result of understanding the basic elements.

The next time I think of having a whinge about something, I am going to remember how these three inherent qualities you possess have taken you beyond the realm of us mere mortals.

In reality though, as I have grown older and experienced more in life, I conclude that "life's too short" and "positive" is the way to go ! The good news is that you have these qualities built in and have recognised them at a very early stage in your life. Thats what makes you special.

OK, mea culpa ! I know I have been waxing philosophical so before I sign off :

Good on you Toni McLean. I reckon if you have the passion to accomplish a PhD, age is relative. Best wishes.

Magpie : Loved your take on education !

Sam : As always, enjoy reading your insightful and funny entries.


Leonie said...

Hi Jess,
I read on Abby's blog that she had to stop in Mexico at Cabo san Lucas for electrical repairs, it's above the Equator so she can restart there.
I suspect she may have sabotaged the boat as an excuse to stop there, to be able to walk in a straight line, have a hot shower, pig out on Mexican food and sleep all day in a real bed that doesn't move! I hope I'm not giving you ideas.
Cabo san Lucas looks fantastic, the beaches are as good as ours.
Keep safe,

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Dear Jess,

Just checking in with an ocean-sized HELLO and WORLDWIDE GROUP HUG to you!!

I've been very busy away from my computer but am thinking of you working diligently in your Pink Home and hopefully, flying away nicely toward the Cape.

With all the best thoughts to you, Dear Captain Most Courageous.

Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse its good to hear you are getting some rest from that nasty storm a little while back and I hope that that will be the last biggie you encounter between now and Sydney. Love the t-shirt keep up the great work.

Gareth (Bendigo)

marion said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

Very Good Ritchie Paris ,really great lol
Steve P
(Jess has got to love that lol)
especially because you supply the answers (lucky for me i think )

Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

Such joy in reading your blog, you spread such happiness to so many and expect nothing in return,you are humbled by the interest you are a true inspiration. Thank you Jess.

Stay Safe

Berlin Red

k878 said...

Hi Jesse,

Nice T-Shirt!! Guess u are a Tough Cookie!!! I hope u are really enjoying yourself, i love reading your blog, i wish i could do something exciting, don't know what i'll do but it'd be something fun and exciting!!
Anyway, Good Luck for the rest of the voyage. Untill i write again,

Kate, Aimee & Caleb!! Aus

Anonymous said...

Tom Grayson Said -:-

Enoy it all, My dear.
The fog has probably passed by now, but as the saying goes, "When life deals you lemons, Make Lemonade"
I wouldn't mind betting the fog or the stillness produce some very strange and interesting sights that could be captured by your Camera. (I was going to say ON FILM but those days are numbered). I hope you are taking many pictures, because as permanent as the memories of this trip will be in your mind, Pictures will allow you to share the memories with others, Especially your own Children.

@ PCB,

Thanks for your kind words. But I am just "Telling it as it is".

@ Marion/Lucy
You are doomed. You are another Jessaholic, But just don't know it yet. surrender, and then go with the flow. There is no cure :o)

@ Everybody
If you have not already done so, watch the video by Jesse Martin. You will learn that isolation and severe stress can be a very insideous enemy for our young Jess.
It's our job to help Mitigate against the first part, Isolation. I think we are doing it wonderfully, but be like Jess, do not get complacent.

Cheers to all

Tom Grayson

Anonymous said...

Go get some good sleep Tough Cookie! Keep the Dolphins close! 60 degrees North.

Unknown said...

Enjoy u deserve it  it will get tough again so
make the most of it...

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Attitude said...

"Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your promotion."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anonymous said...

Really like your t-shirt! Sounds like you are enjoying the weather. Keep up the great sailing!

Dora and Rachel

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,
Hats Off to You!!! We are from India-Maharashtra-Pune-Jnana Prabodhini Prashala, 7th standard. We want to know more about you and your voyage... Do let us know your email for communication.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
We are just 2 old farts that have followed your journey from the beginning and every day get up early to check and see your blog. There are many here in the sailing community in North Queensland that are extremely disappointed that obviously your managers do not place a blog everyday and because of this it is apparent some are losing interest in your progress and this is very disappointing. Please plead with them to give out more info as you are now on the home run and even just a little note to say HI each day is all we want cos hon we are all behind you. Have u caught any more fish?
Love you to the death and keep those sails taught babe. Might even come down from Cairns when u sail through the heads at "Botany Bay"
Spenny and Lynn

Cleo said...

Love the t shirt jesse says it all How about a pic of the rigging full of washing?? lol Stay safe Little Traveller

Kiwi Gal

Kym said...

Jesse, you're a star!

I read about your adventures each week and now I've got a few friends hooked too! We're all keeping our fingers crossed you'll be safe!

Keep up the phenomenal work!


Liz and Alf. said...

Love the t-shirt Jess.Hope mum packed plenty of Tim Tams. Stay Safe.
From Liz and Alf.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jessica,

I am wondering if you have an approximate ETA back in Sydney yet. I am playing a number of golf tournaments overseas during the next 4-5 months and I would like to plan my schedule so that I will be in Australia when you return to Sydney.

Would love to meet and greet ya on your return and I would be very disappointed if I happenned to be overseas during your return.

Any guess will be good enuff!

Take care gorgeous girl!



Caves Beach, Newcastle

Unknown said...

Jess, I just love reading your blogs mate. You are doing an amazing job, keep up the good work!!

Love the t-shirt. You are certainly one tough cookie.

I live in Darwin, Australia but would love love love to be in Sydney to see you sail in.

Smooth sailing Jess and take care.



samurai said...

Dear Stephen, Transplanted Aussie in Maryland, currently in Haiti...

What do you mean, what happened? Where? When? :-))

I have been thinking about you alot and wondering how you're coping with so much devastation around you.

Just know that you are sowing your seeds for future happiness in every minute you spend in kindness to those less fortunate than yourself.

I hope to hear you're home safe again soon and it would be great if you could make it to Sydney for Jessica's homecoming.

Join us on Jonathan@Tooradin's blog for Jessaholics for more info on that.

Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica
You are a real inspiration to all.
You have beaten the odds and battered the storm, now it's time to have a little R & R.Hopefully the rest of your voyage will be smooth sailing. Good luck and May God be with you all the way.
Love the T-Shirt!

rod said...

good day young one,
good to see that all is well.
whilst it is so calm maybe it might be time for some chocolate cake.
do you still have dry ingredients, just check and whilst checking you may find those dreaded school books.
sorry for the reminder.
anyway full steam ahead, look forward to your safe return.
take care young captain.
until next time.
regards and well wishes

rod (phantom crew member)
blackbutt qld

Cape Breton said...

"Richard R said...
Now.. isn't this the MOST REMARKABLE thing ever."

I'm totally amazed too, Richard.

In 1970 I left Melbourne by cruise ship heading for Southampton,UK. via Panama for the start of an 18 month working holiday.

The least expensive communication
home was the old thin "air mail letter" and maybe receive a reply about a month later.
I don't think the fax machine was even invented then, let alone cellular and phone calls home were only for emergencies or at Christmas time.

Jessica, you are so privileged to be living your dream at this time of life, along with instant communication by sat phone, cellular, internet, video pics and all the other boat related electronics. It truly is REMARKABLE !!.

Keep sailing on, and wishing you a safe rounding of the Cape of Good Hope.

from the great Bras d'Or Lakes.

Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica poem

Fog’s Sun

The sea doth set so flat and wide
No land to come thy way
One rises to a smooth soft ride
Awaking to strange day

As I step to aft for view
No scene is set before
Just a thick white foggy stew
Yet sun’s heats still in store

I cannot see yet know its there
My mast tip poking through
An ocean with a foggy smear
With sunshine still in view


Charlie E said...

The t-shirt is great and says it all! We are now back at home in PNG and happy to be following your progress across the Atlantic from the comfort of our house in Port Moresby. Very pleased to read that you are rested, and wondering how serious you were about the school books coming out! We retraced your path from Sydney to your present position - you have travelled so far; a wonderful achievement - continue. Safely.

Charlie E said...

The t-shirt is great and says it all! We are now back at home in PNG and happy to be following your progress across the Atlantic from the comfort of our house in Port Moresby. Very pleased to read that you are rested, and wondering how serious you were about the school books coming out! We retraced your path from Sydney to your present position - you have travelled so far; a wonderful achievement - continue. Safely.

SUBIR said...

Hi Tough Cookie,
Great T shirt from Mummy. We sure share your excitement.
As I may written to you earlier, I am presently on deputation with a shipyard from the Navy (for two years) and am steering the project to build six Survey Vessels for the Indian Navy. The good news is that we are going to launch the first vessel tomorrow. Will keep you posted.
2000nm to Good Hope will just fly by. Enjoy the calm seas while they last and sun yourself to glory. Do remember the sun screen though.
Take care.

MERRITT said...

Jesse your a true inspriation to many around the world, arm chair skippers like me, sitting at home constantly watching your adventure via blog, twitter and youtube. Keep your aussie flag flying on your back stay ok champ.
Jesse Aussie Aussie oi oi oi :)
Mr Watson (Sydney)

Richard Lathrop said...


Read the latest news: Your book is in the works!

Of course, we all knew it would be forthcoming, but now it's official. Congratulations.

But please, please stay focussed on your voyage. [I have a nightmarish image of you down in the cabin, editing your draft, while forgetting to shorten sail. You can call that chapter: ONE DRAFT BLOWS OUT ANOTHER] End of story.

I love you and I intend to give your book to everyone I know next Christmas. {let me see....that's about two copies...)

Fair Winds,

Richard Lathrop


Principal: Welcome home, Jessica, you've missed a full year of school.

Mum: Yes, but she promised to do her homework every day and pass all the tests.

Principal: Well, Jessica, do you have those assignments complete?

Jessica: Yes, sir, it's all in here. (hands over a copy of AROUND THE WORLD)


Manu said...

Hi Jesse,
Nice you're having a short holiday. Make the best of it while it lasts.

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Charley said...

Hi Jesse, Tranquillity... for awhile ...!
Your voyage is our travelog...
Your last half will go fast like 5 4 3 2 1 - 0 then, hang on ! Already there's preping for you
On your way to Cape Horn passage (and it's ships), while 'sailing' near Tristan you - may - sight albatross family, fishing vessels & cruise ships visiting in Feb. Interesting HM's folk there by the way, jolly good fishermen. More down the road I mean ahead...Thinking of you...Charley

Unknown said...

Hi from the USA - I am following your journey and am praying for you daily! You are an inspiration to us all and a reminder that we can live our dreams!

Stay safe, be vigilant and have fun knowing there are many people out here thinking about you and following your adventure.

Barb from Ohio, USA

The Weekend Chef said...

Jessica, in case you haven't heard, Abby is pulling into port. She has to many equipment problems and needs to get a handle on her energy usage.

Best of luck going around South Africa.

God Speed!

Kissyfrott said...

Hi Captain Jesse,
Must be1pm for you now, time to lunch maybe.
A couple more silly games to help your digestion.

1) When there is a race, the winner may earn a reward, money, a cup, a medal, a diploma, but even in a sailing race, he never gets a catamaran. Why?

2) Which very simple word begins with 3 consonants?

Answers in the next entry...

Kissyfrott said...

Answers now:

1) because it would not be rewarding to have a
"CAT AS TROPHY" (awfully bad, isn't it?)

2) that simple word is
"L M N TARY" .... my Dear Watson (of course, Sherlock)

Ahem. I hope I'll do better next time.

Fair sailing, dearest of all Captains!

Sarah said...

I remember being your age. But I don't remember anyone like you. You take my breath away.....go you marvellous creature! I will cheer you home.

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep upo them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Queenslander said...

A useful web resource for translating languages (one of many):

Copy & Paste the comment into

For example:

Anonymous Monalisa50ff said...

Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland/Thüringen sendet Ihnen Kerstin Jecke. Sie beschreiben es sehr schön, wie sich die Sonne und der Nebel auf dem Ozean treffen. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück für die weite Reise und freue mich schon auf Ihr Buch.

February 1, 2010 3:44 AM


Cordial greetings from Germany / Thuringia will send Kerstin Jecke. You describe it very nice to meet as the sun and the mist on the ocean. I wish you good luck for the long journey and look forward to your book.

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Paula said...

Love the tee shirt and evidence behind you (winch and lines nicely ship-shape) that you are taking such good care of the boat. I hope you're still enjoying fair skies and good winds.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jesse....Cool t-shirt!Maybe you should make a skull & crossbones one though, if you can't avoid those pirates (I'd stay at least four hundred miles from that coast). Kidnapping is quite their "cup of tea", you know. Bye. Dr. Q

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jesse
Tuesday in Aus as I write and in western NSW we are expecting a big dump of rain, here's hoping it will happen. As you well know with the very best of intentions forecasters do get it wrong...gee I hope they are right this time because we really do need it. My blue tongue lizard showed up yesterday while I was in the shed swearing trying to fit a blade on my chainsaw...long boring story about the saw!!!! What a lovely creature he is, the patterning on his back just spectacular.. I marvel at you must out there with the sea birds dolphins and the like.Have you programmed into your sailing the prospect of whales up the east coast of AUS in April or May as they will be on the move then???? Just a thought!

Sleep well stay positive and enjoy

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Jesse, on your current track, it looks like you will be passing close by Nightingale, Inaccessible and Tristan da Cunha Islands? That would be a treat for you to see some more land.
We are following you as you continue your remarkable quest.
All the best from us here in SW Florida

keco said...

Sail on Jessica, sail on beautiful ocean lady.
Time to drop another line over the stern. Fish and chip's tonight.

stay safe Jesse.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

@RichieParis: Thanks for the mention of Alessandro's venture but, when I search his website

I see his proposed route pictured below what I assume to be his boat. Its not a catamaran but a monohull. Can you clarify?

IF it's same boat as pictured in the Photos section of his web sure looks like it has a small aft cabin.

Steve in California

Anonymous said...

Here's a link that speaks to the Allesandro attempt:

Steve in California

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary.

Vidal Sassoon

Kissyfrott said...

@Steve in California
Heu... I'm afraid I've been mistaken between his atlantic crossing and his worldround journey... I didn't see any pic, and I only saw his page:
It seems to be a monohull 6,5m long, short but not as the catamaran.
SORRY! I went too quickly through it!
It is "only" a solo circumnavigation on a small boat, but the monohull and the cabin make it less crazy.

Kissyfrott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Celine said...

LOVE your blog, and admire your fantastic adventure! :-D

Greetings from Norway :-)

- Celine

magpie said...

Hi Jessica and support crew,

Just quickly,
(because Jesse's seemingly dodging the nasty pink bits on passageweather and all that),
Thanks ♣Andrew for keeping out the nasties on the Jessaholic blog.

I've read a few blogs over the years and the 'class clowns' can get way out of control.
(Yes...The Blog-master has even got me once or twice, lol.)
Most people tend to be fairly anonymous on blogs, and it makes a huge difference if it is moderated well. This teaches respectful writing in so many ways.

Personally, as a local Primary School teacher, I can't be too careful about my online presence. Yr 5 girls can be terrifying, lol.

Cape Horn is closing fast,
☺☺☺Hoo Roo☺☺☺

L M N TARY ♣Richie P. Simply brilliant ,lol.

I notice poor ♣Charley's going the wrong way. Turn about lad! Come with us towards that other Cape...(You know) of Good Hope!

Anonymous said...

Jessica I have been keeping an eye on you sence you left. I am so proud of you. You show everyone that you can do what ever you put your mind to. I have shown all my neices your web page.
I know when I move to Australia and get married, we both want to sail. He has his 2 girls in classes to learn to sail. They love it.
May God bless you sweetie and i hope to meet you someday.


warm said...

great progress.
Watch out for Gough island.

mbasscat said...

Hi Jesse,
WOW...awesome t-shirt, and yes you are one tough cookie. Keep that Great smile, and positive thinking and you will shine all they was home.
Just heard that Abby Sunderland had to go to Mexico with power problems. That means she will have to start over. Well that just shows you who is more prepared and with your awesome crew you have.
Know you have been though alot lately, glad to see it has calmed down and you came out still sailing along with that Big Smile, GO GIRL!
Looking on your map I can now see your start and where your at now, your closing in fast. You will be the First to finish, hang in there.

Safe Sailing Jesse
Marion from Oklahoma City, USA

Cat Harbour said...

Grrrrrreat t-shirt, Jesse. You should sell them on your web site, with your name across the back.

By now, you will have crossed the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and be riding down the other side toward the Cape of Good Hope. Hope you can avoid the storms that keep travelling east through Drake's Passage and then across the Southern Oceans.

I'm addicted to following your progress. Cannot miss a day without checking your website for the latest location on the map, or your latest blog entry, or anything from your supporting cast. Well done all. We're proud of you, and can't wait to see you sail into Sydney harbour in a few weeks time.

Cheers, and long may your big jib draw.

Rex Gibbons
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Kissyfrott said...

Good night Commander
Just to let you know that we shall be in thought with you tomorrow... HAPPY LAUNCH! and we are keeping our fingers crossed. I am sure that all the jessaholics appreciate your support.
And thank you for your kind and wise posts for Captain Cookie aka "Tuff Stuff"!

Anonymous said...

You must keep a look out for Groupama 3 with Frank Cammas at the helm.Groupama 3 is thundering down the Atlantic currently doing 22 knots(not fast at all for this tri)in another attempt at the Jules Verne Trophy.Currently held by Bruno Peyron on Orange 2 in 50 days 16h 20 min.No sign of Pascal Bidegorry on Banque Populaire v.Going on your rough position and the weather patterns Groupama 3 are hoping follow in there run down the Atlantic i think you may miss them.Stay teathered and enjoy.

Big Cat Lover.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, stay safe and keep up the good work - admire your spirit

R&J Bendigo Vic Australia

Jose, Clearwater, FL USA said...

Well that t-shirt is groovy indeed.
As far as your food experiments I get those everyday for dinner :).
Glad to see you are doing fine, soon you'll be back home and then it will be time to plan the next journey.
So long for now, Stay Safe and..
Straight Ahead !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, The one thing I am going to miss about your adventure once you arrive safely at home is reading your blogs. I am very fond of your writings and hope that you continue to write so that we all that admire you will continue to see you grow up:) not that this experience hasn't aged you a tad! Safe sailing today and may the sunshine on you brightly.
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

kalin said...

jess your one tough cookie....happy sailing and safe return..
kalin woollongong aust.......

kalin said...

oh yeah i used to love powdered eggs lol and deben but i dont miss it lol..........kb the gong aust

keco said...

Hi Jesse,
another 170nm's uot the way. Hope this progress keeps up. have a ball Jessica, you deserve it.

take care ocean lady.sail on "EPL" sail on.
keco xx

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