Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pre Storm Pics

Below are some pics Jessica captured before the big storm. For more information, please go to the Latest News section of Jessica's website at:

Pic 1: The rising sea just before the storm

Pic 2: The sea rising fast!


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Anonymous said...

Is EPL built by Toyota ?

Nadine said...

Hi Jess,
I was so worried about you during that storm. Hearing the news that you made it past that storm made me so happy. I can only imagine how you must be feeling.

way to go girl!

Ohio usa

Glenn Friesen said...

Jessica you are amazing, well done weathering the storm, hope the damage was not to serious, have a great day, following your every blog. Take Care, CU Glenn
Bathurst NB Canada

Tricia said...

Hi Jesse, I've been following your voyage since it first started. I suppose you've been lucky to get this far before being hit by your first major storm. Thank goodness your Pink Lady and you were well up for it. Well done and lets hope the weather now improves for you. Safe sailing. Tricia

Anonymous said...

Coming out of such a horrific storm let's celebrate with a German advertisement slogan: "Wenn einem so viel Gutes wird beschert, das ist eine Tafel Schokolade wert." (Wenn one is blessed with so much goodness, it is worth a bar of chocolate [as a reward])
Three cheers for Jessica !
Werner, Kiel, Germany

Queenslander said...

@ Anonymous...

"Bob is already working over 12hours a day."

FAQ request was directed to ANDREW!!!

BOB is the weather guru!!!

Please try and keep up!

tassie devil one said...

hi jessica wow you really have had a rough time of it out there, I had to have a little chuckle when someone said you were brave to be out there in the storm , I guess you didnt have much choice !!!
Can you tell us if you got bruised from being banged about,I know you were strapped onto your chair but it still must have given you some nasty knocks when you got knocked down not once but four times.
Did you feel at any time afraid which would have been quite natural ......also did you just have to let EPL go her own way in that time...go with the flow as it were, or did the automatic steering keep you on course ? I am not a sailor so dont know these things but I am very interested as I am sure a lot of bloggers would be.
Have all the sleep you can get, we are cheering you on from Tassie

Anonymous said...

thumbs up, smiling at ya

Kevmeister / Perth

Anonymous said...

Tom in the U.S.

Steven Hays said...

Wow these are great pics! Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Keep up the great work! Ella's Pink Lady looked valiant in the video with your parents' flyover! Godspeed.
Hays Family from Texas

Anonymous said...

I noticed Jessica's waypoints on google, 7 days out of the cape and she seems to have sped up conciderably, twice the distance covered coming out than going in, knockdowns and all she's putting the pedal down.

Kevmeister / Perth

Anonymous said...

Boats are stunning vessels. Lets ponder on the facts: 10 metre waves, 70 knots wind (that's roughly 130kmh ?) and a horizontal turn of the mast into the water. Compare that with a car means going up steep hills and coming down steep at freeway speeds, sideways, practically skidding on the doors (sparks flying ?), getting back onto the wheels only to be turned onto the side at the next hill. Is there a roller coaster anywhere in the world simulating such conditions ? (Hey, Maritime Museums, there is a new "Hands-on-experience" waiting...)
What is the future of EPL ? Keep on ploughing the oceans or retire to a museum ?
And finally considering that EPL is on loan, doesn't it show that you can't trust anything to 16 year olds? They always trash things somewhere in the back of some dungy alleyway. Hoons! (Just kidding Jess. I would have been a Superhoon compared to your abilities. Well done !!!)
May this have been your toughest test. Smooth sailing home from now on.

Anonymous said...

Great job Jess!
Now that it's all over (and you both came through the storm in such great shape), I bet it has already put a smile on your face.

What an accomplishment! We're all proud and so glad you're safe.

L.G., Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...


Once again... you are an amazing young lady!

That must have been a wicked 8 hour ride...
with several knock downs!

I can just hear the Killer Whales' gasping reactions when I try to describe to them the sea conditions that you were in... not to mention what a knock down is! My youngest daughter (who is now a fellow blogger following your site) could hardly believe it.

Jess, so thoughtful of you to remember your web family, and take those photos before you had to strap yourself into the wet seat. I am sure that you other other things on your mind!

Be sure to give EPL a pat on the hull for staying strong and keeping you both safe!

(and the Killer Whales)

CyberspaceCowboy said...

Outrageous ride Skipper!

Good on ya!!

Anonymous said...

Bengt, the Calculator, are you on reception ? 70 knots wind (direction unknown), 10 meter waves - would that have sped up Jess' progress or kept her tumbling in a steady position ?
It's just that I have to start playing "Ticket Snap" to get a very cheap fare back to Sydney for the H U G E welcome party...
One of the TOEJambers/NZ

Anonymous said...

You're so brave, Jessica! Wow, I think we could all learn from you. Glad to read you're ok!
Lisanne from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Confused. The report said, you were strapped to the wet seat.
1) Is EPL leaking ?
2) Are you leaking ?(I would have been too, no shame !)
3) Like "Bathroom", were you actually strapped to the dunny ?
4) Did you sweat like mad ? (I would have been too, no shame !)
Sven Loguntroog, Germany

hp said...

Bonjour Jessica,

That you and Pink Lady came out of the storm in such good shape is a tribute to your team and your skills.

No doubt Pink Lady and you are a perfect match.

But really girls this is not a competition; there is no need to set a record on the number of knockdowns in a row! :-)

Keep warm, stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Jesse you are amazing. I have been keeping track of you since you left and telling everyone I know. You are a real inspiration to my two girls. Good luck in the storms, and Godspeed getting back home to rest. I know you can do it-your incredible. Wish I could sail, but not much ocean in Arkansas-ha. I'm just enjoying sailing along with you. God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sailor said...

I have followed your blog from your start in Sydney and I´m very glad you came out of that hurricane ok!

I which you all the best for the rest of your journey!

Johan, Bjärred Sweden

Anonymous said...

Legal Advise:
Jessica, send all possible storm damage claims to the British Defence Department, Subsection RAF South Atlantic. The flyover of their "Typhoon" jetfighter created a VORTEX, resulting in that storm.

Cheryl in San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
As one of our founding father's, Thomas Paine once said "These are the times that try men's (mankind) souls". Indeed! If there are any Jessica naysayers still hanging around....BE STILL!
First, let me thank God the Father for watching over you. I and many others for sure, prayed fervently for you and EPL during the storm. I had tears of joy this morning as I was reading your update.
You amaze us all more each day. There just are not words at least that I know of that can express how proud we all are of you!
In my little world, I hereby promote you from Captain to Admiral!
Please rest and enjoy this respite dear girl. You certainly deserve it. Please give Ella's Pink Lady a pat on the stern and a kiss for me as well.
God Bless you Jessica Watson and your entire team.

Ginger Penny said...

You give me so much courage, Jessica. I am 59 years old and just now learning to sail. I just finished my basic keelboat class and next week I will be doing Basic Coastal Cruising.

I sometimes get afraid when the boat heels over too much so I would have been terrified by what you endured. When you weather these storms, do you have your sails up at all or do you just float around until it is over?

NorthCountryGal said...

Jessica: The pics are amazing, reminding me of my time in those southern oceans. I am breathing a sigh of relief now that I know EPL and her crew can sail through the knockdowns and come away safe and sound. Bravo, brave girl! Hope you are getting some rest after all those anxious hours. Judy in Minnesota.

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Dutchinspace's description of you being knocked around like a teabag, Jesse, and Guamgranite Larry's comment about you getting stronger like metal being pounded on an anvil--great imagery!!!

Going to places of fear where you've never been really stretches the character. describes 70 knots (80 mph for non-metric folks) as "hurricane devastation occurs." Glad I'm in my kitchen with the border collie pup just chewing on me instead of the Southern Atlantic! When I was watching Grant's lovely song/video tribute to you yesterday, Jesse, and was overwhelmed with tears, the image of how tiny you and EPL are out there from the shots taken from your parents' plane, really hit me. Yet your heart of bravery is so huge.

The dolphins my have given the mast a nudge back upward each time. You have never been alone, dear, even in the dark with the snarling dragon. Go into the blogsite of your blogger, Sandra der Knitnazi, for her riddle about the dragon--too clever!

Is it easier to see a hurricane in the day, or be in the dark? Have you had to use your wet-seat (hotseat?) before? This is the weather you prepared for rounding Cape Horn. One day sunning on the deck, next belted into the wet-seat. Fickle, fickle sea. Everything water-tight?

Minor damage? Is Parker OK? The fluffy crew? Anything to be on the permanent list with the heater?

I'm sure your cabin was tidy--or is now, right?! Hopefully no sandwich bits like Peter, Goldcoast, had. By now you have no fresh bread or lettuce, though, sorry... the "missing" list, right? Have you ever been seasick on this voyage, Jesse?

You are so opposite of many complainers I meet daily--do you have any idea how POSITIVE a spirit you have? It's part of what makes you so MAGNETIC! I have never been drawn to ANY blog before, and I've now checked out others, but none have the daily strength yours provides with so many fantastic contributors who have done and have shared so much wonderful stuff--a shared, cosmic (cyber) support. Many have summed it up when they wonder what we will do after we've seen you safely into Sydney Harbor (Harbour). We'll let you sleep and we'll catch up on our work to give you time. Can finishing high school be as daunting as a circumnavigation? Hmmmm...

Your Pink Fan Family of the Cyberpod, from snowy Northern Nevada,
Patricia, Richard and John,
a border collie pup under the chair and
three cats staring from three equidistant points in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Jessica undoubtly these are the most outstanding photos to date ! Surely illustrates a rising sea! Hang on and ride the storms out ! What a challenge even though you knew before you left port that more than likely you would encounter fierce storms and possiable knockdowns ! Best Wishes!

Claudio Silva said...

Quite a shaky stretch of sea, hey, Skipper? Not that you could just turn around and run from it, even in the wrong direction... Once you're there, you have to face it (hopefully not again, at least not soon). King Neptune can be nasty sometimes. That what all the training, checking, gear and repairs is about. Too long to tell in a blog anyway,I'll wait for your book, and maybe for a DVD including the knockdowns' scenes :-) Something to tell your grandchildren about... And for what their first question will be: of course one gets scared like hell (you extended family sure did, and we were not even there!); but at least you were warned, prepared and tied up for that kind of thing. However, rogue waves can be treacherous, and I've read of them appearing in fair weather out of nowhere, what would be far more dangerous. So keep an eye open for them! A good little boat your EPL, heh? You both make us all very proud. Congratulations to your family and team and sponsors too. Sure all the expenses and hard work have paid more than well, and a major test has been passed. That is what professionalism is about.

workerbev said...

Hi Jessica!!! (Beverly here in Tassie) EIGHT HOURS AND FOUR KNOCKDOWNS AND ROGUE WAVES, believe me, I love you like a daughter, but...I'm glad I wasn't there during those eight hours. Was home here snug in my bed. But I'm soooo glad God was with you during the entire time and His Legions of Angels were doing their job and protecting you and keeping you and EPL safe from the forces of nature. I'm really happy the dolphins came back to be with you also. They must really have a "sixth" sense about people being around because they have really been with you at the most incredible times. I thank God for that also because He created the dolphins and gave them the intuition they have for people and I'm sure He has sent them to comfort you.

I still cannot get over the storm honey. I can't imagine what you were thinking as you were going through it. I can't imagine what I would be thinking. I would probably have to say a "dirty" word or two or three. I would be scared out of my skin. I admire you more than I have ever admired anyone in all my 63 years and that is the honest to God truth! You are so incredible.

Thanks to Barry of Bribie Island: I didn't know what a knockdown was until I read the "News" but your blog explained the in's and out's of a storm like that and made me all the more in awe of Jessica. Thank you for painting such a "gruesome" LOL picture. It was scary, honestly! I don't know how you sailors have the fortitude to handle things like that. Mercy Me!

Well Jessica my dear, have a good rest, if that is possible, then go searching for maintenance that I'm sure you may need to get done, then, when all is done and you feel a bit more human, I really look forward to how you felt during this time on your "roller coaster" ride.

Remember the God is beside you at all times, even in 8 hours of heavy storms and knockdowns, and His Legions of Angels are surrounding you and EPL guiding you safely onwards towards home. AND WE WILL BE THERE - TICKETS BOOKED ON THE SPIRIT - I'M SOOO EXCITED! I get 5 weeks on the mainland, first time ever. I think I need about 5 years though, I haven't even toured Tassie properly yet and I've been down here almost 8 years.

Well, look forward til you feel better (wonder how many bruises you might have now?) {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania
BEGIN AGAIN IN 2010!!! (but don't do the storm again pleaaaase, my heart is still pounding, LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
That was quite the storm but glad you were able to ride it out very successfully. I hope you do not have any more "knockdowns" like this. Just goes to show storms can come up very rapidly and being prepared is critical. Anyhow, your dolphin friends are back and looking after you. Get some sleep and hopefully no more surprises like this last one. Smooth, safe sailing. Best wishes..Russ/Calgary

workerbev said...

Oh I'm soooo SORRY, I'm remiss in my manners if I don't thank the shore crew for the update keeping us apprised of Jessica's well being. And thank you Mom & Dad!!! I'm sure this was not easy for you to go through, or the shore crew either. God Bless You All and Keep You Safe as He is keeping our Jessica safe! Beverly, Tasmania

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it through the storm! You are an amazing young woman with a great team behind you, and it's been a pleasure following your journey.

Elizabeth from Seattle, USA.

James P. said...

@chris Akenfelds
@Peter Vickerson - can you please stop ranting about this whole pro-contra discussion? It is entirly obsolete. Jess is doing it and now she has to deal with it whatever the opinion of the world outthere. So far everything went well, but she isn't there yet!

I also don't like that people include a nationalist tone in their messages, as if other people from other countries would not be able to do stuff like this.

Jess is just what she is, a 16 year old girl trying to circumnavigate and getting out of this without too much damage.

Anonymous said...

Jess, thank you to you and your on-shore crew to take the time to update us, not only with text but with pictures, no less. I'd imagine a huge concern is losing your antennas and such, which is how you're communicating with your team. You came through this test that was thrown at you in fine form, and everyone has to be so proud of you. I know I am! Have been in a knockdown while sailing only once in my life, and once was enough! It's a very scary, out-of-control feeling. Stay safe and secure, sweetheart.

Little old lady in Florida

samurai said...

Hello precious, CONGRATULATIONS on your remarkable performance in weathering that storm, it was a good one! I hope you're well and didn't sustain too many aches and bruises from hanging on and bracing yourself.
I'm hoping that when you get a chance to make your next entry you will include some of the more technical details like what happened, particularly when you got knocked down. Did you reef right down and have a storm jib up or were you running on bear poles? Did you have to take over from Parker at all?
Thank goodness the storm has now abated and here's hoping it stays reasonably calm for a while so you get a chance to rest up, recharge and also reflect on the events that occured. It's great that through it all you inevitably got to know Pink Lady a little better, placing you in a better position for the next time, just in case.
I'll look forward to your next entry but in the meantime I hope you stay well and safe so take good care of yourself. Remember to keep up the D+F's and bye for now...(Aunty) Sam XX

Bruce de Mich said...

Hello, Jessica! Thank goodness for your successful management of the worst! Glad that you and 'Ella's Pink Lady' were able to meet the wrath of Neptune and calm him down!

I thought you and your world community might be interested in taking a look at the URL below. Oceans Watch is a very nice organization to know of for folks interested in things marine.

I received an invite to join the Haiti effort they are sponsoring via Facebook and Donna Lange by virtue of being on her mailing list. If you don't know of Donna she made her circumnavigation about two years ago. She had some wild rides in the Atlantic as well! Actually, had to take a safe port in the storm in the Caribbean just a few days before ending her journey. I hope your dues to Neptune have been paid at this point and wish you a safe and pleasant, rest of the journey.

Thanks to all who are supporting in any way the assistance needed by the folks in Haiti.

Bruce de Mich

Bruce de Mich said...

For those interested here is Donna's personal URL:

Bruce de Mich

Diane said...

HOLY CRAP Jessica! I am SURE GLAD you are alright. My heart flipped a wig when I first read the last blog entry and had to go to MAIN PAGE NEWS to figure out you were OK. First line should have said, "SHE's OK, But...."
Get some rest and let us all know how you are fairing.

Queenslander said...


Relieved you made it thru okay... a testament to the fact that those boats are built like a "Brick shit-house"!!!

I asked for "Fair winds & calm seas."

Seems the "powers that be" had other ideas!

Validation: impess... of course I'm impressed!!!

Anonymous said...

YIKES!!! I'm safe in my cozy comforter and that storm scared the bajeesee's out a me, can'nt even imagine what was going through that pretty little head of yours!!! Your trip is wearing me out, haha... Before you know it you'll be bounching your grandchildren on ya knee & telling them about that storm. I'm really happy to know your safe...
dan in n.c. USA

Anonymous said...


Geez Jesse.....

The storm pics are frightening !!! So glad you 'got through' OK'.... and the 'knock downs'...... !!!!!.... This surely epitomizes the adage ~ " When the going gets tough, the tough get going ! "..... ~~~and through this each way 90 degrees you're 'strapped in'......... like as in 'having a cup of coffee'..... Yeah, right !! Really puts life into "hang in there, Jesse", eh ?

Anyway..... good sailing ahead.... and maybe that elusive 'fish dinner'..... real pleased you've got the line trailing. Y'never know ! Hehheh.

And , of course, your 'voyage record' now looks awesome !!! So hard to believe you've put all that Pink tracking across the world map. :))))

OK.... I'm outa y'way again...Great to see your words and pics.. Keep well & safe.

.... catchya down the track---

.... Ooc.

GlobeMasterOne said...

Hello Captain Jesse,

You said "we certainly copped a pounding out here"... but once AGAIN Jesse and EPL rose to the challenge. I am so happy you are both safe. Congrats on passing the 11,000 nm mark.

You are a hero.

All the best to your support team and family who obviously have your safety as job one.

Safe passage,
Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada eh!

PS I am writing this as the third heavy lift aircraft this morning thunders over my house from Canadian Forces Base Trenton headed directly to Haiti. I salute all those from around the world making a difference.

Rick said...


I can't wait to hear your version of the storm.
To go through an experience like that is something that I can't even imagine. From what I've seen so far in you, your maturity and ability to keep a cool head in a crisis situation is way beyond the normal 16yo.

I'm proud of you Jess.

Pleeeeease stay safe and clipped in (even when it's calm). We all want you see you back in Sydney.

As always I'm keeping you in my prayers.


ps. Please tell us sailboat knowledge challenged people a little about the 'wet seat' (where is it? etc.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, How did your steering systems hold up in that heavy storm? How much (and which sails) did you have up during the storm...we want to learn from your experience.

John, Colorado, USA
Jimmy, Kentucky, USA

Anonymous said...

Captain Jessica:

So glad you are okay. I read on the latest news that Ella's Pink Lady took 4 knockdowns. What a ride. Whew!

And the guardians of the seas were actually there the whole time, I'm sure. They stayed with you to make sure you were safe.

When I read about the upcoming storm, I prayed to God that he and his dolphin assistants would bring you safely through it.

I'm sure others were praying and when so many people pray together, miracles happen.

Glad you are okay. I can't imagine going through something like that! Although Arizona has been pounded this week with rain, rain and more rain, and I now have lake front property. My home sits directly across from a small park, which is actually a retention basin to hold lots of water from the streets, along with the rain. So, my house is now lake front property, until the new lake soaks in or evaporates. Some woman was out there taking pictures yesterday. The neighbor kid dragged out a very large yellow inflated raft and in true Jessica-style, set sail upon the new lake. LOL. How cool is that.

At least one good thing is that I won't have to water any landscaping plants until next August, if then! But they are all drought resistant anyway, so maybe not at all this year will they even need water. Love it.

Time for you to get a well deserved snooze on top of the cabin in the sun, with the dolphins close at hand.

Gayle Ann

Anonymous said...

70 knots and 7-10m seas?? That is a little more than double the worst conditions I've ever been in! (33 foot lightweight sled going San Fran to Hawaii). I was very scared, so I expect you were quite scared too! I am glad you got through it safely! Praying for some nice conditions for you in the travels ahead. You are doing GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I am looking at your blog every day, it is so impressive what you are doing and keep on girl!
Best wishes from Sweden

hezakiah299 said...

01-23-10 @ 13:00
Hi Jessica,
OK, I’m back and in control, honest I am, I am, my imagination and emotions were really working overtime, and just being realistic, thinking of you in that cabin during this storm was a bit much. I hope you’re not scratched, bruised or cut in any manner. Bruises,…..yeah I’ll bet.
Hope there wasn’t much damage done, if any, and hope you were able to get some much needed rest and some food. Important factors.

Eight hour storm:
70 knots and a swell of 7-10 metres
Converts to 80.55 mph and swells of 22.9ft. to 32.8 ft.
That’s fast and furious.

SaltyDog: Chick-With-Attitude singing one octave higher cracked me up.
That poor Chick.

For all my fellow bloggers looking for information, this is just a suggestion.
You can always go back thru Jessica’s earlier posts and video’s (there available to you) and read/watch them and you will find all the answers to your questions. It may take a little time but you’ll get the answer quicker that way. Not knocking the support team, but they are extremely busy.

Well my little heroin, you’ve had on hell-uv-a ride, and now that’s over I hope you enjoyed it, and you probably did. As long as you didn’t get hurt, that’s cool.
Looking forward to your next post, when you get a chance, to find out what damage there was, if any.
Congratulations on passing 11,000nm’s.
It seems like, from just before you entered the Horn, thru the Horn and thereafter your voyage has been pretty exciting. What say you????
Once again Jessica, I’m extremely proud of you, as I’m sure your Mum, Dad, Billie, Tom and the entire family is.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Bob from Seattle said...

Jesse Brave Soul,------"Trial by fire" as they say or in your case by rouge waves. Hope your not bruised too badly. Bet your best friend right now is the 4,700+/-lbs of lead ballast EPL carries. Now your going to make me worry about Abby who's only got 2,100 lbs. Well Jesse, you rode it out and looking forward to your next entree to read your description of the events. In the long run, it's all good! You don't want to get back to Sydney having lucked out weather-wise to such an extent that you weren't challenged. But 7-10 meter waves are fine, we don't need bigger to add to your legend, OK!!! tell Neptune!

With wind coming from your stern, is there a concern about surfing down a wave and maybe going sideways? (broaching is the term I think) Some experienced ocean sailors on Abby's blog have brought up the subject of using a drogue or sea anchor to slow the boat and prevent this from happening. Does this work on a S&S 34 and do you have one?

Your in my thoughts,


Anonymous said...

TO: Chris Akenfelds
Brisbane QLD


Take 80.5 mph winds, go sit outside in a small raft in your swimming pool. Holding the beer and ciggie. LOL!

Gayle Ann

Unknown said...

One of my earlier comments I asked "Can a 70+ year old man have a 16 year old girl as a hero" I said yes if she is doing what you are doing. Your most recent experience just reinforced it. Being a armchair sailor in the desert like I am one knockdown would be it for me. Waiting anxiously for your next blog, and the book, and the movie:) The best to you Jessica and Good sailing. Grandpa Bob in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Well - Once you have been through such conditions and you know you can master them safely it should give you immense confidence for "the next time", should it ever arise. Just knowing how sturdy your boat is and what it can take lets you sleep much better. You can leave all the pondering aside from now on, you know how to prepare and how to master the situation. The only downside is that it takes you hours to clean up the cabin every time after a knockdown....

Meechree said...

Really loving the photos!
-Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

Whats a wet-seat? is it in the cockpit, or down below? :D

ps-glad you got through the storm! Way to go!


Stan said...

You are one amazing sailor! Four knockdowns and you are still standing - nicely done. Cannot even imaging what that would feel or sound like.

Thank God you are OK and on the return portion of your journey!

SaltyDog said...

I'm no longer a Tim Tams virgin. Tried sucking my coffee with an Arnotts Original this morning. Sorry, Faye & Max but I didn't snort my port yet. Maybe for happy hour tonight. :-}

From Seattle, WA, USA

David said...

Hi, Jess, thanks for the pre-storm pics. Sounds like Neptune threw it all at you and you showed, again, that you really are a master sailor. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear from you after the storm. Very scary stuff just reading about it and can't imagine actually experiencing such a storm. NO MORE KNOCKDOWNS !!! I am already thinking about when you get home. I am addicted to your blog and am not looking forward to the withdrawal! Be safe
Nancy Monroe, Ga USA

Yeoman said...

70 knot winds = 79 mph or 127 kph. Wow !
Good on you Jesse.
Here's to a quiet, warmer spell for you to enjoy crossing to Africa.
Sippy Downs

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Another milestone in that storms and knockdowns are like exams!
Enduring but with great preparation you get through them and then you are better for the experience.
Thats what its all about. Managing your risks and limitations and conquering them.
Well done to you and the team.
I am hoping your damage is superficial and won't pose any problems.

Love and Prayers as you cross the next stage of your passage.

The Lovells Nelson NZ

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

With your list of things you miss most, it makes us realise that we often don't appreciate even the little things of life... until they are gone!

Loved the pictures of the stormy seas... it really is such a big ocean, isn't it? Please post more if you can.

Had a stinker of a day yesterday- 44 degrees until the southerly came in to cool things off

take care

Mr W

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G"day Jesse

So my weather man was right when he said you were in for a rough trot...four knockdowns...what a great little craft EPL is...plenty of lead on the keel and tough enough to go upright after the rogue waves. Jess I was worried all your bloggers were...glad everything is OK and not to much damage. Your pics show an angry sea and your obvious bravery is to be congratulated...go go go you good thing. As I said yesterday I am with my mum and she is amazed at your courage....85 and not well she said last night she is determined to live long enough to see you finish..I said mum give me a break you have many more years left yet!!!!
Sleep well when you can
Sea ya
Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it through the storm ok, go girl !!!
The Batey family

Unknown said...

Wow Jesse, That's the sea I thought you'd hit going round the "Horn". Must have been saving it for now. What a rush and what an experience! Can't imagine it really especially during a "knock down." I mean it must be like tons of water crashing on you, howling wind and roaring seas. Man, you are the one. Must be some sailor to get through that and I can see you grinning your way through it as well. Not related to Lucky Jack Aubrey by any chance? He loved a good storm. No ofcourse you're not. He's fictitious and you are not. You are for real.
(Just trying to convince myself :)

Dan H said...

I'm glad you survived the storm.

I hope you have better weather ahead.


Becky said...

Yikes! I hope you never have to go through that again!

Adrian said...

@ people asking about Jessica's wet seat: I believe it's inside the cabin, forward of the navigation table and opposite her bunk. It's where she takes off her wet gear after being outside so it's the best place to sit when things are rough and she's all geared up. She talks about it in one of the videos showing us around her boat, from memory.

Congratulation Jessica and EPL on coming through some rough stuff. I know it's what you trained and prepared for but there must have been some moments of terror nonetheless. And even more terrifying for your family back home, I bet!

I guess you will let us know when you're ready, but I'd be curious about your storm plan for this one: were you sailing with any canvas up at all? Towing a drogue? Anchored to a parachute? Will you do anything differently for the next storm? If passageweather is accurate at all, it looks like there might be a few more headed your way - hope you can avoid the worst of them.

Keep smiling!


Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope you don't have to weather many storms like that one. I know what "knockdowns" are although I don't sail, but I live in a seaside town where there is a sailing school and have been entertained every summer when the students are learning how to get their masts out of the ocean. I know it isn't something you could not handle. But scarey to be out there alone in such a powerful storm, just the same. So I hope you've finished the necessary repairs and cleanup and are resting now, ready for whatever the future may hold.

Deborah, BC, Canada

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

Don't know whether my last comment made it earlier this here goes again. I was really worried about you as my weather man turned out to be have had a very rough trot...4 knockdowns...frightening. Your courage is to admired to put up with those conditions for so long strapped in and relying on EPL to come upright time after time.That heavy keel and the boat's design are to be marvelled is your bravery. Keep going you goos thing....sleep well and rest up for the next adventure!!! My 85 year old mum who I am staying with in Yass is blown away by your determination as a 16 yr old
Stay strapped
Sea ya
Dusty from Dubbo

Ranen said...

Jesse, Nice to see your pic, certainly you have got tough time, but no worries, you will leave behind the Great Atlantic, EPL has shown her power, its good that she also has been tested...nothing to worry jesse, keep fighting.....must be tougher to clean EPL....wishing you good luck

sunfish550 said...

Thank God you're OK Jessica.
Thank you shore team for the updates, we get very nervous during these storms.

Do these South Atlantic storms realize who they are dealing with? Our Jessica is no weekend-generic-walmart sailor!


You are so tuff girl, cargo-strap yourself into that wet-seat if you have too, helmet on, tethers on.

Please be careful Jessica,
lots of prayers going your way,
Lenny Pittsburgh PA.

Richard in Maryland said...

Dear Jesse,
It had to happen at some point. Even with fabulous Weatherman Bob, Mother Nature, or in this case her brother Neptune, has the final say. Storms travel faster than boats. That must have been one h*ll of a night, with the wind shrieking and the boat doing all sorts of gyrations. It sounds like you came through it well. You are a real trooper! What you said about preparation is so true, for both boat and captain. The rigging company did a great job with Pink Ladies new mast and rig. I'm sure that the special spreaders and extra stays made all the difference, along with how you prepared for the blow. I would love to know what tactics you used, whether you ran off under bare poles, hove to, etc. That will probably have to wait for the book. Once again, congratulations on coming through the storm. I hope the damage is minor, as your news post indicated.

Jesse Watson, Cute and Extra Tough!
Richard W

PS To "Transplanted Aussie" in Haiti. Be Safe!

PPS The Around the Americas Voyage is going around Cape Horn as this is posted from east to west.I have a link to their blog at my blog "Cyberpodia" along with more Jesse links

Astroglide_Australia said...


I am so glad you are safe. What damage did the boat sustain? If the mast went under water, how close to snapping?

Unknown said...

Alright Jesse! You are doing great. A little concerned for awhile but see you made it through the tough weather. Also went to YouTube and watched a "knockdown"!!! How brave you are. Also impressed with the knowledge you have. Keep up the great work. All my prayers. Bravo!!

Albert said...

Kay Cottee also suffered high winds, high seas and a knockdown near South Africa. Storms at sea are inevitable but you certainly don't want them at night.
To survive probably the worst of what the ocean can throw at you is valuable experience and what doesn't sink you only makes you stronger.
Abby Sunderland planned to depart on Saturday, Jaunary 23, 2010
Keep Safe.

Anonymous said...

The Latest News reported " She was belted in to her wet-seat throughout."

Hmmm, Freudian typo? Could it mean she was well clipped on (tethered well in her harness)? Or clipped on while suited up in a wetsuit? Both? Or is this Aussie boat slang I know nothing about?

VERY glad up bounced back up with no (or no serious) rig damaged. That's what I'm taking from the report of "minor damage".

Like one of your loyal bloggers said earlier (or do I have my blog families mixed up already and it was from Abby's)

"When greybeard is comin' aboard, he's comin' aboard".


Steve in California

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica, I'm thankful your ok... in fact your more then ok your got the fighting stance, and showed the storm you are no one to mess with. I thank God you came through this safe. Can't wait for your blog to hear your 1st hand account of the facts of the storm and your feelings. My goodness child you fought a savage sea thats older then methususla, and your 16. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for your blog.. luv, mamma

Robert NSW said...

Awesome Jess.Totally awesome.You astound me.

Anonymous said...

Wind speed of 70 knots, for those of us in the US, is approximately 80 mph.

SASPeter said...

Jessica, I'm so relieved that you and the boat came out of the storm OK. All that preparation was worth it. While it might have been something you had to endure, I suspect that years from now, coming through the storm will be the defining segment of the voyage. Safe travels home.

(from Sydney but now living in Washington DC)

Anonymous said...


Glen B said...

you got big balls jess you go girl GlenB

Franklin said...

We would like to know what your tactics were to handle the storm. Doesn't sound like you threw out a JSD or sea anchor to ride it out, so did you drag anything like warps or a Galerider or something custom? How did the windvane do? What were your actions when you were knocked down?

Bluefin said...

Four knock downs in one night! You've done it Jesse, you have survived the storm we've been expecting for so long. A great big huge congratulations and a great big hug.

I'm glad you and Ella's Pink Lady came through it ok. All that preparation paid off. I can't wait to hear what it was like.

So very proud of you and your trusty crew, I'm glad they were all strapped in.

All the very best,
Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

Calisto Brian said...

Jessica, I'm relieved to hear you and Ella made it through that huge storm alright. Well done! I have been in a few knock downs racing and even though intellectualy you know that she will pop back up, alot of weird stuff can go through your mind until she does.

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm glad to read the re-assuring news that you passed through this massive beat-up mostly untouched. I hope that you will be able to see to the minor damages on EPL in a satisfactorily manner. A knockdown is always a bit of a worry, for sure. You know what ? I never experienced one myself
>> for the only reason that I am actually a chicken and never ventured the waters you are roaming at the moment. You have better nerves and guts than I will ever have. Respect.

Half way then, hey ?
Have a rest, little missy.

Stay safe and enjoy (the best you can)

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Ron said...

I read the news, you did well through the storm. I knew you would. I know it wasn't the most fun part of the trip but with you and your boat being well prepared, I had faith. You're over half way, it's all downhill now. My heart and my prayers go out to you.

Ron - Alabama USA

Bob from Seattle said...

Jeese,----What a relief to hear your OK, many bruises? Well you didn't want to complete the trip without a weather challenge, and with four knockdowns, you had one. One's enough, your legend is secure so please don't wish more. My heart can't take it.

Wishing you fair and gentle winds and calm seas.

Anonymous said...

WOW 70knot wind and 7 to 10 metre waves. This shows the world and your "knockers" just how amazing you are Jess! For anyone that can handle seas and a yacht in those conditions takes a dedicated professional which we all know you are that and more.Keep on ripping through the South Atlantic and God Speed Jess.

Faye and Max said...

To Samurai
11000 mn in your wake was another sensational graphic Sam, thank you again for sharing these with us, you are so talented.

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Kath, Qld said...

OMG Jess, I just went to buy the Sunday Mail & I freaked when I saw your face on the front page! So glad you are ok. I was having heart palpitations in the servo!
So proud of you Jess.
Now I'm off to cruise the Gold Coast broadwater for the day, will be a 'tad' easier than what you've just been through :).

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
So what does it feel like to be inside a washing machine?
Glad to hear you came through the storm and knockdowns OK.
Sail on,

George Haeh, Toronto said...

Until you confront something like that, you don't really know for sure that you're up to the job. Mind you the first part of being up to the job means being prepared for what the wind and waves can dish out -- then knowing what to do and being able to do it when you're in it.

Well done!

And never forget that sometimes the beast sneaks up on you and serves you a nasty surprise when everything looks perfectly fine as Lake Superior has done to me a few times.

magpie said...

Hi folks,
[ Yellow carded by ♣ bob for That clip. Point taken, respectfully.]

Keep singing Jessica,
How 'bout this tune? lol,
(apologies to Kesha fans)

Don't Stop
Make it Pop
Parker's thrown his hands up
Tonight Jess'l fight
Till she sees the sunlight
Tick tock 70 knots
And the knockdowns don't stop
No oh, oh oo whoa oo whoa oh
Oh oo whoa oo whoa oh
Oh oo whoa oo whoa oh

70 knots = 129.64 km/h = Tropical Cyclone Category 2
That must've got your rudder humming. Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

Ship,Ohoy.Captain Jessica.Glad to see that you out of the storm.Hope you get some fair wind for the rest of the trip.And some good sleep. Best of luck.From:Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA

Anonymous said...

Salty pls be careful coffee this morning and Port tonight you can see how quickly Tim Tams can lead to the hard stuff

Steve P
(im sure Faye and Max would share my concerns in this lol)

PS Bev in Tassie having read your comments on your own situation and your hopes for getting to Sydney in time to meet Jessica i can see you are determined to set sail on a hugely significant journey of your own,God Bless and Good Wishes to you and your Husband (who it seems has plans in hand )See you on the bloggers boat (we must organize one for all those who wish to be there to greet Jessica on her return to Home waters

NorthCountryGal said...

Jess: I am excited to report that now my computer screen of your route shows the world with a pink boat on the left and a pink boat on the right, with just that little bit of blue ocean for you to sail between. Today is the first day I did not have to move the map of the world with my mouse to see where you were and where you are on the same screen.

That is very good luck, I think, and EPL is determined to connect those pink boats and get you safely back to all those fans and family who will celebrate (after you get your lovely hot and LONG shower...LOL).

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you keep closing the gap to home. Godspeed and best wishes. Judy in Minnesota

Anonymous said...

for mastering the storm...I have
often heard the term knockdown but not related to you can tell I am a ground pounder..Stay safe...stay alert...
Your cyber friends are all sending
those good vibes your way...

Joe Springfield VA USA

Barking Gecko said...

Pink is not my favourite colour, but I love the way Ella's Pink Lady handled the storm conditions, aswell as the way Jess is proving to be a very adept sailor. :)

Congratulationsdowdisq to both of you for coming through with flying colors.

Sail well

Cheers from Canberra

Kissyfrott said...

Oh Captain Jesse,
I have been reading and re-reading the news and the blogs' comments, thinking of you, probably exhausted and maybe bruised. What an experience!
This time, it was a king size washing machine, taking everything inside, clothes, things and persons. The brand is Atlantic; not the biggest model, but powerful enough to harm any fake sailor, and authentic ones sometimes. I feel like empty, my head is like cardboard and my legs like cotton, having possibly guessed from too close what you have been in.

After the marriage proposals, now you are starting to receive job offers. Our Honourable Jessaholic ® member, Ron Garvey, is the first in what will undoubtly be a looooooooooooooooooong list.
I think your school's headmaster will have to be a very good bellydancer if he/she wants to keep you among his herd.

Our other friend, the Honourable Michael of Kingwood (WV), calls you "my little heroin". Oh, Michael! Hey brother, you should have noticed that Jessica is no"little". Before her departure, she was already "normal sized". And since the Horn, she is great. I thought I would tease you about the "my" too, but finally, we can consider that (after her original Watson family) she belongs to all her adopted family, and if we can say "our" heroin, it entitles each member of the adopted community to say "my" heroin.

AlbacoreLiaFail, what you say about the magnetism of Jessica is so true. It is just the same for me, I have never been drawn to any blog like this. I like your pets description, looks quite like EPL's cabin. You too have a fluffy crew!

Beverly of Tasmania, you lucky girl! But how could you reserve tickets on the Spirit, without being sure of the PINK Day's date? Maybe they are open ones?

We should have fresh news from Ella's Pink Lady in 10 hours, and hope that the damages are as minor as possible. It is 1am in Paris now... The best way for waiting is to sleep a while. See ya in the morning, Captain Courage!

Unknown said...

The sea was angry that day my friend!! sweet as Jessica, youre a bloody champ! go for it

Anonymous said...

Hey Saltydog!

I'd heard about sucking coffee through Tim Tams but somehow I never had the opportunity as my mind doesn't think to much about anything else except eating them as quick as I can. So tried it this morning. mmmmmm It does work!

Poor Jesse!
She tells us her list of things she misses the most and one of them is a decent cup of coffee and here we are sucking great coffee through Tim Tams! lol

Who mentioned Tarko's? lol

Yep! No assistance from us Jess! lol

Tomorrows news head lines!

Jessica Watson pulls the pin on her solo voyage after rounding Cape Horn and con-coring THE PERFECT STORM because she had no Tim Tams! lol

Your not missing much Jess!

Your the real deal and you're a true legend!


Go Jesse! Go!


Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

He Jesse

Not one, not two, not three .... but FOUR knockdowns.

You are one tough cookie!!!

Glad EPL brought you through safely. Can't wait to read your recount.

I hope that as I type this you are sound asleep, having had a lovely meal.

Thinking of you
Gillian, France

Kissyfrott said...

@ Dusty from Dubbo... Hi, brother! As it seems we have the same Mom... ;-)

May the dolphins escort you now up to Africa, Captain Jesse! May I suggest a good EasyFood meal to celebrate your victory on that nasty storm?
Soon half way (for the nm, the plan was 23,000 I think? Good job, you champion! You are admirable. A word that can be easily be turned into "be admiral"!

trentgs said...

Wow! You are incredible. Just like its a Normal how do you do. Strapped in and riding a thrill a minute with your mast in the sea! Seriously I know that must have brought you up quick realising the storm was coming and it wasn't going to be a little one. Thankfully you were in moderate temperature weather. Glad to hear you are safe and continuing to surf along at a breath taking clip..
I just installed my solar panel on my T@da and prepared the gray water holding tank.
Wow..I keep thinking about your squalls and dives. Incredible. Take a rest..You deserve it. Make a muffin too if the sea will let you..and another round for the crew for a job well done..Heck go all out and catch a tuna for supper! Of course the dolphins may not let you have any fish..I don't think they are known for sharing. I was looking at Chapans Sailing Lexicontoday and was amazed that theres so many words..and I think you've used alot of them since 18 Oct. So..what an intro to our nice 'safe' atlantic huh?

Blessings and Prayers for your continued safe traverse of the Sea..

The Atlantic can be surprising. Keep your chin up Miss Jess..take a deep breath and Enjoy!!

Gary & Jan
Savannah, Ga

Sue (this n that) said...

Quite an experience you've been through Jesse! Hope you get some well-earned rest now.
Thanks for pics and also thanks to your shore team for keeping us posted on the latest news.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

To Michael (Hezakiah299)....

Loved your post, you and I are on the same page totally!

And I teared up, because I was simply smiling at your statment....

"Knowing you, after it was all over you probably had a little giggle, didn’t you?"

I can just imagine this, I can just see that tough little girl out there after holding on for her life and as the boat was going through the process of Self Righting...there'd be this little giggle heard from the confines of her cabin....well it's nice to think that isn't...;)

Cheers mate!


trentgs said...

Tania Aebi 'Maiden Voyage' page 279

" In a bag with all my birthday presents and letters lived a bulky letter that my father had given to me to be opened on the 10th day at sea. The day had arrived..
" It began My Dearest Tania...When I talked to you tonight about the future and your hopes and dreams and then tears came to your eyes, all those times camwe back to me. ..How I cried just because things didn't work out the way I thought. This is just to tell you that tonight, more than ever, I can feel how you feel.Tou are out on the ocean all alone with Tarzoon and Varuna. You think of all those whio are dear to you. You try to deal with the present, the past, the future all at once.There are many ifs' and buts and there are no precise answers. I know. But you are not alone with these decisions, uncertainties, and desperate searchings. All people have them to some degree. Even if it feels as if it will crush you, be grateful. Your sandhills may be other peoples mountains. In the end you will be alone to mak the decisions. And without any hesitation, Tania, I would now go to sleep on your ship in any situation, and only react when you request it. The same goes for your life..But please remember I am your parent. When I talk it is not as aco-captain That doesn't exsist.. It is only as your Daddy. You and I will both easily remember what has gone on between us in the are very important to me and I care very much..All the worries that you have expressed about what is going to happen and how you are going to deal with it are not going tbe a problem if you manage to stay true to yourself. This sounds like a ranting TV Evangelist, but I can't tell it any better-so be it. ..I do the best I can..think of where you are right now and how you will remember it in 10, 20, 50 years..Love Daddy." It was rare for my father to reveal the emotions he had expressed ..and the effort it must have taken him to write them left me giddy..I knew that if someone were to ask who had been my role model I would have to say it was he..though I would rather have died than admit it before... In the end maybe what I had been searching for was his love and knew now I needn't have gone around the world to get it..I had been standing on the back of a whale searching for minnows..I had to be the skipper of my own life now..Unfortunately I also knew that like any good father he would forget he erver wrote any of that...I felt lighter as I rad and re-read the letter....Afternoon of the 26th..the wind died this morning..I refashiioed the old storm jib I had to make holes in the luff and put on grommets and hanks. Then all three clews, which had been ripped out in the Red Sea, had to be reattached with a hole puncher, hammer and twine..The cockpit is full of little circles of fabric. I hope it'll do. Afterward, It rained for several hours and the knot in my stomach got very tight. So far this passage is by no means the height of ecstasy...The sky is bruised with black clouds and curtains of rain.The next day the wind changed direction..the barometer climbed back up..the chart was already full of holes from the dividers ..
" Maiden Voyage-Tania Aebi"

Gary & Jan

Anonymous said...

HI jessica what you are doing is awesome i have been following your trip from the start. GO girl you rock . ps the nockers have crawled back under there rocks.may the wind be always at your back.Mckfish.

trentgs said...

Tania Aebi -Maiden Voyage Continued.."

"I looked out the companion way and my head crashed against the ceiling in a leap of surprise. There was another sailboat passing a couple of hundred feet had never crossed my mind because it had been hard to imagine somebody else wanting to travel this ocean in such a horrible season...I thought about changing course to chase them..but thought better of it they might think I had a few screws loose.. Its the 4th Of October only 3 days away from my birthday..Theres too much wind..I put up a handkerchief sail..The waves have gotten bigger and wetter and I feel very small..(remember Varuna is only 26 feet long..)The ocean is everywhere; its coming in through the chain plates and the dorade vent, overflowing into the cockpit and down to the lockers. Tarzoon and I have the slats closed up tight making the cabin air quite stale and we scrunch up together watching Father Time march forward. What a way to grow old.....The dolphins came gliding through the transparent water to see what I was doing..Before the chill of the evening set in, I took a bath in the cockpit and washed my hair with dishwashing liquid, the cheapest kind of soap that would lather in salt water....Sitting on my bunk at night fall amnd staring out the companionway at the skies I thought how comical my predicament was. Imagine the utter simplicity of a life whose highlight for the day is marked by a bath- a saltwater bath no less....halfway across the Atlantic..the wind had died down..the moon almost full and I felt privileged. The majesty of a slumbering ocean, softly lit from horizon to eternal horizon, was all for me alone to behold..During Atlantic calms, which in other oceans had been great annoyances, I began to immerse myself in the solitude, for I knew this was a last chance and would soon be left behind..D aily duties were done like a spiritual epitaph to a beautiful story. Oct 14..Ominous 5 degree squares on the pilot charts- trons of wind, big waves..and high storm frequencies..Thank God we had three days of calm and fortification..."

So continued Miss Tania as she crossed the North Atlantic and dreamed of seeing everyone in New York..

Gary & Jan

trentgs said...

I had to parcel out the message from Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi..but I thought you would enjoy the comparisons..

Sleep well Miss Jess!!

Wilson said...

Hi Jessica,
Hope you have a fab Australia Day, i am sure the nation will be thinking about you, you are an absloute treasure


Anonymous said...

Im from Australia and have only just started reading your blog. My god mate, Im so proud of you!. You are so young to be doing what your doing it really is amazing. I wish you luck on your journey. May god keep you safe from any harm.


Glenda said...

Jessica, you are so brave to be out there. That's a fearsome storm, scary beyond words, but you've kept your head together, dealt with it all alone and come out of it superbly. I'm so glad you are now upright and OK and calmer conditions are with you. Please stay safe always.

seaspray said...

Exciting days! Following you daily from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

Amazedbyou said...

@Magpie. Holy Crap, are you saying that Jesse experienced Cat 2Cyclonic conditions for eight hours. Bloody hell, is that right? Far out. Shocked, amazed and relieved, now that the bloody thing has gone. Incredible. Cheers for the amazing/shocking info. I don't think the rudder had a say...?

Jesse you are Champion and Iron Clad. Hugs and squeezes.

Lachlan said...

Jess, You are a very brave girl and i am glad you made it through the storm in good shape, This is a journey that you will remember for the rest of your life, So GOD BLESS and we look forward to hearing from you in your next blog. Take care. Lachlan

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Congratulations on your success to date. I was an original sceptic about your voyage. Having been a teacher for many years, I know too many young adults try to achieve goals beyond their capabilities. But you have proven to the world that knowledge, skills and courage can assist even a 16 year old to achieve great things. Well done to you and your team and God be with you, my heroine! From a fellow Queenslander, Laurie.

pestinfo said...


Wow! What a ride. I was actually watching the weather on SBS a couple of days ago and you could see this huge mass of cloud and tight isobars in the South Atlantic.

I thought ---- well Jessica must know it's there and would be taking a huge 90 degree turn to port to miss most of the bad bits. But then I realised that this thing was hundreds of miles across and maybe not that easy to avoid.

Everything OK ?? Do we need to get the silicone gun out again??

Is there anything positive to gain from this frightening experience------- of course there is. Every knockdown equates to at least one extra chocolate bar to be eaten at the captains discretion.

You are very brave. Sail safe.

Allen H/Bay, Qld, AU

Polisea said...

Apologies to your mum and dad for bringing this to your attention, as the following might put an idea in your head.

“Traditionally, a sailor who had rounded the Horn was entitled to wear a gold loop earring — in the left ear, the one which had faced the Horn in a typical eastbound passage — and to dine with one foot on the table; a sailor who had also rounded the Cape of Good Hope could place both feet on the table. A sailor who had sailed around Cape Horn was also able to brag by showing off his tattoo of a full-rigged ship.”

Nah, not you, two feet up on the dining table, couldn’t imagine from a young lady of your calibre, and petite lass with a tattoo of a full-rigged ship. No way, when you’re a grand lady approaching 100 years, the sails may look a bit on the tattered side. Please stay just the way you are.

(I’m lucky there are no high voltages in my keyboard as I would have been fried by now, salty water continually runs down my face when reading the daily blogs from parties world wide.)

We will be thinking of you and EPL on Australia Day, and enjoying lots of fizzy drinks to celebrate.
Stay positive and “Go for Broke” girl.
Compliments also, to “Salty Dog’ for your comments. Love the phrase “Life is short, eat dessert first”.

WOOF! a three score Queenslander.

Anonymous said...

Well . . . bloody hell!! thankful you survived these 'knockdowns', but I can only imagine that in the middle of a vast angry ocean all alone it can have been nothing other than totally terrifying (for a 16yr old . . . or anyone!!) I remember Kay Cottee being thrown around in similar conditions . . . thank goodness for the harness and gear to keep a sailor safe in such a relentless onslaught.
Onya Jess :)

Anonymous said...

Chok Dee Jessica ... from all of your supporters @ Phuket Thailand :)

Anonymous said...

God Bless You Child. And your family. David and Carol, Kansas U.S. The dolphins must enjoy your company.What a great ship you have!

Steve Peters said...

You are tough Jessica - Aussie Tough!!! Every Australian I speak to about your attempts is super proud of you. Sail on.

Anonymous said...

Jesse you are such a brave and strong young woman, i just finished reading the article in the sunday paper and with tears in my eyes, i was so proud of you and how you handled probably your toughest challenge so far. my heart went out to your parents when i read about the emergency beacon going off but i was so glad to read that you didnt do it and if fell off the wall. hope your bruises arent to bad and that ella doesnt need to much repairing, so honey be very proud of yourself, you a champion.mum of three gold coast

trentgs said...

I was just perusing the posts on 'What I'll Miss The Most' and realized that as soon as you tie up in Syndey we will all miss hearing from you. I admit I've grown accustomed to hearing how your day went..any thoughts on a second orbit?..

Gary & Jan

trentgs said...

49 by 49. Not so hard to put the pin on the map now!!

Anonymous said...

Jess, glad the dolphins are back. I'm hoping that they stick around and close to Ella. I hope they help out with the clean up! Was there much to do inside?????
Stay safe, keep warm, from 60 degrees north.

Peter said...

Hi there Sailor :)

You are one cool chick!!

"We" your fans will be there in the end to not only welcome you home but, praise your strength and ability and hopefully meet you in person to share the stories of your voyage.

Keep the faith and hold on tight -.
Peter – Sydney

samurai said...

Dear Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)
January 24, 2010 9:05 AM...
Thankyou for your kind words and you're very welcome.

If I may...for anyone interested in getting a closer look at Jessica's journey through my eyes, please visit me at Voyage Art...

To Stephen M in Haiti...thinking of you. Take care xx

Have a great day everyone...Sam

Marijke (Rikki) van Gyen said...

God-speed Jess...we are with you all the way.

Toni McLean said...

Wow, Jesse, that's one angry sea, and it was only the beginning of the storm. I expect you were very nervous for those 8 hours. What a long time to endure those conditions.

I think it's all my fault. I didn't go near my computer for 24 hours because we had a house guest staying over, and a storm blows up while I'm not watching out for you! :-)

I guess you've learned that you and EPL are indeed both strong and resilient, even if you are both feeling a little bruised and battered. Sometimes we don't necessarily feel stronger immediately after such a trial, but when it comes to facing the next one, we realise we actually are stronger. Of course, hopefully there won't be anything like that one again.

I do hope you get to rest and clean up and get back to your kind of normal out there.

Big hugs

Peter said...

Hi there Sailor :)

You are one cool chick!!

"We" your fans will be there in the end to not only welcome you home but, praise your strength, courage and ability also, to hopefully meet you in person and share the stories of your voyage.

Keep the faith and hold on tight!!!


p and j said...

wow what can i say, to read your blogs is awsome. there is someone out there watching over you may he keep watching and get u home safe. god speed little one......
p and j bundy

Anonymous said...


Yikes! 30 footers, 80mph winds and four knockdowns is something else! I don't know what a wet-seat is but for sure most of us armchair sailors would be wetting that seat in those conditions :).

Rest up as much as you can, check out EPL real well.

Great going, you are amazing. I've said it before and I'll say it again: You Can Do It

Fair winds,

Steve from Scalifornia

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica . . and Ella. Well done. Another small step for womankind.. God Speed
Karen Cairns QLD

nanna said...

Hi Jess,just read your latest update,thank God I have a good heart as just reading about what you went thru in that hurricane made me week at the knees.
You are one brave Captain,
Go Jess,so proud of you,
Nanna Cairns Qld

julian said...

Hang On You Strong Girl! You Can Do It! You Are Living For Sure One Of Your Greatest Experience Of Your Current Life! Don´t Think In The Future, Enjoy each second of your Adventurous Trip. I am Glad You Are Aware You Are Never Alone! Remember These answers to these 2 questions you should ask yourself every day. 1 Where Am I? and 2 What Time Is It?. And The Respective Answers Are: "HERE!" and "NOW". Good On You, Mate!

hezakiah299 said...

01-23-10 @ 00:10
Hi Jessica,
Well, I hope things are settling down for you after all that excitement.
Since you’ve been in touch with the support team, I assume that the electronics came out in pretty good condition. Yes???
I hope there wasn’t much damage, I’m anxious to see your next post, as is everyone. Not pushing, when you get rested, fed and relaxed. How did the scallywags hold up. I liked how SaltyDog said that Chick-With-Attitude was singing an octave higher. That was funny. I hope they didn’t get wet.
One thing for sure, you’ll always remember where you were when you passed the 11,000nm mark, smack dab in the middle of a violent storm.
Glad to see that the Dolphins are back, do you think they ever left? Someone said that they were probably under the boat, I don’t know if that was some Aussie “tongue in cheek” joke (sometimes I’m gullible) or if they might do that. I’m open !!!!!
Wow, it still tears me up when I think of what that must have been like for you.
Abby set sail today (01-23-10) and I couldn’t find one (1) dang newspaper that covered it, not even in her own hometown. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible.

For the Shore Team: Thanks for the up-dates, greatly appreciated.

For RichieParis:
"my little heroin", Is an endearment, not being possessive or referring to size. And a word of caution, if you are going to tease all who address her in such a manner,…’re gonna be awwwfulll buuusssy…..LOL…. How many times have you seen, my favorite little Aussie or my little darling or my little angel on these posts. Now, if you refer to her as, “she’s such a little girl” then you’re inviting trouble. LOL…..

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ:
That’s funny that you should remark on that statement, I also got teary eyed just writing it, and I don’t think we were wrong. LOL…..

Well Jessica, it’s almost midnight here, way past my bedtime, ha, ha, but I want to watch a movie and then I’m off to bed. I watched “Stardust” with Michelle Pfeiffer (no, she was in the movie) a couple of days ago. Good movie.
Take good care of yourself and all them scallywags, I hope they weren’t to traumatized by the storm.
Always thinking of you and very proud of you.
Looking forward to your next post.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Pealo said...

Jessica, you have dodged a bullet. During the 1975 Round the World Clipper Race re-encactment the 84 ft Anaconda2 was knocked down by a 90ft rogue wave in 70 ft seas near the Falklands Islands during a following storm that rolled up out of Antarctica. Anaconda2 survived too but there is a warning here that it is an extremely dangerous area and big seas can be expected when the weather turns foul. I have not seen any weather maps but if the storm was associated with a seasonal weather pattern you could have repeats of this every 7-10 days as you cross the Southern Ocean to return home. Keep batterned down and spirits up. Good luck! I know you can make it.

Anonymous said...

As you mentioned Jess,The efforts put in by everybody involved in preparing Pink Lady for the voyage has done an incredable job congrats to all..And on your behalf Jess you have already proven yourself!! Cant wait to see you and pink lady sail through the heads!On your history making voyage.bye for now.

greg said...

Hi Jess so glad to see you came through the storm safe and in good shape, considering how bad it was.If you can master that you can do anything, hope you get some good weather for the next few weeks and have a chance to recover, stay safe and god bless. Greg from Townsville.

greg said...

HI Greg from Townsville again, just want to say If the goverment doesn,t make Jessica Australian Of the year they arn,t fairdinkom I hope everybody agrees with me.

Allison C said...

thinking of you often. Hoping those Angels keep on keeping you safe. You are showing the strength and fight of a woman many many years your senior. Pure magic in a girl of your age. Keep the dream alive, and I will be following your safe return.

Blessings from Adelaide.

Anonymous said...


PWB said...

@ Dear Susan in Oregon, @@@@@@@@@@@@@

Please accept my apology for replying sooner to you blog of Jan 2010 6.45PM.

Your letter to me was very moving but much more..
The words that you have put together and both courageous, engaging and very gracious. Then to be able to encase it within a framework of excellent comedy was the crowning glory. It is a privilege to have to have met you in this most unusual of ways. Due to the quality of your letter and thus my belief of you as a person, I was very excited and called my wife to come in and read you words. She was thrilled as well, for the following reasons.

Susan, Mary and I have both been through turbulent waters (of late) in this the sea of life that we all are privileged to be a part of. Due to these difficult times one looks more closely at the human condition and all that it contains and the meaning therein. We both take some pride in being able to read people and the different life situations that we, and those around us are in. Therefore, we were thrilled with your letter because it displays great depth of character, and I might say, a humility that is a rare commodity in this day and age. . I love the way that you said, that stopped and thought it through. I have also done a lot of thinking about you and not just as a name on a computer screen. This is the first time that I have been involved in a Blog, and I only came to it because I saw the story about Jessica in paper, and it went on from there.

The above words are no attempt to flatter but are a sincere attempt to give to you real and positive affirmation of what I believe to be your qualities. To me flattery is employed to make the flatterer look good to others, and for this reason it is one of the sins that we abhor.

Just like Jessica nailed her colours to her mast for all to see, and risked failure and ridicule, and stepped out: you have done the same in your letter. I really honour that that type of courage in a person. You see, some people never step out of their comfort zone all their life, they never stand for anything.

Also I love and agree with your comment to Jessica, from another Blog and I quote you:

“You are doing so well, and taking everything as it comes, and enjoying it, whatever it is! (I do believe that is one of the secrets of life!)”

And that is what is so special about Jessica’s way; she is accepting the good and the bad and dealing with it as it comes…… I do not recollect hearing or seeing any whining. nil… none……zilch. And that is one of the great elements that make Her and this Blog special.

Love and Regards to you.
From Peter and Mary


"I cannot think of any character below the flatterer, except he who envies him." - Sir Richard Steele

yahoo said...

Hey Jessica, keep kool. The worst may yet be ahead. It;s no time to celebrate or let your guard down... You are a hero. keep going I want to read your book when you finish this. You will be an inspiration to the future global sailing community... you know the environmentally friendly travellers like you...

Randy said...

Hi Jesse!

Realy haevy conditions...
All the best for you!

I think of you!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

RobbityBob said...

Gidday Jessica. Glad you are going OK and you have many fans who will be thinking of you on Australia Day especially as you are a great little Aussie Battler following your dream. Look forward to reading your next message to us all. Take care.


Unknown said...

Well done Jessica, heads up you are half way through. I am happy you made it through the storm, I hope to see you on televison in NZ when you arrive back in Sydney. All the best and stay positive, there are so many people out there thinking of you. Andy from New Zealand

Anonymous said...

fantastic stuff jess, fair seas.
andrew wgton nz

Chris Shannon - Perth said...

Jessica you are amazing! I have to say if you and your trusty vessel can withstand that storm, you can withstand anything. Congratulations also for passing Cape Horn, another great milestone achievement in what will be one of the most memorable solo RTW challenges ever undertaken. I dare say your ability to make it through those enormous seas should well and truly silence your critics once and for all. You are obviously a very skilled sailor and more than up to the job at hand. I truly admire your ambition and strength. You make me proud to be an Aussie. Go Jess! Best wishes, Chris Shannon - Perth

Michael said...

Hi Jess, following you since a while on pc and wish you for the rest of the yourney good luck! Happy to hear , that you made the storm.

Best regards from cold Germany,


Anonymous said...

HiJess and wow! what a moment in time you experienced!! A moment that will serve you well throughout the years ... storms come throughout our lives and sometimes the turbulence felt within can seem unbearable but, it is in these times that our inner strength is revealed ... thankfully, as night gives way to day our storms pass and we emerge stronger and better prepared for challenges anew. At 16yrs young I think you can hold your head high ... you fought strong and the reward came when you least expected it ... tumble dryer action under the belt you emerged with words to comfort all whom follow your blog. THANK YOU JESS.

Stuart said...

Hi Jess,
I'm a driving instructor from Brissy and I thought I got pretty scared sometimes!!
Your courage is an example to us all. WTG. :-)

David Dyson said...

Hi Jesse,

You are one gutsy lady!!.I have been sailing with you all the way in the comfort of my study at home.
May the guy upstairs continue to look after you all the way home!!
Warmest regards,
David Dyson, Perth, Western Australia

Unknown said...

Your one tough woman Jessica. Glad you both came out all right but it must have been a wild night for you. Keep up the awesome work and know you are in our thoughts. love Mel said...

Having spent a considerable time adrift in high seas after our rigger capsized south of Cape Horn I know the intense solitude one feels in the face of mountainous surf. Especially when there is little to do but batten down and ride it out. Every noise, every thud or bang from crashing surf beckons you topside to search for damage, but you cannot venture out fearing the next rogue wave would strip you from the deck. I feel you and what you are experiencing. Remember the emptiness and uncertainty are fleeting. Clear skies and smooth seas will refresh your outlook and they are always but one gust or sunset away. Your are an amazing young lady, your courage, ambition and gods grace will bring you safely through.

Steve in San Diego said...

Plucky, no doubt
Brave, unquestionably
Sensible, under the most extreme
Solid, like that big rock in central Oz

You are simply beyond belief.

I'm curious, why not heave to? Sounds like you sailed on course throughout the ordeal. Be careful, young lady, everyone wants to celebrate with you at the end.

Anonymous said...

Some girl from the US Abby Sunderland is not trying to do the same thing as you. I'm from the US and i personally hope you are the one to meet your goal. I believe she will probably get scared and go back home after a little while. It angers me that she's even trying it. I don't have much faith in people from my country or my state, that's why i think she won't make it and you will, best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Go Jessica!! The eyes of the World are set on you, your courage and your determination. Never give up on your dream!!!

Luis in Ohio

Tracy Wilson said...

Your "Positive Attitude policy", wow you are the most unbelievable young women this country has ever produced. I wish I knew you personally, you are amazing. Go Girl and keep safe.
Tracy Wilson

Michael Cawley said...

Hi Jess,

Waves, wind,rain and storm, one things for sure Jess, you have been awarded the Australia Day Young Australian award in the Cawley house hold.

Sail on Jess, your a legend.

Michael in Melbourne

Anne and John from Canberra said...

so very proud of you jessica. go aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi!!!!!

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