Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fearsome 50's

Christmas wasn't just an exciting day for all the obvious reasons (presents and food!). But also because we passed into the Fearsome 50's and now have less than 2000nm to go till Cape Horn.

Also as many people pointed out, yes I did celebrate Christmas a day early for the time zone I'm currently in, but I figured that it would be far nicer to be celebrate with everyone back home rather than a day later and truly alone!

Christmas must have been my foggiest day yet and I have to admit I spent the day being pretty lazy, just doing the bare minimum to keep us moving vaguely in the right direction and staying out of the cold. Phone calls, eating all my favourite foods and opening the presents (see pic below) that had been stashed on Ella's Pink Lady, kept me busy all day. Down to the smallest, silliest thing, I enjoyed and treasured every present far more than I ever would have back home and believe me there were some silly ones, including a blow up Kiwi and a pink doll which expands in water (known as a 'grow your own best friend'!). Other then that there was also the normal collection of warm socks, books and other odds and ends.

No watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race or Boxing Day sales for me today but I'm pretty thrilled as I was treated to a few hours sunshine and an albatross doing a few close circles of Ella's Pink Lady. The albatross really is an amazing bird. No matter how long I watch them for, I never seem to see them flap their wings. They make flying look so effortless and seem completely relaxed weaving in and out of the swell, thousands of miles from land.

Pic: Opening Christmas presents on my bunk bed!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
An Albatross must look good to
see in flight.
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Jess,

Glad to see that you enjoyed your pressies. 50S! Yet another milestone. Jess you have thousands cheering you on. For every 1 that comments regularly, there would be at least another 50 that follow your blog closely. You have certainly turned the gen Y stereotype on its head.

Good onya and God blessya.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

congratulations on entering the 'fearsome' 50's. Hope that they won't get too fearsome!

Good idea, to celebrate with your family, what a clever vegemite you are!

There is nothing better, than to just relax, do only what you want to do.

Hope your 'grow your own best friend' won't get too big, the others in the seatbelt will have to make room for her!
A blow up kiwi, now what is that good for??????
Is it a kiwi fruit or a kiwi oerson???????
What will they think of next! :-))
I can imagine, that you savored opening every present and that these gifts have a very special meaning for you.
Hope the silly ones made you laugh!

Sunshine and an Albatross, how lucky can you get!

Did you know that Santas reindeer are all girs! Yes siree!
Apparently the male reindeer throw their antlers when wooing the girls in late autumn and the girls keep theirs till spring!!!!!!!!
Another job, that we girls are doing!!!!! And what an important one at that! :-))))))

Good winds, clear skies,
keep well, happy and above all else safe,

Anonymous said...

Jess, This is the first time I've put up a comment but I haven't missed a moment of your journey. We're with you all the way and will be there when you come back through the heads. Go girl, your're an inspiration. C, in Sydney

Alex (Sydney) said...

Merry Christmas and again, all the very best for the trip. Your blog is compulsive reading - am looking forward to hearing about you passing Cape Horn and continuing onto the next leg. Keep up your courageous work.

Niels said...

Jessica you are an inspiration to young and old alike, do stay safe and warm, and happy christmas.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Take care,we wish to see the Albatross as well,love Josephine and Koby

Anonymous said...

To Richie,
thank you for your kind words! It is true, we are not alone!
To Salty Dog,
I enjoy your speech from Parker.....too longwinded!
Richard Lathrop,
lovely poem....Christmas at sea.
And to all of you, reading the commentaries belongs to reading Jessica's updates.
After all we are reflecting her aren't we! So it's bound to be one big happy global family.
Thanks Jessica, Mum and Dad, your brother and sister and shoreteam!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jessica! As I celebrated today with my 3 children, you were honestly in my thoughts throughout the day. Your posts are so detailed that I truly feel that I am along for the ride and although you are at Point Nemo, you are not alone in your journey. I wish the best for you and your family. I think of your parents often as well and I know they are both proud, yet concerned for you at all times. You seem to have everything well under control though. Counting down the miles to the Cape with you and God Speed for a continued safe journey. Merry Christmas to you and yours. We drank a toast to you with our Christmas dinner so hopefully you can feel the love and support!

Sherry Price
Crofton, Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad you had a good day opening presents and talking to you family. Love the sound of the pink doll, that must have made you laugh. Warm socks will come in handy now that you are in the 50's and Cape Horn is getting closer.
Keep up the good work.

maxine maroochydore said...

Thanks Jesse for the update, glad Xmas was a success, and you got lots of nice presents, even the funny ones, I love the grow a frie nd one someone in your family has a great sense of humour. I went to the Boxing Day sales at the Sunshine Plaza today with every man and his dog, to many people, and they were buying up big, youd think they didnt do any shopping before Xmas, then again maybe they didnt. I forgot to say thanks for the picture of you in your cabin it looked really xmasy, you put up more decorations than me this year, with my two older grandaughters on the Gold Coast for Xmas and my two younger ones in Melbourne I couldnt be bothered, you really put me to shame, never mind next year.Have a good safe sleep Jesse, God speed Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Debs said...

Wow Jesse

You really are very lucky.
I would swap a million of my days today to spend one day out there with you watching the albatross flying effortlessly around.

I visited a small Island south of the Horn a few years back called Isle De Ramigo. On that small but special island is a colony of Albatross, so many nests that i was privelidged to walk amongst. They truely are magestic and regal Birds.

You seem also to be sailing along there effortlessly .... smile .... enjoying your christmas day and eating all the things you love....Maybe the Albatross are saying the same thing about think they hardly flap their wings and make flying look easy...they think you make sailing look easy....Smile

Not long now till the horn, the last few weeks seem to have flown by sooooo fast.

Your doing a phenominal job out truely are inspirational to all. Keep up your spirits, stay safe and catch up again soon.

Deb and the Guineas

David and Una said...

Under 200nm to Cape Horn - fantastic! Great to hear you had a nice day and saw another Albatross!

It won't be too long and I will see your little pink marker south of Cape Horn and will feel that a massive chunk of your journey will be over so quickly.

You better go around twice, what will I follow next year?

Stay safe!

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hey Jessica,

It is good to hear that my favourite adventure girl really enjoyed her Christmas - both opening your presents and pigging out on whatever favourite food that you could find - one guess would be plenty of chocolate, and of course, cream!

Don't feel guilty about being lazy - you deserve it and the rest will do you good to freshen up for what you have coming your way soon. You have had a dream run so far, but you also know that sooner or later you will experience some stuff that you would rather avoid, but hey, there's no point going around the world without a little bit of excitement!

I remember on HMAS Stalwart watching an albatross that followed the ship for a few days (I think it was about 5-6 days) and I also cannot recall ever seeing it flap it's wings. I think it must be the most clever of all birds, the way that that they seem to pick up the right wind currents to stay gliding in the air, especially when you see just how big they are!

So you have been through the Roaring Forties, now you are in the Fearsome Fifties, what do you call the Sixties - let me guess - the Silly Sixties.

My daughter gave me the best gift for Christmas - a huge picture around 130cm x 70cm in size of the Mighty Manly Sea Eagles celebrating that great Grand Final win of 2008.

However, among my gifts, I will truly treasure your Christmas video and your continued brilliant blogs of your trip.

You might consider yourself very lucky to have all this support around the world, but believe me when I say, and I think I say this on behalf of all your supporters, we are the luckiest of all as we have an inspirational person to follow, to dream with you during your journey, and to keep us motivated to hear the next chapter in your adventure.

Anyway, it's getting late here, I need the sleep as I am in the middle of a very hard and long week of golf practice, and your inspirational tales do help me keep motivated also.

So I will sleep tight, comfortable in the knowledge that not only are you safe and secure, but also that you are very happy still.

Take care gorgeous girl!

Caves Beach, Newcastle

Anonymous said...

Merry X-mas and have an excellent 2010! Keept it up, it's amazing what you are doing!
Sandra, Alfred, Jan and Nadine, a european family, living in El Gouna, Egypt

RichieParis said...

Ha Ha! On your actual Christmas day (for your time zone), Old Neptune sent you his Albatros messenger, bringing you his best wishes, and your present, some sunshine. It seems that you are his favorite sailor!

Have a good boxing day, Captain Jesse! Or should we renew the Merry Christmas tune? Sailing around the world could be a silly way to have two Christmas(es) in the same year, after all.

Your blogwriting is always so enjoyable. For us, poor landlocked followers, every entry is like a new Christmas present. We feel just spoilt by your generous sharing. We owe you so many thanks...

With the 50's and the Cape Horn coming soon, the sweet food and presents time will vanish, but I guess you are going to enjoy this "job period" as well as the cosy one.

Go, Girl, Run, Hero, Fly, Legend. You are still young enough to have to flap your wings, but you are turning into an Albatross and we admire you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
It must of been fun opening all the presents especially the silly ones. Hope the Fearsom 50's are not to fearsome. Before you know it you will be at Cape Horn.
Loved your photo.
Keep safe,

Adam said...

Hi Jesse! I hope you'll have so effortless and relaxed sailing as albatross has.Are you going to sail through Magellan or Drake passage.
Wish you all the Best.

Anonymous said...

We live in Cooroibah. Been reading every blog since you started (just figured out how to respond). Merry Christmas and enjoy every moment of your wonderful adventure.

Anonymous said...

We live in Cooroibah. Been reading every blog since you started (just figured out how to respond). Merry Christmas and enjoy every moment of your wonderful adventure.

bernie777 said...

Congratulations Jesse u know in Forrest Gump when reporters ask are you doing this for world peace....he answers i just felt like running....well u may as well say I just felt like happy christmas...and pps...albatross are not out for a fun fly around that means fish are to be had better throw in a line Jessica....happy Bernie777....

samurai said...

Hey Jess, I hope you're well.
Thanks for another great photo and I must say you've really got that "cat that swallowed the canary" look nailed, haven't you. :-)) Seriously though, I was moved by what you said about enjoying and treasuring every present far more that you ever have back home. There's no doubt that you soon realise just how much you take foregranted, don't you agree? Good on you and I hope your blow up best friend doesn't outgrow you. We don't want to upset the pecking order now do we? :-))
Isn't it amazing how albatrosses can glide withing centimetres of the surface but never actually touch the water? I used to watch them endlessly when I was sailing through Bass Strait.
Speaking of which, the start of the Sydney to Hobart was quite an exhilarating event to watch. They were soon heading straight into a 20 knot southerly with a southbound current so not the most comfy of situations. I just watched it on telly but it looked pretty rough and lumpy out there on the water. Beautiful to watch just the same.
How's the fishing going? I was thinking, if you're not going fast enough (at least 5 knots) for a lure then why not try dragging a line with a bit of weight on it like a small sinker or something, do you think that would work? It has for me in the past, but then again I was much, much, MUCH closer to land than you are now. Just a thought for what it's worth.
Ok, onward and eastward. Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

Philip, Brisbane said...

Thanks for your inspiring blogs, Jessica. You are a truly fine person and a great example to young people, and the not so young. Stay safe and well and enjoy yourself to the max.
Love, and God Bless.

Molly said...

Your description of the albatross in flight is just lovely.
What a beautiful Christmas present from Mother Nature to you.
And what an amazing bunch of presents your thoughtful friends and family stashed away for you.
You must have felt love and warmth from each of them as you opened your gifts.
2000 miles to the Cape!
What a way to enter the New Year.
Glad to hear the sun peeped through.
That must have been a "spirit lifter".
God bless our Jess,
Maryland USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! We are so amazed of your voyage! And thanks! Here in Moscow it seems really unbelievable! That you are in the huge ocean and all that(cause we don't have any sea here at all:))You are very brave & strong! We sure that you can do it! we'll be watching for you now) Stay cool!))

Jim said...

Hi Jessica -

You look so much at peace with yourself in that photo with all your Chrissie presents around you, certainly sounds like you had a wonderful time on Xmas day by the sound of it. YOU are sensational in your Xmas message video Jessica, Your inner beauty exudes out of you, I loved it as so many others did, last count a few hours ago I see it had 17,000+ views on You Tube. I hope your loyal "crew" Blue Bear, Big Ted and Chick-With-An-Attitude all enjoyed their Xmas day too and got to have a nibble or two of Christmas pudding, I can't ever imagine you making them walk the plank.

Sail on Sailor girl.

Perth WA

mimo said...

Hey Jesse,
Glad to hear you had a great Christmas. Hopefully not too lonely but no doubt memorable. You really are an inspiration to us all. We are all so in awe of you. You really send a message to others that no matter how old you are or how the odds may seem to be against you, anything is truly possible.
Thanks again for the update. Can't wait for the next one.

Stay safe


Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks again so much for the pic of all the presents and your enjoyment of Christmas Day. It was a good day to be lazy and take a break and get some Jesse time.

Safe sailing and Godspeed

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

Best wishes from Moscow (Russia), dear Jess, you are very brave and pretty girl. Nice to know about you. We will be watching 4 ya :)

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jesse,

The roaring 40's then the fearsome 50's !! I have just figured out why the Fearsome 50's now, this is obviously latitude bearings eh. Every now and then the Kangaroos do run around the top paddock and I figure things out. Or am I wrong....?? I used to be indecisive, but now I am not so sure….

How cool is the albatross, just scooting' off the breeze of the wave, showing you how easy it is to sail about on the wind. Show offs really aren’t they. Wonder what they taste like? Just kidding.

So glad you celebrated Christmas in style, love how your family sent you a grow you own friend doll…that’s gold !!

Xmas is over for another year, bring on New years now. Wonder what is in your food bag for that one !! You must celebrate New Years Aussie time as well, then you can celebrate twice !! Have fun Jesse, talk to you again soon. Cheers.

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
glad you celebrated when all your family did, i think that was a great idea. You know what you said about the albatross making flying look easy? That is sort of how your journey sounds from the way you write your blog... even though i am sure what you are doing is anything but easy. The picture of you surrounded by your presents looks fantastic. I am so glad you had a day where you did 'the bare minimum' and the rest of the day was filled with fun Christmas things.
Well Jesse you are getting closer and closer to the cape and on the way I wish you as usual Good Winds and Safe Sailing.

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Jess,
It sounds like you had one of the best Christmas around, it was funny to imagine you diving into corners of EPL trying to find hidden presents, how sneaky is that!'ve got a great parents Jesse, actually I watched the 60 minutes interview again today and I can't help getting an apple in my throat when I see the love your parents have for you....

The Melbourne Herald Sun had an article on you today, page 17, with a still image taken from your Christmas Video, could've been a better shot too, but that's another story, they got one thing stuffed up, there is an insert map of the world showing your current position between Cape Horn and Cape Town, mid South Atlantic!...however the text in the actual article placed you in the correct position....but it was a good article 100 percent supporting you and appropriately timed, we really don't hear much of you in the news here in Melbourne.

I understood perfectly why you enjoyed opening your presents on Australian time, I would've done the same...not a problem!

And don't worry about those lazy days...I have'm all the time!...;)

You gotta show us you're pink not so water resistant expandable doll...sounds just great...

We watched the start of the Sydney to Hobart, those "Super Maxis" are just fantastic boats, how would it be Jess sailing in one of those around the world, of course you'd need a crew for one of them!

I just did a quick count, there's about 100 yachts racing out there!....maybe you could do this race at some stage just for the fun of it!

You can track there positions here:-

Did you try to film the Albatross?....your observation is quite tantalizing those Birds are something else, did you ever see David Attenborough documentary on "The Life of Birds"...truly amazing!

See ya Jesse

Stay warm!

Clint - Melbourne Town

HAWKEYE said...


Jesse darl thanks for sharing your Christmas. I've got to say the cabin looks a treat and my god you well and truly out did me present-wise. You appear well rugged up but I can't see the safety gear anywhere???

I wouldn't worry about missing the Sydney to Hobart boat race because it's not all that important in comparison to what you are doing. At least I don't think so. The Boxing day sales maybe!!

I do hope you are getting plenty of rest and it's amazing how each day a few more n Ms are ticked-off. The small goals certainly add up over a few days. You are doing splendidly and just keep the head in the right place and it will all be OK.

'til next time precious one please be careful, get as much sleep as possible, keep those day to day goals uppermost in your mind and don't concern yourself with the Horn at this stage. God bless darl and stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked your presents Jessica. Wonderful to see the albatross flying so gracefully above Ella. We just saw the new movie Avator, full of animated creatures, with some fabulous colourful birds. But I bet an albatross would be better. Cheers for now.

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

Glad to see you enjoyed your Christmas, we have family all over Australia and each call on Christmas day involved a conversation about the young girl sailing around the world.

You are truly an inspiration to everyone around this fair country of ours and the rest of the world.

I am pretty sure you would have been the topic of conversation around Sydney this week as well.

The Sydney to Hobart start was spectacular with the maxis making good speed out through the heads, possibly another record on the books this year.

Take care
God Speed as always

Peter and Sally

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

So glad you enjoyed your Christmas day. A lazy day is a good thing for you. Gives you a chance to relax and enjoy everything going on around you. Your picture certainly shows a happy Jessica :-)

Seeing the Albatross would have been amazing. They are an incredible bird.

You are making great progress and another milestone reach, the 50's, and as usual I look forward to more of your updates.

Keep safe and stay warm.

Ingleburn, NSW

D & S said...

Hi Jessica

We are one of those families who have never before posted a comment yet we have been following your journey every step of the way. We wish you a very Happy Christmas and God's Blessings as you continue to sail those nautical miles away behind you, and we also wish you God's speed for a continued safe journey with good progress made each day.

The amount of support you have is truly incredible and one big happy global family seems to have grown out of your very brave and courageous decision to be the youngest person to sail solo around the world. People around the world also thank your Mum and Dad, your brother and sister and complete shore team for all they do!

We are addicted to your Blog and check each day to see if there is a new one. Good luck; you are doing so very well--great work.

Shirley & Doug

samurai said...

To "Amazedbyou"
December 26, 2009 9:56 PM

You're very funny...I'm still laughing about your kangaroos. Great stuff! :-))

BTW, I've been meaning to tell you that I have my pink t-shirt ready with samurai on the back for Jessica's home-coming. Take care.


hezakiah299 said...

12-26-09 @ 07:16
Hi Jessica,
Congrats on getting to the "Fearsome Fifties", you're really knocking them down. Good thinking on celebrating Christmas a day early, even though they were miles away, being with them on the phone would be very uplifting.
Looks like you made out pretty well for Christmas, but a "grow your own best friend", I've never heard of that. Hmmmm interesting. LOL.....
Do you think you'll ever get out of that fog. You've been in it for about a full week now, but at least it gave you some "moping" time. I think it's only right that you have a little time off during the holiday and be able to enjoy and savor all the good food, your gifts and chatting with your family and friends. You definitely deserve it.
Do you think that maybe Ole' King Neptune sent the albatross out to see how you fared on Christmas, or maybe he brought the sunshine. You should throw him (The King) some chocolate.
When you explained how the albatross was weaving in and out of the swells, I could actually visualize it. Going down between the swells and being completely out of sight and then popping back up again. I have seen this before.
You've been at it for ten (10) weeks now, great job.
You take good care of yourself and the crew, Jessica, and keep up the good work.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Cees van Beusekom said...

Merry Christmas Jessica !!! I am a big fan of yours and I live in Holland. I read your Blog every day and watch your video's. Take care !!! P.S. KEEP SMILING !!! love you !!!

Old Iron said...

Your the Captain, you celebrate Christmas when you want too.

Better to celebrate with your family.

Your family and friends back home must hit reply on your videos a number of times.

Thanks from the photo update.

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse you are doing so well the "Fearsome'50's".As some-one said for everyone of us who comment regularly on your blog, think of all those who read along but don't say anything.
I'm glad you had a good Chrissy, as good as anyone alone at sea can do and that you got to speak to your family on the satellite phone.How great is technology! Like some of us here when I was little television wasn't even in Australia look at us!
Til next time sweetie.........may your angels sit on the yardarms or whatever they are and guide you safely through xxxx

Amazedbyou said...

To friend blogger Samurai,

So excited you got my message about Pink T'shirts with white writing for coming home party for Jesse !! Blog family will have a hoot !! Cannot wait !

Anonymous said...

Hi you young Marmeid! My very best Christmas pres is folowing your lonely voying there far away. All good to you I hope from here,Finland.Best wishes Eric.

duane said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas and believe your next Christmas will be exceptional too. Hope the seas don't get too rough in the ferocious fifties. Once you pass the horn you will have earned some relaxation in the Atlantic.
Thanks for the pictures but regardless if a picture or not you always describe your adventure wonderfully. Best wishes, duane

Fishlips said...

Merry Christmas from Bob in San Diego aboard my little 26 ft ranger named Drake. (liveaboard) Your such an inspiration young lady. I look forward to your blog every day. The world is your stage and everybody is watching.......Some who say your crazy and some who say your brave. I personally think your doing this not for yourself but for those who cant. Keep it up kiddo and my God give you fair winds and a speedy safe trip.

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
You were not early nor late to celebrate Xmas. We know that you just live on EPL time, and rightly so. And on 'home time' if you need anything to go by.
Besides, some scientists (who probably didn't have anything better or more useful to research at the time) have concluded that
-considering where Bethleem is,
-where the Wise Men were
-the time of the year
-the position of the stars (And VENUS in particular!) 2009 years ago,
If the Wise Men wanted to arrive in Bethleem,
Jesus was probably born towards the end of September !!
When I think that some people get paid for researching that! And probably on public money, as well !!
Never mind... :-)

An other milestone for you. The 'Fearsome 50ies'. Are they as fearsome as their name indicates ? I sincerely do not hope so.
But we all trust your ability to tackle any challenge.

One question has been burning my tongue for many many years but I never dared asking . What is the use of a blow-up kiwi ?? LOL

A world of fans is behind you, as always

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Alan said...

Hi Jess
Glad to read that you had wonderful christmas day, and that you are continuing to enjoy your journey. Look out for the albatross going for the fishing lure. I caught two in the southern ocean, i guess that they dont see many down there, and it is quite a job to bring one on board to get the hooks out.
Stay well & keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Love the Kiwi! Have a go at it's nose! Didn't someone say silly would come back?

The Albatross must be amazing Jesse!

Cheers Jess!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
The photo of you with your presents is wonderfully colourful, and shows us how nicely you transformed your home for Christmas Day. It looks like a very happy scene, and you look very relaxed and obviously enjoying the occasion. Thanks, its good to hear you had a good day. You were given about half a page in this morning’s Herald Sun. The article provided a photo of you from your Christmas Message Video and a map showing your approximate position, and was headed “Jess’s feast afloat: Teen sailor buoyed by world’s messages of support”. It was a very positive article. The press seems to be getting behind you now!

I think it was sensible that you celebrated in Brisbane time rather than GMT so you could join in with your family. Joining with them would have been very important to them just as it would have been for you. So I think you made the right choice.

Good to hear your have had the company of an albatross for a while and observed its flight. I watched the Sydney-Hobart start, as usual, on Boxing Day. Wild Oats is the favourite, but was beaten out of the harbour by Alpha Romeo and those two were within a mile of each other when I looked at the yacht tracker a short time ago. Our local Mornington (Port Phillip Bay) boat, Etihad Stadium (previously called Skandia), which lost its mast on the way to Sydney, started the race but did not leave the harbour due to some at-the-moment-not-stated rig problems. Unfortunate because it is one of the line honour maxi boat contenders.

Now that you are in the ‘fearsome fifties’ you may need the extra pairs of warm socks! So … keep them in a dry place. Good to see you enjoying the ride towards the Horn, and congratulations on passing the 8000nm mark.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

workerbev said...

Happy Boxing Day Jessica! Beverly here in Tassie. We had a really good lunch (well, at 4pm) yesterday. My husband did a pork roast that was soooo gooood. I did the veggies because I could sit at the table and fix them. Being in bed for a year has me a bit wobbly most of the time but next year will definitely be better.

An Albatross! I think I have seen a picture of one (remember, I'm a yankee from Illinois, although married to a Kiwi in Tassie) but I don't know a thing about them. Now I will have to google to find out. You have me googling lots of things that you talk about, I will be the best educated grandma around, LOL.

You look really happy in your pic with all the pressies, silly ones are sometimes what we need to keep our spirits up. I would think being in that fog for so long would be a bit depressing but you are handling it just like you handle everything - with grace and quiet determination. You are truly one exception girl.

Well, today was our "down" day. Watched a few UK shows on TV, stayed on the computer way too long, ate left-overs (so nice not to have to cook a big meal 2 days in a row).

Be glad you are out there in the middle of nowhere. Some idiot hoon is burning his tires up up the street trying to impress someone with his drunken antics, I reckon. It is really stupid how some of these kids act, the world would be such a better place if it was full of "Jessicas". Well, I can dream can't I?

God Bless You and remember His Angels are all around you and He is right there beside you whenever you need Him, just talk to Him like you talk to your friends or family; because He is so easy to talk to and you feel so good after you've had a good chat!

Will write another day soon, keep smiling and remember God Loves You!

Beverly & Andrew Penney, Bridgewater, Tasmania

John said...

Hi Jesse! Merry Christmas from the US Virgin Islands! EPL looks so festive for Christmas. Good for you that you had a nice celebration. Here it rained all day but no fog. Take care and enjoy it all!

Bruce Watt said...

Just read your blog Jess and pleased you enjoyed your chrissy presents. Keep watching that Albatross and most of all enyoy.

go Jess

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,

Glad you had a great Christmas yesterday,we did pretty much the same here. Rosie was very excited about Santa coming and was up way to early (and waking Dad up way to early). Sleep finally caught up with her at 3.00pm, when she crashed and slept until 6.00am this morning.
We had some nice rain over the last couple of days, it's really cooled the weather down wich was nice for Christmas.
Ok well stay safe and warm while your down that way. Look forward to your next blog
Tim and Rosie

Carolyn said...

Merry Christmas Jessica
Thanks for sharing your adventure with us - I find your blog rivetting, and check it regularly on my mobile. The photos are great - we almost feel that we are there too - keep them coming.
Good luck with the challenges up ahead.

Des said...

Hi Jess
Next year every Sydney to Hobart entry will want you on their boat; you will have over 100 to chose from.
Keep going East. We are prying for you.

Traci said...

Hi Jessica, We are still watching you from CT, USA. I don't comment often, but everytime I read your update I feel like it. I want to say something like "You're so cute!", or "You go girl!", but mostly it's "God Bless you Jessica!".


Thanks for teaching me (an armchair sailor) what it's really like.

God Bless you Jessica!


lewis said...

Merry Christmas Jessica,
with you all the way. The Shackleton of our day.

Rob said...

I'm really you had such a wonderful Christmas! We did too with my family. It doesn't seem like you've had any really strong seas yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you don't have any either. Have a great day!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Mary said...

Dearest Jess!

Lovely to see you looking so happy and beautifully touched by the Christmas spirit. Sitting around, wallowing in the lap of loved ones and their gifts to you, is THE WAY to spend Christmas, imo.

As you approach the cape, I'll continue to hold the vision of your exquisite albatross, ushering you into the fearsome fifties and closer to your goal.

May you continue to feel the support of your companions, seen and unseen.

Fly with the albatross, Jess!!

Sending you a worldwide hug,
Mary, Maine, USA

Richard Lathrop said...

Nice blog, Jesse. I really enjoy your expression of reflections: such as why you chose to celebrate "a day early" and your observation of the flight of the albatross.

Your new best friend could come in pretty handy. S/he took a great picture of you surrounded by your other presents.

Please do us adoptive grandparents a favor: Next time there's a trip to the top of the mast,could you please send your friend?

So it must be a straight shot East now, 2K nm to THE HORN. Let us know how the 50's are treating you.

Stay dry,
Stay warm,

Fair winds,
Richard Lathrop

gretchen said...

happy holidays jessica. we love following your voyage. it is very inspiring to me and my two children. what an awesome adventure. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

You look so happy sitting there with all your presents. Amazing what Ella's Pink Lady can store.
I guess that one the the best gifts was the Albatross being with you for a while. One of my best gifts was a whisk I got from my 13 year old Grand son, who had made it in the schools handicraft. It's Boxing day and a lot of snow fell during the night. It was heavy work to clear the gate. Enjoy the life out there and sail on smiling.
Take care.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

el grande said...

A new milestone and down to 2000nm 'til the Horn - congratulations! Don't worry about that resting day - you will be glad you had it when sleeping is a bit more difficult to achieve!

With all those presents, you will have extra work cut out for you to square away the cabin! Loved your Christmas video - it was one of my best presents!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you an easy sail through those legendary waters. Take care, god speed, we all luvs ya.

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for the pic you look so cute sitting there amongst all your pressies! I'm happy to hear you had a wonderful day! You are doing so well and I have to tell you, since I've been following your journey, I've seen so many videos online of sailors and sailing and I watched the start of the Sydney to Hobart Race with a new interest today! Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to embark on a new sailing career as the sea scares me... I sit here in awe of the sailors as I watch them especially in rough seas!! Keep going Jesse you should be very proud of yourself, we are!! Take care 'til next time.

JoeL said...

Hi Jess,

You still seem to be doing great on your adventure so l have to say again - you are one of the most courageous young women I have ever come across!

I’m not sure if you ever sit down to read all the notes everyone writes to you but last night I enlightened our whole family about you and your wonderful adventure! We sat down in front of the computer and watched your videos and read your blog together. Everyone was so impressed and amazed that we had a toast to you, so please don’t ever feel alone because we are all with you ever step of the way.

Stay safe and enjoy . . .
- Joe -

Ro said...

Best of luck Jessica, hope your journey through the fearsome 50"s goes well, I look forward to reading your blog every day ..... God speed on the rest of your journey. Ro Steel, Howick, South Africa

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
What a christmas to remember, all white christmas, a little sunshine, an Albatross, fearsome 50's, eating your favourite foods and lots of pressie's, what more would a girl wont.
I had a great christmas also with all my family together, we had lots of fun, and lots of pressie's.
You look nice and relaxed in your photo, was there a bird book in there? that would have been perfect.
Missing the start of the Sydney Hobart is no big deal for you Jesse, I'm sure in the near future you will be sailing in the race, with your sailing ability, there will be lots of offers.
So for now keep warm, keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love from Exmouth WA Australia.
PS Amazedbyou, Yes you are right, the 40's and 50's are lines of Latitude, it was lucky it was only kangaroos in the top paddock not footballers, cheers.

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse, great pic with all your "loot"! The smile on your face says it all, we could say as you did about the albatross, that you make it look so effortless! But I think that is what the top performers in any sport, make it appear to any casual observer whether it is golf, basketball, skiing, swimming, diving.... the prodigies in any category make it look easy. Congratulations on entering the 50's and hope the albatross is a good sign. I continue to wish you good seas and fair winds. Godspeed, Mike

Anonymous said...

Hola Jessica,

Simplemente saludarte a través de la distancia y felicitarte por tu coraje y valor, virtudes que no solo te permitiran alcanzar éste gran objetivo sino que también te abrirán innumerable cantidad de puertas a lo largo de toda tu vida.
Mis mejores deseos para ti y todo tu equipo, desde Argentina (Sud America).


Now I try to put my words in English. . .

Simply greet you through the distance and congratulations on your bravery and courage, virtues that not only will allow you to achieve this great goal, but also will open countless doors throughout your life.
My best wishes to you and your entire team, from Argentina(South America).


Anonymous said...


Hi Jessica
For me pictures can say a thousand words and so I call this one...
"Jesse at Point Nemo".
LOVE the funny pressies you got!!!!
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Thanks for the great Christmas photo too!!!

Beau said...

Happy Christmas Jessica! Your decorations are beautiful. Wishing you joy, good health and a little extra determination for when you might need it. We're with you in spirit... keep the faith!

Beau in Missouri

Anonymous said...

Great photo Jesse. Looks like you had a nice Christmas in spite of being so far from home. You know all your followers are egging you on and supporting your every move. Keep it up and that next 2K or so will go by very quickly. We had a white Christmas with about a foot of snow in the yard. It will be like a madhouse being Boxing Day shopping today.You can be thankful you will miss that. Yes, the albatross is an amazing bird and seems to turn up at very unusual places, miles from anywhere and gret to watch.
Safe sailing and more sunshine. Best wishes..

Wolfhound said...

Hi Jess,

I had to do a double take when I looked at the picture of you on your bunk - it didn't look like EPL at all to me !

I'm delighted to hear that you had a great day, and glad that you had all your presents packed. But you didn't tell us if Santa managed to find you out there ... If he did, I hope his sleigh didn't get caught up in your rigging...

By the way, your post prompted me to listen once again to 'Albatross', by Fleetwood Mac. If you don't know it, you should have a listen ! It's just the thing to have playing while watching the majestic bird floating around can find it on youtube.

...'And a good south wind sprung up behind ;
The Albatross did follow,
And every day, for food or play,
Came to the mariner's hollo !'

All the best,

Brian in NY

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Nice. It looks like your people had fun providing Christmas gifts for you. I'm guessing you stashed a couple of items away for them to open at the appropriate moment too? And there were squeals of laughter from both ends over the airwaves when gifts were opened?
Since I never have time to read all the comments you get, I can only suspect this has been covered---and maybe even by you but I somehow missed it, but I was just reading the Wikipedia entry on Cape Horn the other day and discovered, finally, why those latitudes are named as they are. Oddly, my sailing book had reported the names, but not where they came from--maybe they thought it was obvious. I'm sure *you* already know why they are named as they are, so you can confirm for me if you like, since Wikipedia is not considered exactly "authoritative"---but it always seems to me that the information is reliable....OK, according to Wikipedia, it's all about the wind---well, at least starting with the 40's...I still have no idea what the "horse latitudes" are all about!
The "roaring 40's" are so named because the winds roar. The Fearsome 50's are latitudes where the wind is even stronger, because there is little land to slow it down and, apparently only when you need to round South America do you have to venture that "low"...and indeed the trader ships apparently adopted the Panama Canal to avoid the dangers, of which there are several. (I'm not going there though because I'm sure you already know them, and there's no sense scaring anyone who does have time to read some of these comments.) Anyway, the 60 degree to 70 degree latitudes are called the "Screaming Sixties", supposedly for even fiercer winds...but, thankfully, you don't have to get that low to get around anything.
When I was reading it, I didn't realize you'd get into those fifties so soon...or that you'd be there so long. I guess the good news (from my unadventuress perspective) is that this is a good time of year to be there, apparently (but only relatively speaking).
So, is there a thrill-seaker aspect to you personality? Were we looking forward to this part? I'm kind of hoping so, because that's the very last place you'd want to be with *my* personality traits.
So I think for me, I'm clenching my eyes shut and praying fervently until you've rounded that puppy (cape horn)...but I'll keep checking in. :-)
Blessings kiddo,

BostonEddie said...

Hi--Did want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope you're doing well (personally, by now I'd be calling the dolphins by their first names).
Do you have a real-time internet connection? My people were whalers out of Fairhaven, MA (I suppose I have illegitimate relatives all over the South Seas) and some of them wrote memoirs that are online; take a look whenever you can.

kina said...

Well said Jesse and well done. I agree with you wholeheartedly for having the fore-thought in celebrating with family and friends. For what is celebrating xmas without being "in the moment" so to speak. Just wouldn't be the same a day later, would it.

Yet another milestone achieved as you sail into the "Fearsome Fifties". There must be a real sense of purpose and personal satisfaction as you reach these significant points in developement...rock on girl!

From a layman's perspective you seem to be trailing all that rough stuff out there. I could be wrong, but if not, I hope the conditions are just testy enough to get you around the Horn quickly and safely.

You do sound like you're ready for Cape Horn now anyway, particularly after being in the doldrums for so long. I would venture to say you are both mentally and physically prepared to take it on now Jesse.

Btw, how're the stowaways going? With one full of air and the other an aversion to water...hmmm Hope they pull their weight or they might be 'walking the plank'lol
Sail safe and secured.

Ben (Qld)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved the photos of the many Christmas Pressies and Santa would certainly like that pretty red outfit you were wearing The Cabin is very tidy, comfortable , and organized a cheerfull respite when conditions outside are disagreeable ! Your updates are informative and you are making amazing progress! Cheers!

Meechree said...

Hope it was great for you :D
-Dimitri, USA

Brian Riley said...

Hi! Jesse, you really did the right thing and enjoyed Christmas with us all on the same day,( A true Aussie )The albatross is keeping a seaman's eye on you bringing you a safe passage and good Kama.
Fearsome 50's" in a fog sounds like a different world with the big roll of the southern ocean, your photo say's you are happy and enjoying the adventure.
Safe Passage,Will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD.

Jan said...

hi jesse, glad to see another kiwi is on board. way to go.cheers from canterbury nz

Kerri said...

Hey Jess,

Happy Boxing Day! Glad you choose to celebrate on your family day and with Aussie Xmas day(time zones? it's all relative now, you are probably just tuned into the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset at this point). Sounds like you had a merry day with presents and yummy food. Good! You need some meat on your bones now that you are in chillier waters. Be warm. Hope the sun pops out and sticks around for a while. Did anyone back home wrap up a bird book? Maybe you'll see some amazing flocks of birds from the northern hemisphere being that is is winter up here and many are south for migration. I know there is a bird that migrates pole to pole (ever see the documentary 'Winged Migration'?). Beautiful. Enjoy your albatross and any other visitors that may land on EPL.
Happy day to you, the nm's are ticking off now.

Happy sailing from California!


Chimli said...

Like the Kiwi :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jess, and a very happy and safe New Year .. wishing you all the best in life and on your epic voyage x

Nadine said...

Hi Jess,
I hope you don't have to return any of your xmas presents to the store lol.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the next leg of your trip. Best of luck.
Nadine, ohio usa

SaltyDog said...


So it sounds like you had just an average Christmas. Who am I kidding? What and increadible way to celebrate Christmas. Sailing into the Furious 50's followed by a Boxing Day visit from an Albatross. You're one of a privileged few who can say they've had such a Christmas experience. And you got a couple of new crew members. I don't know if I would listen to much advice from the blow up crew member because he could just be full of hot air. And the pink doll's personality might be a little flat to start with, but she'll grow on you. I sure was smiling while I was reading about your Christmas and seeing your picture. Everyday that you write, you add something special for all of us.

And thank you Trudy, Austria/Mackay. It's always fun to read the comments from all of these great people who are supporting Jessica. It's a pleasure to put down the newspaper that focuses so much on the negative and then read Jess's blog and realize just how many good, positive people there are in the world. We owe Jess, her family and her shore team a huge "Thank You" for bring us all together.

Jess, I'm getting excited for you the closer you get to the Horn. What a cause for celebration that will be.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Casting Off said...

Merry Christmas Jessica! You have and are inspiring me. I am sending tons of positive energy your way. Enjoy the journey. Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica:

Thanks for the pics and for the Xmas Blogs. It was great to include you in our Christmas. I am glad that you enjoyed the day.
Your morale seems to be high. Keep up the good thoughts and stay safe. How is the Ship traffic out there? Good sailing to the Cape.

Joe Springfield VA USA

Rob Williams said...

You look very pleased with your presents.Nice to have an albatross for company ,but I,m sure you are looking forward to the next christmas you can share with friends and family.Stay warm and safe.
Best wishes from Rob Williams and family,Tasmania.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo Jessica.
Smooth sailing
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Gillian said...

Grow your own best friend! HA. Someone to talk to? If she starts talking back you need to put her in the cupboard, lock it and walk away.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse
Looks like Santa was very kind to you..great pic. The Sydney Hobart as I write early Sunday AEST has Wild Oats in front for line honours although they got "rolled" (sorry) at the start by a speedy ( sorry again) Alfa Romeo. They are battling SW winds at present. AUS vs Pakistan day one MCG we are 2 for 305 looking good. I am so glad you had a relaxing Christmas day and that you could rest and enjoy your messages and phone calls... some tough going ahead but I really hope it is fun for you in the 50's and enjoy the birds, OK until tomorrow

All the best

Seaya Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse.....

Finally found the fearsome and fabulous Fifties, eh !! Now you're where the "Real" sailors go for 'where it's all at' ! I'm so looking forward to your blogs of the Big Left Turn in 2K or so..... and some piccies, too, of course. Hey, maybe a video from the dodger ?

BTW... any chance of a piccie of the albys escorts ? I think of S.T. Coleridge's poem when I hear of one, but I've never seen this outstanding bird. And , yes, I read where they fly thousands of K's as well as sleep on the wing and present a magnificient 'steady-winged-as-she-goes' image~~~ you have quite a bit in common with them, Jesse :)) !!

Hey, y'still haven't caught your 'next' fish. Maybe as you approach the 'corner', eh.

Your prezzies shone with soul you say.... It _is_ in one's perception, this "Being" stuff, isn't it. As professor Higgins exclaimed... "By God, I think she has it !! " ( My Fair lady)...... Only a few of the minority that pursue 'Mindfulness' ever get close to embracing Being........... ~ I reckon you're 'There'. Just another facet of your Uniqueness......... With many other Serried Rankers, I'm witness to this !!... -Just to be here with your Quest is so good-...... and I'll be out in the crowd on your Sydney Grand Appearance, too. :))))...

You're going GREAT, Jesse...

Better shift along and give some other Serried Rankers some room to reply....... So excellent seeing your words again , and absorbing some of your Spirit.

... 'til later, & best wishes,

... Ooc.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
5 am, regularly checking your blog! I missed the picture before of you surrounded by your presents. You look so happy, really like the Cheshire cat!
After reading the commentaries, I am not the only one wondering, what a blow up kiwi is good for!!!!!!
Maybe it is the same as with the grow your own BF, since you are out there in the middle of somewhere and don't have the originals on board, they have sent you the next best thing, blow up versions.......
Really thoughtful and creative.I have to chuckle!
Loved the comments of amazedbyou about the kangaroos running around the top paddock.....I'll remember that one and will ask myself when I am not sure whether I am making sense or not! :-)
What's that about a pink shirt with the name in white on the back, what a great idea!
I am cringing, because I won't be able to be at your homecoming in Sydney, I'll be working in Austria.
I'll just have a shirt made with my name on it and send a photograph instead!
I have just read the biography about Alan Marshall, 'I can jump oceans'.
Terrific book! One passage stands out, because it reminds me of your blog writing Jessica!
Here it is:
It was said of A. Marshall giving talks,
He delighted his listeners with his flow of wit and imagery, gripped them with the power of his expression........the seeds of the latent charismatic qualities were sprouting, struggling to reach the light.
This now is the Jessica version:
she delights her readers with the flow of her wit and imagery, she grips them with the power of her expression......the seeds of her charismatic qualities are sprouting and refined by use of her natural talents!

Keep well, good sailing, sunshine, the company of albatrosses, be happy and above all else safe,
we, the blog family love you
Trudy, Austria and Mackay

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
I just looked at the photo again.............The kangas did start running around the top's a kiwi bird!!!!!!!!!
Oh no!!!!!! And here I write about kiwi fruit, kivis as in person, well the top paddock was empty for a while!!!!

trentgs said...

So're living on Aussie time as you twirl about the globe..I guess eventually you will catch up with yourself and maybe not have any travel lag..or perhaps you will always be one day ahead of the rest of us! It looks like you had a nice Christmasregardless of the day you celebrated..besides..while I was in Egypt I learned the reality of those 12 days of Christmas. For a quick version..The Eastern (Roman)Church and the Western (Greek)Church Celebrate Christmas on different days..If I remember correctly its 7 January for the Greek Orthodox and Egyptian Coptics- the 12 days between the two Church worlds are celebrated not as empty days as some cultures but as Christmas leading to the Epiphany (the day the Wisemen came visiting Jesus)Usually its celebrated on the 6th of January. A really neat astronomical video on it called simply 'The Star' shows how the wisemen knew by the constellations (times and Seasons) when and about-where. Its' fascinating to see that 490 years before they knew precisely when the Messiah would be born..and it just so happened they visited him on the 25th of the Western Church chose it as the day to celebrate by giving..and we continue the celebration ourselves..Interesting huh?
When the fog clears I still bet you have the best seat in the house for star gazing. Did you bring a good telescope with you-or hopefully a great pair of binoculars.
Great to see the video and photo..Be Blessed..

Gary & Jan

Anonymous said...

Lynne says - "THANK YOU AGAIN" Jesse for your blog. I was so engrossed in reading it I also felt I was with you. Then it came to an end. I know you can't go on writing but we all so enjoy hearing all your experiences.

You really will have to write a book later, Please.

So glad your Christmas bought some sunshine, I knew you would get some. Also the Albatross. We have the Gannets here. I have been to the colony at Cape Kidnappers and also we see them here in the Marlborough sounds.

I remember years ago one getting caught in a fishing line and with a glove my husband was able to free it. It was amazing because the bird did not struggle and when free stayed overhead watching for ages. Made be cry at the time.

Take care, and bye until next time.

Lynne (Picton, NZ)

Attitude said...

Whatever you believe with emotions becomes your reality.You always act in a manner consistent with your intermost beliefs and convictions. Brian Tracy

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Good to hear you're braving the fifties already.
If the 'Blow up' Kiwi is made in France chuck it overboard asap,lol.
It's 'Couch Potato' heaven over here in Oz with Cricket/Golf/Tennis and a'Formula One' yacht race to watch, seeya L8er ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that your Christmas Day was a good one! Your presents sound wonderful. I'm also growing a new "best friend" right now - a spider plant! (no actual spiders involved) Enjoy your new books and congrats on the 50s!
Seattle, USA

Robert said...

Ms. Jessie
I am glad that to hear that you Had a great Christmas day with your family at home - you will be shopping once again shortly - see how many dollars your saving by not shopping with the mobs!!! LOL
You are making good way to the Horn, but does the rocking of the vessel make you type badly some times? You list 2000 nm - Is it not just two hundred not thousand?
It is always a good omen to see a Albatross and to make you smile that is even better.
Keep dry and the sail in the air.
Robert San Diego, Ca.

SusieB said...

Great photo Jessica, you look very cosy and pleased with your christmas pressies. I love the Kiwi
Great to hear you've had some sunny days it has rained almost non-stop here in Brisbane over Christmas - a great christmas present for brisbane
Thanks to another blogger's suggestion, I have been tracking the weather on Passage weather, which is interesting to see what weather you are heading into - so far it has been good with you steering a steady path avoiding some of the the big winds and waves
Keep up your steady path and I hope your albatross stays with you for some time -
I'm pleased too you celebrated your Christmas with a large number of your Aussie bloggers - it just wouldn't have been the same without you -
Every year we set a spare seat at our christmas table, just in case 'Elijah' drops in and every year that seat is filled 2 or 3 times with extras - this year we had a stranded English family, a young man from Nigeria and of course you dear Jesse, as we all sat and looked out over Moreton Bay
Good luck for your passage to the Cape and beyond - with you all the way
rug up, stay warm, and sail safe

Gary said...

Hello Jess,

All the best for the new year. I am sorry I haven't written to you for about 7 weeks but I was involved in a bad car accident and am just coming good now.

I have been reading your blog and taking everything in. Congratulations for getting this far but I knew you would, just as I know you will finish and SMASH Jesse Martin's record. (Sorry Jesse but you can't hold the record for good, someone else has got to have a go)

Look after yourself out there kiddo and keep yourself safe. The worrld loves you.

The knockers that keep putting you down are the ones who know they haven't the guts to do what you are doing.

All the best Jess

Gary Thompson Carrum Downs, Australia

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi Jess, looks like you did enjoy your day. You were not alone you had all of us out there with you.
200NM way to go jess.
Great glogs Jess.
Again Stay Safe
Anthony N QLD OZ

Danny said...

Hi Jess Danny here SA Wallaroo go girl,I will fly to Sydney and come and see you and the Pink Lady come through the heads cant Wait,we all Love ya stay safe....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

have been following your blog for a while and like to encourage you to go for your goal.

I think you have already set a record: you are the youngest person under sails who celebrated xmas solo, nonstop and unassisted at point Nemo - it's worth to be mentioned in the Guinness Book!

Looking forward to your news,

take care,

Sven, Hamburg (Germany)

Bruce said...

Merry Christmas from America, where the exciting new king reigns supreme.

It was here that a new king was born. Poke fun...AU Queen Mum fell madly in love with him, since his laws are derived from Great Britain with rich people in common, an everlasting achievement for them.

She came back to America here to celebrate the 400th anniversary. In America, we call the new king (enthroned corporations), which are (artificial persons-not citizens), whose wealthy corporate interests own and/or control government for the most part.

You really caused a stir leaving Sydney to sail around the world under the jurisdiction of King Neptune (Mythological God of the Seas). You're doing a good job appeasing him with your talent, charm, cute ausi looks and voice, chocolate, etc.. I'm sure he'll continue to see you through the Fearsome 50's and around Cape Horn safely, but keep a few pieces of chocolate somewhere just to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Hope the circling Albatross is a good omen for you.

Wishing you and King Neptune a Happy New Year, too.

So go now safely with lots of good luck for you and your team.

Best Regards,
Bruce, and my mum (Louise)
Boise, Idaho

mwp62 said...

Followed Zach and Mike, now following you (& Abby!) everyday. Godspeed and God Bless you Jessica, You are in the prayers of my wife and I!

Michael & Jennifer - S Carolina, USA.

Ian said...

I looked up 50 degrees South on the map. That's nearly the tip of Cape Horn, so I guess you'll go a bit farther down just yet and then head east. There's not much down that way, is there? You're a really long way from home.

Remember The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and don't, whatever you do, shoot that albatross. LOL. Now there are two magnificent birds in the Fearsome Fifties, and one only sixteen years old.

Love from

Ian from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Good to hear a bit of Kiwi has made it on your lovely Ellas Pink Lady!!

From a Kiwi Guy To a Young Aussie Girl Hope your spirits remain high as we watch your progress travelling around our beautiful planet.

You are very lucky to spot them birds in the great southern ocean. Our very own Sir Peter Blake done many around the world races and loved the birds you are now seeing. He fell in love with them so much he went back before he died to the antartic just to see the big birds!

You have me glued to my computer waiting for your lastest update every day! I just wish I had the courage to do what you are doing right now. I love boating and use ours regularly but Like the sight of land!!! LOL

Look forward to your next update Jess. Woo Hoo for the ANZAC Spirit!
Hope you have good winds and safe seas!!

Shane. Auckland New Zealand!

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Bonjour Jessica,

Thanks for sharing your presents with us!

Keep smiling,stay warm,be safe.

Angus said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad you had a good Xmas day, you look like your enjoying your self.
It wouldn't matter when you celebrated XMAS you'll never be alone. You have half of the planned riding along with you.

The albatross sure is a great creature, I always used to wonder why they didn't ever crash into the occasional wave.

Your not alone when you get some silly Xmas presents, I'm 60 and I still get buckets of them.

We had friends and family here on XMAS day, when we raised a glass to you, everyone new of your quest.

Take care princess and keep chipping away at that mountain.

Fair winds and following seas.

Anonymous said...

Salut Jessica,

Profite-en un max.
Et reste bien "focus" pour le cap horn ,-)

C'est un plaisir de suivre ta progression.


Richard from Europe

Pipefish said...

And as the albatross circled, he thought. . . "Of all the times I've seen her on these waters, not once did she flap her sails." :-D

Congrats on your great progress Jess, holy smokes, you've come so far in relatively so little time! Sail on capitan, sail on!

Pipefish, California Usa

hezakiah299 said...

12-26-09 @ 17:04
Hi Jessica,
How are you doing, hope your tummy didn’t get upset from all the munchin’ you did. I enjoyed that Christmas picture with you and all your gifts and your happy face. I think that this is just what you needed to break the monotony of your daily sailing routine, a little celebrating, lots of laughter and chatting with the family.
I just checked the passage weather and things look pretty good for the following week. Wind is moderate, as are the waves. I don’t see any ‘action’ for you until the end of next week (01-02-10) Sat. and Sun. That just looks like a bit of a roller coaster ride for you. A good way to welcome in the New Year.
I used to worry about you when you were going into rough weather, but since I’ve gotten to know you and what you are capable of handling, I don’t feel that the 4-7 metre waves are a real threat to you. Above that, I worry!!!!
I still feel that you’re going to have a smooth sail around the cape, and I hope I’m not wrong on that.
As far as my navigating is concerned, phooey, that’s pathetic. If I was doing your navigating I would probably have you heading for “lower slobovia” where ever that is. See what I mean. LOL……
I hope your fans and followers realize that I was just teasing you about having your crew “walk the plank”. LOL……..
Take good care of yourself and the crew, Jessica, and keep up the good work. The World is watching you, my little star.
Stay safe, hooked up and always alert.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse
Lovely to see you with all your pressies piled on top of you, and glad you had a great Christmas Day and took it a bit easier than the usual. Whats's with the NZ interloper though? It's not good especially since a NZ'ander beat us to the first mark in the Sydney to Hobart.
Be careful.
Love Aunty Chris (Tamworth, NSW, Oz)

Anonymous said...

A day behind all,due to my day with family to celebrate the day.
Thanks the nice xmas video,you are all decked out ,good on ya young lady,your pics looks like Santa made his drop to you,I knew Rudolph would light the way to you.
See you where not alone after all,the albatrosses are looking after you along with your stuffy crew and of course your ''Pink Lady''.
I see by my ABC site they had a wet start to the Sydney To Hobart[I am sure my farther was looking down at the start,he was one of the old timers who sailed in it along time ago as a young mate.
Hope you had eggnog along the way,and the fearsome 50's remain calm.What happened to the treats you left on deck for Santa?
You should lets us know what was the best pressy you got.
I will keep up on the race and of course await your next update,again thanks for your xmas video it warmed my heart on a cold afternoon here in the northeast USA.
Take care young lady,enjoy your ''Lamb Chops'',I get them here in the US from my local market and yes they are from Australia,they are yummy.if I could only get fried potato scallops I would be in heaven.
Keep on in that xmas mode,it will brighten your day's,even though some are foggy,at least it beats snow.
Jessica,that's it for me ,you where a topic of conversation at our family xmas party last night,I gave my family members your website so you I hope you will some more additions to your ''Adoptive World Family''.
That's it from me for now,you are in my thoughts daily and will be until your adventure ends,if I could fly back to my old home land I would,just maybe I can....,about had our winter already and it has only just started.
Take of yourself,be positive,stay safe,remember we LOVE and SUPPORT you all the way.
God speed and may God keep you safe daily.
Hugs to you and your ''stuffy crew''.
Stephen M.
Transplanted ''Aussie'',

Steve from California said...

Hi Jesse,

Just back from Lake Tahoe where our Islander28 is shrinked wrapped and covered with snow. Crisp 12 degrees F this morning!

If sailboats have souls, I'm sure Ella's Pink Lady's is far fuller with delight than Edelweiss sleeping under a foot of snow.

I doubt we'll have a chance to greet you in Sydney Harbor some months from now, but know we've been (and will be) with you each day of your extraordinary adventure.

SL California)

Glen B said...

happy new year capt jess damn you go girl feel the love we are putting out too you Glen B

rob taylor said...

merry christmas jessica
my family is so proud of you
all our love

Anonymous said...

Two snowmen are standing in a field. One says to the other : "Funny, I smell carrots too".
How do you make a bandstand? Take away their chairs.
Why did the elephant paint his toenails red?
To hide in the strawberry patch!
A cop catches a guy speeding.
Approaching the window, the cop says, "I've been waiting for you all day, son."
Guy says, "I got here as fast as I could!"
What's brown and sticky?
A stick.
What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?
"Where's my tractor?"

Anonymous said...

....I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.....(ref: John D ROCKEFELLER)

Be strong....persevere. Enjoy the lucky thing - I am green with envy.

Paul LEE
NZ Police

RichieParis said...

Hi Captain Jesse, do you know the Baudelaire's poem about the Albatross?
(tranlsation by Lawrence Chorley)

"Often, in search of sport, the idle mariners
Capture an albatross, giant bird of the sea,
That languorously follows as fellow traveller
The ship gliding over the vast and bitter deep.

Scarcely has he been laid upon the briny deck
Than this lord of the sky, ungainly and abased,
Will let his great white wings hang piteously down
Like a pair of paddles abandoned at his sides.

This winged voyager, how limp and graceless now!
Grotesque and risible – his beauty now all gone!
One of the tars teases his beak with his clay pipe,
Another, limping, apes the cripple that once flew.

The poet is akin to the prince of clouds
Who dwells in the tempest and scoffs at the archer
In exile on the earth, mocked by the jeering cloud,
His giant’s mighty wings impede his very step."

Of course, it must sound better in french (original words and sentences' rhythm), but I guess this english version will be easier to read.
I hope you like it.
Good winds and be happy, Jesse. We think of you, talk about you, check your blog many times a day.

Jonathan said...

Hi Jess,

First of all "Happy Christmas" - our prayers and thoughts are with you on this Christmas day (which we spent at a relo's who has this huge barbie every Christmas). I spoke about your incredible journey to people there who were largely unaware of what you were doing and I am quite sure that resulted in your fan base expanding !

One of my dreams is to get an endorsement on my license to fly gliders (no power). The albatross' wings are very similar to that of a glider - aerodynamically efficient and along with a very wide wingspan it glides through layers of air that give it the most lift, allowing it to glide for hours (possibly indefinitely if it did not have to eat !). Yes, I imagine you could never get bored of watching an albatross in flight.

I am pretty excited to watch the pink markers get ever so close to Cape Horn and Oz disappear on the left side of the google earth globe (only to reappear on the right side in a couple of months) !

You are looking well and still have that steely glint in your eye !

Look after yourself.


Dreamsailor said...


currincool said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas Jessica, You are truly a 'gifted' and wonderful person.

Toni McLean said...

hi Jesse,
Glad that Christmas Day was uneventful sailing wise and that you managed to have a "day off". It would have been a pity if you had to be so busy with EPL that you didn't have time to cook the turkey or eat the plum pudding. And yes, of course, it was appropriate that you should celebrate Christmas as far as you can with your family.

So, now you have two more crew members by the sound of it! More mouths to feed. Hope you have enough wet weather gear to go around. :-) Better not let the sailing authorities know about all this extra help you've got.

Glad the fifties aren't too fearsome yet. I do remember some cruising yachtie writing about how tame Cape Horn was and they felt a bit cheated. You might be in luck too. Less than 2,000 nm to go and a whole ocean behind you will be great.

Hope there's some more sunshine coming for you.

Fair winds

StuntTrader said...

Jesse, there's going to be a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve and at the same time there will also be a lunar Eclipse which normally makes the Moon look reddish, so combining the two we should get a Purple Moon!
Hope you had a good Summer Solstice

Charles Dodgson said...

congratulations on passing Point Nemo. I guess that meant that you were also the most isolated human being on our planet for Christmas. That really is quite a feat - I mean, it demonstrates extraordinary will power over the feeling of isolation you must have had. Quite apart from the sailing skills and the sense of environment you are acquiring, you are also learning about where you fit in this world in relation to others. It takes most people a lifetime to come to that sort of realisation.

Anonymous said...

What a courageous lady!Following your blog and google progress map are very exciting. Watching you pass each milestone gives me lots of encouragement to continue pursuing the things I enjoy regardless of others doubts. Not sure that even at your age, I would have attempted such an undertaking. Keep up the good work and you definitely have my vote for your undertaking

Sumter, SC, USA

Anonymous said...

Merry belated Christmas Jessica, boy the 18th October must seem like years ago. It is great following all your voyage and the fact that you are sharing your experience with us. Keep up the good work and remember to "keep on enjoying yourself". It wont be long now before your back home so make the most of it.

Love Steve...Sydney

jwb777 said...

Loved seeing you looking so happy in your festive red sweater! THX for sharing the pic of your festive little compartment and all your special goodies!

Hoping by now the fog has lifted, but if not, just know that even though fog may be surrounding you out there, your messages break through like rays of streaming sunshine here! Here's hoping some of our messages bring a bit of 'sunshine' to you!

Hugs and prayers,

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Suzy said...

Merry Xmas Jesse!
Have been following your blog since Day 1 and it's been a fascinating read. Like many, I feel as if I've been journeying along with you. Thanks for all the little details and vignettes that have been bringing it to life for us all.
I am completely in awe of your adventurous spirit and your ability to put a positive spin on the curve balls and anything that comes your way. It is inspirational and uplifting.
You make me smile and bring sunshine into a grey drizzly Sydney day.
As you edge closer to the Cape I'm starting to get excited. We're with you in spirit all the way.
Love and best wishes,
Suzy :)

angie said...

Hi and merry xmas from Gladstone qld. Keeping up with yor trip with 4bc daily...I have two boys 19 and 22 looking for a date when you retrn !!! keep sailing

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
glad you had a wonderful xmas and got some wonderful silly presents they are the best. I dove 6 hous to spend with my family just me and my german shepherd.
Glad you had the pleasure of a visit from an albatross.
love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Anonymous said...

Captain Jesse, Explorer

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Captain Jesse.

You remain in our minds and in our prayers. Thought of you several times during Christmas day, sending you good thoughts and prayers.

On to the Cape!

Ben from Texas

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you had a lovely christmas day. Enjoy all your presents. And good on you for having a lazy day, I don't mind one now and again. Love reading your blogs whenever I get on my computer.
Best Wishes
Fair Sailing

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess.

I check your blog and location map daily but don't usually write. I just wanted to say what a awesome job you are doing, doing what you have always dreamed when many others just say 'i can't do that'. What a inspiration you are, proving that anyone can make their dreams come true if you really want them. And proving all those who doubt you wrong!

You have the whole world behind you Jess, you go for it and smash that record!

Sarah in Sydney Australia.

David and Una said...

Go Jess!

Satay safe!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes Jess

We are here barracking for you. You have already achieved so much. You are an inspiration. Henry and Jan-Maree

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put
some responsibility on their shoulders."

-- Abigail Van Buren

D.ingsbums said...

sounds like the trip is almost over... What a pitty.
Please post more pictures of yourself and the boat.

Anonymous said...

Just got on to your blog Jessica.
Have gone from a cynic to supporter.
Hope the angels keep you safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Watson; That has got to be the nicest smile from you, of the whole voyage. And all it took was a few presents. I bet the folks at home were also pleased to see you so happy. Okay, enough of that. Does'nt the bilge need cleaning! Just kidding! Fare Well dear Captain
Vancouver, Canada

Anonymous said...

To blogger Tracie,
They're simply lines of latitude as in degrees south of the equator. ie, roaring 40's is 40 degrees south. Jessica is now at 50degrees south of the equator. And of course the further south you go, so too does the thermometer.

To blogger Magpie,
Please don't chuck anything overboard unless you've eaten it first.

Happy new year everyone.

samurai said...

Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV
December 26, 2009 7:01 PM

No harm done, Michael. I was also being silly with my Pauline Hansen impersonation.

Kind regards...Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Great picture of you and all your prezzies. You have some more friends to keep you company now.

I hope you enjoyed all your Christmas treats and had a some yummy food you wouldn't have every day.

Take care my dear and keep safe. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

windsong said...

Hi Jesse,
As we celebrated Christmas with family and friends I kept sneeking away to the computer waiting for your Christmas video! When it was on-line I called my daughter and some others into see you - you looked very snug and happy and I think you may have some more supporters.
Wow, you are now down south and what an achievement - Infinite Success and joy.
Take care of your new crew member as she grows and matures!
Take care Jesse,
Infinite love and blessings,
Tom, Tasmania.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from Canada (British Columbia) So glad you had a good Christmas, nice that you can talk to your family throughout your voyage. I have posted a comment to you a few times, and read your blog and check on your voyage daily. Everyone always asks how my "Sailor Girl" is doing as I talk about you often, you are an incredible person, and your parents must be so proud. Take care and know I am thinking of you daily.

Deborah said...

While I also much admire the Albatross, I have thought a bit about your situation, out there on a relatively small yatch. Don't for heaven's sake let one of them think of resting on your boat. They must weigh a bit...

I'm sure your coach can inform you better than I.

Whelp, time for hockey.

Deborah in BC, Canada

Alessandro Machi said...

Are you really thousands of miles from land, wow. How many thousands?

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Jess, When our son was 9, we listened to books-on-tape as we travelled for gymnastics meets. One was about the tragic Sydney-Hobart race in 1998, I think? As we listened along, I began to worry it would squelch his desire to continue boating. We eventually got to the end of it.

Every quest has danger that makes success all the more prized, Jess. So as I check on your blog and check on the S-H race today I am so proud of you at 16 and worry more as you near the Cape. I appreciate all the blog family: nail biters, parents, cheerleaders, musical folks, poets and science types, too. The sea people who stay "in the moment" especially strengthen the confidence we have in you because you've accomplished so much by use of your gifts getting you this far, Jess.

Sometimes I have loads of kangaroos hopping around in my upper paddock! Animals, kids and working in a school cause that; I just never knew that was the problem. God, I love that expression, AmazedByYou!

I need Boxing Day to just chill reading your blog comments, check the S-H race, and read my Patrick O'Brian sailing adventure book, --in between silly puppy tennis ball games. All our little opened gifts have to stay 48 inches above the floor, or the little 12-wk-old piranha (oops, I meant puppy) my son name Minerva Calypso will disassemble them.

Your shore crew are keeping you up to the minute on the SH, since I'm sure you and your family know team members. Last I checked 'Alfa Romeo' is still out front by 13 nm over 'ICAP Leopard' and 'Wild Oats XI', but they need wind. Our US sports news is pretty self-centered. Internet makes info easier to get, thank heaven. Does three days of fog impact your power source for your computer? Have you had to run your generator?

An inflatable kiwi... who thinks of such things? I used to be a tree buyer and one of my ingenious sources was a fellow called "Tree Kiwi," transplanted from NZ--pun intended.

An inflatable anything is good for flotation, I suppose. I can see the newspaper now: "Quest of Aussie girl and pink boat saved by air-filled kiwi!"

I've never heard so much praise of albatrosses. I learn so much. Myopically North American, I had always thought they were meant to be bad luck; where did I get that? Now we'll hold them in higher regard.

The other excellent quip for the day is "I used to be indecisive, but now I am not so sure…" Thanks for that, too, AmazedByYou!

Jess, keep lighthearted and focused. Bon Voyage!
Fondly, Your Pink Fan Family from Northern Nevada

P.S. for Bruce from Boise, the Queen's visit has been playing on public television for months and the event was May 4th, 2007--old stuff. How does that tie in?

trugannini said...

Dear Jessica, The albatross is very wise. Calm and courageous. Doesn't hurry, just cruises, but misses nothing. It has noted that you are there and is watching over you.
I am a 72yr old woman who has been watching your preparations and progress for months. I had three children, and I congratulate your parents in raising you to realise your full potential. We could talk about that, but I am sure you know exactly what I mean. This is 1st time I have written to you. I will write again another day. I live in Forster NSW on the Pacific Coast.
Sail on dear one, sail on.


Sail on Jessica...

christo said...

I was thinking the song Calypso may be appropriate about now. Excellent progress on the EPL. Stay attentive (watch out for Harold Holt, he's there somewhere, I just know it! - just kidding (Aussie joke)

Its amazing, achievements in our family like climbing Mt Kili, Ironman, etc all pale very much against something like a circumnavigation. So many things to think of - the approaching weather, the course, food, water, radio contact, battery chargers, fishing, etc, etc. Incredibly, it seems you have it all under control.

Stay clipped in, happy. In the words of the Freo Dockers supporters 'Nemo, way to go!!'

Reservoir till your next post. Following every word. Absolutely compelling for me as a father of an 18yo and 21yo. Your family must just be in awe of you.


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
This one is for Robert of San Diego,
our Jesse making a typing mistake, never.
The 2000nm distance to go to the Horn is correct, 200 nm is only 2 days sailing.
Cheers George

Anonymous said...

He looks funny from front on Jess!
There's some cool pics on Google Images!

Hope your having fun!
We're proud of you and with you all the way!

Hey you don't need to be lonely when you can grow a best friend!
Whoever got you that has a cool scene of humor.

Be safe!


The albatross is a sea bird that is an omen of either good luck or bad luck. In Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner an albatross follows the ship - a sign of good luck. But then a sailor kills it and suddenly bad luck befalls all of them. To punish him, the others make him wear the dead bird around his neck. Eventually, all of them perish, victims of the curse of the dead albatross.

Anonymous said...

Hello jessica,
no worries about chirstmas. nothing wrong with sharing with family and friends.
your journey reminds me of a dirk pitt adventure if you haven't read them yet you should.
be safe
ohio, usa

ToSeeTheSea said...

The fearsome 50's look like they are going to live up to their reputation for you judging by what I can see on A low passing to the south of you with plenty of wind on the back of it. Another low coming from your NW looks like it will keep you guessing how to ride the top edge. So plenty of wind with a couple of jibes from port tack to starboard and back to port. A confused sea will keep you tired.
Keep smiling, aparently smiling forces a wee gland in your face to give off a chemical that actually makes you feel better.
You continue to inspire Jess Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your latest "writing gem" about albatros. Also, a great picture! In fact a perfect post-card - you need only to add some Merry Christmas or similar words and ... it is ready for distribution at every corner shop.

You bring so much joy to a growing numbers of enthusiasts, following your blog

Fair winds and good luck

Andrew - Melbourne (Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Many thanks for the latest blog. Making great reading! Yes you did miss the start of the Sydney to Hobs race, but you are out there in the ocean doing something far more amazing! Also what a great place to spend Christmas. Good luck with your treck to the horn.

Cheers, Leeroy from BNE

Anonymous said...

This is my first entry to your blog Jessica, but I have been following your progress since you left Sydney. I am in awe of your courage and determination. Go girl!

Very best wishes for the next stage - God speed!

Jim said...

Still watching your voyage with amazement. Happy Year . Safe sailing.
Jim from Colorado

Ronnie said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! Thanks for adding a touch of adventure to our holidays!

Everett, WA USA

Anonymous said...

Hi jesse,
Looks like you have had a very good Christmas. Lots of presents and plenty of contact with home, your cabin looks so cosy!
I am intrigued by the thick fog, it sounds fascinating and very quiet is it possible to take a photo of it, like the bow of EPL cutting through it?
I'm glad you are being visited by Albatross, it must be humbling to see such a majestic bird circling above you. As usual you paint a vivid picture, I can imagine it so easily.

I have PassageWeather on my favourities bar now, its great watching the weather systems passing by the Cape. I have learnt so much from your journey already!

Huge admiration for you Jesse,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

lilshawnee said...

Hello Jesse,
Merry Christmas to you and Pink lady.
Glad for the pic and to see your happy and safe.
Just to let you know we just got back from the mountains and we had an ice storm so we had Christmas with no power and cooked Christmas dinner on a BBQ, But we had fun just thinking of you all alone out at sea.
We are keeping up with you. have fun, i know i am just fallowing you.
Your frends
God Bless you and Pink Lady.

Grant Fjermedal said...

Here's a tip on how to watch Jessica's weather. But first a note on why this might be a great time to plug into the ocean weather forecast sites (if you haven't already).

Today Jessica announced she had droped into what she called the "Fearsome 50s." (Also known as ther "Ferocious 50s.")

So far Jessica has had smooth sailing -- which is a tribute to her skills, her preparation, the great work of her weather router, and the sensible time of year she departed, which goes back to great project planning.

With 2,000 miles to go to Cape Horn -- and with plenty of interesting water to cover afterwards -- this is a great time to plug into the weather.

For those who are already sailing with Jessica in spirit, you may be able to deepen your sense of being there by taking a look at the weather that is forecast along her voyage.

Anyways . . . here's the site I like. Have also included my own instructions on how to use the site:

- Go to

- In the upper left corner, click on the button labelled "South Pacific"

- A second set of buttons appear. Click on the "South Pacific Ocean (All)" button

- You see the current weather for the South Pacific between Australia and Cape Horn.

- Click on the "Animate" button to watch the weather forecast update in 3-hour increments for the next 7 days.

- Click the "Animate" button again to stop the animation at any point.

- Click on the "Previous" and "Next" buttons to step through the weather forecast at your own pace.

BIG QUESTION: What do all of those weird musical-note looking arrows mean? These are the wind indicators. The bare end of the line shows which way the wind is blowing. And the horizontal lines on the other end show how hard the wind is blowing. Think of them as flags. 1 horizontal line (or flag) means it is forcast to blow 10 knots (knots are a bit more than miles per hour). 2 lines indicate 20 knots. They also use half-length lines to show 5 kts. If you see a line with 3 and a half horizontal lines on the end it means a 35-knot wind is forecast. If you see a line with a triangle on the end, it means 50-knot+ winds are forecast.

ALSO: The color code along the bottom of the map shows that the wind indicator lines are also gathered into colored clouds that indicate general wind speed. Green is good: 20-30 knots. Yellow, orange, red, and dark red are scarier. And hope she never sees purple (50 knots+).

NOTE: Scroll down the page to the third chart for wave height.

BIG, BIG QUESTION: Where is Jessica's boat on that weather map? Jessica and team have decided against posting daily position reports. But she occasionally mentions major milestones, such as passing Point Nemo on Christmas Eve.

When you look at the weather chart, you'll see the latitude marked along the left hand side of the chart, and the longitude marked along the bottom of the chart.

We know that on December 24 she was at Point Nemo, and from Wikipedia we know that it is located at nearly 49 degrees south latitude. And we know that its longitude is just over 123 degrees West.

From this point to Cape Horn you can figure that she will probably do about 6 knots per hour, or about 148 miles per day. Depending on the wind that shows up on the weather map you can nudge that figure up or down. (Old salts can boost the 6 knots up a bit to hullspeed + downwind surfing in heavier air, but you get the idea.)

OPEN BOTH WINDOWS AT ONCE: A good way to get a feel for the weather she will be encountering is to open her daily "Voyage" chart showing her current position. And in another window go to

Hope this helps some folks get more enjoyment out of following her trip.

- Grant Fjermedal, Seattle, USA

Mary said...

Hiya, Jess,

Wishing you good breezes and clearing skies. May you continue to LOVE the ride of the ocean and may you continue to be safe and sound.

All blessings to you and around you,
Mary, Maine, USA

Bill & Irena said...

Jess, just sensational, your with us all in spirit, glad you were able to enjoy the day- stay safe- best wishes Bill & Irena Perth, where it is now 40 degrees- that COOL breeze off the ocean must be fantastic

Anonymous said...

Till a great sea-bird, called the Albatross, came through the snow-fog, and was received with great joy and hospitality.

"At length did cross an Albatross,
Through the fog it came ;
As if it had been a Christian soul,
We hailed it in God's name.
It ate the food it ne'er had eat,
And round and round it flew.
The ice did split with a thunder-fit ;
The helmsman steered us through "

And lo ! the Albatross proveth a bird of good omen, and followeth the ship as it returned northward through fog and floating ice.

"And a good south wind sprung up behind ;
The Albatross did follow,
And every day, for food or play,
Came to the mariner's hollo !
In mist or cloud, on mast or shroud,
It perched for vespers nine ;
Whiles all the night, through fog-smoke white,
Glimmered the white Moon-shine."

Scott said...

Would you say the fourties and fifties live up to their names? Hope the fog clears soon so you can see the sky again. Stay warm.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

mike said...

Hi Jesse

Thanks for your Christmas message and more recent update. Bet you are looking forward to some big swells soon. You will handle them with your usual professional manner and skills, I reckon.

I will look forward to your updates as you sail towards the Horn. Best wishes,

Mike (from Canberra)

Pauline Follett said...

Dear Jesse,
We have been following your progress from day one and know that you will succeed in your endeavour.
You are privileged to have the sea wind in your hair and have seen an albatross (the mariners friend).
Good sailing ahead!
Love Pauline and her Dad (Don).
Gol Gol NSW. Australia.


Hey Jess,
We just got back to the Sunshine Coast from Christmas holidays with relatives at Iluka NSW. Its great to be back home and hear how wonderful your doing. Loving hearing everything your up too. Love your video.
Thinking of you -
- JESSICA WATSON will be The Youngest Person to Sail Around the World !!!!!
From, The Sunshine Coaster Family A,C,J,B,& G (Nambour)

bob C said...

Gday Jessica,

Your letters brighten up an old man's day like you would not believe.

Your blog should be compulsory reading for Aussies in your age group and perhaps some slightly older ones as well.

your efforts make us so proud and we wish you a safe journey all the way back to Sydney
Bob C

Ron said...

Jessica, I've been following your blog ever sense I heard about your departure on the news.
You are an inspiration, even to old salts (former sailors). I can't help but wonder what will you do for your next achievment.
You rock Jess.
Will keep a look out for the movie...Follow your Dream Jess, I know everyone else is following your passion as it were there own.
Safe passage, God Bless.

Peter said...

Hello Jess,

I along with everyone else have become hooked on following every step of your journey. You are an insipiration to my two daughters and to all young people.
You will come back and have more life experience than alot of people twice your age.

God Speed.

Franks Family

tracey said...

Hey Jess

Love reading your blog and tracking your progress, what a fantastic job you're doing!!!!!
Glad you enjoyed your christmas and are not alone out there, so many people are behind you, ordinary people like me, wishing you well and watching you all the way.
Stay safe...until next time

Bruce Wooderson said...

Our family continues to watch your progress. Go girl!!! Go!!! Glad you had a pleasant Christmas. We will continue to think of you as you enter the more exciting phase of your journey.

Wooderson and O'Brien families, Sydey

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
A comment made by Jonathon from Melbourne about the similarity between a (non-powered) gliding aircraft and the albatross caught my attention.

There is a close similarity. Both have what are termed high aspect ratio wings. In general terms that means long and narrow wings which are aerodynamically more efficient at creating more lift and less drag than shorter and fatter wings.

On a yacht this becomes important and of interest because it is desirable to have the most efficient sail plan that can be supported by the keel ballast. Old photos of yachts show boats which look very different from to-days designs. The new boats have much taller (ie longer wingspan) masts and shorter booms than their older counterparts, and consequently they go much faster.

Some of the Sydney-Hobart boats have also increased their stability by using a canting keel, a keel which can pivot from side to side to increase the effect (righting moment) of the boat to enable it to sail with more sail than would be the case without the canting keel.

You are right about the soaring capability of the albatross. I recall years ago having some lessons flying a glider at Benalla and discovering that the glider had to be almost forced downwards to land because it was capable of flying with its wheel about a foot off the ground almost forever as though it were flying on a pocket of air below its wings.

Presumably the albatross can do something similar, gaining speed and momentum as it flys down a wave which then enables it to cruise over the crest of the next without using energy flapping to maintain speed and height above the waves.

The type of albatross Jessica saw and will no doubt see more of probably had a wingspan, from wing-tip to wing-tip of about 2.4 metres or 8 feet. They are magnificently big birds. It really is a pity she didn’t take a bird book!

Jessica, I hope you see more albatrosses as you continue south. enjoy their company when they visit.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you are flying. Wasn't it 2.500 miles just the other day? You won't be seeing too much of the cape, probably, since you'll be giving it a wide berth of safety, obviously. But that magic line! And from there on one can see an almost straight line of good currents, racing towards Australia. Once you've reached the Cape of Good Hope you'll know the truth in it's name.

AMZ said...

Hi Jess,

Merry Christmas babe!! you are in my thoughts a lot :)

stay safe and warm xo

Reiner Stöver said...

Hi Jessica,

here is someone from Northern-Germany. I read in a newspaper about your great journey. Fantastic! When we are sitting in our warm homes, you`re out there on the ocean with your sailing-boat, straight to Cape Horn, through across the 50`- Respect! I wish you further on a very good and occurrence trip with your Ella`s Pink Lady! All the best and lovely greetings from Reiner in Northern-Germany

Anonymous said...

merry belated x'mas jess ;)
from Thailand

Angelika said...

Hello Jessica
With my kids (girls, 9 and 12) I went through the last pics and comments you posted. My older one has now re-named your lovely Pink Lady. To her it is "The Feast Boat" loaded with goodies of all sorts. She said she would like to come and visit you - but not too long as it would be too far away (from home).
Happy travels and Happy New Year (in a few days). You'll get there before us here in NZ.
We've been having the most lovely sunny days, hope the rays I sent across the oceans reached you.

May the winds be with you! Angie

Gordon Heyward said...

Hi Jess,
What an amazing girl you are. I look at your site and read your blog every night. I wish I could be there when you arrive back in Sydney. I would really love to meet you. But I know thats not possible. I'm in Chch NZ and thats too far away. I am with you all the way.

MUNGUS said...

Fearsome fifties? Fogged the roaring forties, soon to fight the stunning sixties, please stay away from the stupendous seventies! Jesse, your prose is wonderful - keep adventuring and keep writing..!

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast

carole (Mackay) QLD said...

Hey Jess
Before I forget to tell you.... there have been over 28,000 hits on your christmas video on UTube - how cool is that!!!

Well sounds like you had a good christmas with all the trimmings, LOVE the description of your pressies "grow your own friends", Im wondering if I can adapt that principle to "grow your own staff!", sure would save on salaries.....

Your description as usual took me on a journey - watching the albatros soaring around you, glad you had an 'easy' christmas day and a chance to blodge out and relax.

Sydney to Hobart is well underway (I havent seen the news tonight to see who is in front at this present time), they have good conditions last I heard - a moderate southerly to help them along. Hot and muggy up here in the tropics awaiting an evening thunderstorm which will cool the air for a while.

Fair winds to keep your sails full and sunshine to cheer you!
and as always "clipped on"

Carole (Mackay) QLD

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Christmas has come and gone.

The New Year looms at the next horizon. I'm not sure what the Chinese calendar has named the New Year but I think that we will name it the Year of Jessica Watson.

I loved the photograph of you surrounded by your Christmas presents.

Take care of yourself and thanks for the update.

Safe winds.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Well done Jess, I bet you have more wind than the fleet in the Sydney to Hobart have, not long and you will be arround the Horne, there are lots of Albatross out on the shelf South of Portland Vic in the Autum and Winter.
Gods speed and God Bless.
Annie & Cam "H"

Anonymous said...

We are excited about your trip on your boat thinking of you alot. Stay safe.Glad to see you had some pressies to open. You are very brave. Go Girl! Cheers from The Quattrocchi's in Shepparton Victoria

Lynne said...

Merry Christmas, Jess. Imagine being in the 50's! It leaves those Sydney-Hobart yachts in the shade. You're sounding so in control. I hope that doesn't change. All the best. Lynne

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the success so far, and to the 50's! From a map that I viewed, it appears to be approx. only 56°S to clear the Horn. The pinks indicators appeared to indicate a large change in latitude to make the Horn!
Good that you could celebrate Christ mas with your family (time-wise)!

Keep up the good work

Thornton,NSW /Australia

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Not far now brave girl. Glad you enjoyed Christmas day and you got some nice gifts including the usual silly ones.

Take care Jess,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

ps... To Mary from Maine, USA

We've got you covered for the flag. My daughter is helping me come up with an idea so will make sure your name is on it. All the best for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Jess,
if I was your Mum, I'd now be bawling my eyes out at that picture.
Stay safe, hope to see you in the harbour!
Kathy, Qld.

Anonymous said...

Heya Jesse!

I'd seen it done in the movies and my mates dared me, so when we were diving for Tree Pang at the top end, I once dived from our punt onto a giant Turtles back just so he'd take me for a ride!

As soon as I landed on his shell and before I could get a good grip, he'd already started taking off. He looked smooth but he ripped my stinger suite and all me guts open. Cut my fingers pretty bad too! lol

So, in case you've been thinking of doing it! Be careful, use a thick wet suit and gloves!
Take the remote so you can't lose the boat! lol

Hope everything ok out there Jess!

Take care and be extra safe mate!

Proud of you and with you all the way!


Anonymous said...

Jesse , you are on the news now here in Chile..people are crossing fingers and wishing you good hopes for your approach and crossing the Cape Horn

go girl and cheers

Santiago,chile 27-12-2009 09:11

Mal, Wendy and Samara. said...

Merry Christmas Jess.........It's all been said so I won't rant on, but hope you really did have the xmas spirit with you and good to see your smiling face again.

Rug up, stay tight and trimmed and bring it on home.

Cheers mate and all the best in the great southern ocean....once again, we're with you in heart and spirit.

Mal, Wendy and Samara.

John said...

Hi Jess,

Good year not to be following the Sydney to Hobart race. Slow conditions and looking like there will be A New Zealand yacht first and a British yacht second!

Warmest wishes


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