Monday, November 16, 2009

Mixed Progress and Dolphins

Progress had been a little on and off over the last few days. When we have a little wind, Ella's Pink Lady flies along the flat water amazingly. But there's also been a few times with not any wind. This afternoon particularly was a little un-exciting, just rolling around not going anywhere in the heat. I started on a bit of school work this morning, thinking that if I couldn't be achieving forward progress, at least I could be achieving something. But I can't say I stuck with it for very long.

Instead, between dunkings of cool salt water and prodding the tiller to at least keep Ella's Pink Lady pointed in the right direction, I ended up giving the little Yanmar engine a full polish up and scrubbed out the bilges. As the sun set I was able to stand back hot and greasy but happy that I'd at least achieved something for the day. I'm sure that after another few months at sea, poor old Ella's Pink Lady wont quite be looking as great as she did sailing out of Sydney, but I'm a least going to do everything possible to try. And its like I'm constantly being told 'look after the boat and she'll look after you'.

When people talk about all the things needed to sail around the world they never seem to mention patience, but I'm fast learning that it's as important as anything.

This afternoon was pretty cool, a pod of dolphins spent a couple of hours hanging around and I had a great time sitting in the shade of the sails on the bow, feet dangling over the side (and yes clipped on!!) watching them play in clear water. I'm not sure what kind they were (small and completly grey) but they hung around for ages, so they can't have thought my music was too bad! I loved the way the dolphins would play around riding and shooting along the swell and can only imagine how much fun they must have in a big sea.

I'm really getting down to the dregs of the latest food bag so have been eating a bit randomly lately (dinner tonight was mince, tinned fruit and noodles!) Funnily enough I'm really looking forward to pulling out the new bag.

I've only just released how late it is. So that's going to have to be it for the night.


PS: Thanks to Dad and Bruce over the last few days for being so patient with me over the phone and for understanding that sometimes a girl just doesn't feel like chatting!

PPS: Even with all the slow progress, now only about 370nm until we cross the equator!


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Cameron B said...

Great to hear you are well and good, I hope you enjoy your new food bag and all the novelties inside :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Congrats your almost at the next big milestone.
Dolphins... how cool

Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

"Patience is the companion of wisdom"

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

Youra Legend

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

You are very good!

Good luck with everything

Els, the Netherlands

Don said...

With all the reports of road rage on the news tonight, you have it pretty good. Did any of the dolphins cut you off? Keep going girl.

Anonymous said...


I took my first sailing lesson on Sunday. I am totally hooked!!! I cant wait to get my 25 ft Tanzer 7.5 painted and the mast up to sail the ocean!! It is the most wonderful feeling to be out on the water. Girl, You are living the life many of us wish we could!! Savor each second and enjoy it to the fullest! Deborah Wilmington NC USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Congrats on the progress, you are still knocking off the miles even thou it might seem a little slow. Aren't dolphins the best? The way they can play and move through the water seems so effortless to us. So you gave Ella a spruce up? I am sure that makes you feel better, just like washing a dirty car. It must be nice to be so close to the turn around point to start heading south and into more reliable wind, soon you will be whizzing along. Keep up the good work.
John (Macedon, Vic)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

I am sure those dolphins are as much in awe of you as so many of us are and must love being around your vibes. The equator just getting closer and closer, only 370nm to go,WOW!!!I now have an eta arrival time for at the equator of 00.07am Thursday 19th November Australian Eastern Daylight Time,that's 7 minutes after midnight.I also have an eta arrival for your arrival in Sydney at 12.33pm May 31st 2010.

It's okay if a girl sometimes doesn't feel like chatting, sounds like you're taking good care of ELP, and it's great to read in earlier blogs you can still do girlie things like paint your toenails pink and splash on cosmetics, ella ones of course!!!!!

Keep up the fantastic sailing you are doing Jessica and remember there is plenty of us doing a "Jessica Walk' for you each day.

Perth WA

infiniteblue said...

you dont have to chat Jess...the dolphins understand your thoughts.
You dont have to blog either :)

I dont care what you say...keep the seas,stay safe and clip on.

Anonymous said...

WOW I have been following since day 1 and I am getery excited fting vor your upcoming milestone, enjoy it because it may seem slow now, but oh my god when its all over you will be so dissapointed :)

Crocks said...

G'day Jess,
Sounds like you're doing well.
Does it feel strange knowing your closer to Hawaii than you are to good old Oz??
Keep up the good work and keep that line in the water!!

Shaun (Sydney)

Tania24 said...

You go Jesse. I'm still following you every day as are so many others of course. Watching the dolphins play would have been amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your days with us.

curryfamily said...

dolphins are a mans best friend

Crocks said...

G'Day Jess,
Sounds like you're doing well.
Does it feel strange knowing you're now closer to Hawaii than you are to good old OZ??
Keep up the good work and keep that line in the water!!

Shaun (Sydney)

curryfamily said...

dolhpins are a girls best friend

trish said...

ahhh yes nothing at all like watching dolphins frolic off the bow; that is a treat for you!!
Glad to hear you are keeping ELP shipshape - general maintenance on her and yourself you will find to be a routine. Not long now till the equator Jess - keep up the great work as we are all puffing the winds your way !!
Trish (Cairns)

Anonymous said...

Wow Jess,
You are getting close to the equator now. Glad everything is going so well & love hearing about those gorgeous dolphins. I think they were showing off... they must like your company too.

Till tomorrow, sleep well
The McGraths. Nowra NSW

Anonymous said...

well you sound a little deflated but you are living the most exciting and incredible adventure! Sit back, enjoy and keep taking heaps of photos of yourself, pink lady and the wonders of nature!!
mel of yenda, nsw

PS said...

Keep an eye out over the next couple of nights in the small hours (around 01:00 to 04:00 your Local time) you may get to see more than the average number of meteors: the Leonids meteor shower - typically great long bright streaks that go from high elevation right to the horizon with the trail glowing for a second or two.
What I'd do to be out there : dolphins by day - stars by night (weather permitting). But then of course, that wouldn't be a solo voyage :-)
With you in spirit!

'different drum' said...

Hi Jessica,, great story about patience,,I've sailed with Jon Sanders and he is the ultimate when it comes to patience,,a real test of human character,,as the saying goes,''we can only sail in the wind that God gives us''.
Enjoy the freedom that smooth water gives you,we can imagine cleaning the bilge will be the last thing you will wish to do in the southern ocean,!!,,we are already looking forward to your photo's of the 'pink lady'in the big swells,!!
Remember to turn right at the Equator,!
Cheers tony,aya and crest

mike said...

Hi Jesse

Thanks for your report on the dolphins - that is something else my grand-daughter can talk about in her news item on your adventure at her school.

Sail on silver girl.


Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Another great blog. You are such a colourful writer, it is fantastic.

The dolphins would certainly have made your day especially after doing so much work around Pink Lady today.

You are still making great progress. You are such an inspiration to so many people.

I am sure you have plenty of patience when needed. However I am sure you will always find something to occupy your time.

As usual I look forward to your next update :-)

Keep safe and watch the sunburn.

Ingleburn NSW

Andrew said...

Hay!! my last comment be4 i leave 4 china!! Wat am i going to do lol! have to get some1 2 email the blogs over to me lol sounds like ur having fun!!! wish i was sailing beats sitting on a plane!!
Fair wind and following seas

Geoff said...

Hi Jessica

The uphill slog to the equator is almost over woohhoooo

Here's a video of a fellow Aussie doing something different

Keep Smiling


Melbourne Orstralia

Anonymous said...

Jesse is Amazing!

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi Jess you talked about food , but do you have clean drinking water or do you hope for rain??????? when it runs out.

Birmo said...

So glad you mentioned you were 'clipped on'. I've been wondering what happens if you were to fall off. Can stop worrying now.

Oh, and my dinner wasn't much better than yours.

Meli said...

Hi Jess

I am so glad you have had the company of dolphins today. I was on my way out to Balls Pyramid (off Lord Howe Island) last Christmas when we encountered a pod of dolphins. I climbed onto the bow and dangled my feet over the edge and just 'drank' in the sight of them weaving along with us. I was shocked at how huge they are and it was all I could do to stay on the boat and not jump in with them.

Hang in there! Hope you catch a lovely fish soon!

From Mel, Colin, Kieran, Talia & Justin

A. said...

Keep up the fantastic work Jess!

Brent said...

Hi Jesse,

You are doing a great job, I just wanted to say that you will have your own personal mountains to climb each day some will be high and some low when things get tough mentally change your focus and try and smell the roses or get busy.

Keep up the good work


RichieParis said...

Good night Captain Jesse,

Well done, for the ship's maintenance. These empty days must be useful that way. Later, it might not be possible any more.

Patience is not avoidable, especially at sea. Gone for 8 long months, it seems quite logical that amid these months, there will be some days and some hours looking long themselves.
Fortunately, you took on board the best companion ever: yourself. Just think of what life might be on EPL if you were sharing the narrow space, food and music with some moron, boring or nerve cracking person?

Equator is coming soon, even if not fast enough. My bet on Thursday is still on line, though I would be happy to lose... only if you reach the line earlier!

The dolphins were sometimes the gods' messengers, and I have no doubt they came around to greet you welcome for Neptune and Co near the line. For sure, they will protect you all the way, and that's good news after what I read about Cape Horn. I shall feel so much better once you will be a genuine cap hornier!

Enjoy warmth and get a good breeze, keep yourself busy with your best pink friend, and believe me, patience is better on a flat sea than in a hospital or on a dentist's armchair!!!

You're the world's sweetheart!

duane said...

Although reaching the equator will be a milestone for you leaving it behind and picking up some wind and cool temperatures will surely be a relief.
Pretty cool the dolphins come along just at the right moment to brighten up your day. Did you bring along any games? Perhaps solitaire could help relieve some of the boredom.
Try to keep a positive attitude and take one day at a time. We are all cheering you on. Happy sailing, duane

pestinfo said...


There used to be old sailors stories that if the dolphins swam with the boat then all is well, but if the dolphins swan across the front of the boat, then there may be danger ahead. Maybe a hidden shallow reef or something like that.

Sounds like they are swimming with you - just you, a small pod of dolphins and about 60,000 people from all around the world.

You are never alone.

Sail safe

Best Regards
Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

Gabe said...

Nice to hear some dolphins came by to provide you with a bit of entertainment.
There will be slow days, and there will be days that fly by.
Hope the mix is a fair one.
It's so exciting that you are almost to the Equator!
Smooth sailing, blessings and safe travels to you,
Maryland USA

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Ahh, You can tell Hawaii is not that far away. There you are dunking your footsies and cruising along with Dolphins.
When you remarked about"Prodding the tiller" you took me back to my old Sabot days when I was stranded in a hole or three, lol.
Great to see even Andrew 'The Blogmeister' is letting through the odd contrary viewpoint lately, lol. We are hard to please, especially when we say we want to hear from the team and at the same time want it to be Jessica's blog, lol.
Keep zooming along.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G,day Jess

Sounds like a great day of relaxation and a bit of fun with the dolphins. No one can really concentrate in the heat when it comes to study. On hot days at uni I would just give up and head for the surf! This may sound silly but when the purple Jacaranda trees were out it meant exams. They are out now and I still have those exam memories. Hey.. this must be depressing you exams, study and all are not a student you are teaching the world you clever thing with your blogs... sleep well and I am so glad you are always clipped on

Dusty from Dubbo

samurai said...

Hey Jess, great to hear from you again. I have a bumper sticker on the back of my car that says, "Be patient or you'll end up one". Paitence is not a virtue, it's a rare gift. You're right, it's not a bad thing especially in the doldrums. Why don't you try knitting yourself a nice woolly jumper for when you get down south. Hey, you can do everything else, I have no doubt you can also knit. I'll beam you up some wool, ok? :-)) As for those beatiful creatures, the dolphins you mentioned, have you seen them at night looking like torpedos darting toward EPL covered in bioluminescence? It's really neat. I admire the discipline you have with your food bags and that goes to show you do have a lot of patience, no worries about that. I hope you have a good night with some decent puffs of wind. Take care, stay safe and bye for now...Sam

rabreezway said...

Hi Jess,sounds great and good luck,always look forward to every update from Brisbane Ron

James said...

Me my wife and two girls Emily (3) and Ashleigh (1), every night read your blog. Emily constantly waits in anticipation for the next installment. You might have a competitor in your record I think. Is 4 too young? Maybe the two youngest sisters in history to circumnavigate the globe. Anyway I am proud to name you as their hero instead of some pop star or sports star. You are the real deal. We are with you for every wave and every NM. be safe.

Mary said...

Great to hear your update, Jess!

Your post paints such a strong picture of the "unexcitement" of the day. I love imagining the focus, even on a hot day, of cleaning and polishing your important equipment. What a good feeling to be taking care of your floating house and maintenance.

Well at least you TRIED to do some schoolwork. BORING!!

To the dolphins!! How lovely they must have been, giving you company and playing about, enjoying your music with you.

I wish you steady winds, a terrific food bag feast-to-come, and wisdom to continue to watch Patience coming about.

With affection,
Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess glad to see you doing well ,try trolling a spoon that might give you a feed anyway take care and safe sailing, Ian Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

You describe it so calm out there. I guess it's hot and humid. How nice that the dolphins popped in for a visit. I'm sure that they liked your music.
What a good idea to look after the engine while the sea is calm.
It was nice to meet your Mum and some others from the team.
To open a new food bag seems to be a real treat for you. Good luck with the fishing.
Regards from a grey and rainy place on the other side of the world.
Safe sailing and be happy.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Pavlo SA said...

Speaking of dolphins.. years ago (probably before you were born!) I took off on a beautiful left hand point-break reef wave.

As I angled my surfboard down the steep face and into the near vertical wall I set trim for the tube and I noticed a dolphin riding along skillfully and playfully slightly above and ahead of me.

Within half a second we were both encased within the hollow spinning vortex of water. As I raced along the dolphin's fin was slicing through the wave face as I sped along the glassy and glistening backlit wall of water. It was a profound and unforgettable experience. I can't describe the feeling but I spontaneously whooped and couldn't stop smiling for a long time.

The dolphin copied my every move to perfection almost like it was reading my mind. I hope the dolphins bring a smile to your face too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess , you're an inspiration kiddo, good on you for following your dream,had reservations when you first started out , the more I read your blogs the more Ithink you are an exceptional young woman . good wind and great sailing Jess.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Live in North Vic it really hot here today and they say 45c on Thursday, that's to hot.
You are the most, and the talk of Australia
Have fun


Derek Lorimer said...


Cool blog. Feeling envious of "trailing feet in the water" as we are in a heatwave here.

Anonymous said...

You're in the doldrums Jessica. That's probably why the dolphins came to say hello.
And please don't feel obliged to write heeps of stuff for your fans. We'll always be here cheering you on. No worries.:)

Nico said...

Hey - great going out there!

I especially loved your lively description of your encounter with the dolphins. Your writing is really very graphic; it makes me seeing the things you describe just like a real video.

And about your progress: I was just thinking that at a speed of let's say 10 knots, you're already 1 nm closer to the equator within the time it takes me to tinker this comment with my imperfect command of english!

So good winds and Godspeed!


Vinh said...

Hi Jesse,
Sitting on the side with feet dangling watching dolphins. Awesome experience.what a relief to know you were clipped on.
Looking forward to see you crossing the equator then heading south. Could you tell us time wise how many days to the equator.

Geraldine said...

HI Jesse, Have been watching your progress everyday on the tracker...Dont worry too much about the homework..YOU are the homework!! I have been looking at Jarvis you pass it?? Looking forward to seeing the little 'pink boat' on the tracker start heading south...wot will we all do when you get home?? Say a prayer Jesse that God will keep u safe..I'm sure he is with u..I rekon those dolphins are a good sign...stay safe...Geraldine

ash said...

good luck jessica!

Rona said...

I really hope the people who said you "should not go" read this blog and see just how capable you are and have the grace to say "we were wrong"....I was one of them. Have a fantastic journey, Jessica. I love reading you blog every day and so want to be you right now.


Michelle of Mooloolah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
Thanks so much for your daily blog. I for one look forward to reading it everyday and love to check on your progress.
Cheers Julie

The Griffs of WA said...

Jess remember when you see Dolphins all is well in the world.
Whenever we stay down at Mandurah and the Dolphins come up the canal we say "all is well in the world, here come the dolphins". They are fantastic when they come up close to our boat and sometimes we can touch their tummies as the dart past. Nearly there girl, you're close to the equator. Keep safe. xx

Anonymous said...

Ecclesiastes 7:8
The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

Good morning, Jessica. Patience all around -- your patience, your Dad's and Bruce's patience. Many thanks for sharing what you're learning and feeling. It adds an element to the blog which we who are following along really appreciate. Your example in getting busy and being productive under the threat of impatience is instructive to me, and I am now going to get busy, thankful for this day! In the process, you can be sure I will be praying for your health, good rest, and safe progress toward the equator!

Mary said...

Okay, I can't resist 'cuz I'm getting excited for you, too, Jessica.

You are GETTING SO CLOSE to Jarvis Island and the equator!

For all the nontechies like me out there, here's a reminder. You can also peruse Wikipedia like I did to get an idea of what Jessica means when she says only about 370 nm's to go.

1 nm = 1 minute of arc of latitude
= 1852 metres
= 1.150779 miles
370 nm's = about one and a half days of sailing in a slow wind, putting Jessica and Pink Lady right on target to cross the Line on the 18th,which is what she and her team have already determined!!

Go, Jess, Go!

Mary, Maine, USA

Anthony said...

Hi Jessica

This is an effective and easy way to keep strength in your legs.
Stand feet shoulder width appart in front of the mast inside the cabin and hold it with both hands.
Slowly lower down and then stand up, exhaling down inhaling up.
Do as many as you can,rest and repeat
You can also lower down half way and hold it for 10 breaths.
Another good one is lifting and straightening one leg at a time and holding it straight out wilts siting.
Your fitness is also an important aspect in this amazing endeavor so keep your body well maintained and it will also serve you well.

Yabloodywombat said...

Hi Jess.
Just thought you would like to know we also own a pink boat.
Its a 19ft Supertrack Ski boat with a rumbling V8 midships
and she will do 45knots. We love being on the water too!!

Must try going slow one day to see what it feels like.

We could dunk her in the ocean and race.

Ausi Ausi Ausi


Frayedknot said...

absolutely fantastic to hear and see your stories, thanks for sharing all the stories and the photos, it is a privilege for us to follow your journey wishing you all the best Jessica,
Dennis on the gold coast

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jess,

So glad you dropped in for a chat. 370Nm then you chuck a u-turn ? Excellent. The "flippers" are into your music, that is why they came over !! Inquisitive creatures aren't they, shame they can't talk, cause they could have given you some fishing tips. (te he ha ha) Thank god for food bags.

You and Ella are really becoming one with all that surrounds you and all that you survey.

My mother who is a very old fossil, over 80, (very cute) is mad keen on your daily update as well, so I must read it out to her.

Mum says to tell you "I am computer illiterate" and she is not wrong !! I have seen her on mine before and it's just hilarious. I have just asked her what she wants to say to you and she said,
"best of everything to you and listen to the breeze, it will look after you".

PS. I will have Mum on here typing her own messages soon. Cheers, look forward to catching up with you soon. Smooth sailing Jessica.

Jayne Mercer said...

Hi Jess, Just wanted to say hello and let you know that you inspired me to create a handmade card based on one of your previous photos. You can see it on my blog:

Thanks for your daily updates.


Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

Worry not. When I was 16, and that's longer than I care to remember, I'd much rather work on a car engine than do schoolwork. A friend of mine and I built a hot rod from scratch and I learned the ins and outs of mechanics. The engine was a flat head Ford V8 - 60 meaning it was rated at 60 horsepower before we souped it up with dual carburetors, milled down heads to increase compression, racing cam and other things I've long forgotten now. Hey, I even rebuilt the differential. Great experience there.

Aren't dolphin wonderful? Though we can't speak Dolphin talk, they seem to know your every thought and anticipate your every upcoming action. I am sure the pink toenails were scrupulously studied by all of them.

Well bring on the line and your crossing. I still want a picture of you in the "dorky straw hat".

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

john and janet said...

Hi Jessica,
We are still following you every day and you are an inspiration to all. You will see dolphins in all of the worlds oceans and they will help when you may be a little down and bored. Even in the southern ocean when things are sometimes too exciting, they will give you a lift. Fair winds.
John and Janet
older sailors
S. Ontario, Canada

Lynne said...

Hi Jess, you sound very mature for someone of your years. Your comment about patience was spot on. In this game we play, it is easy to get frustrated when things aren't happening as quickly as we'd like. Hang loose, Lynne

Jeff and family said...

G'day Jessica,
Obviously you are in the doldrums, you should catch up on your sleep, give your nails another coat of pink and yes patience is a virtue we all have to accept in many parts of our life. When you get back home, you will be able to start your own sailing charter boat business, as you as Master (The youngest)And I reckon you will make a million.

You will have to apply just the same patience in some of those rough seas you will obviously go through, so now is good practice in the calm, time to think and plan your future. All the doors will be open for you. We all love reading your blogs, so please don`t think anybody has forgotten about you.

So put your feet up dream away till the wind comes up and the dolphins lead you on your way (Hey thats nearly poetry) What do you reckon?

Look after your self kind regards,

Jeff and Lisa and our big family.

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Almost in sight of the line, but not quite... You might have tried to lasso some of them dolphins to help pull you along. That would have been a site!

Patience doesn’t come easy at 16 years old, but its one of life’s great instruments; right up there with love, kindness and forgiveness.

You’re receiving a much better “life” lesson out there then the one in that book bag. Its times like these that Jessica gets to really learn her innermost identity. Turn that music down a bit Jess so you can pay attention to her and get to know her better ;-)

Be Safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great blog, Jess! You are a true inspiration & courageous to take on such an adventure! Have been following since your start & wish you happy days as you sail along following your dream.
Best wishes from South Australia, Jane

Ryan Byrne Art said...

Congrats Jessica
Wow sounds great with the dolphins swimming around, great to hear you are keeping yourself busy too when things are quiet.
Well done
To the Equator!

Summersailor said...

Hi Jess: Good to see you keeping up with the maintenance on the "Pink Lady" because I'm sure she appreciate it. :oD On patient, here is a quote: "Patience is the companion of wisdom" (Saint Augustine (354 AD - 430 AD). You are beginning to develop that at a very young age. Sailing teaches us that.

Karin said...

Something really interesting about your patience! In Native American spirituality animals are spirit guides. When i looked up Dolphin they "embody the quality of patience through breath". "If dolphins show up they are helping you to breath through tension and develop patience"

!!!! I found that sooo interesting considering the showed up. Smart creatures they are. They are known for their intelligence and healing qualities. They knew you needed patience today :)

Brian Rlley said...

School work, Cleaning the engine & Bilge, Playing with dolphins, and listening to music, WOW what a diverse life you have even on a quiet day. Patience is a good virtue, to be able to understand what is required of yourself, enjoying your own company will help you conquer this. 370nm to cross the equator, late Wednesday is still a good bet.
Safe Passage, Will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

jake said...

!aussie rule!!!
yes i am back
keep up the good work cbf leaving big messaage

Rhonda said...

Starting my day with Jesse and coffee. Like so many others I have read your blog everyday. It's just incredible what you're doing! I haven't even come close to an adventure such as yours! You're only 16 years old!! What will you do to follow this?

I am glad, for your sake, that you take Sundays off from blogging.You have been wonderful to keep us informed. Sometimes I bet it's a heavy load to be expected to do that everyday.

AND don't worry about not wanting to "chat" on the phone all the time. The whole point of sailing solo is having time alone isn't it?

Stay safe, strong and sassy!
Maine USA

Jo Lawson said...

Hi again Jesse, not every day will be slow, you will soon be at THE EQUATOR!, and the winds will be more favourable - I just know it! What music do you listen to? Do you have it LOUD at times? Well enjoy your new food bag, the dolphins, your music and nature in general. Please tell us when you see birdlife again?? Thanks! All the best, Jo Lawson, Brisbane.

Boomer2 said...

Well done. I do admire your courage.

Jonathan said...

Well done young lady ! Looked at the progress map and it now appears you are closer to the Hawaiian Islands than to Oz. Tempted to keep going north ?! Just kidding.

Keep that school work going - if not, you're going to have almost a years backlog of catching up to do when you get back !

Its quite special to have had the opportunity to spend that much time with a school of dolphins. It had to have been the music that kept them interested !

We have been watching your progress every day since you set out almost a month ago and will be with you right through your incredible journey !


mimo said...

Hi jesse,
For one so young you really know how to put pen to paper ( so to speak ).Thanks again for the updates.
Loved hearing about the dolphins.

Stay safe.


Wolfhound said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the update, especially on a day that seems to have been frustrating for you.

Not making much headway can be vexing, I'm sure, but remember, though, that it's all horses for courses and it's all swings and roundabouts. There will probably come a time when you're in the Roaring Forties and you'll be wishing - for a short while, at any rate - that you're back in the doldrums where you could take a breather.

The voyage is the journey, not the destination. Everyone who circumnavigates goes through the same episodes and, generally, the same conditions, so it's not as if you're 'losing time'.

A mantra that I used a lot in my job in Wall Street when things were going less than ideally was "It is what it is". One the surface it's a very trite expression, but on reflection it encapsulates the whole concept of patience, acceptance and serenity.

So, Jessica, it is what it is. Sure, you don't think you made much headway today. But you did; you marked off one of the days that you were destined to spend in the doldrums. You got to watch some dolphins play. You were able to rest. You didn't burn your thumb. And you had time for introspection. So it was a good day !

So on that happy note, all the best,

Brian in NY

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
A few years back I had the most glorious pleasure ever, swimming with a wild dolphin we spent half an hour frolicking together until people on shore mistook it for a shark and started screaming and yelling our pleasurable time came to an abrupt end. I can imagine the peace and contentment that drifted over you as you spent time with those glorious friends of the sea.Poseidon god of the sea has sent you some wonderful companions.
Love and hugs

Steven Hays said...

Jesse: Hang in there with the patience thing. With bravery balanced by patience, you will be able to accomplish great things in your future! Don't you flinch when the sea comes up, she is just jealous of the sky. Go Aussie!

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

Hang in there. It may be boring at the moment but savour it while it lasts. I'm sure you'll get all the excitement you want in the Southern Ocean.
There's nothing worse than being becalmed with the constant temptation to get the "iron spinnaker" going.

You'll get through the doldrums soon , just make sure you don't shoot an albatross.

Did you hear about the doctor who went broke? He didn't have any patients either.

Sorry about that.

Peter from Brisbane

Richard in Maryland said...

Great idea on cleaning the engine and bilge. We all know the ultimate value of keeping the bilge pump strainers clean. Keeping the diesel clean is a key thing as well so that you can indentify any leaks or seepage. I have seen not a few boats ruined by the smell of leaking diesel fuel. But you know all this, so maybe this info can be of use to others.

I thought that at some point you might feel overexposed due to the impact of modern communication technology. Having so many people interested in what you are doing is a real dissconnect from your solitary existence. Moitessier, the great circumnavigator from France, used to only communicate by the occassional hand written note, put in a film can, and sent by slingshot to a passing freighter. Moitessier had a mystical communion with the sea.
Don't feel obligated to entertain us, if you need to withdraw into yourself to sort things out, and focus on your immediate future. Your blog can be a support group for those that care about you and what you are doing.

All the best,
Richard in Maryland

bernie777 said...

Jessica you are so cool...Patience is a virtue....and you are doing it,,,,go for it...I am off to get a fix on your position....try not to hook a Dolphin Bernie 777

Helen T said...

Hi Jesse,

Wow ... a pod of dolphins ... what a wonderful experience :-) You must be excited to be so close to the equator now. I am ... excited for you.

If you are feeling like exercising your ankle a bit, try this.

How smart is your right foot?

1. While sitting down, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

:-) And there's nothing you can do about it! You and I both know how stupid it is, but before the day is done you are going to try it again, if you've not already done so.


Helen T.

Leon said...

That's competely understandable. You're out there, sailing the world solo, and often that's exactly how you'd like it to be. No phone calls. No blogs. No commitments. No anything but yourself and the boat and the water.
Enjoy :)

Martin said...


You mentioned that The Lady won't look so good when she gets home. Regardless of that, the boat will be an equal star of the show no doubt.

When you come into port, a good theme song to play for you and your boat might be "I wish that I had Jessie's girl".


Didier said...

Hiya Jesse, beautiful work! You must be surprising yourself everyday with new achievements. :-)
Didier from Perth WA

HusseinAbdul Hamid said...

I remember talking to a boxing coach about two years back and the answer he gave me to my question about what he looked for in a boxer really made an impression on me. I thought he would say fitness, stamina, boxing skill.....none of those things...he said "COURAGE"...and when I heard about what you were about to do that was the word that came to my mind! And after that came "daring to dream"....but I know what would be the thing I would look forward to most of all...'enjoying my own company!'...yes I would miss my wife and my children very much ...but the solitude would be heaven. Enjoy Jess.


Phil in Idaho said...

Patience is a valuable gift in life as well as sailing. I'm sure you are taking great care of the boat. As the saying goes: "One hand for your self and one for the ship."

Anonymous said...

good morning Jess!!! been reading and following u each day and in my prayers. Its fabulous what your doing and bet your mum and dad are so proud. Yes keeping EPL in tiptp shape is as important as yourself. You must keep the proteins and excercise up though your getting closer to the mark where you will need all the body strength and emotional stability soon!!! Remember to say your prayers the Lord is watching you very closely with all of us praying!!! Good on mate!!

marlyn said...

I love hearing all about your adventure. Continue to stay safe. May God bless you on this journey.

Linda, NC, USA

SaltyDog said...


Even though doing chores like cleaning the bilge and engine isn't everyone's idea of having fun, it really does make you feel great when you're done. And thanks for mentioning being clipped on. I remember hearing you say that one of your concerns would be worrying about everyone back home worrying about you. You just helped with that issue.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

SailSim said...

Hey Jess,

I really hope you 'double gloved' when scrubbing the bilges out! There can be some nasty bugs living down there and the last thing you need is an infection!

Take extra care now, as you're a long way from help!

The fact that you clipped on to watch the dolphins at the bow shows you are very safety conscious!

Fair winds to the Equator!

Jim @sailsim

Sergio said...

Hi Jess,
I put up on my screen a nice Google application, it's called "Clouds". It allows me to see, at a glance, for the whole World, major cloud formations and also day/night, so it's easy for one to quickly visualize, from any time zone, how far for instance the EPL is into the day or night, without having to check time zones. This helps me follow your voyage very nicely, considering the difference in time zones between where I am and EPL's current position.

I am glad to read that you are well and about all your latest activities and encounters, all of them very interesting and illustrative. I am sure those dolphins made quite an experience.

Thanks again for sharing and don't let the lack of wind put you down.

Cheers from Sergio (Venezuela)

claudia said...

It seems you are making great progress. Of course this is from a person sitting in a little front room looking at you sailing around in that big ol' ocean! You certainly have learned patience! I don't know if I could have kept myself from peeking into the next new bag of food! I would probably be the silly one who gets into the new food and then spends the last few weeks of my journey eating really strange combinations of this and that!
Good for you keeping up on Ella's Pink Lady's maintenance. It is one of the more important tasks you can do!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to hear about your dolphins. I imagine they enjoyed your company as much as you enjoyed theirs. Happy New Food Bagging. :)
Lori (Western Washington)a

EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Hi Jesse,

For me, whether its running a marathon race, or completing a doctorate as I currently am, setting small goals that are achievable daily within the bigger goal that is only achievable over through the long-term, has been the best way to go.

These smaller achievements within the big achievement have always helped me be more patient for the big prize.

Seems like you’ve discovered the same. Really great!

Thank you for your posts.

US Virgin Islands

hezakiah299 said...

11-16-09 @10:15
Hi Jessica,
Good to hear from you and that everything is going well for you. I had a good chuckle when you were describing how you were sitting on the bow watching the dolphins and that you were "clipped on". Just getting ahead of all us worriers. LOL Maybe they were a bunch of teenage dolphins just out doing a little surfing and bopping to your music.
Staying on the maintenance, while the seas are reasonably calm, is a good idea since you may not be able to do that later. I praise you for your attitude, when there is nothing to do you make something to do. Patience and Perseverance!!!! I’ll have to withdraw my ETA since it was a way off.
Keep up the good work Jessica, and even if you wrote and just said "Hello" I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated. Well, I’m off to do my laundry (that dang maid didn’t show up again) and a little shopping. Take care, be safe and maintain that great attitude that you are blessed with.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Tom/Sue Hofmann said...

"feet dangling over the side (and yes clipped on!!)" - good girl!

If you can learn the true art of patience at your young age you'll be so far ahead of the rest of pack, be strong (in all ways).


RICHARD said...

Wait, wait, wait... with all of that sitting around on deck... watching the dolphins... dunking.... sunset watching, being patient and no time for pics or a video? :(

Oh, I get it... now you are teaching us patients.

Sounds like scrubbing the bilge is a rather pleasant job. Yuck! I'm still not inspired to clean out the garage.

It is rainy and windy here in Oregon. Trade ya...

Keep your spirits up... wind is coming and I am sure you will find great fun in the new food bag. Perhaps Mom snuck in a surprise.

I think I'll go to California next week and try to see if I can sail around San Diego's Mission Bay. I hear they rent small sailing boats down there. Experience your sailing passion first hand. Way better idea than attacking that garage.


See Ya Sailor!

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

How's it goin Jess,
Another insightful Blog, I haven't said anything about your writing style only because everybody else has, it maybe because I can here the aussie language laced throughout, as far as I'm concerned its like reading your personal day to day diary, the reading flows and is easy, I can remember when I was in school if the teacher ever said to us "ok write a story - about anything you want" I always found it was easy to create images, people, places and things and it was so easy to make a narrative that could be read out aloud and would have everybody interested to hear the conclusion...I guess that's where we are with you Jess, reading your diary and being swept away with the story telling, you're good at it Jess definitely have the gift for the written word...

You say "poor old Ella's Pink Lady wont quite be looking as 'great' as she did sailing out of Sydney"....Jesse, by the time you re-enter Sydney Harbor no matter what you or Ella's Pink Lady will look like...nothing could match the size of the heart of the skipper sailing Ella's Pink Lady in that day, by then you and Ella well be one she's been your home for the last 8 months, the moment you step off her on to solid ground will be like saying goodbye to an old friend....Like I've said elsewhere, I hope to be up in Sydney the day of your return.

They say Patience is a Virtue, sounds like you're learning all about it...generally teenagers don't have any patience they haven't had the chance to respect the passage of time to savor the's your chance!

Oh god I'm writing another story, sorry....while mentioning God, I'm not particularly a religious person I wasn't brought up in any faith, whatever you want to call it, but there is something I heard the other night on SBS which I think is fitting for you....think of this when you next look up at the Stars and wonder....

"through our eyes the universe is perceiving its self and through our ears the universe is listening to its cosmic harmony's we are the witness through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory of its magnificence"

Cheers Jesse...its just gone 2:13am Tuesday morning, and I've got to up at 7!!...oh boy

Your such a fun person to write to! that strange?....somehow I think not.

Oh and the Dolphins...just a magic experience sounds just fantastic....ummm, can we ask what music you like, I know everybody has been asking that question but you haven't said anything yet...just a hint, for me I only have a small taste in my music, ranging anywhere between U2 to Phil Collins from Dido to Sting from INXS to John Farnham from Eva Cassidy to Neil Diamond and through in a number of Soundtracks to some great Movies like "Out of Africa" to "Somewhere in Time" to "Message in a Bottle" to "K-Pax"....all great music, well that's my opinion anyway........sooooo umm what tickles you then huh huh??

That's it I'm out of here now!....2:33am....signing off

Clint - Melbourne Town

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
The critters putting teeth marks in your fishing lures are probably Wahoo. They are delicious as sashimi or cooked. I hope you get one! Good luck! We're still watching your progress from here in North Carolina.
Rob Bertram
Charlotte, NC, USA

PS: If you get a big fish to the side of the boat, BE CAREFUL! You can get hurt in so many ways at that point.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

What do you listen to, as far as music goes?

I wonder if those dolphins plan on following you for a little bit...

I'm also going to have to insist that you report any UFO sightings immediately.

Other than that, I just wanted to let you know that I think what you're doing is both exceptionally brave and truly inspiring.

Thanks for that.


Captain Jessica:

It is exciting that your voyage is so close to crossing the equator!

The dophins are your new assistants. There are lots of stories that can be found about dophins and humans and how they help us. They are intelligent creatures! I like dolphins, they always look like they are smiling and laughing!


leslie said...

Hey jess!! it must be tough mentally as well as physically as one most certainly impacts on the other so how are you holding up with your sleep regime?
What a sight to behold it must have been to have dolphins as company what truly beautiful creatures they are and in such tranquil conditions!!
quote for the day (part thereof)
"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its lovliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep"
John Keats, (31 October 1795 – 23 February 1821) T

Anonymous said...

Your doing a great job, you are such an inspiration. Good Luck with crossing the equator, it will be such a great feeling.

Sail carefully and i look forward to reading your blog everyday.

Tim :-)

Jessica's Jokester said...

Hiya Jessi..

The dolphins sound beautiful! Better than bugs.. though I certainly wouldn't imagine that you would have any kind of insect pest problem to deal with way out there.. which is a good thing!

In fact..

Two roaches were munching on garbage in a filthy alley when one begins talking about a new restaurant in the neighborhood.

"I was in that new restaurant across the street," he said. "It's so clean! The kitchen is spotless, and the floors are gleaming white. It's so sanitary that the whole place shines."

"Please," said the other roach, "Not while I'm eating!"

Sorry.. I must be in a 'gross out' mood lately!

And this... maybe you could let everyone know the titles of some of the music you are jamming to so we can blast right along with ya!

As I write, you should be seeing a sunrise in just a couple of hours.. so have a great day!

~Al yer pal~

Richard Lathrop said...

Ahoy Jessica,

the passages weather site predicted exactly the conditions you describe. let's hope it is as reliable for the whole voyage.

one important thing I've learned from following your oddessey is just how deliberately you cope with the deamons of lonliness and boredom. these psychological enemies, it seems, could be more relentless than those forces of nature outside your head. For sure those outside forces get most of the publicity and for sure they will have their turn at discouraging you, but you have already proven yourself a master of your own mental health. I applaud you for it.

I think it was a good idea to ditch your school work and clean the engine. Take it from a retired teacher, school work can wait.

Loved hearing about the dolphin visit and I'm sure you don't have to explain anything to dad and bruce. they're like all of us--1000% in your corner and wishing, with all our hearts, to help you shoulder your magnificent burden, even in the smallest way.

Fair winds,

Richard Lathrop

Anonymous said...

All in a hot and copper sky,
The bloody Sun, at noon,
Right up above the mast did stand,
No bigger than the Moon.

Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Meechree said...

You should have taken photos of the dolphins! I would love to see that.
Pretty soon you'll be at the equator!
-Dimitri, USA

RichieParis said...

Dusk in Paris, dawn in the Pacific...
Just a few words to wish you a happy, funny and efficient day, Captain!
Enjoy your magnificent adventure and be relieved that all your supporters are not on board with you. EPL might be tired carrying millions and millions of would-be sailors! Fortunately, you have the wishes with you, but not the bodies!

Stanlee said...

Wow, patience. I was thinking earlier I was going to say something about what it must be like to be alone and still strive to be a good person. For me, it seems that most of the time when I lose my conscious awareness of trying to be a good person, it is other peple that get in the way. Judgement, blame, guilt etc. all seem to be feelings that come from how we let other people make us feel. You're aalone and without the distraction of how other people can make you feel. How free you are to just be good to yourself and your feelings. Patience has so many meanings, so many applications. Just Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius. - George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon

BavariaBlu said...

Hello Jessica,
no schoolwork today? No wonder with such exciting distractions like dolphins all around. If my students told me they couldn't concentrate on schoolwork because of all these dolphins around their desk I'd send them to the doctor, but in your case I guess it's ok ;o)

Dolphins mean the gods bless your journey!
Keep well

Anonymous said...

Jess; How wonderful it must be to see GOD;s creations come to visit you...Bless you and your trip, From Seattle, WA USA

Konstantin said...

endless days for you it seems, but others feel just like you Jesse! And all of us are looking to the horizon to catch sight of change!

Greets from Germany, Kon

Anonymous said...


I play Golf, and Golf is about testing individuals patience.
And you got one.

As always great to hear from you.

Take care!


Susan said...

What a contrast to our day yesterday. We were also moving really slow, also due to weather, but not hot! Our slow was because of going over a snow packed mountain pass.

Dolphins! Some believe they are far more intelligent than humans, assuming that intelligence involves more than holding a bunch of facts in the brain!
Here is a wonderful short one minute video of dolphins blowing "rings" and playing with them.

So... instead of school work, you've learned patience. That's quite an achievement, learning to be okay with what is, knowing it will pass.

( what was that about intelligence being more than facts in the brain...? !!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jesse
Just tell Dad to put a sock in it and that you love him.☺ ☺

Just kidding, Hey maybe one of those dolphins you seen was Flipper ha ha.
You probably don't remember the tv show. Flipper the TV series ran from 1964 to 1967. And I think Jessica Alba was in there someplace too.

Well best of luck there Sailor Watson. Play safe

Robert said...

Quiz for you fellow blog readers:

If Jessica is 360 nautical miles from the equator, what degree South latitude is she? (assuming she's sailing directly North)

Answer: 6 degrees (a nautical mile is one minute of arc or 1/60th of a degree)

Bob from Seattle

Grethe / Denmark said...

I just love following you around the world. Good luck! :-)

Grethe / Denmark

Anonymous said...

Had to catch up on your blogs, was in the hospital. An old saying about growing old says it isn't for sissies. I guess sailing around the world isn't for sissies either. Keep it up and hope you catch a good fish soon. B

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, nice going, I read your blog every day, I can't wait to read your updates, keep going, good luck and most important, enjoy it!
Cape Town
South Africa

Anonymous said...

Imperium Neptuni Regis

From: H.R.H. Neptunus Rex, Ruler of the Raging Main

To: Commanding Officer, Jessica Watson Captain Ella's Pink Lady

Subject: Order No. 1

Greetings: - Hear ye, as ye enter my Royal Domain, in Latitude 00 degrees 00' 00" ye shall have your ship in readiness for a rigid inspection by me and my Royal Escort

This ye shall communicate to all infections of the land under your command, To Wit: all tadpoles, sealawyers, deck masseurs, pollywogs, liberty hounds and last but not least, gedunk snuffer. Hear ye: - be ye warned none shall dare gaze
upon, nor flirt with my beautiful Queen, nor shall ye attempt
to seduce my Gorgeous Daughter from my Royal Household, nor shall ye anger my Royal Baby, for ye shall have caused my Royal displeasure.

Neptunus Rex
Ruler of the Raging Main

Rick said...

Hi Jessica, So your almost reached the equator. That will be a great milestone achieved. What music were you (& the dolphins) listening to? So when we here it, our thoughts can be with you.
Keep sailing girl. Your doing us Aussies proud.

Stuart said...

Hi Jesse,

Wonder what you'll do when you get back, having set the world record for youngest person to sail around the world sol and unassisted.

I have complete faith in you, and I think your attitude and outlook for someone so young is truly extraordinary.

Hope you can bring yourself to do all that school work, hey least you have parker to help out, oh no hang on, windvanes dont speak :-)

Take Care,

p.s. nice pics btw, waiting for the BIG fish, bet you'll catch one soon ;-)

Ron said...


Folks around the world look forward to some vicarious adventure from your blog. You're spicing up our ordinary lives! Thank you!!

Can you please tell us more about how you stay "clipped on." Is this 100% of the time? There might be others, like me, who worry about this! Reassure us that you are extra, extra, extra careful!

With great admiration . . . . Ron in USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Thank you once again for your insightfull blog. You are so inspiring to all of us in some unique way.

I live aboard my yacht in Wellington, NZ. I have followed your blog since day one. In reading your blog, you have given me confidence to extend my comfort zones when sailing.

You go for it gurl. You are full of potential and you will do it. Your country and family must be so very very proud of you.

Have a neat day.
Al O'Connor
Your #1 Supporter in NEW ZEALAND!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
Enjoying the excellent narratives each day or so. Also enjoyed seeing your Mum and the Kiwis. You have a marvellous land crew and thousands of well wishers. keep safe and tight lines. Best wishes,... Russ. ByronBay/Calgary
Age 85 ex RAAF

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jesse,

Thanks so much for sharing your day with us once again. It's always lovely to open to your website and read your latest blog.

I'm so impressed at what a good sports woman you are. I read Abby Sunderland's blog the other day and her Mum had written an entry in her blog saying that you had written to Abby and wished her all the best for her journey. Good on you Jesse. You should be very proud of yourself. You are such a wise young lady and very professional in your attitude.

Take care and keep safe. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

"Sailing is the art of getting cold and wet willingly, whilst you are, constantly wasting money, slowly drifting nowhere."
( Ancient saying, translated from German ) And yet we keep doing it - You're a great lass, Jesse.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica

Well its just gone 05h30 here in Redcliffe QLD and Im in my usual routine of checking e-mails that have come in overnight from the UK and reading your blog... You have such great writing skills the way you describe everything to us and I always get so engrossed and able to visualise what it may be like to be out there! So thank you for your blogs! I LOVE dolphins, how amazing to have them surround you, your "guardian angels" of the deep :-)
So you may pass through the equator tomorrow hey, well that is just sooooo exciting! We leave 2 weeks today to go to Namibia in West Africa and to South Africa for Christmas and New Year and I've been thinking how we'll be surrounded by the vast sand dunes of Namibia and you'll be surrounded by water, what a contrast!
Your baking is really impressive, that bread looked divine, made my mouth water :-) Glad to see you're still managing the girly girl things to with the pink toenails!

Well i hope ypu have a great day! Big hugs, Kerry

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jess,
you're doing well and we know that girls of your age have their moods. So no excuses necessary.
Keep the feet in, there are some other snappy fishies out there, that are not strictly vegetarian...
And Patience ? Disregarding the scenery, your "non-stop" rule could give you the impression, that you are on some kind of "Home Detention". Stocked up on Sudoku or would an email by your crew be regarded as a supply (Rulebreak !)?
Block out that nasty "...are we there, yet...?", rather grab Ted and Chick and play "I spy with my eye and it starts with 'W'..." (O.K., fellow readers, join in, guess...). Scrub the toilet with an old toothbrush. Download a flightsimulator program into your PC and get into training for your "Round-the-world (Solo of course...)-flight". Try to catch "Polly Radio" on Short wave and listen to the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader outdoing each other in saying "Sorry, that we tried to stop you from going on this trip..." Don't worry for TV. You're not missing anything at the moment, it's end of season, the repeats are starting. Any cockroaches on board ? Watch them racing against each other. Pardon...? Oh, no, they're fine, as long as they are not fed on filth, they are very intelligent and make fine pets.
Anyway, got to go. Mention something in your next blog, if you need more inspirations

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess' you're getting closer to that line so you can then start heading south. I think once you turn you should feel as though you are really heading the right way.

Pleased to hear the dolphins stayed with you for some time. J ust sitting watching them play is a great way to pass a few hours.

Happy travels

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse...

So _excellent_ to see your words again and that _you're_ touching 'Perfect Speed' ( ~ Jon. Seagull) even if EPL isn't reaching out as you might like. :)) But only a little way to the line now , eh !

The food bag dregs.. :)) Hey, wouldn't a Nice Fresh Tasty Fish go down well ! Yessss! Again, you could delight all and sundry with your 'on board culinary skills'-- with mouth watering piccies, of course.

And, Jess--- keep in mind the "big teeth on the lure" when you're dangling those toesies into the brine !....... and 'clipped on' _always_... good to read that !

The school work for you is in the same class as 'Learning-to-sail-a Laser' on a Saturday morning class for beginners...... Your written expression already has a freshness and freedom that flows from within that can only be honed by yourself, _your_ way !....... Y'can't _learn_ what you already have because of the way _you_ think as a 'free spirit' !! --- ~ _Do_ keep your 'source notes' constantly topped up with your 'anytime-thoughts' ! ( you do have a 'random thoughts' file, I hope.)
When you have the time, you _will_ turn such into your 'First Book' about the sea.. and it _will_ be a best seller. No doubt about it. :))

The dolphins sound fantastic. I wonder what they 'think' when they holistically view ( with their 'sonic vision') your presence. Have you read anything about about their 'skills' in this area. So fantastic !! Anyway, they seem to like you being about, eh !! They're in good company with the untold followers of your blog, eh !

Better get out of the way again...... Y'goin' _great_, Jess !!! :)))

Best wishes...always!


Sally said...

Good Morning Jess

Congratulations on your progress, even though at times it feels slow to you. As that old saying goes 'patience is a virtue'. Hmmmm... It's not just the 'getting there' or the 'sailing bit' that is the challenge, it's also the learning process on the journey that's challenging. I think you will learn many things about yourself as a person during this journey.

It's so beautiful that the dolphins stayed and kept you company for a while, it must have been lovely watching them frolic and play in the swell.

So close Jess - we can all feel it! As of you last only only 370nm to go - we will all let out a hoot when you cross that milestone.

Must away Jess - gotta go to work. Have a good day - stay safe.
To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which shall really increase the happiness and welfare and virtue of mankind - this is a choice which is possible for all of us; and surely it is a good haven to sail for.
--Henry Van Dyke

Sally In Sydney

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

If you thought that you had fun watching the dolphins, just think how excited they were to finally catch up with Jessica Watson. I can't imagine what they would have told their families when they got home.

Don't put that school work too far down the back of the boat.

Stay safe and keep catching the kind winds back home.

June and Richard Thorn

maxine maroochydore said...

Goodmorning Jesse, you sound aboput flat today, but that is o.k. everyone has those days, and as for not talking, its a girls privilage, we talk when we want to Ah?????? It must have been magic to see those dolphins folicking around in the water how awesome, remember the sun cream. We are having hot weather here again in Maroochydore, but at least I dont go out in the hot sun, by the way, I gave you half an hour of my walk today, hope you liked it along Bradman Avenue it was really lovely. By for now Chin up, God speed Love Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, It's a shame you didn't get a photo of the dolphins. Would have been a good back up to your story.

Brian said...

G'day Jess,
Hang in there kid when you turn that boat around at the line & start going down hill things will improve. If you crack a bottle of something to celebrate at the line , beware of the fun police they are everywhere!!!!

Red said...

Hey Jess,

You tell us all about the good the bad and the ugly of your journey, that is why we are all behind you and keep logging on, you keep it real.
Thank you
Stafe Safe and stay clicked on. You think it is a long way around the world, try doing it back stroke lol.


Anonymous said...

it is good to hear that you are looking after your vessel, but also remember that the sea has no mersea and you need to respect it as well. after spending seven and half years at sea on small vessel's I know how much you can fall in love with it but I also know the dangers after haveing one of the vessel's that I owned sink in the middel of the sea and yes i was on it at the time, and very lucky to be here today. I wish you all the best jess and please be safe.

Kelly Green said...

We are planning a little party here in Vermont, U.S.A. to celebrate your arrival at the equator!

Anonymous said...


thanks for allowing thousands of souls on board with you,hope it isn't getting too crowded.

We are there in Spirit for every pitch and roll of Ella's Pink Lady.

Of course it's you that has to endure the sea-sickness,sleep deprivation and boredom.

More pics please of the parts & pieces of the boat and their function, as time permits.

God Bless & Keep You

yarnek said...

Awesome blogging, Jesse. Thanks for keeping us all up to date when time permits. Most of us are aware you can't stop weather-watching, maintaining equipment, sail tweaking etc for long periods in order to sit at your computer and keep us land-lubbers informed, in addition to your family, friends and shore team. We do appreciate the effort and, of course, it will establish the foundation of your triumphant story.
The last time I watched dolphins from the bow was in the late 60's and I remember being mesmerized by their grace and almost human qualities. I hope many more keep you company in the coming months.
Incidentally, don't forget to indicate when you do the u-bolt after the equator.

The Old Bloke

Steve-K4CPX said...

Cape Horn !!
For the "arm chair" sailors, here's what Cape Horn is really like.

Jessica is making 125 N.Miles a day on good wind and 40-100 on lesser wind. She has planned on 100Miles per day overall. Which is about right for a small sailboat of 34 ft.
Three or four days up to the line then heading SE for a very long slug down to Cape Horn and around the south end of S. America.
let's hope The Horn is not too wild this year!
From another circumnavigator, Stephen Crow aboard my sloop Carina, a Cal 46.

Anonymous said...

Hey jess! Still enjoying ur blog every day. Speaking of patience, thankyou for giving ME some! Reading u blog stuck in traffic on the spit bridge every morning gives me some much needed distraction. A world away from Sydney city peak hour!

Lauren xx

RadekCZ said...

Hi Jess,

I wish you nice weather and many good experiences.
Also I want to ask you, if you thinked about pirates. You're alone on the see and nobody will help you, if there'll be problem with criminals.
I absolutly don't want to scare you and hope, that there'll be no problems.

Czech republic (EU)

Anonymous said...

You sound a bit flat the sea....and again to draw on that analagy..I guess you will have rough days and calm days...but yet again I find you so amazing that you can keep doing what needs to be done..and some...keep looking forward and that is where you and EPL will be moving ...forward...maybe you ned a dose of cream ...

take are in my thoughts..daily

Liz :-)oh and Allie says Hi as well..(daughter)

trentgs said...

Jan & I took the weekend off to visit the kids in Florida. While we were there (..yes and telling them all about you!)I saw a clear view nautical window for a cool 100 bucks! I didn't buy it but I was tempted. Instead I picked up a nice Crate Guitar Amp in a Yard Sale..-In the UK a Boot Sale..not sure what its called in your part of the globe.
True..take care of her and she will take care of you...'course its always gonna show you stuff to take care of..
Kinda Brave aren't you after the tooth marks on the lure episode..dipping your toes in the blue I mean..

Keeping tabs on you..
".Even with all the slow progress, now only about 370nm until we cross the equator!" Though not quite sure where to put the stick pin..maybe within 50 nm based on the tracker on your site.

Blessings and Prayers on you as you sleep..and sail..
Gary & Jan

Anonymous said...

hey jess - going around the world is a long process and I guess you will have up and down times - as a teacher - can i suggest with your school work - you set aside a fixed time each day to do a little bit - little and often is better than slogging through a mammoth round of it - if the day is quiet and not getting hairy - then do the work when that time slot comes up - you know what they say - having routines gets things done - when i used to travel alot and had to take school work with me - i would deviate, deflect, distract myself - i learned the hard way that a set routine of little and often meant it got done

good luck - in Uk we are in awe and admiration of what you are achieving - a great ambassador for all people your age - it shows what you all can achieve given the right support and encouragement

I used to do adventurtous expeditions taking people aged 11 - 16 to places like tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro - I am a great believer in young people taking on adventurous journeys - good luck and keep letting us know how you are doing - its essential must read stuff daily for some of us!

steve in UK

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

looks like you're still on track to hit the equator on the 18th! good for you.

then downhill to the cape!

keep up the good work...i'm glad to see you're taking care of "the lady".

all the best.

richmond, VA

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

I don't know whether I should tell you this after my weekend predictions BUT I am assurred by my mate!? who knows about astronomical things that the meteor shower is expected tonight.
Maybe worth a quick look out the cockpit tomorrow morning (Wednesday) to the NE at about 2am to 3am AEST. If it is on should be spectacular in your super dark surrounds even if there is a bit of moon and hopefully no clouds
Have a great day.

Dusty from Dubbo

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

I think this time my Moniker will change from Tracie L. Hall to Tracie Lynne Hall...just to save you wondering if there are TWO saps with nearly the same name! I kept wondering why I could never find my blogs on a google search with just my first and last name. It was the L.. I'd forgotten I'd used it, but then I remembered why I used it. Too many people share my name! In other places, like Facebook, I've found there are still several people with my first name spelling and my middle initial, so I decided to get more specific. you still wouldn't find my blogs with a search on "Tracie Hall" but at least you won't get everyone elses on "Tracie Lynne Hall".
But that's me. And this is about *you* and your phenominal aspirations. Now see, here you are feeling all anxious that the wind would pick up and you could be on your way...and it seems that would take a little of the joy out of hangin' with the dolphins for awhile. But I totally get that you've got places to go, waters to see, and only so much food!
Now, at some point, in an interview I think it was, you mentioned an underwater camera. Are you getting some footage with that? Can you see the dolphins underwater with it?
OK, lucky for you my lunch break is only just so long (or this would ramble even more) off I go.
Good luck with the self discipline on that homework!

pagepne said...


It is great to be able to follow your progress but we need more pictures and especially video footage of your great adventure. Please keep us along with you by loading up one of your Panasonic video cameras with footage of your fishing, boat rigging/and sail trim, dolphins, etc., etc. The adventurers among us want to see what you are going through!
Thanks, and keep smiling!

South Portland, Maine

danny said...

Hi Jess,

It's great to hear your doing
so well.

would of been nice just kicking back
watching the dolphins play.

keep up the great work
you have the whole world backing you up stay safe
Danny Victoria

Anonymous said...

Actually, I am kind of excited to find out what is in the next food bag!! Really I am. I love how everything sounds so good. mmmmmmm

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
Those tropical doldrums are a real challenge, aren't they? They can really bring our spirits down. But dolphins can be great therapy. I remember times of lying along the bow sprit watching the dolphins take turns (in a very orderly way) with riding the bow wave.

And you have so many 'adoptive' parents giving you advice amongst the encouragement. Most young people only have to deal with one set of parents but I suspect you have hundreds of us lurking here, wanting you to do well and unable to help ourselves in the advice department. :-)

Re developing patience, one thing I have learnt in my life is that genuine acceptance of a difficult situation is the first step to that situation improving. Not because it actually changes the situation, but because our perception of it changes. We can be patient but still be stuck in an internal battle with the situation. But if we genuinely accept this is how it is right now, we let go of the tug of war with the situation and wanting it to be different. I'm still learning how to do it, but I know it works when I can. So maybe genuine acceptance of the doldrums, while of course you still tweak the tiller, because genuine acceptance isn't giving up. It's letting go of wishing it were different while still doing whatever you're able to do.

370 nm to the Equator, it seems absolutely amazing to me. As I watch your progress across the globe I'm so impressed by you. If you pulled in at Kiribati you would still have done something extraordinary - I know you won't, but it is important to maintain perspective.

We're all filled with deep respect for you and your strength of purpose.

Hoping for just a little more wind for you.


danny said...

keep that cute smile smiling

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Sitting on the side of Ella's Pink Lady with your feet over the side being amazed by dolphins what a beautiful picture you paint, what a wonderful story I have to pass on to my elderly friend this afternoon, it will make his day. I like your maturity in finding something very constructive to do when you were feeling a little frustrated by the lack of wind. You accomplished something regardless.
Enjoy your new food bag!
Bluefin, Buderim Qld.

lilshawnee said...

Well you are doing so good Jess.
You are going to bring out the dreams of others.
I start my sailing class in April and i get my sail boat in May.
The wife and i are going to travel by sail.
We want to get what you have out of sailing Keep up the good work Jess.The girls and i wont dare to miss your postings,Thanks for sharing your dreams with the WORLD this way you can help us to do our dreams,your the best Jess.Thankyou so much Jessica and Ella's PinkLady
your friend
Robert,Ellen,Alison and Autumn from Mt. Airy,N.C. USA

Maravale Home Skoolers 5 said...

Hello Miss Jessica. YOU WONDERFUL KID So you are an engineer as well. Happy crossing teh equator ) degrees North/South. WE cud help u with skoolwork. We have a 16ft Corsair skiff. and we think you you in our sailing lessons.
From Skye, Liam, Jay, Emily and Josh the Maravale Home Skoolers 5

Charles Dodgson said...

thanks Jess,
I am enthralled with your adventure. Could you give us a rundown of the music you are listening to? I would love to add that audio imagery to the mental picture I have of you in a small pink yacht skimming across the deep blue ocean.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for the last three blogs, so full of juicey tidbits about sailing and daily life on the Lady...also a welcoming surprise to hear your mum write on request of one of your bloggers. There all doing such a fantastic job as part of your land crew and nice to see there pics too! Oh of the greatest virtues and sometimes the hardest to achieve. Sending you Michigander Thoughts and Prayers. Love and Steady Winds,
Jenny Tigger Barb Gypsy

blue said...

Jess, your journal entries are wonderful..thanks so much for wirting them.
I wanted to say thank you..good luck..and I hope you kick butt!
Big congrats for making it so for the big line cross.


Dark said...

Hi Jessica

It sounds like one of the reallities of what you are doing has hit home, (LONELINESS). At some point being cooped up in a little box (however pretty may come along).

Still at least you are still able to talk to people and thats obviously a help.

So keep your spirits up, before long it will seem normal to just be you and your boat, I think thats why sailors traditionaly have a pet even an insect.

Remember while you are alone out there more people are thinking about you and sending good karma your way than used to even know you existed and that has to be good.

Wishing you clear skys, smooth seas and fresh breezes to the equator.


glen said...

hey jessica quick note to say go girl and have you seen much plastic out there floating around from what were told there are great islands of it floating around have fun we admire you and what your doing and hope you get that first fish soon
love glen

Ian said...

Hi Jess,

Your Mum, Julie, was on ABC radio last night and it was good to hear her. She is always so positive. It seems a lot of that 'positivness' may have rubbed off on you. Slack days, days when you just don't want to talk, blue days, happy exhilirating days - thay're all part of the human condition. Your Dad will understand that.

I'm pleased that the dolphins have joined you. Their antics can be very funny and they certainly help pass the time. I saw an email yesterday that sickened me. It was a graphic depiction of the slaughter of dolphins in the Faroe Islands, just for young men's rite of passage. It shamed humanity. Thank God that your voyage shows us what positive creatures we can be and that degeneracy of the Faroe Islands sort is to be condemned.

Come on the Equator. Have a lovely time cleaning out those bilges, Jess. There'll be an inspection in Sydney next year.


Ian from Brisbane

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,
Thanks for sharing your days, your thoughts and your moods with us all.
I suppose that over those planned 8 months at sea, you will have ups and downs of the mood (particularly when slugging to reach the equator, as you seem to be doing at the moment)
But I'm sure that your Dad and Bruce know that and understand that very well. They can be very proud of you for recognising it yourself.
Those visitors of yours remind me of my seeing whales this past summer. Nature at its best that gave me confidence in the future of mankind. But I haven't seen dolphins yet. Enjoy the company and their show. They came to see YOU, you lucky person.

emgb1 in South Wales, UK (GMT+0)

Anonymous said...

Great going! Equator today or tomorrow??? The first milestone passed, now to Cape Horn. Keep up the good work. We're all with you.

Anonymous said...

Mum used to tell me "A watched pot never boils" whenever i fretted about things taking time so Jessica i fully understand your frustation over the lack wind to speed you on your way! Also Mum use to say it will come to past meaning negative conditions would eventually change for the better! You are in place where perserverance is the word! may you time in the Doldrums pass quickly !Keep on Keeping on !

nutralady2001 said...

Wow Jesse, you are really chewing up the nm !

looking forward to that "magical" crossing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,great to hear about the dolphins,they are"almost human"with their little habits, and they are always wonderful company.Despite the fact that you have had little in the way of good sailing wind, you are now not far from the equator. Well done Jesse!Keep eating well, and resting whenever you can.God Bless,Dougal.
P.S.I send a message everyday,and hope you receive them, as I notice that sometimes they don't appear to have been posted.

Blind Willie of Brisbane said...

So Jess - how do we *really* know you are almost at the Equator, and not just doing laps in the Bribie passage and making us all think you are really in the middle of the Pacific???

You know, like how the moon landing was really just in a Hollywood basement?

Just kidding!! I know for sure you are not in the Bribie passage because I think someone would have spotted a pink sail boat doing lap after lap there by now.

Do you have some funny ceremony planned for when you cross the Equator?

Anyway all the best and please keep safe and warm!

Paul said...


Just wanted to let you know that you have a big fan in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA following your adventures...Enjoy every minute of it! Wishing you all the best...Good Luck, Godspeed, and smooth sailing!

Paul Phillips

Sarah said...

Wow that equator is coming up fast!! Enjoy the new food bag and Im glad you enjoyed the company of the dolphins..thinking of you often..xo.

Samantha said...

Heyy! I saw your story on my AOL teens homepage thing ha. I think it's awsome that you get to do this! I can never imagine myself doing it! I hope you continue to have a sage journey! Oh and I too hope everyone who wasn't sure about letting you go sees this!

Girl power!!

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
You better get a little move on, I picked midday Wednesday the 18th. for the equator crossing, it's looking you may need a day or 2 more. The weather (wind) is the master out there so you are right, alot of patience is the order of the day, I think you got that in bucket loads.
The dolphins are great to set back and watch them having fun. It would be great if you could jump in and have a snorkel with them, but that could be a little risky out there by yourself.
Ella's Pink Lady will feel a little better also with a little cleanup, but don't have her to clean when you came back to Sydney, your mum will tell you that your room at home should be the same!
I can just picture you setting on the bow with your feet dangling over the side, that sounds fantastic.
So keep having fun and keep safe.
Cheers George Simmons
and lots of love from Exmouth WA

Anonymous said...

Ahaaa, not feeling like you've achieved anything? Sounds like a typical Monday to me! Some days just getting fed, your hair brushed and your knickers on the right way is enough. Every day you're out there is an achievement, showing the rest of us what can be done when you're prepared to look beyond the boundaries of what's been done before.

Enjoy your new food bag!


Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

You are slowly but surely getting there. Soon you'll be able to turn the corned and start sailing down hill. That should be quicker!I am sure that whilst you may be hanging for a broad reach in 15-20knots of wind, there will no doubt be times later on when you wish for what you currently have - or maybe not! Anyway, just keep doing what you are doing.

I am intrigued what your 10 favourite songs to sail to are? Or is it more a case of your favourite 1000 from most genres? Whilst I think that the 'Wheels on the Bus' may not amongst them, I was wondering if you have any favourites eg The Sloop John B?

The Dolphins sound great.

Take care and travel well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

"Vouloir est Pouvoir
La Patience vient a bout de tout"

"Where there's a will, there's a way
He that has patience may compass anything"

Bonne Chance
Angelique, Darwin NT Australia

K.E.J.S.J said...

Hi Jesse,
You must be so excited about crossing the Equator tomorrow. We think it will happen on Wednesday too.Good luck.
We have been looking at a globe at school and following your progress.
We hope you catch many fish to eat and stay healthy.
We also hope that you see dolphins again and we hope that you enjoyed your swim. Good luck crossing the Equator.
On your new blog, please tell us all about crossing the Equator.
We hope that those big rain clouds don't get you so that you stay dry and safe.
We hope you enjoy your new food bag.....maybe you can make cupcakes again!! Save us one!!

Kiss hug kiss hug.
All the best of luck!

Alison said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but are Dolphins good luck in the book of sailors?? Maybe you might get the weather you and EPL need to cross the equator.

All the best Jesse
Ali Qld

Gracie Loo said...

Hey Jesse, so glad you are proving yourself out on the water and leaving all the contraversy behind. You pretty much rock.

Just a question: are you able to swim in the ocean? Or is that too dangerous? Reb

scoobyfitz said...

go jessica go we are all watching you in new york city,i was waint for the food comments i remember when you opened the bag and you said you were eaing all he good suff first,go open another bag you deserve it,


Anonymous said...

Bula Jess! Just wondering.... Is there a signpost at the equator which says "Turn this way to South America?" We use landmarks here in the islands to go places in our boats. How will you know that you are at the equator? How do you know how much to turn from the equator to head to South America? Ok happy sailing. Joe. Fiji Islands.

Anonymous said...

going good Jess,and yes she will look after you if you look after her..

samurai said...

Good morning Jess, I hope you had a good night and made reasonable progress toward "the line". I am addicted to you and the little pink boat on your tracker. I don't think I've ever been addicted to anything in my life and I've been keeping a daily ritual for you until you're safely back on tiera-firma. I light a candle first thing every morning and pray to the wind gods to be kind to you all the way. Personally, if all goes well, I think you'll be ready to chuck that yoowee sometime over the weekend. I hope you catch a fish soon. Good luck and stay safe...Sam

Heather J said...

Dear Jesse,
Good luck on your sail. I have been reading your blog every day at school and at home and I think it's quite amazing that you are almost at the Equator.
I am 10 years old and I am in Year 4 at school in Sydney. It is awesome that you are trying to sail around the world. I would like to try that one day. I have never been sailing but I would like to learn.
Hope you have a safe trip back. I believe that you can do it but just be careful.
Love Heather

Randall said...

Hi Jessica Good luck Tennessee is pulling for you! My son wants to know if you post to you tube?

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog and following the details of your incredible journey, Jessica. Your dolphin story reminded me of a vacation on Maui when out on a catamaran a pod of spinner dolphins – maybe 30 of them – joined us and swam all around us as we glided through the water. A mama and her baby stayed just ahead of us, so close I could almost reach down and touch them. One of the best experiences of my life. If dolphins mean all is well, as so many have said, I hope they are with you the entire trip. Happy sailing, kiddo!
Kim, Napa Valley, California

peter said...

Hey Jess,

Cool that your getting near your turn around point.

Tell us what music you are listening to....

Pete NZ

DebbyClark said...

I follow your blog religiously ... I say to myself in the evenings when I sit in my chair before TV watching, "I wonder what Jess is up to today"? I lived on a boat (schooner) for 5 years, love to said, yet I now live in the high desert of California! Best of everything ...

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

It's amazing how quickly you're covering the distance so far. Good on you. Time spent alone with a pod of dolphins sounds marvelous. Enjoy the moments as they happen - and by the sounds of it, you are.
Sending you supportive encouragement from Bathurst NSW
Mal :)

Richard Lathrop said...

My guess is that you cross the Equator on the 18th at 8:30 PM. at longitude 163.00 W.

What's the prize?

Richard Lathrop

hezakiah299 said...

11-16-09 @ 21:05
Hi Jessica,
How's things going? It's pretty quiet up here in West Virginia. We had a beautiful day, not to cool, no rain and plenty of sunshine. I'm amazed it's lasted this long.
I hope you are having good weather with a good tailwind. Pretty soon you'll be able to throw a rock at the line. YEAH!! Keep everything under control, everyone is thinking of you.
Dads are good at practicing patience when girls don’t feel like chatting or even writing. Sometimes when people think they are obligated to do something it can weigh pretty heavy on the shoulders. You have faithful fans and they will and do understand that sometimes a person just doesn’t feel like doing certain things. That is life. I understand!!!!
Hang in their Jessica, be safe and always be careful. Thinking of you.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full. I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Carlee said...

Been following you this whole time, and figure I'd give you something to laugh about!

I was showing my 6 year old neice your pictures and telling her all about you and she thought it was so cool. Twenty minutes later she came back with a picture of Ella's Pink Lady she drew and said 'Auntie put it in the mail and send it to Jessica"
How cute!!!

Richard Lathrop said...


adjust that longitude to 160degrees 30minutes West.


Fair Winds

Richard Lathrop

Admin said...

Leonids Meteor Shower starts today. Wonder if you'll get a clear view from where you are?

jo from perth said...

Morning Jesse, missed you last night cos i went to bed really early. I was actually wondering when you would write about seeing some dolphins or other sea life. It was interesting to hear about the patience side of things. It must have been bad if you pulled out school work!
Would love to know what music you and the dolphins were listening to. it must be so beautiful surrounded by blue water, dolphins and your favourite music and no one yelling 'Turn it Down'
safe sailing Jess, good winds...

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