Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sailing Again, Take Two!

Well the most exciting news is that I set off again early this morning and I'm now sailing along at 7kts heading out to sea before turning south for Sydney. It's great to be out here and it's been a good first day!
For the last week we've all been steadily plodding away to get Ella's Pink Lady back on the water and sailing again. We have been retesting everything and installing a few new pieces of new equipment. I want to say one last huge thanks to Dean, Ryan and the crew at Gold Coast City Marina and Black Joe and Scooter at AME for looking after us and for a nice quick turnaround. They were just amazing.
Another thing that has been amazing is the constant media attention we've been getting. The interest has been a bit overwhelming and while most people are still so supportive, it's been a shame to have so much energy wasted on coping with some of the negative and silly stuff being published. Oh well, we move on. But overall the local media at the Gold Coast over the past few weeks have been really nice to us.
The northerly's should last till Saturday so it'll be a nice fast run till then and if all goes to plan we'll be in Sydney early next week. It's pretty nice out here at the moment with just over 15kts of wind and clear skies but as always it'll take me a few days before I get my sea legs and stop feeling a little green.
Thanks to all of those people out there who have taken the time to send me some special messages and kind words. I can't reply to you all individually as there are just so many. But I am getting through them all, so keep them coming as we all love reading them.
I better get going now but I'll update you again soon.



Andrew said...

you must be loving out there! No media running after you
Good 2 hear ur not letting the bad publisity get you down
Hopful 1 day soon i can start my trip!
Fair winds and following seas
Andy :)

I'm Rich Johnson: said...

Jessica, you are one of the rare spirits who has determination and courage. Always remember that critics have the easiest job of all — they don't have to actually perform, all the have to do is judge others. It's way easier to be a critic than a creator. You're creating something huge by sharing your "can do" spirit with the world. Learn from the past, but don't stay in the past. That's my motto. We'll keep you in our prayers.

scott said...

good stuff jessica. enjoy the run south. hopefully i'll get a chance to see you head out from sydney, but if not, will see you somewhere off the south coast next year!

Doug said...

Good luck from New York! Upload some pictures if you get a chance

John said...

I wanted to wish you the best of luck for your adventure. I just discovered your blog and I'm looking forward to watching your progress. Best of Luck!

New Bedford, USA

Laffing Dawg said...

Amazing Jessica. Stay focused on the positive. Stay focused on your goal and the things that will get you there. We are out here to support you.

Fair Winds to you and Ella's Pink Lady
Bend Oregon USA

shesallthat said...

good luck jes me and my dog sky wish you all the best sky says woof woof

Tammy Lorna said...

Congratulations on your second Bon voyage! I'm excited for you and will continue to follow along on your blog - it's great to read your updates. Good luck, and safe sailing :)

daisy hill, QLD

alex said...

gday jess,must feel great to be back on the water,maybe you will see migaloo,he's heading south too i think.alex

Stephen Lyons Huskisson NSW said...

Go Jessica go, you have many many supporters out here in the big wide world and we are so incredibly proud of you. Ignore the naysayers, you can do this. God speed, good sailing, be safe.

Stephen Lyons
Jervis Bay NSW

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jessica,

You're a brave girl. For god sake, CLIP ON girl !!!

betty quinn said...

Hi Jess, Great to see you are back on the water and going well. Dont be worried about all the media stuff cause we all know up here that you can do it. Will be thinking of you and following your progress. Lots of love from Betty and Kiehl and everyone else at the Mooloolaba Marina. xxx

Anonymous said...

you GO GIRL and enjoy the ''the ride'' waving the flag from Tassie xo Carole

David W said...

Congratulations young lady. Just you stay out of the way of those "big guys."
Have a safe trip to Sydney and we look forward to seeing you off on your record setting voyage.

delatbabel said...

Hi Jessica,
Not sure if you're able to read on line comments while at sea. If so, however, I'd stay in shore until you get level with about Ballina in NSW. Then run a line from there due south until about 32deg15min south latitude, which will take you off shore as the NSW coast bends in. That will give you the best use of the current. Then when you reach that lat, draw a line from there direct into Sydney heads. Done the trip several times, keep up to date with the postings and maybe there'll be a small flotilla of boats waiting to see you come in to Sydney Heads, bright and fresh on Monday. Safe sailing, and fair winds!

Igor said...

This is a great news Jessica!
Fair seas and a following wind!

John Lafferty said...

Good luck, Jess. I hope you do what you set out to achieve. When you get back, watch all the doubters jump on the bandwagon.

JimH said...

Great to see that you are away again. I am totally confident that you can do it. Good sailing and best wishes.

Jim H

Peter (Sunshine Coast) said...

Just a quick note to say, Best wishes and smooth sailing. I believe that you will achieve this wonderful goal, Upon your return sit for Premier in QLD and kick doubting Anna out. (The youngest Premier of Australia) We need more people like you a do-er, a winner, and a bloody Australia Winner.

keith said...

Hi Jessica
It might not appear so but you do generate a lot of followers. Be they be skeptics or true believers, I certainly believe with hand on my heart, that you can only break grounds when you are unconventional in your approach to adventure.

Skeptics will always find flaw - Too much money wasted, too late, it cannot be done, its too dangerous, and for you, your only fault is your youth

Go on - Stay strong.

From an Athletic to another, heres a quote for you

Never underestimate yourself ; Don't overestimate your opponents

Go for it!

Albert said...

From studying the YouTube clips of Dee Caffari, I can see what lies ahead of you. The sleep deprivation is something that you get accustomed to, just give it time.
Every time I saw Mike Perham on his blog, he always looked like he was coping and enjoying it.

Chris said...

Good luck Jessica,
May the wind and good fortune be mostly on your side. Try to get some pleasure from the "not so good moments" as well as the good times.
All the best from an old landlubbing wannabe seadog.

Bill Ashman said...

I'll bet it feels great to be back on the water (and leave the wowsers on the shore!). Hope tonight's wind isn't too strong,
Cheers Bill.

Anonymous said...

Great work Jessica. Best of luck. Stick it up the knockers :-)

Carolyn said...

Go Jessica
Best wishes for your adventure - your commitment is an inspiration to those of us who don't have the skills or fortitude!

Geoff Bullock said...

Hi Jessica!
You are`sailing my dream. Go for it! I'll look forward to seeing the media celeberating your acheivement along with the rest of us proud Aussies. I have sailed all my life but had to sell my beloved Swanson 36 last year so I'll just have to keep up with your adventures and pretend it is me! Take care and rise above the negativity, no one achieved anything from being negative. You're an inspiration to all us dreamers.
Geoff Bullock

Greg said...

I'm so glad you have got back on the water. Now your chance to sail around the world is getting closer, and we are all getting excited for you.
Wish we were sailing with you...get your legs, and clear your head, only one more stop!
Greg Black

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
am thrilled, you are off and running. You inspired me to read Jesse Martin's book and I can understand the spirit behind your venture.
A true human, who knows that the only limitations one sets are the ones in ones own head!
And that is you too!
I am so lucky to be able to be with you on your journey. At the more mature age, that I am, I am thinking of all sorts of adventures, that I could begin!
Thank you Jessica and sail well,
Trudy from Austria

Cheryl Stevenson said...

Thinking of you Jessica - you go girl!! It's going to be great reading of this wonderful adventure you are on - your blog will be a prelude to the eventual book that you will surely have to write. First things first though - take care and we're all behind you.

Best wishes

Cheryl S

Graeme Lisa Reece & Mitchell said...

Good On you Jessica, we have all been looking at were you are heading on Google earth.. WOW what a trip! The four of us have just spent the last 9 months travelling around Australia by car & caravan and we travelled 36400km - nearly as far as you will go around the world. We are from the Sunshine Coast and wanted you to know that we are proud of you and wish you well on your journey. We will be watching your progress with interest.
All the best, The Mounsey Family

Helen said...

just keep your dream alive

Pete B said...

Hi Jessica,
it's great to see Ella's Pink Lady back to her former glory and that you are on your way again. I am joining the thousands of people all around the world cheering you on.

From reading your blogs, I can tell that you are not doing this fantastic journey for the fame, (although all the media coverage will please your sponsors), but you just love sailing.

As an electronics person, I am hoping that you have spare batteries for everything (just in case!). Wishing you fair winds and calm seas.

Cheers, Pete B in Sydney NSW

John said...

Good luck Jessica! Live your dream!!

Hasnaen said...

congratulation for ur journey.... hope so ur in success ur journey. Good Luck From Bangladesh

Anonymous said...

hello jessica, you must be really brave to go out there again after your crash with the other ship.i wish you all the best for the time you are out there. good luck have a safe trip.

Sailing in my genes said...

There will be times when you feel small, alone, an unimportant, but do not be distressed. Remember HIS eye is on the sparrow. Fly little bird fly. Our heart goes with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica Keep It up from the looks of the people that are sending you messages we have faith in you we will be with you so you dont feel Lonely and we will be glad when you make it home safely

Debbie said...

G day Jessica hows is the sailing going hope things are going well for you god speed on your Journey it will give you something to write about when you get back Be Safe Please