Friday, July 3, 2009

H.V.P. (High Visual Progress)!

Today the wiring, bogging, sanding, mechanical, glassing, engineering and plumping departments all pulled together to give the boat a final sand down, mask up and clean off before knocking off early for the painting department to spray on the first coat of paint. I’ll be glad when the final coat of pink goes on next week as the primer isn’t very pretty, mustard yellow. Oh and for anyone new to this, yes we are painting the boat pink!!

Maybe it’s just that Friday afternoon feeling but I think we were all very happy to have some paint on the hull and deck, it actually looks like we’ve achieved something, H.V.P.!

We’ve really stated the countdown now, only three weeks till the boat goes down to Sydney, three weeks working full time fitting equipment and getting her looking like a boat again. Three weeks to fit hatches, vents, deck gear, chain plates, electronics, satcoms equipment, the windgenny and the rudder. No time to relax yet but it certainly feels like a big milestone!
Tomorrow we’ll do some more HVP, interior decorating this time!


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Sven on Senta II said...

Jessica, I'm not so sure about pink, but it is your boat :-)

The Origo on the other hand I'm very sure about, it is a great and incredibly safe stove. Just make sure to have the fuel decanted into bottles that pour well. There is _no_ way to fill the fuel canisters from a spout-less gallon jug without spilling lots all over.

Keep at it and best wishes to you. I'm looking forward to seeing Mike get the circumnavigation record and then seeing you take it and Jesse Martin's records. All three of you are really inspirational.