Monday, July 6, 2009

Count Down

Thanks everyone for your help sanding this weekend particularly the Fredric’s and poor old Mum! Not the most glamorous pastime, we all looked a sight by the end of the day. I learnt the hard way that a trip to the gym after a day sanding wasn’t the best idea! Ouch!

Its definitely count down time now with less than three weeks before the boat heads down to Sydney, if it were possible for the whole team to work any harder the overheat alarms would be screaming! It’s not easy when one small delay can affect the entire refit. Having so many jobs on the go at once is a lot like juggling and like juggling, everything has to be done just right, nothing slips under Dad and Bruce’s radars. We're getting there bit by bit…

So amid the total chaos that’s somehow become normal it’s really sinking in, three weeks till I say good bye to the Sunshine Coast! Three weeks till we’re off to Sydney and after that crossing the start line isn’t far off, wow! It’s a little scary and mostly very exciting thought. One thing I’m really looking forward to is seeing the boat in the water on Sydney Harbour, it’s going to be so nice to finally do some sailing and more importantly, start testing all the systems.

Before we’re off to Sydney I’m going to have one last chance to say a goodbye to the Sunshine Coast, on the 25th of July we’re having a ‘Bon Voyage Dinner’ at Novotel Twin Waters Resort. See the home page of for more details, everyone’s invited!

If you’re local keep an eye out for the Sunshine Coast Daily tomorrow for something exciting to be part of…


arthanger said...

Jessica, you and your caliber of courage are on the very short list of things that I worship in life. I will be eagerly following you on your tremendous journey. I wish you all the success in the world.

As we say in the States, "You go girl!"

Anonymous said...

Hi jessica, you rock, i am 13 and i love boats too but i am more of a motor boat girl. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! Wish I could come to your farewell dinner, but will be raising a glass in "bon voyage" to you from over the waters! What a great way for the Sunshine Coast to farewell their Sunshine Girl! God speed and may the Angels be with you!

Shi-light said...

Hello Jessica...greetings from Shi-light!

Time is indeed on the count down and your farewell event is just going to be the spark of the beginning of your journey. Many of us would love to be there with you in person but we come to be part of your vogage from all parts of the world as your new friends and fans.

Therefore, we can only say that we will be there in our spirits with all our great loving and caring thoughts for you, your families and all the bunch of fine folks that have helped you get ready for this grand vogage.

I haven't forgotten to send you that creative writing that I had mentioned previously which now I want to dedicate it to you. I will send it in the next blog message after this one.

Lots of love to you Jess.

Shi-light said...

Hi Jessica,

Here is that creative writing dedicated to you on this your grand voyage trip.

Shi-light Keeper of The
Light House

Shi-light keeper of the Light House
The lighthouse is the gift provided by man for those that sail and take their lives with the waves of the sea. It was given its place of birth at the edge of waterfronts no matter where this could be. The lighthouse has served its purpose to stand as the guardian tower that lights the path making a passage for those to find their way safely back home to the shores of land. It doesn’t matter what type of design or structure is chosen for its existence. What matters the most is the beacon of light that that comes from the lighthouse. Illuminating the path of hope when darken skies take in their share with every storm that threatens the return of those that visit the seas. And yet most of us are unaware of the one hidden light that lives among the interior of each lighthouse. It is not just the beacon of light that sheds glimmer from the tower of the lighthouse. It is the one that makes sure that the beacon of light is turned on when darkness spreads its blanket abroad the waves of the sea. She is the true guardian of the night who walks the grounds around the lighthouse, she walks the shores and visits with every water creature and is present when the need of care reaches her ears. She is the one that gathers the treasures that are washed ashore from the depths of the sea. She is the one that watches the sea for any sign that causes concern. She swims with the dolphins and with the whales she sings of the joys of all those that have visited the sea. At times she may seem fragile and sometimes shy. She doesn’t go un-notice when there is a cry that comes from the sea. She is always there with a smile on her face and tenderness in her eyes showing that she cares; so you will know that while she’s around there will always be hope. And if you should see her by any chance behold of her glance; if it settles within your eyes for it is sure that you will see the light in her smile that reflects through her eyes. And when she takes her steps with a steady pace she brings the assurance of the new and the renewal of all waterfront beauty. For in her every step she holds her return to be secure back in the lighthouse where she is known as the keeper of the tower. She is shy and yet bright as the beacon of the lighthouse that sheds the path for the safe and welcoming for those who return from their visit to the sea. She is the one that nurtures our hope for the love of the sea for she is the guardian angel known as Shi-light keeper of the lighthouse.
Author of Creative Writings DSword 2009 / Dedicated to Jessica Watson on her first around the ocean trip July 2009

David Chandlee said...

I read about you in Weekend Australian and am a fellow Queenslander. Good on you! I read Sailing Alone Around the World when I was 15 and climbed several 4300m mountains when I was 16 (with however no particular plan). This had a big effect on my confidence in my physical abilities. Good luck on your trip.

Anonymous said...


go jess you rock

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
I am an Aussie from the Sunshine Coast living here in the States and I was delighted to hear about your upcoming journey. I admire your courage and determination and I wish you the very best for your trip.
Take care.... and KICK SOME ASS!! :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, as an old sailor I take my hat off to you and wish you fair winds and calm seas throughout your epic voyage. Clearly you chose a substantial yacht; Olin and Stevens design is built for exactly what you will attempt.
If I can offer one piece of advice; put EVERYTHING away securely after use and you will endure knockdowns in your stride and without anquish or heart ache. We shall watch your progress with extreme interest and wish you all the luck in the world.
Every success

Peter and family