Monday, June 22, 2009

Building the Ark

That’s a lot of gumboots! From the port Neil, Bruce, Suzanne, Ed, Ricky, Richard and Pat standing in front of the ‘Ark’.

While I was snug and dry in the class room studying Marine Diesel Maintenance today, the team out at the shed were showing their true colours persistently battling on faced with ankle deep flooding right through the shed!

From what I could make out over the sound of the rain when I rang for an update during lunch, there’s been a slight change of plan, we’re no longer refitting a yacht for a solo RTW voyage but building the ark. We may need to rearrange the storage plan to somehow squeeze the two elephants in… need to put some thought into that one!

On a more serious note, the work list took a bad hit with lots achieved. Plenty of exciting things happening this week with so many helpers.

I really enjoyed brushing up my mechanical skills as part of the Marine Diesel Maintenance course with Offshore Marine Training Center, I had a lot of ‘ohhh! That’s what we were doing wrong’ moments, now I feel confident that I’ve got a good understanding of the whole system. I look forward to spending time on my own engine, a new Yanmar which will be arriving this week.

If the rain keeps up too much longer I’ll have to blow the budget and buy everyone a pair of gumboots! I’m told we’ll also need navigation marks up the drive way.


Albert said...

If you are serious about building an Ark, there is a "cubits converter and Ark size calculator" on the internet, so you can make your own cubits ruler, then rename your boat, Youngest ark.

Anonymous said...

Do you write your blog yourself? Looking forward to when your journey starts and we can follow you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Your planning is so detailed and comprehensive, so I'm wondering how you're preparing for being alone for such a long time? I would prefer to sail with an elephant myself. If not an elephant, then something small with a tiny appetite that could be my friend while still allowing me to qualify as 'solo.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, a crab or a guinea pig?


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get a ship's cat ;-)

Anonymous said...


Get someone to put a
valve in exhaust pipe at transom.
Make sure all that exhaust system
plumbing meets Yanmar standards.
You don't want sea-water going
up exhaust pipe to flood cylinders!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica Enjoy reading your blog.Good Luck with your journey can't wait to follow you.Deanna

miranda_renee said...

I read a book called Dove when I was 10 about a teenage boy's sailing trip around the world, and it fired my imagination. While I never have learned to sail, it did inspire me to follow my own dreams. Iwish you the best of luck on your journey, and hope that you will take lots of pictures, and consider publishing a book of your own adventures when you return.
Miranda Hein
South Carolina, U.S.

USA RN said...

Hi Jessica, just want to say how courageous you are and wish you luck. more people should follow their dreams. Looking foward to following your journey.You and your wonderful parents are to be admired

GJ said...

I know what you mean about the rain. It's been raining for the whole month of June so far in New Jersey (US). Best of luck and I also look forward to following your blog !! I just came across your site and I am already hooked on it and look forward to following your progress.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica.
What a wonderful challenge you have taken on. I am impressed by the support of your team and the self preparation you are doing. Our youth group is starting a study about "doing hard things". It is about how the current culture has low expectations of teenagers. It ecourages teenagers to NOT be limited in their own expectaions by what others think. You my dear, are doing hard things! Our youth group will be following your progress, and praying for your safety, health, and success.
I pray that you are right with God, and look to Him for strength and guidence. I pray you ask God to join you on your journey.
For now we will be praying for your preparations to go according to plan, and continued strength and support amongst your team. God be with you all!
Our youth group is from a sailing community in North Stonington, CT USA.
We look forward to reading more soon!
Thanks for sharing your experience!
Grace Fellowship Church

Cameron B said...

I'd suddgest a turtle, so if it does venture off deck it will be alright

Nick and Whit said...

Just stumbled across your story today. I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I'm very impressed with your goal! You are so tiny and that makes me a bit nervous for you! Good luck, I will be following you around now to keep up with you and your journey. You are so brave and very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Jess, a fishing rod and a couple of lures is not a bad idea, if the fish is to big to land cut it off and try for a smaller on , we will be watching your progress at the here in Austin Texas. good luck sail smart. Regards Paul

Anonymous said...

Forget all the naysayers. Your bravery is an attribute more people should possess. From an ex- U.S. Navy submariner... full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!

Anonymous said...

I read about you today in the news. I am a lifelong sailor and will be following your journey. Best of luck to you. Knock 'em dead, kid!

-SBL, Maine, USA

Catherine S. said...

Hello Jessica!

My little piece of advice for you is that you CAN do this. It doesn't matter what anyone else tells you about your 'limitations', because they don't know how determined you are. You're making a big step for all young girls out there, showing just how strong we can be!

-Good luck,
Catherine S.

Shi-light said...

Amazing it is for you to set out and follow your dreams. The seas and oceans have open their care for you to embrace the best of what they will share with you. These were I send to you, young child Jessica from a creative writer that gets my strengh to write from the gift of loving the waterfronts no matter where these come from. I have one special creative writing I recently wrote and would love to send it to called "Shi-Light" Keeper of the Lighthouse.

Make the breeze and the water drops continue to fill you with much wisdom and love for wanting to bring us along with this great amazing dream you are about to set on.

A new distant friend called Shi-light.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Best Wishes. From a Port Angeles, Washington, USA kayaker.

Nichole said...

I am so Inspired by you! Keep your eyes on the goal and your feet won't be shaken! I pray God's covering over you on this adventure ~ If more people in this world would have a goal/dream and walk it out as you are this world would be a happier place! I can't wait to hear about your success on your journey! Blessings, Nichole

Anonymous said...

you love life best of luck on your journey to you and your family


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

I just wanted to say that i really admire you for what you are planning to do!I wish you good luck and ... bon voyage

Verena Lambeti

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to follow your journey with my grandchildren. I wish you luck and good sailing. I have always wanted to learn to sail. Now it's to late with my disability. So glad you are following your dream. I wish I had when I was younger.

Shi-light said...

Hi Jessica,

Shi-light I am here for a moment to share with you Jesua...oh Jessica

One has left us to become a beacom of a extra STAR in your voyage because it's your turn. His name just in case nobody introduce him to you. His name is M I C H E A L JACKSON.

Be happy and eat well. Thanks

I am for now in crying moment for so much people loss. I have my wish to join you in this vogage of such a journey. For many do not really know that this is more than just being the first youngest one to set record. For you it is more than that perception. This goes farther for something you are destine for. Hmmm... If I wish and if I come to join you on the outside... and only if it is ok with you. Then only I will travel your path via my writings. Although ... I too am scare..but happy


Maggie May said...

over here from the Rockefeller's and wanted to say hi :) What an amazing, amazing journey you are undertaking, how thrilling, how wonderful! i'm going to show your blog to my daughter Lola, who is 7. you are a wonderful role model for independent adventerous girls.