Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday 14 May: Out of this world

Tuesday didn’t start so well after waking up bright and early ready for my first live T.V interview to find that the clothes that I’d carefully picked out to wear had found their way into a car heading in the wrong direction, this mightn’t sound like a big deal but when your'e running on minimal sleep, nerves, sunburnt and your voice is hoarse from far too much talking things become a little more fun! And hey I'm 15 I need to worry about what I am wearing!

Things then became a bit unreal when a limousine arived to pick us up. Picture a sleepy, drabby Jessica riding in a limouseine complete with compermentry jelly beans and our wonderful driver David dressed in a suite!

We survived the live interview but it didn’t stop there, the morning was a blur of radio interviews, filming for T.V. and more pictures. After lunch I hibernated to Pat and Judys study in a attempt to keep up with the flood of emails and phone calls coming in, one can only try…

Thanks Pat and Judy for looking after Bruce, Mum and I while we were down in Brisbane, it was the great food that kept us all going and I’d have been lost without my personal five star hair stylist Judy!

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