Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Campbell Island in Pictures

An Albatross chick on Campbell Island, maybe a little cute!

The local dolphins... errr seals, the base behind and looking a little wind blown.

Young Albatross 'Gamming'

With the sea lions before they chased me off.

Base camp in Preservation Inlet, now unmanned but once home to a Meteorological and Department of Conservation team.

Approaching the island, just before dark, I'm told the weathers always like this in the southern ocean!

The Met station on Enderbey Island, now up and working

Start with a volcanic island in the middle of the sub-Antarctic dip in the sea ,cover with glacier, defrost, repeat and cover with wildlife and welcome to Campbell Island. I may not be quite up on some of the facts but that's the general idea I got after talking to Geologists on board Otago Universities expedition boat who we shared Campbell's islands Preservation Inlet with, for our five day stay.
All up, it was a pretty amazing place and a good experience, a great chance to see a bit of the southern ocean.


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