Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Wildlife Here Is Incredible!

We spent the day running everyone back a forth from the beach in the dinghy, there is always a bunch of seals waiting for us to either welcome us or chase us away.

Another yacht arrived today with a hardy cruising couple on board.
There are three boats in, at the moment, the other is a trawler style boat from Otago University with some geologists on board.

The Elephant Seals are disgustingly fantastic, they are huge lumps of blubber, wallowing around in their own smelly ‘mud’!
The albatrosses are nesting on the nearby hills. All the ‘teenagers’ group together and wave, squawk and groom each other. While we were standing there, they soared all around us as if we weren't there. They are truly amazing.
There are empty nests everywhere some bearing the tragic remains of chicks that didn’t make it.

The met service people have been putting in new wind instruments and maintaining their gear.

We will go for a long walk tomorrow, Murray (first mate) is coming, so that will make it a slow walk because he constantly stops to take photos, he cant help himself.

We think we will still be here for another day or two.
This place really does something to you, I could see a heartfelt sigh of recognition from someone who has been here many times, when we were coming into Campbell Island. I can really understand it now, it is a truly amazing place.


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