Monday, February 23, 2009

Arrived at Campbell Island

52.04 S 168.10.9 E at 1249 hours (Qld time)
Wind 10 knots South easterlies, right on the nose.
No sail up, sea, a rolling 2 metres and 100% cloud cover.

1322 Hours
Just sighted Campbell Island.
Wind dropping right out.
Lots of birds and Pilot Whales.

1723 Hours
Just getting close to Campbell Island, rugged and cliffs are very cool!
Not too cold, wind and sea still down. Have had a good day.

Julie, as relayed by Jessica


Anonymous said...


I'm excited for your upcoming adventure and wish you well in your preparations. I've been watching some other young sailors as well as an older veteran fufilling similar dreams. You all amaze me. Looking forward to your future blogs. A fan in Utah, U.S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

You really get around. We are glad to have met such a brave girl like you. You are getting a lot more sea miles than we are just now, as we are involved, as officials, with preparing for the World Cup Biathlon races in March.

Best of luck to your sailing.
Elizabeth and Anders, Canada