Saturday, February 7, 2009

Climbing the mast at sea

Position: 50nm off Newcastle, S 32 04. 4 E 152 55.7

Mostly slow progress and motoring today but the winds are back up to 15-23kns from the NE this evening and we’re getting along nicely at 11-14kts. The morning was extremely hot with no wind. Breakfast was protein power and yogurt, everybody seems determined to feed me up!
In the afternoon I rugged up in long trackies to avoid too much of a bruising as I hauled myself up the mast to re-lash the radar reflector. I was pretty slow going up, remembering how to use the solo climbing system with the mast seeming to sway all over the place. Anyway the job got done with out to many buises, nice view of the boat sailing along from up there. Worked on the school work for a while, ready to send when we reach Sydney late tomorrow.
Other than that we had a great view of the coast line for most of the day, a great display by a pod of Bottlenose dolphins and a pretty amazing sunset.

Off to bed,
Jessica ‘Out’

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