Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Jessica Watson said...
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Chris Bone said...

Good luck Jessica. Looking forward to sailing with you to Vanuatu on Magic Roundabout:)
Chris Bone,

Pamela said...

hi there jess!!!!
love the idea of starting a blog!!! good luck with the trip!!!! can't wait to see u some time!!!!

Neville & Jenny said...

Go Jessica,
Looking forward to seeing your progress on the net and hopefully some pics as well. Good on you for Living the Dream!


Angus said...

I posted a comment on your totally radical blog.
Pretty cool eh.
Oh yeah its Angus Fredric by the way.
Good luck Jess hope u do it.

Anonymous said...

Jessica...with the circumnavigation having just begun for you and the flame of sailing interest fanned within me, I sit in protection of a NZ garage at 3.34am in the morning and find myself backing tracking to this point of first blog beginnings...just to catch up and get to know you more. I pray the God of the Universe provides you the final result of your hearts desire.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I've backtracked too. good on you jessica. I'm from syney but been here in nz for pretty much the last 29 years. I like the idea of saying howdy to you out in the middle of th ocean. I going to look at boat on trademe.
it looks like a submarine a bit..
may get out there and follow in your path one day..maybe not so ambitious. If you see a mate of a 85' catamaran. 'Bonefish'named John. say hi. Have good day. Stay well . sam

Maurie said...

Hi Jess
Backtracked also - just to get a feel for you & your life to date. What a brave & inspirational young woman you are! Already a devoted follower on your current journey - 'Cool Runnings' kid. Maurie - Sydney

Anonymous said...

hi jess. Hope you have heaps of fun and going for your dream's is an awesome thing. Were following you in your trakes good luck.

Anonymous said...

hi jess. Hope your having fun and going for your dreams is an awesome thig well done. good luck cya bye.

Anonymous said...

heyy jess ur awesome and i hope u have an awesome great time

Tim09 said...

So this is were it all started. Bet it feels like a lifetime ago now. Gods speed and safe passage through Drakes Passage in the next few days.
Tim and Rosie Caboolture